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The 6 Best 75-Inch TVs to Buy

Matt McIntyre



The 6 Best 75-Inch TVs to Buy

What are the best 75-inch TVs?

Our list of the best 75-inch TVs includes budget-friendly options as well as TVs that are years ahead of industry standards. 

Whether you want the best 75-inch 4K TV or you’re looking to game like a pro, our roundup has you covered.

Here’s our list of the best 75-inch TVs on the market.


In A Rush? Here’s Our Top Pick:

Best 75-Inch TV Overall
Samsung QN900A
Check Price On Amazon
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08/09/2022 12:33 am GMT


Best 75-Inch TVs Compared

Our tech lists are created by researching the best-reviewed products from the most reputable companies and web sources.


6. Sony X800H

Best 75-Inch TV For HDR
Sony X800H
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The Sony X800H 75-inch TV is an ideal television for people looking to experience what HDR is capable of.

High Dynamic Range produces images that have more vibrant colors and more depth to their shadows.

The Sony X800H 75-inch TV fully embraces the potential of this technology and allows you to experience an image so vibrant you’ll forget your watching an LED screen.

The Sony X800H 75-inch TV is a fantastic 75-inch TV for the cost, but it is missing a few features that would have moved it higher on the list, such as Bluetooth audio and a lack of compatibility with a greater range of smart home technology. 


  • The built-in support for Alexa allows you to view your security camera footage right on your television
  • Sony’s X1 chip does a great job of scaling up older content to 4K, which is an absolute necessity for a screen of this size
  • The high dynamic range features on this television producer some truly stunning images
  •  This TV has plenty of features that gamers and people watching streaming services are going to love


  • This 75-inch TV does have Bluetooth capabilities, but they are only four remotes and not for audio
  • Sony has a bad habit of loading their TVs up with corporate sponsorships and apps, which can be a huge pain if you’re not already invested in the Sony ecosystem
  • The Alexa features are great, but the lack of equal support for Google or any of the other common smart home manufacturers is a little disappointing


5. Samsung Crystal UHD TU-8000

Best Budget 75-Inch TV
Samsung Crystal UHD TU-8000
Check Price On Amazon
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08/09/2022 12:32 am GMT

If you’re looking for a massive 4K television, but you don’t want to have a massive price tag, this is the one for you.

Samsung’s Samsung 75-Inch Crystal UHD TV is a great television for people who have budget concerns.

This TV still does a great job of scaling up 4K content, but it ditches a bunch of the high-end features to save on costs.

This means that this won’t be an ideal choice for hardcore gamers or people looking to grow into a fully developed home theater.

This is a lighter model that you’ll wind up replacing a few years down the road as you upgrade your system.

The Samsung 75-Inch Crystal UHD TV is an ideal choice to put in the kids’ room or guest bedroom when it’s time to upgrade. 

Besides the lack of features, you’ll have to grudgingly deal with Samsung’s wave of advertisements when you travel back to the home screen.

The included remote control has a voice command feature, but it doesn’t actually do all that much, especially when navigating the most popular streaming apps. 


  • Samsung has designed a clever stand that allows you to hide cables by running them through the stand itself. This creates a much cleaner display
  •  The Crystal 4K Processor does a great job of retaining color wall upscaling content to 4K
  •  This is a 75-inch 4K TV that has the cost of 50-inch models 


  • There’s no way to get rid of those advertisements on the Samsung home screen
  • The remote control that comes with this TV is just about useless, and you’ll quickly find yourself searching for an alternative
  • The screen is very reflective, and you’ll have to deal with clear especially at more extreme viewing angles 


4. TCL 5-Series Roku TV

Best Value 75-Inch TV
TCL 5-Series Roku TV
Check Price On Amazon
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You can think about the best value 75-inch TV as a bit of a blended option.

You get the lower cost of the budget with some of the high-end features that other TVs on this list are going to get to show off.

The TCL 75-Inch 5-Series is fully capable of delivering upscaled 4K content that is sure to wow even the most discerning audiences.

This TV also works with Alexa and Google Assistant, making it a great choice for people who are interested in either of those smart home ecosystems.

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It’s worth highlighting that TCL doesn’t have a stellar reputation for customer service, and this is a QLED TV which means there is going to be some ghosting no matter how good the brand is. 


