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Jimmy Goldstein is an American businessman. He is most famously known for being a superfan of the biggest basketball league in the world, the National Basketball Association (NBA), having been noticed for his regular attendance of over 100 NBA games each season, notably in courtside seats.

Goldstein’s passion for the NBA has been featured in popular news platforms, including ‘USA Today’, ‘Detroit Free Press’, and the ‘Wall Street Journal’.

Aside from his amusement for basketball, Goldstein is also a well-known real estate developer. He started out in the property business when he worked for a company called ‘Rammco Investment Corporation’. After his successful exposure in the real estate market, Goldstein then went on to form his own real estate investment company.

Here’s a collection of the best Jimmy Goldstein quotes:


40 Legendary Jimmy Goldstein Quotes

1. “Originally, a friend of mine, Tommy Perse, who owns Maxfield here in L.A., started giving me invitations to the Gaultier shows. And then, as I got more interested in other shows, he would supply me with more invitations.” – Jimmy Goldstein

2. “I was very well known for wearing Cavalli—to the extent that some of the other designers wouldn’t let me come to their shows.” – Jimmy Goldstein

3. “My good friend in school lived in a Wright house a block from where I lived, and my father’s business was near the Johnson Wax plant, which was designed by Wright. Before I even closed the purchase, I contacted Lautner and found out more about him—like that he had been working for Frank Lloyd Wright and had the same mentality.” – Jimmy Goldstein

4. “When people ask me what I do, they’re usually trying to ask how I made my money, not what my job is.” – Jimmy Goldstein

5. “For many years, I was wearing mostly Jean Paul Gaultier, and I’m friends with him. Before that, I was wearing Claude Montana extensively. ” – Jimmy Goldstein

6. “I still do everything I did then. I still have the same energy, which people can’t believe. I was traveling all summer and fall through Europe, and for four months I went out every single night to the clubs, and never got tired.” – Jimmy Goldstein

7. “I go to about four or five games a week during the regular season here in Los Angeles. And then when the playoffs start, I’m on the road getting on an airplane every day for about seven weeks.” – Jimmy Goldstein

8. “In recent years, as I’ve become better known on the fashion circuit and have stepped up my appearances at fashion shows, I’ve become so recognizable that the fashion photographers now swarm around me when I go to these shows.” – Jimmy Goldstein

9. “I just happen to live in L.A. I think that no matter where I lived, I would not be a fan of the home team. If everybody is favoring one team, I always go the other way.” – Jimmy Goldstein


10th of 40 Jimmy Goldstein Quotes

10. “I realize I’ve become somewhat of a legend, yes. And that has brought stories with it. . . . But I like that.” – Jimmy Goldstein


11. “I started at Stanford and was very good at mathematics. So I started out studying that and physics. But I decided that was really not what I wanted to do with my life, so I got into economics and finance and eventually ended up in the investment field here in California. That worked out very well for me—and it required very little of my time and allowed me to do the things that I really enjoy.” – Jimmy Goldstein

12. “When Roberto Cavalli first started designing men’s clothes—which was his peak, as far as I’m concerned—I was buying almost the entire Cavalli line every season.” – Jimmy Goldstein

13. “In my mind, what I do is those three things. They occupy most of my time: fashion, going around to all the fashion weeks and being such a fanatic when I pick out my clothes, trying to be in the latest fashions. Architecture, which you can see here, with this house. And basketball, which is another full-time occupation for me.” – Jimmy Goldstein

14. “I’ve never been involved in Hollywood or the entertainment world. The fashion world? Yes. But there is very little fashion in Hollywood.” – Jimmy Goldstein

15. “I love John Galliano. I buy Gucci, Dior, Roberto Cavalli. From time to time I buy Dolce & Gabbana.” – Jimmy Goldstein

16. “I don’t drink alcohol. I drink fresh juice. That’s my secret.” – Jimmy Goldstein

