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Which are your favorite Sergi Constance quotes?

Sergi Constance is a Spanish bodybuilder, model, entrepreneur, and fitness expert. Constance is considered one of the world’s most celebrated fitness models.

He has been featured on the cover of ‘Iron Man’ magazine and ‘Muscle & Fitness’. In addition, he has appeared in films including ‘Justice League’ and ‘Summertime’.

Here’s a collection of the most inspirational Sergi Constance quotes:


50 Inspiring Sergi Constance & Athletic Quotes

1. “I use several types of protein depending on the time of day.” – Sergi Constance

2. “I have been able to achieve the body I have today thanks to years of consistent dieting and training.” – Sergi Constance

3. “I always played a lot of sports and to get in better physical condition I started training in the gym.” – Sergi Constance

4. “To keep training hard to get my best body possible and to win a ‘physique’ competition in the USA.” – Sergi Constance

5. “The best advice I would give a person is to be patient, the results are not immediate but with effort and consistency the improvements will be evident.” – Sergi Constance

6. “I feel proud of my career. I also won some championships in bodybuilding …junior and ‘men’s physique’ this year in Spain.” – Sergi Constance

7. “Cardio is great for burning fat and improving keeping fit.” – Sergi Constance

8. “I have periods where I need to grow, but I always stay lean, I don’t like being fat or looking unhealthy.” – Sergi Constance

9. “Today we have very accessible to be able to see photos, videos, and countless material through the Internet, websites and social networks.” – Sergi Constance


10th of 50 Sergi Constance Quotes 

10. “One of my favorite products like pre-training is the V-rox, for extra intensity and congestion in training.” – Sergi Constance


11. “I listen to music when I train. I love to listen to rock, house and hip-hop motivates me to train hard.” – Sergi Constance

12. “Although in Spain it is still a bit to determine my intention is to compete at the international level .” – Sergi Constance

13. “I remember there was a time during my younger years where I wanted to become bigger and stronger so I signed up at the local gym.” – Sergi Constance

14. “The three exercises that I enjoy the most are the squat for the quadriceps, an inclined press for the pectoral and the lateral elevation for the shoulders, because, despite their discomfort, the sensations and the results are very visible, in terms of pumping and general body congestion.” – Sergi Constance

15. “I usually listen to music during my training sessions, I think that the environmental factor is very important in this sport, that is, the music that enters our ears can determine our mood or our motivation.” – Sergi Constance

16. “I like to train all muscles once a week except legs which I train twice a week, dividing it into one-day quads and one-day hamstrings or two days a week with quads and the hamstrings together.” – Sergi Constance

17. “When I try to cut down, I don’t do cardio. But I do increase the intensity of my weight training with the inclusion of supersets in my training program. More important though is the correct diet.” – Sergi Constance

18. “Like everyone, I have my goals as to how I would like to be physically, and visualizing that goal through other athletes who have that level or have already achieved it is a source of motivation for me.” – Sergi Constance

19. “A bodybuilder who inspires me is Evan Centopani.” – Sergi Constance


20th of 50 Sergi Constance Quotes 

20. “I am also proud of the magazine covers I have been on.” – Sergi Constance


21. “I had bodybuilding in my blood and gradually focussed on being an athlete in what was now my favorite sport.” – Sergi Constance

22. “I started training with 17-18 years old but not in the right way, little by little I learned by myself what I should and should not do, as well as with the diet that is another fundamental part to achieve the goals and objectives that your propose.” – Sergi Constance

23. “There is nothing better than organizing all the planning of our objective and being aware of when we are in that planning.” – Sergi Constance

24. “My training is based on an intense heavy and basic training, that is, between 15-6 repetitions with 1 minute of breaks and the exercises always performed with free weights.” – Sergi Constance

25. “The fitness lifestyle has been very rewarding and I have loved every bit of the journey.” – Sergi Constance

26. “I think that if I want to be the best, I need to push that weight UPPPPPPPPPP!!!!” – Sergi Constance

27. “I only went and trained the muscle group that touched me and did not even follow a planning in the exercises.” – Sergi Constance

28. “It gives you a great upper body pump and is also good for building the upper chest muscles which a lot of people lack.” – Sergi Constance

29. “My ultimate motivation comes from my inner goal to one day become a world-famous fitness model and have one of the best physiques in the industry.” – Sergi Constance


30th of 50 Sergi Constance Quotes 

30. “I usually use a wide variety of supplements throughout the day.” – Sergi Constance


31. “Stay motivated with short-term goals, when you have the motivation it all becomes easier.” – Sergi Constance

32. “Learning and improving step by step to try to get the best body possible.” – Sergi Constance

33. “The second mistake was diet, I did not eat what I needed for my body to recover and evolve as it should.” – Sergi Constance

34. “My fans are also an inspiration for me to keep going and push myself harder each day.” – Sergi Constance

35. “My service as a coach for me has been a success, has exceeded my expectations and I am very grateful to all my clients for trusting me to achieve their goals.” – Sergi Constance

36. “After a few weeks of intense training I fell in love with bodybuilding and eventually I decided to focus all my attention on building the best body possible.” – Sergi Constance

37. “I recommend any type of protein from the Powerfit brand as it is of excellent quality, and the flavors and texture are perfectly accurate.” – Sergi Constance

38. “My cardio training is continuous type at a medium-low intensity, or I also use the HIIT type.” – Sergi Constance

39. “For me, I have always liked the profile of Michael O´hearn. Size and aesthetics at par.” – Sergi Constance


40th of 50 Sergi Constance Quotes 

40. “This is another great exercise that works many important muscle groups such as the hamstrings, glutes, back, and traps.” – Sergi Constance


41. “I usually listen to rock even heavy on days that I want my intensity to be very high and hip-hop, techno-house.” – Sergi Constance

42. “The main mistake I made at the beginning was the disorganization of the training, my training was not planned and with a short/medium-term objective.” – Sergi Constance

43. “I have no specific area that I would highlight, on the contrary, I think that in each muscle group it could improve somewhat.” – Sergi Constance

44. “I stay motivated by putting a date on the calendar in the short term and training to eat and rest for it, such as a photo session, a competition or an important event.” – Sergi Constance

45. “The mistakes I made were overtraining, and not eating enough to help my body to grow.” – Sergi Constance

46. “Low-intensity cardio has worked well for me. I do cardio 3x a week for 30-45 minutes on the treadmill on an incline.” – Sergi Constance

47. “At work level, I continue to receive proposals and among them, I will travel to the USA to do photo sessions with important photographers in the fitness sector, and at a competitive level, I decided to direct my career as a fitness athlete competing in the men’s physique category.” – Sergi Constance

48. “I have always been a very competitive person and when I set a goal I do whatever it takes to achieve it!” – Sergi Constance

49. “I am proud of having managed to develop my body muscularly maintaining an aesthetic that is my main objective.” – Sergi Constance

50. “To have an aesthetic body you must have a great set of legs and squats are the king of all leg exercises.” – Sergi Constance



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