50 Leona Lewis Quotes On Loving What You Do

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Which are your favorite Leona Lewis quotes?

Leona Lewis is a British singer, songwriter, actress, model, and activist. She is most famously recognized for being the winner of season 3 of the popular British TV reality music competition show ‘The X Factor’ which also marked her breakthrough in the entertainment industry.

Throughout her career as a singer, she has successfully sold over 30 million records worldwide and won some of the most prestigious music awards, including the ‘MOBO Awards’, ‘BRIT Awards’, and ‘World Music Awards’.

Lewis has also ventured into modeling as well, notably getting signed with an internationally renowned agency ‘Wilhelmina Models’, and becoming ambassadors for big brands such as ‘The Body Shop’. Moreover, she is also well-known for publicly supporting various charitable causes, especially animal rights.

Here’s a collection of the greatest Leona Lewis quotes:


50 Leona Lewis Quotes On Loving What You Do

1. “I was the only one at stage school who wasn’t white.” – Leona Lewis

2. “The part of London where I grew up has the highest crime rates in the country.” – Leona Lewis

3. “Working with other artists and sharing your passions is great.” – Leona Lewis

4. “I don’t think I have the right to give someone advice when I don’t know them.” – Leona Lewis

5. “Music TV in the U.K. is disappearing. ‘Top Of The Pops,’ ‘CD: UK’ and shows like that have gone, and it’s bringing down the music industry. We should do as much as we can to keep our music TV and producers need to be more willing to accommodate live music.” – Leona Lewis

6. “I really love getting hot stone massages. They really help me relax and it’s so soothing for your muscles.” – Leona Lewis

7. “I want all of my songs to do well whether I’ve written them or not.” – Leona Lewis

8. “I’ll never go against my morals.” – Leona Lewis

9. “I love a beautiful gown on stage, and luckily I’ve been fortunate to wear some amazing dresses.” – Leona Lewis


10th of 50 Leona Lewis Quotes

10. “I would love to sing opera.” – Leona Lewis


11. “I don’t have many famous friends, really, except Simon Cowell.” – Leona Lewis

12. “I don’t really read the tabloids, and you never know if what’s being printed is true or not.” – Leona Lewis

13. “Sometimes I think I want to get ‘hair and make up every day, but that’s just not possible.” – Leona Lewis

14. “At the end of the day, you should take every opportunity that comes your way.” – Leona Lewis

15. “I’m a positive person, and I try to look at the good side of everything.” – Leona Lewis

16. “I’ve still kind of maintained a low profile but people still kind of recognize you and will come up to you, and that’s taken a bit of getting used to.” – Leona Lewis

17. “I’m not a loud, extravagant person; I’m never going to be that and, to be honest, I don’t want to be like that.” – Leona Lewis

18. “I am, and always will be, proud to be a Hackney girl.” – Leona Lewis

19. “It takes me a while to come out of myself and get to know people.” – Leona Lewis


20th of 50 Leona Lewis Quotes

20. “I love horseback riding. I still do it.” – Leona Lewis


21. “I feel like I’ve lived quite a sheltered life like my mom and dad were quite protective of me.” – Leona Lewis

22. “I get road rage. I can’t drive because I cuss people out.” – Leona Lewis

23. “I love nature and enjoy learning new skills.” – Leona Lewis

24. “I get such lovely gifts from fans… amazing pictures, handmade jewelry. I’m very lucky!” – Leona Lewis

25. “My private life is the most precious thing to me.” – Leona Lewis

26. “I’m very strong creatively, in my music.” – Leona Lewis

27. “My parents have always done what they’ve loved, and they’ve had many different careers.” – Leona Lewis

28. “Love is a very powerful emotion and when a break-up is unexpected, it’s very hard to get over.” – Leona Lewis

29. “I think it’s always important to be vigilant of what you’re doing and aware of your surroundings.” – Leona Lewis


30th of 50 Leona Lewis Quotes

30. “David Bowie is such a big influence to me. Everything about him as a person is intriguing to me.” – Leona Lewis


31. “I’m glad I was never in a band.” – Leona Lewis

32. “I call myself a vegetarian with vegan tendencies.” – Leona Lewis

33. “I’m totally against animal cruelty. I don’t have clothes, shoes or bags made from any animal products.” – Leona Lewis

34. “I’m quite curvy and I just try and exercise whenever I can. I don’t do anything hardcore as I’m just not that dedicated.” – Leona Lewis

35. “I think when people see that you are shy, or even just calm, collected and reserved, they think you can be pushed around, made to do everything they want – but that’s definitely not true of me. The people closest to me know that’s not the case. They know I’m not a pushover.” – Leona Lewis

36. “The most important thing to me is to give something back to my parents because they’ve done so much for me throughout my life.” – Leona Lewis

37. “I think it’s really hard being in a boy band. There’s a lot of dynamics.” – Leona Lewis

38. “Kids need somewhere to go, so they’re not bored on the street.” – Leona Lewis

39. “If I can inspire people by showing that following a dream by working hard and being determined is possible, it’s amazing.” – Leona Lewis


40th of 50 Leona Lewis Quotes

40. “A lot of people can have a lot of different influences, everyone can be compared in some way to someone whether they are from 60 years ago or more recent.” – Leona Lewis


41. “I don’t mind letting people in a little bit, but I have learned from the past not to talk too much about my relationships and to keep things as private as possible.” – Leona Lewis

42. “I love Thandie Newton. I love her fashion sense as she is just really classic.” – Leona Lewis

43. “I do love a bit of fashion. I grew up around a lot of it as my mum and dad had clothing stores so my mum was always designing a lot, and I definitely had that as an influence.” – Leona Lewis

44. “Unless the radio is on, I am usually listening to stuff that is very different to what I do.” – Leona Lewis

45. “Obviously, a long-distance relationship is hard. But, like anything worth having, you make it work.” – Leona Lewis

46. “I never dress to shock.” – Leona Lewis

47. “It takes bravery to end a relationship.” – Leona Lewis

48. “I like someone who can take the reins, who knows what they want and is strong with me.” – Leona Lewis

49. “I suffer from arachnophobia. I don’t mind the tiny spiders so much, it’s the ones with their legs covered in thick hair.” – Leona Lewis

50. “Every performer wants to sing live. That’s what I live for.” – Leona Lewis



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