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Rick Santelli is an American TV personality and former commodity trader. He is best known for working as an editor for one of the biggest Business News networks, ‘CNBC’.

His credentials include formerly serving as the vice president for an institutional trading and hedge fund account for futures-related products.

Santelli started out his career in the financial sector after he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in economics and joined the renowned derivatives marketplace, the ‘Chicago Mercantile Exchange’; as a commodity trader where he quickly climbed up the career ladder until he notably earned the Vice President chair while also ventured into media.

Here’s our collection of the best Rick Santelli quotes:


50 Bold Rick Santelli Quotes

1. “The president doesn’t hold all the cards. The cards are evenly split up!” – Rick Santelli

2. “In normal times, investors should pay more attention to the credit markets because it’s the energy by which everything is driven. It’s the oil in the engine.” – Rick Santelli

3. “I don’t think that there is a beer summit in the cards for me at the White House.” – Rick Santelli

4. “One thing that served me well with clients was that you back your winners and you back your losers.” – Rick Santelli

5. “If you read our Founding Fathers, people like Benjamin Franklin and Jefferson – what we’re doing now in this country is making them roll over in their graves.” – Rick Santelli

6. “The jobs outlook in the U.S. isn’t very good. And it’s really about young people.” – Rick Santelli

7. “This is America. And we’ve basically invented the computer, and we should invent ways to protect all those that use it.” – Rick Santelli

8. “How about we all stop paying our mortgages! It’s a moral hazard.” – Rick Santelli

9. “I don’t believe anyone should ignore all the fires around you and stand pat and not worry about getting singed.” – Rick Santelli


10th of 50 Rick Santelli Quotes

10. “If being the lightning rod that started the Tea Party is what’s written on my tombstone, I’ll be very happy.” – Rick Santelli


11. “The unique thing about our country is that we don’t get behind politicians, politicians get behind us.” – Rick Santelli

12. “I think health care is a mess. I think that, as a free-market person, you can’t even have that discussion unless you know what the service costs.” – Rick Santelli

13. “The markets are the world’s greatest Rubik’s cube. And I love solving puzzles.” – Rick Santelli

14. “You need more people to perpetuate a myth because if the people stop the myth is known to all.” – Rick Santelli

15. “Our society, our culture – the greatness of America – goes hand-in-hand with energy, and our leaders need to wake up. We need energy, OK?” – Rick Santelli

16. “What about stocks? You got to buy them. What if they break? You have to buy the dips.” – Rick Santelli

17. “We have a mountain of debt that isn’t going away and all the problems are here to stay, and anybody who tells you that is a good thing ought to get out of the business of helping the government down the road.” – Rick Santelli

18. “When you are facing the wilderness on your own, you have a totally different attitude to someone who works in government or who has a monthly cheque.” – Rick Santelli

19. “Look at the Weimar Republic and their hyperinflation in the early ’20s. It didn’t happen overnight. I’ve used the analogy, it’s a lot like soybeans: you plant ’em, you wait. Conditions take some time. You need some sun; you need some water, but ultimately things start to grow, and are we in that phase or not?” – Rick Santelli


20th of 50 Rick Santelli Quotes

20. “We cannot collect enough taxes to catch up with spending. Do I know a solution? Not really. Do your politicians know a solution? Does our commander-in-chief offer a solution? Absolutely not.” – Rick Santelli


21. “Let me see the ‘Cuban missiles on the island’ picture. Trump needs to see it before networks need to see it.” – Rick Santelli

22. “Government is promoting bad behavior… Do we really want to subsidize the losers’ mortgages? This is America!” – Rick Santelli

23. “A republic and a democracy are pretty much identical, pretty much on every level.” – Rick Santelli

24. “Many other states ultimately – they might not have the same balance sheet as Wisconsin – but collective bargaining from the federal level… these are big issues, and these costs need to be put under control.” – Rick Santelli

25. “I believe there’s only one regulation in life that works: failure.” – Rick Santelli

