40 Inspiring Katie Cassidy Quotes & Sayings

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Which are your favorite Katie Cassidy quotes?

Katie Cassidy is an American actress. She is most popularly recognized as a ‘scream queen’, a public recognition for prominent and influential actresses in horror movies and/or TV series, following her appearances in the movies ‘When a Stranger Calls’, ‘Black Christmas’, and her recurring roles in the popular horror series ‘Supernatural’.

Throughout her acting career, Cassidy has won several prestigious film awards, including the ‘PRISM Award’ and ‘FirstGlance Film Fest Award’.

She landed roles in other big TV projects such as ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘Melrose Place’. Off-screen, Cassidy serves as a spokesperson for the ‘H.E.L.P. Malawi’, a charity that fights for children’s access to education.

Here’s a collection of the most inspiring Katie Cassidy quotes:


40 Inspiring Katie Cassidy Quotes & Sayings

1. “I loved being on stage. I was in elementary school when I started, so I couldn’t say that it was about the building of characters.” – Katie Cassidy

2. “I ended up meeting my manager because my sister was a receptionist at a management company.” – Katie Cassidy

3. “Physically, I’m trying to get in the best shape possible.” – Katie Cassidy

4. “I keep my key chain simple because I’m a big believer in luck. And I’ve heard that having lots of things on it is too much baggage.” – Katie Cassidy

5. “For me, as an actor, with any character I’m playing, wardrobe brings a whole other aspect. Once I have the clothing on, it helps the transformation.” – Katie Cassidy

6. “My style during the day is very casual – boyfriend jeans, T-shirts, Converse, Uggs, whatever. At night, I love heels and thigh-highs, I like something fresh and new, and I’m not afraid to push the envelope.” – Katie Cassidy

7. “I love heels… whoever created heels is amazing!” – Katie Cassidy

8. “Sure, it does help you get into a room, but at the end of the day, you have to be able to deliver, and you have to be talented because they’re not going to hire me because my dad is David Cassidy, who was famous in the ’70s.” – Katie Cassidy

9. “It is really scary. I think it’s a natural feeling to have nerves when it comes to a wedding.” – Katie Cassidy


10th of 40 Katie Cassidy Quotes

10. “I think everyone has different challenges as a young actress in Hollywood.” – Katie Cassidy


11. “I try mainly to just focus on character and what my character’s point of view is, with each person, and try to figure out story.” – Katie Cassidy

12. “I try to keep myself in what I’m doing and focused on character stuff, as opposed to getting wrapped up in worrying or being nervous. It won’t benefit me, in any way, to focus on that.” – Katie Cassidy

13. “I wanted to make a name for myself.” – Katie Cassidy

14. “I always mix it up. I do everything from yoga to running – StairMaster does wonders for your butt, ladies!” – Katie Cassidy

15. “Greg Berlanti, David Nutter, Andrew Kreisberg, and Marc Guggenheim are the people I wanted to work with. They’re smart, they’re funny, they’re cool, they’re edgy.” – Katie Cassidy

16. “My biological father and I had a really good relationship at one point. He was one of my close friends and gave me wonderful advice.” – Katie Cassidy

17. “I’d like to think I’m actually a nice person in real life.” – Katie Cassidy

18. “Yes, of course, it’s fun to play evil, but it’s simply fun to play any different characters.” – Katie Cassidy

19. “I was in theater when I was in elementary, middle school, and high school. I didn’t know it would be an actual profession for me. I didn’t think of it as a reality.” – Katie Cassidy


20th of 40 Katie Cassidy Quotes

20. “I went to New York for Fashion Week and girls showed up waiting to see me. It’s funny because there’s a group of girls who I actually recognize because they always show up. It’s nice and I’m like, ‘Hi girls! I recognize your faces!’ It’s just like a feel-good experience.” – Katie Cassidy


21. “To me, giving back is so important. It makes others feel good which then in return makes me feel good.” – Katie Cassidy

22. “I’ve had such an incredible arc, so it made sense to me, creatively, that we’ve told Laurel’s story. It has come to an end in the ‘Arrow’-verse.” – Katie Cassidy

23. “Attending ComicCon for ‘Arrow’ was so much fun! Seeing the fans excited gets me excited and feels really good.” – Katie Cassidy

24. “There is definitely something that has to be said for me liking the action, Lara Croft type stuff. I really want to explore that side of me.” – Katie Cassidy

25. “When you’re actually talented, and you have something to offer, people start to look at you for you as opposed to who you’re the offspring of. I feel like a lot of actors, artists, or musicians who come from famous fathers or mothers all deal with the same thing.” – Katie Cassidy

26. “I remember I had to go and ask my mom for groceries sometimes because I wasn’t the best person with budgeting. I had to learn the hard way, but you live and learn. It builds character and strength.” – Katie Cassidy

27. “I really want to do comedy.” – Katie Cassidy

28. “I actually had to start from nothing and build my own way out of it by making financial goals… It’s been an interesting journey but one I can relate to in terms of struggling.” – Katie Cassidy

29. “I do enjoy doing both film and television.” – Katie Cassidy


30th of 40 Katie Cassidy Quotes

30. “I feel like, in acting classes, you’ll get up sometimes; that’s just the most vulnerable position you can be in. You’re among your fellow actors, yet they look at you, and they’re like, ‘You’ve been on TV. You’ve been in movies.’ It almost adds to the pressure.” – Katie Cassidy


31. “It’s nice when your dad can be your friend.” – Katie Cassidy

32. “I really liked New York City.” – Katie Cassidy

33. “The cool thing for me, as an actor, I like to be as true and honest as possible, and I’m into real fight training.” – Katie Cassidy

34. “I was so nervous when I moved out at 18. I had a couple thousand dollars to my name. I remember it was all trial and error for me. I had to figure it all out on my own.” – Katie Cassidy

35. “For me, I just like to be as fun as possible, but I do like to bring a lot to a character. Given the script or the show, I know my boundaries, limits, and how far I can go with it.” – Katie Cassidy

36. “My hair’s been every color. My hair’s been all over the map.” – Katie Cassidy

37. “When I was younger, playing piano and guitar were all things that I wanted to do for a short period of time, like any kid.” – Katie Cassidy

38. “I just love strong female characters in general, not necessarily because She’s evil’ or ‘Oh because she’s good.” – Katie Cassidy

39. “I was a freshman and auditioned for the school play. Freshmen usually never got cast. I was the first freshman to be actually given a legitimate part and it was that feeling of Wow! I broke the system!” – Katie Cassidy

40. “I keep a stash of Truvia packets. If I have a coffee, I want to use healthy sugar.” – Katie Cassidy



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