The Top 47 Best Travel Blogs to Follow

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The list of “Top Blogs” is back baby!

You may have seen our previous lists where we feature what we believe to be the best blogs to follow within a certain category.

Here’s a few of our past lists:

In this list, we’ve researched the best travel blogs of this year! These are all blogs where the owners spend the majority of their time travelling around the world, and documenting the process.

This allows other travel enthusiasts to find out where’s best to go, what’s best to do, and how to save some money in the process!


Top 47 Best Travel Blogs to Follow

So, without further ado, here’s the best travel blogs to be following. We’ve actually listed these by Alexa rank, but since it’s not really a very accurate measure, we haven’t put the actual rank number below.

What I’m saying here is that all these blogs are worth following, and don’t take the order into account too much.


Nomadic Matt 

Founded by – Matthew Kepnes

Each month over 1,000,000 people use Matt’s advice to travel better, cheaper, and longer. Matt’s I’ve traveled to over 80 countries and territories, flown hundreds of thousands of miles, slept in all sorts of places, tried weird food (including fried maggots), made life long friends, learned multiple languages, and learned that you don’t need to be rich to travel.


Expert Vagabond

Founded by – Matthew Karsten

Matt is a full-time adventure travel blogger & photographer who’s been exploring the world for over 5 years. Matt shares entertaining stories, useful travel tips, fun videos, amazing photography, and crazy adventures from his non-stop travels around the world.


The Planet D

Founded by – Dave & Deb

Dave & Deb live by the motto “Adventure is for Everyone” because we believe that you don’t have to be an uber-athlete, adrenaline junkie or a part of the ultra rich to be an adventurer! All you need is the desire to achieve something more.


Y Travel Blog

Founded by – Caz & Craig Makepeace

The people behind Y Travel Blog caught the travel bug 16 years ago, and have been travelling on-and-off ever since. It’s their absolute passion to help others follow the same bliss. And they’ve been changing people’s lives on the blog since 2010.


The Blonde Abroad

Founded by – Kiersten Rich

When I first caught the travel bug, I started following ‘The Blonde Abroad’. Kiersten has travelled to over 50 countries and has knocked some big adventures off her bucket-list. She hopes to inspire you to live a life you love and settle for nothing less than extraordinary.


The Savvy Backpacker

Founded by – James & Sue…

James & Sue think travelling through Europe is possible on any budget. That’s why they created The Savvy Backpacker – an independent resource to help give you the skills and knowledge to travel through Europe on a backpacker’s budget.



Founded by – Mark Wiens

Migrationology is where people who travel for food learn about authentic local food from around the world (or at least from the destinations Mark’s personally visited – He keeps the blog very personal).


Adventurous Kate

Founded by – Kate McCulley

Kate’s been shipwrecked in Indonesia, taken a boob to the face in Istanbul. She’s hit on Jon Stewart in New York City, which got her subsequently mocked on The Daily Show, and she’s also been an extra in a really, really bad German movie. Kate’s travel blog is amazing!


Two Monkey’s Travel Group

Founded by – Kach Medina Umandap & Jonathan Howe

Two Monkey’s Travel Group quickly grew into a valuable source of inspiring travel stories, advice, itineraries and travel guides, with the aim of demonstrating how to live a sustainable life of travel, whilst living your own definition of success.


A Luxury Travel Blog

Founded by – Dr. Paul Johnson

This blog focuses on the finer aspects of travel and serves as a gateway for the discerning traveller, providing information on the most luxurious hotels and resorts, the finest restaurants and news from within the luxury travel industry, to name just a few.


Young Adventuress

Founded by – Liz Carlson

Liz got her first taste for travelling when she was 16 years old. 10 years and 40 something countries later, her wanderlust has grown, along with the list of countries she wants to visit. After living in Spain for the past few years and returning home for a stint, I then quit my job and moved to New Zealand.


Travel Codex

Founded by – Scott Mackenzie

Scott created Travel Codex in 2012 to explain the complex loyalty schemes of the travel industry. He has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and travels over 150,000 miles every year. This is definitely one of the best travel blogs to be following!


Out of Town Blog

Founded by – Melo Villareal

Out of Town Blog is a travel, food and lifestyle online magazine. This travel blog started as a site where the publisher shares his personal travel experiences, photographs and travel tips to his friends, relatives and online readers.


