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6 Great Mental Health Benefits of Exercise




Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

We all know the general benefits of exercise, and most people will start their routines in an aim to look better and become healthier, which are essentially the direct benefits from exercise.

But on top of the already persuading reasons to start exercising, there are many indirect health benefits that some may not realize, not just physically but mentally that make regular exercise such a worthwhile thing to do.


6 Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

I’ve been working out properly 4-5 times a week for around a year now, and these health benefits of exercise are becoming more and more noticeable every month.

Here are 6 mental health benefits of exercise:


1. Improved Confidence

We all feel better when we start to see good changes in our appearance week after week. A year ago, I was 30 pounds lighter than I am today, with the same amount of body fat. Needless to say, I was incredibly skinny.

It makes you feel so much more confident not just in yourself, but with the exercise that you’re doing, because you know what you’re doing is working, and you become happier with the way you look.

This in turn absolutely skyrockets confidence levels, and that’s always a good thing. I honestly can’t remember the last time someone made an embarrassing comment on how skinny I was. It was a long time ago.

Hard work always pays off, and having good confidence and belief in yourself is a very important aspect of the mind for becoming successful in life.

Be Confident! Be Proud!


2. Higher Levels of Energy

It’s been shown that regular exercise reduces the risk of tiredness and fatigue, boosting your overall energy levels. Although, exercising too much can also have the opposite effect and ending up causing fatigue.


3. Better Mood

A good solid workout can always change your mood in an instant. Your brain starts releasing adrenaline, endorphins, dopamine and serotonin when you exercise, which work together in order to rapidly improve your mood.

And whilst that’s the science behind it, on a more grounded level, working out is an amazing way to relieve anger and stress.

There might be two different outlooks on this, based on the type of exercise that you do, but both end up with the same result. If you’re someone who’s more into yoga and gentle exercise, then it’ll give you enough time to relax, be calm and process your thoughts properly.

However, in contrast, if you’d class yourself as more of a bodybuilder then all your focus, all your anger and effort is going to be going into each rep you do. And your anger and stress is relieved that way. Both ways work! Just get up and start doing some exercise!


4. More Patience

Patience isn’t something I used to have much of.

Sometimes that can be a curse, and other times it can actually benefit someone. But in this case I’m confident in saying that you need to be patient in order to stick at something and not just give it up after only one week into things.

I think that when you start to get into a habit of exercising a few times a week, then you teach yourself to be patient.

You might not realize you’re doing it at first, but most types of exercise do take patience. Everything is timed, and you know that you pretty much have to stick to those times to see the best results results.

Each different exercise is timed, you have a rest time, a recovery time and set times during the week that you’ve planned to exercise on. Eventually, waiting for certain periods of time and then acting when necessary becomes a habit. Patience becomes habit.


5. Stronger Discipline

Saving the best until last. A crucial part of becoming successful is learning to discipline yourself and not waver in and out of full commitment to your goals.

Personally, I found that my level of discipline has grown tremendously through exercise.

When you lay down routines for exercise, especially for those of us who hate the way we look and are absolutely determined to do anything we can to change it, it’s definitely to easier to increase our levels of discipline.

Do you think that people would generally be more concerned about the way they look than the job they’re in?

If the answers yes; then it’s likely to be the case that people can teach themselves discipline through the form of exercise, a lot more easily than through their career goals. Although, this could just be a theory of course.


6. Inner Peace

Exercise gives you inner peace, which is pretty much a result of everything above. It puts you in a good mood, relieves stress and anger, improves your confidence and just makes you feel better about yourself in general.

That pretty much sums it up. The people who exercise are those that are able to process their thoughts a lot more easily and just be more calm in everyday situations. Give it a try and see for yourself!



A quick recap on how exercise benefits your mental health:

  1. Improved confidence
  2. Higher levels of energy
  3. Better mood
  4. More patience
  5. Stronger discipline
  6. Inner peace

Which of these mental health benefits have you experienced from exercise? Leave a comment below.

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