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Barbara Corcoran Net Worth

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Barbara Corcoran Net Worth

What is Barbara Corcoran’s net worth?

Net Worth:$100 Million
Born:March 10, 1949
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Entrepreneur
Last Updated:2021


As of 2021, Barbara Corcoran’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $100 million.

Barbara Ann Corcoran is an American investor, businesswoman, and author from Edgewater.

Corcoran is a “Shark” investor on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’. She has collaborated with some of the best investors all over the world. Corcoran is one of the highest-paid female investors in the world.


Early Life

Barbara Ann Corcoran was born in Edgewater, New Jersey on the 10th of March 1949.

Corcoran graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas College in 1971 with a degree in education. After her school years, she co-founded a real estate business called ‘The Corcoran Simone’ with her boyfriend.

She later sold her business for $66 million and became a “Shark” investor on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ show which was a big breakthrough in her career as an investor and businesswoman.



Corcoran’s career as an investor began in 2001 when she sold her business to NRT Incorporated for $66 million.

She is a “Shark” investor on ‘Shark Tank’ and is currently invested in more than 20 businesses to date. Corcoran starred on the show with entrepreneurs such as Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban, and Daymond John.

Corcoran is also a columnist for More Magazine, The Daily Review, and Redbook. She has written several books and has been featured on various shows such as Larry King Live.

Barbara is also the real estate contributor to NBC’s Today show and The Millionaire Broker with Barbara Corcoran on CNBC; where she writes a weekly column in the New York Daily News.

Corcoran has been an investor for the show ‘Shark Tank’ for nine seasons and she has made 52 deals on the show. Her average investment size is $103,113.

In 2018, she partnered with iHeartRadio to focus on a weekly podcast, Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran. The podcast became a huge hit and was one of the most downloaded business podcast of 2017.

As of 2021, Barbara Corcoran’s net worth is $100 million.



Here are some of the best highlights from Barbara Corcoran’s career:

  • More Magazine
  • The Daily Review
  • Redbook
  • Larry King Live
  • Shark Tank
  • The Millionaire Broker on CNBC
  • iHeartRadio (2018)


Favorite Quotes from Barbara Corcoran

Best Barbara Corcoran Quotes 1

“You may not like the idea of putting money into a home when you’re moving out. But it’s demanded by the market. You need to show it off. You don’t have to rip out the kitchen and bathroom. But maybe replace the tiles or the countertops. Get professional advice.” – Barbara Corcoran 


Best Barbara Corcoran Quotes 2

“The joy is in the getting there. The beginning years of starting your business, the camaraderie when you’re in the pit together, are the best years of your life. So rather than being so focused on when you get big and powerful if you can just get the juice out of that… don’t miss it.” – Barbara Corcoran 


Best Barbara Corcoran Quotes 3

“I hadn’t learned to read by third grade, which wasn’t unusual for some kids. Something was wrong because I couldn’t see or understand the words the way the other kids did. I wasn’t the least bit bothered – until I was sent back to the second-grade classroom for reading help after school.” – Barbara Corcoran 


Best Barbara Corcoran Quotes 4

“My husband had a very strong identity and was successful in his life. Thank God for that. There’s no way I can control him. I wouldn’t stay married to him if I felt I could. I can readily take my business personality into the home. But he forces me to be a partner rather than the boss.” – Barbara Corcoran 


Best Barbara Corcoran Quotes 5

“What people ask for has nothing to do with the value of a property. You might see a listing for $300,000 and think you should make a $250,000 bid. But hyper-focus on what the house is worth. You should know what the house is worth by looking at comparable properties. Base your bid on that.” – Barbara Corcoran 


Best Barbara Corcoran Quotes 6

“I became a larger than life figure for one reason only. When you’re quoted in the ‘Wall Street Journal’, the ‘New York Times’, constantly as the expert in the business people assume you’re a lot bigger than you are. And then I had to run like hell to catch up with my own image.” – Barbara Corcoran 


View our larger collection of the best Barbara Corcoran quotes!


3 Success Lessons from Barbara Corcoran

Now that you know all about Barbara Corcoran’s net worth, and how she achieved success; let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from her:


1. Embrace Fear

Every failure has an equally great upside if you’re willing to stay in the game. Embrace the fear and focus on your goals.


2. Create Pressure

You can’t always study to be an entrepreneur, you have to take a leap of faith. Sometimes it can also be about the right time. You have to create pressure.


3. Fake It Until You Are It

To become a successful entrepreneur, you first need to look and act the part. It would be good to join organizations and surround yourself with people that have good contacts.



Barbara Corcoran is one of the most successful businesswomen at the moment. She has worked with some of the best investors and entrepreneurs all over the world and she is most famous for being a “shark” investor on the TV show ‘Shark Tank’.

As of 2021, Barbara Corcoran’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $100 million, which makes her on the list of the highest-paid businesswoman.

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