Johnny Jet

Founded by – Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is the place where travel experts share their tips and expertise to make you the expert. It’s also a place to have fun, explore, learn, and just kick back.


I Am Aileen

Founded by – Aileen Adalid

At 21, Aileen quit her corporate job in the Philippines to follow her dreams of travelling the world. Today, she is a digital nomad (entrepreneur & travel writer) living a sustainable travel lifestyle!


Nomad Revelations

Founded by – João Leitão

This website was created to help and inspire you to travel around the world. João is a travel expert, photography enthusiast, blogger and World explorer. He love to make other people inspired and motivated to travel, discover new things and live great experiences.


The Poor Traveler

Founded by – Yoshke Dimen

When Yoshke & Vins started this blog, they were struggling to make ends meet. They were both at the very bottom of the corporate ladder, working an 8-5 job. They shared a dodgy apartment with four other friends, and every payday they would always watch their wages vanish into thin air.


Travel Dudes

Founded by – Melvin Böcher

Travel Dudes is a community of travellers whose aim is to assist fellow travellers on their adventures around the world and help enhance their travel experience. Follow Dudes or specific niches (keywords) to get quality travel content listed in your own profile timeline!


One Step 4Ward

Founded by – Johnny Ward

Johnny left Ireland in 2006 broke, taught English in Thailand and Korea, travelled A LOT, worked in Australia, started his blog, monetized, started more blogs, made $1m+ from his laptop, visiting every country in the world…


Points With A Crew

Founded by – Dan Miller

Dan started blogging because most of the travel blogs out there seemed to be about single people or others with no kids travelling in first class cabins and 5 star hotels. And while that is fun to read about, it’s not an accurate representation of how his family travel. Dan wanted to give another perspective.


Just One Way Ticket

Founded by – Sabrina…

Sabrina used to work as a screen designer, but quit her job to travel the world. After that, things were never the same, and off she went again! She’s now a full time travel blogger, and loves it!


Chasing The Donkey

Founded by – Sarah-Jane & Mate Begonja

If you’re looking for a blog that’s honest (sometimes too honest) and written by real people who love Croatia – you’re in the right place. Chasing The Donkey blogs about a variety of things, all Croatian.


Where’s Sharon

Founded by – Sharon…

This site started as a place where Sharon detailed her Big Trip in 2005/6 to keep friends and family informed, and she hasn’t been able to stop travel blogging since.


Goats on the Road

Founded by – Nick & Dariece

Nick and Dariece are a nomadic couple who created this website after realizing that every day can be an adventure. They’ve found many ways to be free & travel forever and they share their secrets, stories & ideas on this blog!


Indie Traveller

Founded by – Marek…

On Indie Traveller, Marek hopes to encourage others to travel more and travel independently, by sharing real stories and honest advice. Be sure to check out his travel tips, read about some of his adventures, or use his destination guides.


Alex in Wonderland

Founded by – Alex…

Alex is a New York native who left her home to explore the world slowly and thoroughly. Alex is just a little obsessed with photography, scuba diving, and reading guidebooks to countries she has no immediate plans to visit.


Be My Travel Muse

Founded by – Kristen…

This is a travel blog for those who want an adventure, who like to feel challenged, who want to see things differently, who want to learn more, engage more, and experience more during their travels and vacations.


Map Happy

Founded by – Erica Ho

Map Happy is all about practical travelling – in other words, travelling like how the pros do it – because your trip should be about experiencing the destination. Travelling is inherently stressful, and like anything else, there is a good and bad way to deal with it.


Ordinary Traveler

Founded by – Christy Woodrow & Scott Calafiore

Ordinary Traveler’s focus is to provide trip ideas for people with limited vacation time and to introduce off-the-beaten-path destinations that you may not find on other travel blogs.


Solo Traveler Blog

Founded by – Janice & Tracey

Solo Traveler is a blog and more – it’s a community where people who share a passion for travelling alone exchange tips, suggestions and encouragement.


Pinoy Adventurista

Founded by – Mervz

Pinoy Adventurista is a travel blog that aims to chronicle an adventure junkie’s backpacking and adventure trips, his mountaineering and foodie ventures and to provide an online source of travel guides, climbing tips, and more!


