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7 Simple Things Getting in the Way of Your Win




7 Simple Things Getting in the Way of Your Success

I am a firm believer that every single person living on this planet is born to win at whatever they put their hand on.

However, most people do not get what they desire out of life, unfortunately.


7 Simple Things Getting in the Way of Your Win

They learn to settle for much less than they want and tell themselves that they are happy with it. And here are 7 things that do get in the way…


1. You Care Too Much About The Opinions Of Others.

Do you sometimes feel like the agendas of other people in your life are coming ahead of yours?

Others may be friends, relatives, co-workers, employees, your children, anyone who seems to hold sway over what you do or do not do. This can be pretty insidious because you may actually convince yourself that it is best to do what they expect of you because that is holy, spiritual, loving.

It can make you feel like a good person, except there is this creeping resentment inside of you that refuses to go away. You feel guilty about that as well.

You want to be good and you want to help people out and you do care that people like you and it all holds you back from going after your own goals.

People do have a right to their opinions but you also have a right to your full expression and your full life. Do not cave under the pressure of trying to keep various people happy. This is your one experience of life, ensure you use it to do the work you are here to do.


2. Not Doing The Work On A Consistent Basis

Whatever goal you have in mind, there will be certain things that need to be done. Are you consistently doing the work or are you allowing your feelings to determine if you get on with the work?

One of the biggest killers of dreams is the inability to stay consistent and to show up day in, day out to do the work whether you feel like it or not. And yet, it is also the simplest thing to get you success.

There may be all kinds of obstacles in your path and yet, if you will simply commit to reaching a baseline activity level each day, you will surprise yourself with how quickly you move forward.

Right now, make a simple list of things that you are committing to doing each and every day.

If you are in business, then it needs to include communicating with your audience, list building and making offers. The list just needs to include the bare minimum things that you absolutely commit to doing daily. Of course, you give yourself permission to do even more on the days when you feel amazing.

Then make a solemn promise to yourself that you will do the work, even when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Then DO IT!


3. Trying To Be Perfect

Perfection is unnecessary and usually a procrastination tactic that gets in the way of you creating the life you desire.

Lots of entrepreneurs spend their time perfecting their product whereas their time would be better spent launching it to the market as soon as minimally viable and then improving it based on actual customer feedback.

Launch as quickly as possible. Correct and adjust based on feedback. Don’t get attached to one way of doing things. Be willing to trial different routes to market and stop waiting for the perfect way to do anything. It does not exist!


4. Self-Doubt

Can I let you into a secret?

Self-doubt is a choice. I know you may have felt helpless to change it but it really is your choice.

Self-doubt is a rehearsed response to life and its difficulties and you can simply choose to rehearse a different response. No, it is not easy but it is simple to do. Choose to check yourself whenever random negative thoughts present themselves to you and turn it around to something more positive.

I sometimes get my clients to hourly write out an ‘I AM’ list with all their positive qualities as well as all the things they are choosing to be.

This elevates their mood and they are able then to act from a place of power for at least the next 60 minutes before they do it again. After a few days/weeks of doing this, their brain is retrained towards self-belief.

You can try it for yourself. Set the timer on your phone for 60 minutes and do it.


5. Giving Up At Obstacles

Napoleon Bonaparte said “I see only my objective – the obstacles must give way.” Okay, Napoleon is not necessarily known for being nice and kind but that quote is relevant to this point and to all successful people.

In life and business, as you go for your objectives, you will have obstacles. You can be sure of it! The question is: Will they defeat you or will you defeat them? Obstacles are not roadblocks unless you make them so.

There is only way to fail – you quit – and there are many, many ways to succeed. Find your route to the win!


6. No Clarity Of Purpose

Do you actually know what you want? Clearly? Lots of people don’t!

They are experiencing goal fatigue where they give up on setting goals because it feel futile to wish for things to improve and so they settle into a life that goes nowhere and they try to ignore their boredom.

You, however, know you are born for more and so, you need to keep the vision clearly at the top of your mind. Write down your goals daily, write down your big vision regularly, write down how you choose to show up in the world.

Get clear! Define what a win means to you and refuse to back down until it is present in your world.


7. Focus on the Past

You cannot focus on the past and at the same time, create a better future. Your past has happened, it is done. There may be a few lessons to learn but really, you can draw a line under the sand and start creating a new future now. It really is your choice.

You can write out what you want to create and choose who you need to be to get that chosen future and right now, in this moment, choose to be that person until it becomes natural to you. Do it now!

As the saying goes, “Stop looking back, that is not the way you are headed”



If you will handle these 7 things, you will be much closer to winning at whatever you set your mind and heart to.

Are these things getting in the way of your win? Leave a comment below.

Rosemary Nonny Knight is committed to working with 334000 people worldwide to help them conquer mental blocks, create financial independence in their own online business and make their dent on the planet. She is currently giving away her Amazon Bestselling Book - The Deliberate Millionaire FREEDOM book at It is for spiritual entrepreneurs who want to live free, wealthy and on purpose.



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    Jan 6, 2017 at 8:37 pm

    Wow this was really cool I am appreciative and willing to take the challenge I will keep you posted

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    Ewen Munro

    Jan 7, 2017 at 9:32 am

    This is a true list, Rosemary! Great work. 😉 #keepgrowing #keepcreating

  3. Avatar

    Rosemary nonny Knight

    Jan 31, 2017 at 10:57 am

    I am glad you like the list!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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