The 10 Best Pet Insurance Companies In America

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What are the best pet insurance companies in America?

There is nothing we wouldn’t do for our pets and part of taking care of them involves making sure that all of their medical needs are covered.

Fortunately, just as we humans have health insurance, there are pet insurance companies that help take care of the cost of vet bills.

Today we’re counting down the top pet insurance companies so that you can find the best one for your beloved pets.


The Best Pet Insurance Companies In America

Each of these pet insurance companies has been chosen after extensive research to determine the services each provides that make them stand out from the rest. 

Here’s our list of the 10 best pet insurance companies in America:


10. Pumpkin

Best For: Dental Coverage for Small Breeds

If you have a small dog or cat, the premiums that come with a pet insurance policy through Pumpkin are highly affordable, and they have performed well in both customer service and coverage.

While they do tend to be more expensive than other companies, with smaller pet coverage being the most affordable, they do boast some of the best dental coverage.

Pumpkin dental covers dental illnesses, tooth extractions, and cleanings if they are part of treatment for an illness or accident.

Although their plans aren’t as customizable as other pet insurance companies, their basic plans do also tend to include prescription food costs, end-of-life expenses, and preventive care as an add-on.


  • Best dental health insurance
  • Prescription food coverage
  • End-of-life coverage


  • Higher prices than other pet insurers
  • No personalized reimbursement rates

Bottom Line:

Pumpkin pet insurance plans may cost slightly more than average, but if dental care is a concern of yours, their plans are the most comprehensive in the pet insurance industry.

While we would recommend this company specifically for smaller cats and dogs, due to their premiums being more affordable, ultimately it comes down to your budget and how much you’re willing to spend overall.


9. Spot

Best For: Customization

For pet parents who want more customizable pet insurance, Spot comes in on top.

Spot offers seven coverage options that begin at $2,500 and go all the way up to unlimited.

There are also three reimbursement percentage levels and five annual deductibles that you can choose from, along with some of the most affordable accident coverage on the market.

While Spot does exclude pre-existing conditions, breeding costs, and cosmetic procedures, for customization or for those looking for minimal coverage to help with simple vet bills or accidents, they can be a company to look into.


  • Multiple coverage options
  • Reimbursement options
  • A solid multi-pet discount
  • Microchip coverage


  • 14 day waiting period for accidents
  • No pre-existing condition coverage
  • No coverage for pets under eight weeks old

Bottom Line:

Although there are some drawbacks to Spot that may make it less than ideal for some pet owners, it ultimately has a lot of customization for those who want solid coverage just for peace of mind.

Their discounts also make it easy to save money, so that you can have extra to put into one of the best savings accounts in America as a ‘just in case’ fund. 



Best For: Best for Hereditary and Congenital Conditions

A lot of pet insurance plans exclude congenital and hereditary conditions, but ASPCA doesn’t.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals provides a lot of coverage options, including accident and illness coverage, preventative care for cats and dogs, and accident-only plans.

In some states, they also extend coverage to horses, so if you are looking to extend coverage to your horses, this could also be an option.

Furthermore, ASPCA pet health insurance will not refuse enrollment no matter your pet’s age, so long as conditions haven’t been diagnosed.

That said, if your pet has been symptom-free for 180 days and has a curable pre-existing condition, you can still get coverage.

Many other pet insurance companies have waiting periods of up to a year, which can be detrimental to your pet.

Although this pet insurance company does have a lengthier claim processing time and is slightly more expensive, for pets that have certain health conditions, it can still be worth checking out.


  • Coverage for congenital, hereditary, and curable pre-existing conditions
  • No age limit for older pets
  • Coverage extends to horses in some states


  • Claims can take up to 30 days to process
  • Plans can be expensive

Bottom Line:

ASPCA pet health insurance can be a great company to choose from if you are worried about your pet having hereditary or pre-existing conditions.

If you’re a rider and want coverage for horses, it can also be worth considering.

While it can cost you a bit more than the national average, for certain types of coverage it is one of the best.


7. Nationwide

Best For: Exotic Pets

Nationwide offers a lot of different types of insurance, and if you are already using them as your auto, home, or life insurance company, you may want to consider bundling your pet insurance into your current plan.

While Nationwide offers solid coverage for common animals like cats and dogs, it really stands out for its coverage of exotic pets as well.

That said, even if you have Joe Exotic’s net worth, don’t expect them to cover tigers!

However, when it comes to covering birds, reptiles, small mammals, goats, and even pot-belly pigs, Nationwide is on your side.

Although you cannot buy an insurance plan for exotic pets on their website currently, you can call and speak to an agent to get one set up.

Keep in mind that venomous or endangered animals are not eligible for coverage, so if you’re a lover of venomous snakes, you will have to look elsewhere.

For non-exotic pets, you can buy online, and there is a wide range of plans, some of which even cover hereditary conditions.