Travel With Bender

Founded by – Erin Bender

Erin started this blog with the help of her talented husband, Josh, after they left Australia in May 2012 to start a life of nomadic travel. They’ve been travelling since then, non-stop, around the world. They have visited over 60+ countries with their two children, Mia & Caius, since they were 2 and 3.


Keep Calm & Travel

Founded by – Clelia Mattana

This is what Clelia really wants from her blog: To convince you that you have the right to live your dreams, and to make you smile over her latest clumsy adventures!


Trip Hackr

Founded by – Clint Johnston

Triphackr is a popular adventure travel blog that aims to introduce and inspire readers to visit unique destinations around the world. Clint shares his stories through photography, videos, and in-depth guides along the way.


Never Ending Voyage

Founded by – Simon Fairbairn & Erin McNeaney

Simon & Erin left the UK on 1st March 2010 with just a carry-on sized backpack each and a one-way ticket to Rio. They spent the first year in South America and since then have visited parts of Central and North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.


Dangerous Business

Founded by – Amanda

Since her first big adventure abroad in 2005, Amanda has been to more than 45 countries on 6 continents, and is always on the lookout for her next big adventure.


Local Adventurer

Founded by – Esther & Jacob

Local Adventurer is a travel lifestyle blog that has been moving us to a new city each year. They picked one year because one year is long enough to find the hidden gems but also temporary enough to push us to go out and explore often.


Our Awesome Planet

Founded by – Anton Diaz

Our Awesome Planet (OAP for short) is a top lifestyle blog that documents the food and travel adventures of our family in real time. It showcases the best of food and travel destinations in the Philippines, ASEAN and the world.


Go Backpacking

Founded by – David Lee

Go Backpacking is your online guide to independent travel. Here you’ll find: Practical, budget-oriented travel advice for planning your own adventures. Original destination and how-to instructional stories. Beautiful photos from around the world to keep you inspired between trips.


Cheapest Destinations Blog

Founded by – Tim Leffel

Welcome to the award-winning Cheapest Destinations Blog, up since the dawn of the blogosphere and written by an expert on where and how to travel well for less money.


Travels of Adam

Founded by – Adam…

Travels of Adam is a personal way to share his travel tips. You’ll find gay travel stories, nightlife tips, photos and all-too-personal stories from my travel adventures around the world.


Travel Mamas

Founded by – Colleen Lanin

Travel Mamas provides travel tips, giveaways, packing lists, and stories for parents and caregivers of children of all ages. While the focus here is on travelling with kids, we also cover grown-up getaways like romantic vacations and girlfriend retreats, because sometimes parents need a break too!


Bucket List Journey

Founded by – Annette White

Annette is the author of the book Bucket List Adventures, owner of the restaurant Sugo Trattoria in Northern California, a serial adventurer and creator of this award winning travel blog, Bucket List Journey.


Twenty Something Travel

Founded by – Stephanie Yoder

Stephanie is a full-time freelance travel writer. For the past 5+ years she’s been semi-nomadic: roaming from continent to continent and writing about her adventures and philosophy on Twenty-Something Travel.


Go Nomad

Founded by – Max Hartshorne

Go Nomad isn’t a travel agency, they don’t sell tours, book flights or reserve hotel rooms. Instead, they publish great travel writing… and they started their own cozy community cafe that brought the best people in their Pioneer Valley village together over coffee, good food, and conversation. Today, they’re the place where your next trip is born!


To Europe & Beyond

Founded by – Marie-Eve Vallieres

Travel is the greatest gift anyone can get. Marie truly believes in travel as an education in and out of itself, on a variety of topics: general knowledge, self-empowerment, organisational and social skills, acceptance and open-mindedness.


Will Fly For Food

Founded by – JB & Renée

JB & Renée live for travel and adventure. they’re neither budget nor luxury travellers. Instead, they consider themselves “middle of the road travellers” who look for the best balance between value and comfort. And of course, they LOVE food, so much so that it plays a huge role in their travel decisions.



There’s a tonne of amazing blogs on this list of the best travel blogs to follow! If you’re a travel fanatic, then save this article to your bookmarks, and bring it back up every time you want more awesome travel gossip!

If you know of people who love to travel, feel free to share this article with them on social media!

If your blog was included on this list of the best travel blogs, then congratulations! And thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve put in!

Do you have any other favorite travel blogs? Leave a comment below.

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