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50 Joel Glazer Quotes For Businessmen

Zisilia Alvsa



50 Joel Glazer Quotes For Businessmen

Which are your favorite Joel Glazer quotes?

Joel Glazer is an American businessman. He is most famously known as the owner of the National Football League’s (NFL) team ‘Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ and the world-renowned soccer team, ‘Manchester United’.

Glazer’s family also control the gigantic American real-estate holding company, the ‘First Allied Corporation’ and ‘HRG Group’.

Glazer along with his brother Bryan and Avram were significant in helping their father, ‘Malcolm Glazer’ in acquiring the ‘Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ and successfully helped the team to its franchise’s first Super Bowl victory, the world’s most prestigious annual football championship.

Here’s a collection of the best Joel Glazer quotes:


50 Joel Glazer Quotes For Businessman

1. “I think we would have a presence but, again, in a supportive role because there is a wonderful management team in place, wonderful people in place. It only makes sense when you are passionate about something to have a presence there but it’s in a supporting role.” – Joel Glazer

2. “We are long-term sports investors and avid Manchester United fans.” – Joel Glazer

3. “Everyone’s on the same page, and we expect to see improvement.” – Joel Glazer

4. “You’re passionate about the sport but part of the rule, this rule is to make sure people have what they need to do the job to the best of their ability, so again whether it’s Sir Alex with the budget, the transfer budget to make sure he can get whatever he needs on the pitch, David Gill to expand what has already been built at Manchester United, it’s our duty to make sure that happens but also to be a great steward of this club for the supporters.” – Joel Glazer

5. “We grew up with my family being very passionate about two sports, American football and British football.” – Joel Glazer

6. “There’s a plan. We’re all following the plan and sticking with the plan. I think you’re seeing this year, a direction towards that plan.” – Joel Glazer

7. “I haven’t been in the past year or so but over the last several years I’ve been here and, as I’ve said, every time you walk in that great stadium you get that same feeling, and that’s part of the beauty of Man United and what sets Man United apart from other football clubs, and to be here talking to you with this in the background there’s nothing finer in the world.” – Joel Glazer

8. “You know, back in the US, football is not that big of a sport.” – Joel Glazer

9. “The way the club has always gone about doing things, bringing the youth through the youth academy, bringing some great stars from other clubs.” – Joel Glazer


10th of 50 Joel Glazer Quotes

10. “Everyone is passionate about what they do, and it’s infectious, when we walk around here today, just how much it means to everybody, but it’s one thing to know it but it’s another thing when again you talk to people and hear from people so it’s really very rewarding to see that.” – Joel Glazer


11. “People have put their time, energy and other parts of their life into this and we are very mindful of this and it all starts there and bringing our experience over here is an energy we think we can bring to the game.” – Joel Glazer

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12. “You’re letting people know what they’re doing, whether it be the football manager making those decisions, or the Chief Executive making his decisions.” – Joel Glazer

13. “He came in and won us a Super Bowl, and that’s what it’s all about. It’s not about just making the playoffs. It’s not about being .500. It’s not about anything else but winning a Super Bowl.” – Joel Glazer

14. “It’s a tremendous feeling. When you’re around this club, following this club, the heritage, the history when you’re walking on Old Trafford, the feeling you get inside… it doesn’t matter how many times you walk in, you get that feeling every time. It’s an incredible feeling but with it comes a lot of responsibility and we take that very seriously.” – Joel Glazer

15. “Part of the problem with being a PLC as we just saw over the last several months is you’re very restricted with what you can and can’t say and when you’re working under those types of guidelines everyone says you’ve got to be very careful.” – Joel Glazer

16. “You never think it’s going to happen, but things happen.” – Joel Glazer

17. “You know the one thing we always say about the club in Tampa is while we may be the owners, no one really owns the club.” – Joel Glazer

18. “Judge us over the long haul, don’t judge us on a day or the last several months. It’s been frustrating for us not being able to communicate because people are so passionate about this club and it’s not good when you’re not having communication or dialogue with people.” – Joel Glazer

19. “Give them the tools, give them what they need to do their jobs, which has always been the case here. We’re just going to carry that on and make sure they have what they need, then the rest usually takes care of itself.” – Joel Glazer


20th of 50 Joel Glazer Quotes

20. “We have are club in the US, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which we have been involved in for 10 years and there’s nothing like it, being involved in something like that. But we always knew if we wanted to be involved in football it wouldn’t be in the US, it would be over here because this is where the top, top, top competition is.” – Joel Glazer


21. “I grew up in Rochester, New York, where we had the North American Soccer League.” – Joel Glazer

22. “This is a treasure of the community, of the country and followed throughout the football world, so you have to take that very seriously, you have to show your commitment on the pitch.” – Joel Glazer

