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20 Deep and Strong Emily Fernandez Quotes



The Best Emily Fernandez Quotes

Emily Fernandez, aka Right Cheek, is a reality show star personality and an actress. She was a main cast member on ‘Little Women: Atlanta’, and ‘Little Women: Dallas’.

Fernandez has featured in rapper Lil Chuckee’s music video for his song, ‘Da Wop’. In 2017, she starts dating Dreadz 448 released a song together, called ‘Lifetime’.

Here’s our collection of the best Emily Fernandez quotes:


20 Deep and Strong Emily Fernandez Quotes

1. “It’s just very unstable but I’m getting there.” – Emily Fernandez

2. “You were loved beyond words and I will miss you every second of every day my king.” – Emily Fernandez

3. “I’m still coping with the loss.” – Emily Fernandez

4. I’m still not completely okay and healed from this” – Emily Fernandez

5. “It was heartbreaking for me to see him suffer.” – Emily Fernandez

6. “There are still a lot of emotional struggles that I’m going through.” – Emily Fernandez


7th of 20 Emily Fernandez Quotes 

7. “I’m not just okay in everyday life. I’m still going through the grieving process.” – Emily Fernandez


8. “We realized that he was living his life in fear.” – Emily Fernandez

9. “If he would’ve been average height, this would’ve still happened. Everything was due to his brain damage.” – Emily Fernandez

10. “The gates of heaven welcomed their sweetest angel tonight.” – Emily Fernandez

11. “I fought for his life.” – Emily Fernandez

12. “Little people pregnancies are high risk and being pregnant with a little person is even more dangerous. – Emily Fernandez

13. “I demanded that he have multiple tests run. I wanted to be sure that I did everything in my power to save him and keep him.” – Emily Fernandez

14. “My baby was having seizures in utero and doctors believe there was a problem with the placenta.” – Emily Fernandez

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15. “I feel good some days, not good others.” – Emily Fernandez

16. “It’s just — the days I choose to suppress my feelings, I act like I’m okay and the days that I choose to talk about it are a little bit harder.” – Emily Fernandez


17th of 20 Emily Fernandez Quotes 

17. “But, I do like to talk about it because it’s something I’m not going to ever forget or try to forget.” – Emily Fernandez


18. “JJ wasn’t receiving enough oxygen and he was born with blood around his brain.” – Emily Fernandez

19. “He would panic every time a nurse would come to change his diaper because he couldn’t hear or see them. Not to mention all the surgeries he had to undergo in that state of constant fear.” – Emily Fernandez

20. “In the beginning, obviously the second someone said his name, I would burst into tears,” she said. And it wasn’t their fault; they were just being a supportive fan wondering what was going on.” – Emily Fernandez



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