  • Covers training, therapy, and treatments for behavior
  • No limit to the veterinarians you can visit
  • Includes coverage for prescribed medications, food, and supplements


  • 12-month waiting periods for pets with conditions like hip dysplasia and ligament disorders
  • Reimbursement through wellness coverage limited to $750

Bottom Line:

If you have a pet that is classified as exotic, Nationwide could be one of the best pet insurance companies to invest in.

It can be difficult to find vet care, let alone insurance for avians, reptiles, and small mammals, so having a well-known company like Nationwide offer it is definitely fantastic.


6. Figo

Best For: Reinbursment

Figo offers the best reimbursement options in the pet insurance industry, and you can even choose a 100% reimbursement policy to bypass the need for copayments entirely.

Pet owners who use Figo can also take advantage of the fact that this company doesn’t enforce annual coverage limits, but they do have lifetime maximums which you should be aware of.

If you do choose to take advantage of their 0% copay plans, you will pay more for the coverage overall, but if you want to avoid large vet bills, it can balance itself out.

That being said, there are limitations on hereditary conditions, which you should be mindful of if this is a concern for you.

Additionally, Figo also has a surprisingly well-designed app that allows you to contact licensed vets 24/7 in case of emergencies, manage your coverage, make payments, and connect with support.

This certainly is a benefit for anyone who likes being able to manage their accounts on their phones, and access to round-the-clock vet support can be incredibly helpful.


  • Coverage for curable pre-existing conditions
  • High reimbursement options up to 100%
  • High upper age limit for pets


  • Coverage for dogs and cats only
  • Not available in US territories

Bottom Line:

Figo is perfect for pet owners who want to minimize their copayments as much as possible without compromising coverage.

While Figo is limited to only dogs and cats, meaning horse and exotic owners will have to look elsewhere, overall, they can definitely save you quite a bit on vet visits.

Plus, if your pet is ever not feeling well after hours, you can always contact a vet via their app, which is a feature that we think every pet insurance provider should offer.


5. Pets Best

Best For: Deductibles and Prosthetics

Offering coverage for pets as young as seven weeks, Pets Best pet insurance is one of the best pet insurance providers for deductibles and coverage for prosthetics.

This pet insurer has numerous deductible choices ranging from $50 to $1000 and reimbursement choices of up to 90%.

They are also one of the few to have pet insurance that covers prosthetics and wheelchairs, something that can get very expensive without a policy to help pay for it.

There is also no upper age limit, so no matter how old our pet is, they can get insured.

However, Pets Best does have bilateral exclusions, meaning that if your pet has a condition that impacts one side of its body, such as hip dysplasia, it won’t be covered if the condition goes on to affect the other side of the body.

That being said, this insurer is still one of the best for the treatment of mobility issues, so if you are worried about your pet having trouble getting around in the future, and some dog breeds are more susceptible to these issues, Pets Best is a company to look into.


  • No upper age limit, coverage for pets as young as seven weeks
  • Wide range of deductible choices
  • Coverage for mobility assistance equipment


  • Bilateral coverage limits
  • No coverage for parasite treatments

Bottom Line:

If you want a pet insurance policy that gives you choices when it comes to your deductibles, Pets Best is one of the best pet insurance providers on the market today.

While it may not have all the coverage you’d want if you’re insuring one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world, if mobility problems are a concern, you may want to speak with this company about your options.


4. Lemonade

Best For: Best for young Pets

Although there are plenty of reasons to take risks whilst young, you shouldn’t take risks when it comes to the health of your new puppy or kitten!

Lemonade is our pick for young pets, and along with having a low pet insurance cost, it also comes with one of the best apps in the business that allows you to easily file claims right on your phone.

This pet insurance company offers comprehensive coverage for accidents and illnesses and you can choose to add things like preventative care, parasite and heartworm screenings, and vaccinations if you want.

While Lemonade is only available in 36 states currently, this company does provide a lot of discount possibilities, that include bundling with homeowners insurance, multi-pet discounts, and discounts if you choose to make a yearly, annual payment.

One of the most unique things that lemonade also provides which many other pet insurance companies do not is the ability to donate your excess premium payments to a charity or non-profit organization.

If you want to be able to do some good with your pet insurance policies, this unique option can make Lemonade very appealing.


  • Fast claims filing via their easy to use app
  • Multiple discounts to make plans even more affordable
  • Possibility to donate to charities
  • Affordable rates


  • Limited to 38 states
  • Pet owners must submit 12 months of medical records for their pets
  • Rates can vary based on credit scores

Bottom Line:

Lemonade is a solid pet insurance provider that can be worth checking out, especially if you have a new kitten or puppy.

Not only are their rates low, but the fact that they provide vaccination coverage and preventative care at a reasonable price makes them perfect for young pets who — hopefully — aren’t going to need a lot of medical intervention.

