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40 Greatest Roberto Cavalli Quotes On Success & Life

Zisilia Alvsa



40 Greatest Roberto Cavalli Quotes On Success & Life

Which are your favorite Roberto Cavalli quotes?

Roberto Cavalli is an Italian fashion designer and inventor. He is most famously recognized for his exotic prints and for his distinct creation of sand-blasted look jeans.

Cavalli also successfully established his self-titled international fashion house which sells luxury clothing, perfume, and leather accessories. The company then got acquired by Italian giant investment fund ‘Clessidra SGR’ with the popular figure ‘Gian Giacomo Ferraris’ as the CEO.

Cavalli began inventing and successfully patented a procedure for printing on leather in the 70s. Subsequently, he received commissions from major international designer brands such as ‘Pierre Cardin’ and ‘Hermès’ which then made his breakthroughs in the fashion industry.

We’ve put together this collection of the best Roberto Cavalli quotes:


40 Greatest Roberto Cavalli Quotes On Success & Life

1. “My name is very often associated with parties and entertaining, but it’s not true. I am not such a party person.” – Roberto Cavalli

2. “Sometimes incompetence is useful. It helps you keep an open mind.” – Roberto Cavalli

3. “Maybe I am looking for the reason why I exist.” – Roberto Cavalli

4. “There is a real vulgarity in the way women dress at the moment. They show off too much and try too hard. They don’t understand where the line is between sexy and vulgar. I know where that line is.” – Roberto Cavalli

5. “Every girl creates a dream in her mind; everyone needs an idol.” – Roberto Cavalli

6. “What is too much? There is no such thing!” – Roberto Cavalli

7. “I enjoy seeing people have fun.” – Roberto Cavalli

8. “I feel fashion needs me for many, many years more.” – Roberto Cavalli

9. “I love women in all their different incarnations. My friends are practically all women. They are much more intelligent than men.” – Roberto Cavalli

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10th of 40 Roberto Cavalli Quotes

10. “I love being a fashion designer.” – Roberto Cavalli


11. “Every woman inspires me.” – Roberto Cavalli

12. “I think I was the first to show that a designer could be like a rock star, that people should love your fashion but also put your name together with your fashion.” – Roberto Cavalli

13. “My dream, maybe because of my family, of course, was to be a painter. I chose in one moment the direction of textiles; from textiles, I went to fashion.” – Roberto Cavalli

14. “I love a woman, I love to judge how beautiful she is, how beautiful I can make her.” – Roberto Cavalli

15. “Sometimes, because of my success, I am afraid that I was not a good father. With the first two, I was too strong, and with the other three I was too weak.” – Roberto Cavalli

16. “With time, fashion has become part of my DNA.” – Roberto Cavalli

17. “I meet people, I like to ask: which sign are you?” – Roberto Cavalli

18. “You can’t just buy things for the label – it’s ridiculous.” – Roberto Cavalli

19. “I began to speak well at a very advanced age – 15, 16, 17 years old. It was psychological: the trauma of war, my family, and growing up on my own. I was more or less a street kid.” – Roberto Cavalli


20th of 40 Roberto Cavalli Quotes

20. “Florence and art is something that is part of my life and is part of myself.” – Roberto Cavalli


21. “The press attack people to sell more papers without thinking, but when you get famous you have to put up with this kind of stuff.” – Roberto Cavalli

22. “I’m used to always deciding everything myself. It’s a blessing, but also a terrible defect.” – Roberto Cavalli

23. “I tried immediately to have a baby because I was so afraid not to have a baby in my life.” – Roberto Cavalli

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24. “I love you if you love me.” – Roberto Cavalli

25. “I learn much more by traveling by myself.” – Roberto Cavalli

26. “Today, I’m very happy about myself, because I realized my dreams. I learned how to understand what people want.” – Roberto Cavalli

27. “I would like the people that buy my clothes to understand that for me it’s one small piece of art.” – Roberto Cavalli

28. “I think God is the most fantastic designer.” – Roberto Cavalli

29. “If somebody for some reason, for music or for a movie, becomes famous, it’s because they have something, something special.” – Roberto Cavalli


30th of 40 Roberto Cavalli Quotes

30. “I am a helicopter pilot. Something that gives me pleasure sometimes is taking my helicopter to go high, 2000 meter, 6000 feet, to go there and feel like a bird. In this moment I feel free.” – Roberto Cavalli


31. “Leopard is an animal design, and my designs come from nature.” – Roberto Cavalli

32. “In the beginning, I loved being famous, but now I am tired of it and I would like to go back to my freedom.” – Roberto Cavalli

33. “In the evening every man looks the same. Like penguins. Women have a special dress for that event; men, the same tuxedo.” – Roberto Cavalli

34. “Money is the most corrosive aspect of life today because it means that all attention to detail is forgotten.” – Roberto Cavalli

35. “Fashion should be something that in the morning, when you open your window, you say, ‘Oh fantastic, sun!’ Then you take your shower, you say, ‘OK fantastic, which color I wear today because I feel happy?’ This should be fashion.” – Roberto Cavalli

36. “When I go to a restaurant and they say, ‘We’re fully booked,’ I say, ‘It’s Roberto Cavalli,’ and they say, ‘I will check’. I love it!” – Roberto Cavalli

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37. “I love women’s fashion, but women don’t need me as much as men do. It’s the men who have nothing to wear.” – Roberto Cavalli

38. “Today the world is a big jungle.” – Roberto Cavalli

39. “I really admire a woman for her intelligence, her personality. Beauty is not enough.” – Roberto Cavalli

40. “Excess is success.” – Roberto Cavalli



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