17. “Because of my involvement in the fashion world and all the fashion shows I attend, I’ve definitely developed a preference for tall, slender models.” – Jimmy Goldstein

18. “The initial motivation for buying the house was that I had gotten an Afghan hound—Natasha, the love of my life—and those dogs love to run. She was cooped up in my high-rise apartment, so I decided I had to find a property with more room.” – Jimmy Goldstein

19. “I still feel like I’m in my 20s.” – Jimmy Goldstein


20th of 40 Jimmy Goldstein Quotes

20. “Los Angeles should represent a city that’s contemporary and moving into the future.” – Jimmy Goldstein


21. “And then, as I got recognized more and more often in Paris and Milan, I reached a point where I could just show up and they’d let me in.” – Jimmy Goldstein

22. “My basketball fame evolved by accident. I just went because I enjoyed it so much—the recognition has happened by itself. The same thing happened in fashion.” – Jimmy Goldstein

23. “My father owned a small department store in Racine, Wisconsin. He got me going on clothes at a young age. But he was a very conservative dresser, so I quickly branched out from what he liked.” – Jimmy Goldstein

24. “I can remember when I was about 13, pink became a fashionable color, and everyone was wearing pink shirts. I took it a step further and got a pink suit.” – Jimmy Goldstein

25. “You live in New York, where there are so many models, but I’ve found that the rest of the United States doesn’t have the same appreciation for the tall, slender figures I love. In Los Angeles, there’s a preponderance of women who are short and have breast implants.” – Jimmy Goldstein

26. “I was always trying to be ahead of everyone else in fashion, and as a teenager, I was very much into the way I dressed. In my early twenties, I went to Paris for the first time, and that really had a strong impact on my fashion awareness. I stepped it up considerably from that point on, and I still feel like I’m advancing more and more in my look.” – Jimmy Goldstein

27. “I had just moved to L.A., and I had never had any contact with Hollywood glamour. I met her at the Whisky a Go-Go on Sunset, which had just opened. I asked her to dance, and she asked me to go home with her.” – Jimmy Goldstein

28. “I’m not a Lakers fan. I actually pull for the visiting teams. I consider myself an NBA fan because I follow every team equally.” – Jimmy Goldstein

29. “I can give you a list of people who could give you some perspective if you want. Lots of people know about me.” – Jimmy Goldstein


30th of 40 Jimmy Goldstein Quotes

30. “I had grown up in Wisconsin and had been very much impacted by Frank Lloyd Wright, who was also from Wisconsin.” – Jimmy Goldstein


31. “I grew up in Milwaukee. I came out to California at the age of 18 to go to college, and then I stayed here.” – Jimmy Goldstein

32. “When it comes to my look, I want to be as trendy as possible, and at the same time, I want clothes that look good on me. I feel that I’ve been able to maintain my figure pretty well.” – Jimmy Goldstein

33. “No matter what the taste of people is, whether they like contemporary architecture or not when they come through this house, their mouths drop open and they all seem to love it.” – Jimmy Goldstein

34. “My business cards say FASHION ARCHITECTURE BASKETBALL.” – Jimmy Goldstein

35. “First, I’d say I don’t want to look like anyone else, but I want to do it in a tasteful, stylish way.” – Jimmy Goldstein

36. “I know all the designers I wear.” – Jimmy Goldstein

37. “I do most of my shopping in Paris and Milan. Everything I buy is from European designers.” – Jimmy Goldstein

38. “I want to stay up with the latest possible styles so that every season I do my utmost to find something that’s new, that’s never been done before.” – Jimmy Goldstein

39. “As far as I remember, I started going to the shows of the designers whose clothes I wore at least 20 years ago—particularly Jean Paul Gaultier.” – Jimmy Goldstein

40. “I don’t just go to the games in L.A. The playoffs are such an exciting time in my life. I’ve gotten recognition as being the number-one basketball fan. But I don’t do it for the fame.” – Jimmy Goldstein



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