  • HDR Pro Pack with Dolby Vision creates a fantastic image even when upscaling content to 4K
  • The TV can be controlled with Alexa, Google Assistant and works with the Roku app
  • Game Mode automatically detects compatible systems and optimizing the TV’s settings for better gaming performance 


  • QLED TVs are backlit, which means you’ll have to deal with some ghosting 
  • TCL has a bad reputation for customer service once you get outside the warranty window 


3. Sony X90J

Best 4K 75-Inch TV
Sony X90J
Check Price On Amazon
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The Sony X90J 75-Inch TV is the clear winner for the best 75-inch 4K TV. 

Each TV on our list is capable of producing 4K graphics, but only the Sony X90J 75-Inch TV is able to deliver a complete 4K experience.

This TV features HDMI 2.1 compatibility as well as 4K graphics at a 120-hertz refresh rate.

Sony Bravia also features plenty of connectivity options for people looking to enjoy the latest content on their favorite streaming services.

This is also an ideal option for gamers looking to enjoy cutting-edge graphics. 


  • The Sony X90J 75-Inch TV is a great choice for gamers because it’s able to handle 4K at 120-hertz refresh rates
  • The Sony XR chip is one of the most advanced processors when it comes to upscaling content to 4K and rendering stunning visuals
  • This TV can enable both Alexa and Google Assistant 


  • The Sony X90J 75-Inch TV does not have full compatibility with HDMI 2.1 but rather has selective compatibility with some HDMI 2.1 features
  • As with all Sony TVs, you’re going to have to deal with a lot of pushed branded content on the home screen 



The LG GX OLED TV is our pick for the best 75-inch OLED TV. 

Now we’re talking. OLED technology is some of the best stuff out there when it comes to cutting-edge viewing.

With OLED, the LEDs produce their own light, which eliminates the need for a backlight.

This gets rid of ghosting and plenty of other visual artifacts that have made other LED TVs a little tiring over the years.

LG has also packed this TV with all of their high-end features.

This TV is not only completely ready to upscale content to 4K and does 4K 120 hertz gaming, but it also has a bunch of added-value features like Sports Mode and Filmmaker Mode.

The biggest thing holding back the LG GX 77-Inch OLED TV from the number one slot is that the overall build quality does not reflect the cost of this TV. 


  • Filmmaker Mode automatically adjusts your settings to those that are recommended by the creators of your favorite continent
  • Bluetooth Surround allows you to connect Bluetooth speakers without needing to run wires all around your living room 
  • OLED produces a better viewing experience than QLED technology 


  • The screen itself, and several of the installation components, don’t feel as high-end as the price tag feels
  • The included mounting bracket and guide are both very flimsy and should be switched out with a better model


1. Samsung QN900A

Best 75-Inch TV Overall
Samsung QN900A
Check Price On Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
08/09/2022 12:33 am GMT

The Samsung 75-Inch Neo QLED 8K TV is our number one pick for the best 75-inch TV. 

This TV comes packed with tons of great features, including the ability to upscale Full HD content to 8K.

Gamers out there will be very impressed with this TV. It easily handles 4K content at 120 hertz and 8K content at 60 hertz.

This puts the TV well above the gaming industry’s current standards for graphics and refresh rates.

Families and content streamers are going to enjoy the connectivity with both Google and Alexa.

The only mark against this TV comes with the fact that, like all Samsung products, you’re going to have to deal with a lot of advertisements while on the home screen. 


  • Not only does this TV handle 4K content, but it’s also able to upscale everything to 8K
  • Samsung’s Neo Quantum Processor does a great job upscaling Full HD to 8K, which is no easy task
  • This TV is packed with great features and has a competitive price tag 


  • You can probably guess what we’re going to say here, but Samsung TVs are still full of tiring advertisements 


FAQs About 75-Inch TVs

75-inch TVs are pretty big, and they have some pretty big questions that people are asking about them.

Here are our answers to the most commonly asked questions about 75-inch TVs.


Q: How big is a 75-inch TV?

We measure TVs on the diagonal. That 75-inches goes from the top left-hand corner down to the bottom right-hand corner. This can be a little confusing if you’re new to TV sizing.