23. “My father’s spirits are high and doctors expect his condition to improve with rehabilitation.” – Joel Glazer

24. “The fans, the supporters are the owners of the club and we are the stewards of the club.” – Joel Glazer

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25. “I think our experience there has been very, very important. I say this day in day out in Tampa to anyone who is associated with our club that it starts with the supporters because without the supporters and their support and their passion there is no game, there is nothing to cheer for.” – Joel Glazer

26. “I think we got a lot of new talent in here.” – Joel Glazer

27. “I think the supporters appreciate it if you’re doing everything you can to put a successful team on the pitch, I think people are forgiving if they know you are doing that.” – Joel Glazer

28. “David Gill will continue to do the great things he’s been doing with his team. Sir Alex Ferguson will be given all the resources for him to compete on the field at the highest possible level, so we are always going to provide them what they need, when they need it, to be successful.” – Joel Glazer

29. “Along the way you learn your lessons, you make some mistakes, there’s no question about that, but you learn from your mistakes and I think we have learned a great deal.” – Joel Glazer


30th of 50 Joel Glazer Quotes

30. “Very passionate. I can say that much from our experience in Tampa. In the 10 years, we’ve owned the team, I’ve never missed a match.” – Joel Glazer


31. “We had a very watchful eye overseas and while we were in the minority in America that minority is very passionate about the game as well. And we followed them through the years.” – Joel Glazer

32. “Like every team, you go through these transitions. The key is coming out of it and going in the right direction.” – Joel Glazer

33. “I keep stressing that, I know it’s a great emphasis here, but we keep stressing that the people who come here and around the world who care so much about this club, we’re respectful of them, mindful of them. It’s our job to do everything we can to put the best team on the pitch we can because people who put their hearts and souls into this club look upon us to put our heart and souls into the club.” – Joel Glazer

34. “It’s probably a lot like many people around the world: the success the club has, the tradition the club has, the history the club has and everything about the club.” – Joel Glazer

35. “Our family is involved in a lot of different things.” – Joel Glazer

36. “I had a roommate in college who was from London and who to this day is still my best friend. Every Saturday morning he’d be there with his little radio trying to pick up the Tottenham games. He exposed me even more, it was infectious, and the more I learned about the game over here the more passionate I got.” – Joel Glazer

37. “Being involved in sports, being an owner in sports, nothing can prepare you for that, I think we’ve seen that. It’s something you learn as you go along but the thing I think you appreciate and you learn as you go along is how important, I know growing up how important it was to me, but just how important it is to the supporters, to the community.” – Joel Glazer

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38. “Our intention is to work with the current management, players, and fans to ensure Manchester United continues to develop and achieve even greater success.” – Joel Glazer

39. “It takes time to get certain things in place, especially when you’re in transition from one era to another era.” – Joel Glazer


40th of 50 Joel Glazer Quotes

40. “I taught him about American football and to this day he is a crazy American football fan as well. He speaks a lot about traditions and I’m very mindful of that and we’re not here to mess with the traditions and history of this club.” – Joel Glazer


41. “What was fascinating to us was what was happening over here because this is where the best players in the world are.” – Joel Glazer

42. “It’s contagious so when you walk into it for the first time when I did many years ago, it really changes your mindset and I’ve been really tremendously attached ever since.” – Joel Glazer

43. “We’ve got to keep reminding people that the supporters are the lifeblood of this club and sometimes people forget that. I know I don’t forget that on a daily basis and I will keep reminding people of that.” – Joel Glazer

44. “You come here and this is what it’s all about, not only what you see on the pitch but also what you see in the stadium with the supporters, the passion, and how much they care about their club and the connection with the club.” – Joel Glazer

45. “When you’re involved in sport it’s all about the competition and that’s what this is all about, the competition on the pitch, to compete at the highest level. This is where it is.” – Joel Glazer

46. “Myself and my two brothers have been put on the board here, but we’re here at a board level and we’ll be supportive of what is happening with David Gill and Sir Alex.” – Joel Glazer

47. “Man United has always had a unique aura about it, and when you watch them play everyone knows it’s something special.” – Joel Glazer

48. “Rochester were at the time the worst team in the whole league, but week in week out I was there to support my team.” – Joel Glazer

49. “We have the greatest, greatest respect for him (Sir Alex Ferguson) and hope to work with him for many, many years to come, and then you’ve got David Gill who’s done a tremendous job here.” – Joel Glazer

50. “Very important and Manchester United are very, very fortunate as everyone knows to have the most wonderful manager in Sir Alex Ferguson and the success he has had, and what he’s brought to Old Trafford, you can’t even describe it in words. He’s just done a tremendous, tremendous job.” – Joel Glazer



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