20 Famous Terrelle Pryor Quotes & Sayings

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Terrelle Pryor is an American former professional football player. He played for the Raiders until 2013 and then jumped to several teams on short-term contracts. Terrelle spent time with the Seahawks, Chiefs, Bengals, Browns, Redskins, Jets, Bills, and Jaguars.

During his high school years, He won honors, including being named Pennsylvania Player of the Year twice, and being chosen as the MVP of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

Here’s our collection of the best Terrelle Pryor quotes:


20 Famous Terrelle Pryor Quotes & Sayings

1. “A few times I was able to like I said, I thought our offense line did great.” – Terrelle Pryor

2. “At the end of the day when you’re getting looked around or maybe ten years later, eight years later, two years later when you’re getting traded or stuff like that it’s the only time it really has a thing is they look at the interception ratio.” – Terrelle Pryor

3. “I don’t like to lose.” – Terrelle Pryor

4. “I had the guys fired up and they were ready. I had the offensive line going, they were fired up. The receivers were ready to go; that was the first time I really faced that type of score. That’s what happens in the NFL I guess.” – Terrelle Pryor

5. “I just have to make plays and continue to help the team and help the offense. It’s a group effort. At the end of the day, it’s a group effort.” – Terrelle Pryor

6. “I need play better for the team.” – Terrelle Pryor


7th of 20 Terrelle Pryor Quotes 

7. “I never really knew how to throw a football before.” – Terrelle Pryor


8. “I think that people need a second chance.” – Terrelle Pryor

9. “I think we made a lot of plays I just think we didn’t make enough.” – Terrelle Pryor

10. “I was just saying, ‘Let’s go. Let’s go down and score.” – Terrelle Pryor

11. “I’d do anything to help us win.” – Terrelle Pryor

12. “I’ve always looked up to Mike Vick, and I always will.” – Terrelle Pryor

13. “It’s a step back. Like I said, they get paid, too. Those guys give the contracts for a lot of money; they get paid, too, to make plays. They made more plays than us.” – Terrelle Pryor

14. “keep on trying to be the best I can be on the field for my teammates.” – Terrelle Pryor

15. “Like I said, they get paid too. It’s a one on one battle and sometimes when guys are getting in it and they don’t get blocked, it’s my job to make them miss or get the ball out.” – Terrelle Pryor

16. “No, because like I said, the first thing they asked was, ‘Is it wobbly at all?’ I can bend it right now, turn it sideways but I’m good, just a little sore. They said it was just precautionary. They took me upstairs earlier just to get some ice and get a shower.” – Terrelle Pryor


17th of 20 Terrelle Pryor Quotes 

17. “Not everybody’s the perfect person in the world. I mean everyone kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me.” – Terrelle Pryor


18. “Obviously there was pressure but that happens.” – Terrelle Pryor

19. “We just have to get better and we have to be better all-around offensively. I think the Eagles made some plays on offense and made some plays on defense a little bit but I think we pretty much stopped ourselves on offense. It was just one of those games.” – Terrelle Pryor

20. “We want win for the city.” – Terrelle Pryor



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