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A 75-inch TV measures about 65-inches across and 36-inches tall. There might be some variance in this size depending on the brand of TV that you ultimately go with.

The bezel around the outside of the TV will either make this measurement larger or smaller. 

It’s common for higher-end TVs to have very thin bezels, which makes their measurements a little bit smaller. 


Q: Is a 75-inch TV too big?

When it comes to TV size, bigger isn’t always better.

A 75-inch TV might be just too large for your space. If you’re looking for an ideal TV for your dorm room, for example, a 75-inch TV is going to be too big to really enjoy.

This all comes down to the size of the room you’re working with. 


Q: What size room do I need for a 75-inch TV?

It can be a little tricky to calculate the right room size for the right TV.

Every living room and bedroom has something unique about its layout that’s going to come into play when we’re figuring out the right size TV for your space.

As a general rule of thumb, you want to be sitting somewhere between 9 and 15 feet away from a 75-inch TV for the ideal viewing experience.

Depending on the layout of the room you want to put the 75-inch TV in, you’ll be able to easily fit this in most bedrooms and living rooms.

However, if you have some interesting layout concerns, such as a railroad-style condo, or your furniture is taking up several feet of that ideal viewing space, you might need to consider either redecorating or switching TV sizes. 

Samsung put together this instructional guide on calculating the right TV size for your room


Q: Is a 75-inch TV too big to mount?

No. You can definitely mount a 75-inch TV.

In fact, mounting a 75-inch TV a little bit higher up in addition to adding a viewing angle is a great way to enjoy a larger TV and a smaller space.

It’s important to know that you’re going to need to take a few extra precautions when mounting a TV this large.

Make sure you have at least two or three people helping you mount this TV in order to manage its weight.

You’re also going to want to make sure that you use the right mounting brackets as well as mount the TV into a sturdy part of your wall.

A 75-inch TV should always be mounted to studs or masonry and never directly to the drywall itself. 


Q: Can you mount a 75-inch TV on drywall?

Yes. However, there’s a trick to mounting a 75-inch TV to drywall. You should never mount a TV this large directly to the drywall.

While drywall can be sturdy enough to support smaller televisions, a 75-inch TV is simply too much for the drywall to hold up.

A 75-inch TV might stay on the drywall for a few days, but eventually, it’s going to come crashing down, and that’s something that’s not typically covered by warranty.

In order to mount a 75-inch TV to your drywall, you’re going to need to locate your studs. Studs are the wooden structural support members inside of your wall.

This is what the drywall is physically attached to. By mounting your TV to the studs, you give the 75-inch TV the support it needs to stay on your wall for the long term. 


Q: How high should I mount a 75-inch TV?

You can mount a 75-inch TV as high up towards the ceiling as you’d like. In order to get to the ideal mounting height, you’re going to need to figure out how tall your 75-inch TV is.

You want to mount the center of your 75-inch TV roughly eye level from where you’ll be sitting.

This typically means that the bottom bezel of your 75-inch television is going to be somewhere between 25 and 30 inches above the floor.

The math on this changes pretty dramatically if you’re mounting your TV with a tilting mount.

If your mount allows you to change your viewing angle, you can mount your TV very high up on your ceiling.

This is a great trick for mounting a large TV in a room that typically would be too small for a TV of that size. 

Just make sure to not mount it too high with too extreme an angle. This creates an unpleasant viewing experience with people having to crane their necks to see.

You don’t want to accidentally recreate being stuck in the front row at the theater. 


Q: Can I mount a 75-inch TV by myself?

No. You should never try to attempt to mount a 75-inch TV by yourself. 75-inch TVs simply weigh far too much for a lone individual to mount.

Even the buffest guy at the gym isn’t going to be able to manage the weight of this TV and the difficult and delicate job of mounting at the same time.

A 75-inch TV can weigh anywhere from 60 pounds all the way up to 100 pounds.

The best way to safely mount one of these teams is to either hire a professional or have two of your friends stop by and help you while you get this TV mounted.

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It’s better to wait until you can have some help mounting this TV than risk dropping it on your own. 


Q: Is a 75-inch TV too big for a bedroom?

Not necessarily.

