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6 Ways the Little Man Can Make More this Christmas




6 Ways the Little Man Can Make More this Christmas

In the blink of an eye, the holiday season is here.

It seems as if the holidays come around faster and faster, which is a good thing for businesses. The holiday season is when a company’s sales are at its peak. And, this isn’t a just large corporation that is excited about the holidays.

Even small businesses have a reason to ‘gear up’ and grab a chunk of the pie.


How the Little Man Can Make More this Christmas

The playing field of business has completely changed. There is no longer the scare of battling with the larger, franchise businesses. In this day and age, an online business is just as powerful as your local Wal-Mart.

This is one reason that major corporations have websites. They understand the power of the ‘Little Man’. If you are a part of the ‘Little Man’ crowd or simply own a small business, here are ways to make your holiday a success.


1. Schedule Your Holiday Promotions

One of the main reasons that people love to shop during the holidays is because of the promotions.

What has become one of the most popular days to shop is ‘Black Friday’.

It is a day that was specially created for the holidays. It allows shoppers to purchase their holiday gifts at the lowest price possible. You have the ability to draw in your customers the same way.

Schedule a specific day, weekend, or week that you will have a big sale. By scheduling your huge sale, you give yourself amp time to advertise and promote. You also give your customers something to be excited about.

It is the same effect that the Black Friday has on shoppers. Some plan almost a year in advance. When your actual promotion is available, you can expect a spike in sales. An example can be a buy one, get one free sale.


2. Increase Ways to Pay

One of the biggest draws for increasing sales is making it easier for a shopper to make their purchase. What has been the most popular option for ages is lay-a-way. You are giving your customer the option to purchase items that they may not be able to pay in one visit.

By creating a lay-a-way option for the holiday season, shoppers will turn to you to simplify and purchase all of their products and gifts at once. A shopper may even be tempted to purchase more.

Lay-a-way has been one of the most beneficial ways to make sales and this is one of the few offers the most companies will provide, around the holidays. Additional options could be paying with a mobile app or the latest EMV chip cards.


3. A Loyalty Program

Just about every business that you walk into wants your information. The benefit of giving a company your information is to obtain perks that the company offers. This becomes a ‘win-win’ situation for a small business.

Having a shopper’s information can lead to future opportunities to promote directly.

But for the holidays, you can place your shoppers in a loyalty program that allows the shoppers to generate rewards through sales that can be used for the holidays. At the same time, you can offer more rewards for a shopper, when they shop at your business during the holidays.


4. Non-Profit Partnership

This is a powerful tool. It has nothing to do with Black Friday or a loyalty program, but it touches shoppers in a special way; an emotional way. A lot of shopping is emotionally driven; especially around the holidays. A shopper is buying gifts for those that they love.

At the same time, they show concern for those that are less fortunate. There are those that never get a chance to find gifts under a tree or share a large meal with family and friends. For this reason, shoppers are easily led to give and help those in need.

What makes it even better is when a person can shop and help someone at the same time. This is where your company can partner with a non-profit organization. One great example is the Salvation Army.

This means you are helping children, during one of the most fascinating times for kids; which is Christmas.

By being a part of something that helps others, you increase the amount of people that want to shop with your business. A thousand companies carry the same product, but only so many help others when the product is purchased from their business.


5. Early Announcements

Most consumers have noticed how holiday seasons have started earlier and earlier as time goes by. And, this is for a good reason. The sooner you put the holiday season in front of consumers, you program them to mentally prepare for the big days.

Lately, companies have been promoting big sales before the popular Black Friday.

When it comes to playing with the ‘big boys’ of shopping, it is important that you get the upper hand. According to the National Retail Federation, a holiday shopper will do majority of their shopping by December 10th.

This means that waiting for the day of Christmas could be harmful for your business. Early announcements and even early sales can generate more business for this holiday season.


6. Encourage Gift Card Sales

Gift cards have become the big craze for holidays and special occasions. With a gift card, the receiver can purchase exactly what they like. This simplifies purchasing gifts, but it also benefits the company that offers the gift cards.

With a gift card, a person is giving a certain amount of funds that can be spent at a specific location. By offering gift cards for your business, you are guaranteeing that the receiver will shop at your location; whether it be brick and mortar or online.

This is why you should encourage shoppers to purchase your gift cards. One way you can encourage the purchase is through special sales. One example could be saving 10% on a future purchase, when a gift card is purchased.

This allows the shoppers to see a benefit for themselves as well.



In the World Wide Web, there is no such thing as being the “Little Man”. The only thing that matters is strategy. With a few promotional ideas and options, you can easily be just as big as the largest retailer in the world.

Holidays is when people spend the most money, so it is important that they find the best deals as they shop for their love ones. And, you can easily be the company that they turn to for those deals.

How are you going to make more money this Christmas? Leave a comment below.

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