42 Best Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

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When you really love a girl, just her regular name may not be enough. Cute nicknames come out quite naturally, as you feel the need to express your affection not only by touch but also with words. However, sometimes you may not have a good idea for a perfect nickname for your girlfriend that will match her personality, her looks, and the way you feel about her.

In order to help you find the right words when you lack them, we have prepared a list with some of the best nicknames to call your girlfriend when you want to let her know how much she means to you.


Cute Nicknames for a Girlfriend in English

First, let’s start with a selection of sweet nicknames in English – some of them are more popular, and some are less common but in this way, can be more original. You should know your girlfriend well enough to guess which one she may like best! But still, after making your choice, it is strongly recommended to make sure if she is ok with a particular nickname.


A truly classic nickname loved by millions. It says that she is sweet and that she is close to your heart, so it does the job pretty well!

Dream Girl

If you have met the girl of your dreams, tell her she is one! Such a romantic nickname will surely make her happy. It is always great to know we made someone’s dream come true, especially when it is because of our love!

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Is she sweeter than honey? Calling her “sweetie” may be a good idea then!

Sugar Lips

A cute nickname for a girl whose kisses are magical. If you can’t get enough of her sweet lips, let her know about it!

Honey Bunny

A bunny is one of the cutest pets you can think of. How about combining it with one of the sweetest things to eat? That makes a perfect pet name!

Sweet Pea

Another way to tell your girlfriend how cute she is. Also, if you have similar personalities, it may suggest you are two peas in a pod!

A woman kissing her girlfriend's forehead

Cutie Pie (or Sweetie Pie)

There are quite many pet names that refer to food – and that is one of the most common ones. There is no wonder – who doesn’t love a sweet and warm pie? It brings all the best memories, so it is perfect for a cute nickname!

Teddy Bear (or Cuddle Bear)

Does she like to be hugged a lot? Does she always snuggle when you watch a movie together or before you go to sleep? A Teddy Bear (or a Cuddle Bear) may be one of the best pet names for her then!

Honey Bee

Another cute name associated with honey, as it is probably the sweetest thing you can have. And what can be more obviously related to honey than its maker?

Baby Girl (or Baby Doll)

Some people don’t like calling each other “baby” and consider it outdated but others still consider phrases with this word to be cute nicknames, so it is better to make sure what your girlfriend thinks if you are not certain what her attitude is. It never hurts to ask!

Love Bug

Those amazing bugs are famous for being inseparable for a long time, even quite a while after mating – they go everywhere together, even when they fly! So, if you and your girlfriend also love to spend a lot of time together and find it hard to be apart, it can be one of the best cute pet names!

Better Half

This one works especially well for long-term couples, expressing how they complement each other. If you have spent many years with your girlfriend, remind her how much she means to you and how she makes your life complete.

Bubble Butt

If you often admire her rear end, and you can see that she doesn’t mind it (or even loves it), you can express it with such a pet name!

Bright Eyes/Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes, Etc.

Other nicknames for a girlfriend admiring a particular part of her body. If you really love how she looks at you, you can refer to her by her eye color, or even call her Angel Eyes!

A woman holding her boyfriend on grass

Cute Mama/Sexy Mama

Some people consider those “mama” terms to be affectionate nicknames for a girlfriend and some may not like it – it is best to ask first. They can be the most well-suited when your girlfriend or wife has literally become a mother, and you want to emphasize that she is still as attractive for you as she was (or even more!) and that your love life won’t be damaged in any way.

Romantic Nicknames in Different Languages

If you want to go beyond the scheme and get a bit more exotic, you can check out some really good nicknames in languages other than English.

Cute Spanish Nicknames for a Girlfriend

  • Mi Vida (“my life”)
  • Mi Amor (“my love”)
  • Mi Reina (“my queen”)
  • Cara Mia (“my dear”)
  • Mariposa (“butterfly”)
  • Hermosa (“beautiful”)
  • Mi Alma (“my soul”)

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Cute Italian Nicknames for a Girlfriend

  • Vita Mia (“my life”)
  • Piccola (“little”)
  • Cuore Mio (“my heart”)
  • Amore Mio (“my love”)
  • Principessa (“princess”)
  • Amorina (“love”)
  • Bella (“beautiful”)

Cute French Nicknames for a Girlfriend

  • Bébé (“baby”)
  • Mon Petit Chou/Mon Chou (“my cream puff”, or literally “my little cabbage”/my cabbage”)
  • Mon Ange (“my angel”)
  • Mon Chat (“my cat”)
  • Ma Cherié (“my darling”)
  • Mon Amour (“my love”)

Cute Japanese Nicknames for a Girlfriend

  • Raito (“light”)
  • Hanii (“honey”)
  • Takaramono (“treasure”)
  • Ohimesama (“princess”)
  • Ai (“love”)
  • Nikkō (“sunshine”)


The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are lots of nicknames for a girlfriend you can choose from. However, these are just a few examples, and you may come up with your own, unique nickname, of course!

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Sometimes, if a partner doesn’t mind it, it is also cool to use some funny nicknames – it can be something commonly known (like Smarty Pants, for example), or something that refers to your inside joke. In this way, only you and your girlfriend will know what this nickname means, and it will be your sweet little secret.

Apart from just coming up with a pet name for your girlfriend, you can think about cute couple nicknames – it can be, for instance, a combination of your names, like in the case of the famous celebrity couples. The floor is yours!

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