26. “At the end of the day, the markets are my passion.” – Rick Santelli

27. “It’s a philosophy that – ‘We, the People’ – it’s about us, that if the Americans want to do something, they have the power to try to put leaders in place to carry out whatever their notions are.” – Rick Santelli

28. “I have a daughter for a while that didn’t have insurance. She gets a different price than people who have insurance.” – Rick Santelli

29. “How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage?” – Rick Santelli


30th of 50 Rick Santelli Quotes

30. “We are a republic, very inefficient. If you want a really efficient form of government, you have a king or a dictator. And in the end, you hope it’s a benevolent one. But then you could get things done. There’s no lurching; there’s no bumps. That’s the cornerstone of checks and balances.” – Rick Santelli


31. “When I was an institutional broker in a former life, I was a believer in the merits of using technical analysis. I found that it was a very useful tool that complemented the much more mainstream tools generically referred to as fundamental analysis.” – Rick Santelli

32. “People ask me if I’m the father of the Tea Party movement… I was the spark… that started it.” – Rick Santelli

33. “I work hard, and I haven’t done badly in life. But I pretty much came from very modest roots… I go home on my train; I cut my own grass… I don’t have anything against people that are more elite, but it’s just not who I am or what I’m about.” – Rick Santelli

34. “Many of us, of course, have children, and I think that the type of country that we are going to leave in our wake by rewarding bad behavior… is not a better handoff to the next generation and generation after that.” – Rick Santelli

35. “I’m very happy at CNBC. It’s the passion, it’s the movement – there are a lot of moving parts. And spontaneous TV and spontaneous debates… I don’t know that there’s anyone that enjoys their job more than I do.” – Rick Santelli

36. “One of the greatest technicians of all time was a man named W. D. Gann (1878-1955). He had tremendous success predicting market moves much in advance. Legend has it that he occasionally sent notes to ‘The Wall Street Journal’, which accurately predicted tops and bottoms in grain markets months ahead of time.” – Rick Santelli

37. “The markets represent the aggregate interaction of many investors. Their attitudes, philosophies, and behavioral patterns on many levels are predictable… and repetitive.” – Rick Santelli

38. “There’s so much compromise in politics. I’m not a good compromiser.” – Rick Santelli

39. “I think we should all be proud that we are living in a country where we can question those we put in power because, at the end of the day, they work for every citizen.” – Rick Santelli


40th of 50 Rick Santelli Quotes

40. “No, traditions and norms aren’t rules in the Constitution. There’s a difference between a tradition and a law.” – Rick Santelli


41. “I like free markets, but I do like fair markets.” – Rick Santelli

42. “If the country is ever attacked as it was on 9/11, we all respond with a sense of urgency.” – Rick Santelli

43. “Leonardo Fibonacci, the great 13th-century Italian mathematician (1175-1250) created the ‘Fibonacci sequence’ to explain behavior in nature mathematically. History has it that the first question he posed was how many rabbits would be created in one year starting with one pair.” – Rick Santelli

44. “Most of the mainstream coverage of most of the crisis – the economy, the road to get here, and the Tea Party – has been very much lacking.” – Rick Santelli

45. “I come from immigrant grandparents. The country would not be what it is if it wasn’t for the immigrants in this country.” – Rick Santelli

46. “When Target gets hacked, I don’t hear people saying, ‘Hey, was it Kohl’s? Was it Wal-Mart?’ It doesn’t matter. There was a hack; you deal with it.” – Rick Santelli

47. “While the vandals are on the street corners, the Tea Party conservatives, they’re working statehouses, the governorships, the mayorships, the Senate, the House.” – Rick Santelli

48. “I think hacking’s important. Most Americans should worry about it no matter what side of the aisle you’re on.” – Rick Santelli

49. “A Treasury Secretary or a President should be out here not fighting S&P, not grabbing the other coach and slapping him around, taking the umpire behind the barn. He should be getting the team psyched to overcome.” – Rick Santelli

50. “It seems to me that any reason for people getting more active in running or taking part in politics and government I think is just terrific.” – Rick Santelli



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