Furthermore, the fact that they give you the option to donate to charity is really cool and we definitely appreciate that feature. 


3. Trupanion

Best For: Fastest Claims

With many pet insurance companies, you have to pay upfront and wait to be reimbursed by your provider.

However, Trupanion changes this and allows your vet to file a claim from their office and immediately receive a payment.

Because of this, you don’t have to worry about paying a cent upfront, which can be incredibly helpful if your pet gets hurt or becomes ill when you may not have the money immediately available to take them to the vet.

The biggest downside with Trupanion is that there are no customization options, since they only provide one plan for cats and dogs and the premium is high.

That said, this plan, aside from providing standard benefits, also covers things like diagnostic testing, prescriptions, hospital stays, prosthetic devices, dental, and alternative treatments.

This is impressively comprehensive and there are no payout limits per year or lifetime spending caps.


  • Fast claim response
  • No limits for year or lifetime spending
  • Plans are available for citizens in the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia
  • Free coverage for 30-days through partnered vets, breeders, and shelters


  • High premium
  • No discounts for multiple pets
  • Only one plan option

Bottom Line:

Although it is more expensive than other plans, and some pet owners may not like that there is only one plan to choose from, the fact that they pay for treatment immediately makes them extremely appealing.

Especially since you won’t have to worry about putting your pet’s treatments on a credit card, and waiting for reimbursement. Even if you do have one of the best credit cards in America, this can be tedious and time-consuming.

In addition to that, the plan they do offer covers almost everything a pet will need over the course of its life, barring special circumstances.

Overall, Trupanion has the potential to be a great investment for pet parents, and we definitely recommend giving them a look.


2. Healthy Paws

Best For: Alternative Treatment Coverage

Most pet insurance providers exclude forms of alternative treatment from their coverage, leaving pet parents to foot the bill if that is something they want to pursue.

However, Healthy Paws puts an emphasis on alternative treatment coverage, which makes them appealing to those who want to explore all methods of treatment for their pet’s problems.

Healthy Paws covers things like acupuncture, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, and laser therapy, so long as it is recommended and prescribed by a vet.

Aside from that, this pet insurance provider offers only one accident and illness policy, but it comes with no per-visit, annual, or lifetime limit.

Additionally, this provider also has its own app which customers can use to file claims, many of which are processed in less than two days, and you can even opt for direct payment if you don’t want to wait for reimbursement.


  • No annual or lifetime caps
  • Comprehensive coverage for alternative treatments
  • Quick processing of claims through their mobile app


  • No coverage for dogs with hip dysplasia if enrolled after age six
  • Limited coverage for senior pets

Bottom Line:

Healthy Paws is a great option if you have a young pet and are looking for accident and illness coverage that you can use throughout your pet’s life, especially if you want to pursue alternative treatment options if needed.

While we don’t recommend signing up a senior animal with this company, since the benefits are limited compared to younger pets, they can be worth looking at if your pet is younger than six.


1. Embrace

Best For: Senior Pets

Taking care of a senior pet can make you wish that you were one of the richest people in the world, especially if they have a lot of developing medical needs that end up being quite expensive.

However, Embrace offers superior benefits for pets who usually need it most, giving their owners some much-needed peace of mind.

One of the top reasons that old dogs become homeless or are surrendered is because the owner cannot afford medical treatment, which is absolutely heartbreaking.

Fortunately, Embrace pet insurance makes things a bit easier by providing insurance for dogs and cats up to 14 years of age.

For pets 15 years and older, you can still take advantage of accident coverage, which is significant, because many pet insurance companies won’t even insure pets over the age of 10 in any way.

While they don’t offer wellness coverage as a separate policy, they do allow customers to sign up for what they call the Wellness Rewards plan, which contributes a specific amount to preventative care per year.


  • Great coverage for senior pets
  • Coverage for curable pre-existing conditions
  • High reimbursement options


  • Only provides coverage for dogs and cats
  • Limited wellness plan benefits

Bottom Line:

If you’re caring for a senior pet or are thinking about adopting one, Embrace is definitely one insurance company that we would recommend checking out.

While they do have limited preventative options, their willingness to cover pre-existing conditions, even in older animals, makes up for this, along with their high options for reimbursement.

Taking care of a senior pet isn’t always easy, but Embrace can help at least when it comes to keeping them healthy and happy.



We hope you have enjoyed our list of the best pet insurance companies in America!

Healthcare is just as important for our pets as it is for us, and having an insurance policy for your pet can give you much-needed financial help and peace of mind.

If your pet isn’t currently covered, we definitely recommend checking these companies out!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best pet insurance companies in America.

  1. Embrace
  2. Healthy Paws
  3. Trupanion
  4. Lemonade
  5. Pets Best
  6. Figo
  7. Nationwide
  8. ASPCA
  9. Spot
  10. Pumpkin

What’s the best pet insurance company in America, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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