If your bedroom is big enough, a 75-inch TV is going to be the perfect fit. This all comes down to the layout of your bedroom and how you can optimize your viewing experience.

If you plan on watching TV from your bed, and you’ll be sitting or laying down roughly 9 feet away from the TV, your bedroom should be big enough to accommodate a 75-inch TV. 


Q: Can you hang a 75-inch TV?

Yes. You can hang a 75-inch TV.

You need to keep in mind that hanging a 75-inch TV is different from hanging smaller TVs.

You’re going to need to locate the studs in your drywall in order to make sure this TV doesn’t come crashing down.

You’re also going to need to invite over a friend or two to help you mount the TV as 75-inch TVs tend to be heavier than most other models.


Q: How far should you sit from a 75-inch TV?

Ideally, you should be somewhere between 9 and 15 feet away from the screen when watching a 75-inch TV.

This distance can be lowered by mounting the TV higher up and introducing a viewing angle.

This recommended distance is all about creating a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience. Having a TV that’s too close or too far away lowers the overall quality of the experience. 


Q: Is there a big difference between a 70 and 75-inch TV?

There are a few important differences between 70 inch TVs and 75-inch TVs.

The first involves spacing and optimal viewing experiences. 75-inch TVs are strictly better than 70 inch TVs when you have to view them from further away.

They also offer a larger screen which can be beneficial to gamers who are looking to have the most field of vision as a tactical advantage.

There’s another big difference that’s actually a fairly small one. The relative cost difference between a 70 inch TV and a 75-inch TV isn’t that big of a jump.

For just a little bit more, you can have some extra screen real estate which will improve the viewing experience for everyone involved.

This can be especially beneficial if you’re looking to get in the ideal TV for the family living room. 


Q: Are 75-inch TVs worth it?

75-inch TVs are very worth it.

We’re in something of a television renaissance right now. While cable TV is becoming increasingly a thing of the past, home TV ownership has only gone up.

If you can remember the dark ages of tube televisions, you’ll know that a 75-inch TV was a nearly impossible behemoth that almost no one could afford.

Today’s 75-inch TVs are not only more affordable, but they’re also lighter and easier to install.

This means that you can finally have a luxury TV at a reasonable cost that offers you an amazing home theater experience.

When compared with other contemporary TVs, 75-inch TVs really stand out. A 75-inch TV allows you to get some extra viewing real estate in.

This will also save you some cost if you are looking at larger TV models but don’t want to make the jump to 80 inch TVs which tend to be much more expensive.


Q: How To Choose / Which One To Choose

Choosing a 75-inch TV ultimately comes down to the size of the room you are looking to install it in as well as your needs.

If you have a room that’s big enough to house a 75-inch TV, then you should definitely go for a screen of this size.

It will give you the optimum viewing experience without forcing you and your friends to crowd around a much smaller screen size.

The biggest factor to consider when shopping for a 75-inch TV is your budget. These are larger screens which means they’re going to be more expensive and have smaller options.

However, the cost of LED screens has gone down dramatically over the last few years, and you can pick up a budget 75-inch TV that’s still able to put out a 4K display.

After you’ve thought through room size and budget, the last thing to consider is the TV’s features.

Gamers, Netflix bingers, and people looking to get the best of every world are going to have different needs when it comes to picking the TV.

Once you sort these three things out, you’ll unlock the secret formula for choosing the best 75-inch televisions



We hope you enjoyed our list of the best 75-inch TVs. 

The best 75-inch TV for your money is the Samsung 75-Inch Neo QLED 8K TV. This TV handles 8K visuals and is ready for a bold new future of higher graphic standards. 

The best 75-inch TVs also include the LG GX 77-Inch OLED TV, which rocks an amazing OLED screen, and the Samsung 75-Inch Crystal UHD TV, which provides 75 glorious inches of viewing pleasure on a budget. 

Best 75-Inch TV Overall
Samsung QN900A
Check Price On Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
08/09/2022 12:33 am GMT

Here’s a quick recap of the best 75-inch TVs:

  1. Samsung QN900A
  3. Sony X90J
  4. TCL 5-Series Roku TV
  5. Samsung Crystal UHD
  6. Sony X800H

What’s your favorite 75-inch TV? Leave a comment below. 

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