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It’s time for part 3 of our top blogs to follow in 2019 list. These lists have become so popular that I just can’t help cranking a new one out every month or so.

Since many bloggers follow the site, I’ve taken a collection of blogs that I personally follow, and researched some others (which I’m now following), that focus specifically on blogging advice.

It’s safe to say we all knew the blogging niche is pretty crowded, and there are so many contenders for a list of top blogs for bloggers. Which made it all the more harder to choose.

Just in case you missed the last two lists of top blogs, you can check them out here:


The Top Blogs for Bloggers to Follow in 2019

So here it is, the top list of blogs for bloggers. Bear in mind some of these may have also appeared on the list of best business blogs. I just couldn’t help but mention them again since their advice is relevant to both business and blogging.

How many of these 40 blogs are you following?


1) QuickSprout

Founded by Neil Patel – QuickSprout is my go to blog whenever I’m looking for a particular bit of advice on blogging. Neil’s a big fan of A/B testing, which is why it’s very easy to learn what and what not to do when it comes to marketing your blog. Definitely sign up for the newsletter!


2) Blogging From Paradise

Founded by Ryan Biddulph – Blogging From Paradise is a freshly re-branded blog that shows you how to live the island hopping lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Along with great blogging advice, the stories Ryan shares about his travels is enough to inspire anyone.


3) John Chow

Founded by John Chow – The John Chow blog makes money online by showing you how to make money online. John gets hundreds of thousands of visitors every month to his blog and has all the top advice on making money online.


4) Social Media Examiner

Founded by Mike Stelzner – Social Media Examiner has been running for several years, now with a combined total of over 1 million followers. The site offers outstanding advice on succeeding with social media, and is a definite must follow for any aspiring bloggers.


5) Backlinko

Founded by Brian Dean – Backlinko covers a different area to Social Media Examiner completely.

Can you guess what it is?

That’s right, backlinks. I have read some top notch articles from Brian on building backlinks through various tried and test methods, and the articles are so in depth you have to go back at least 3 times to take in all the information.


6) Digital Marketer

Founded by Ryan Deiss – What I love about Digital Marketer is that as soon as you land on the site, it gives you three options to choose from: driving traffic, boosting conversions or increasing engagement.

Select the one you’re interested in, and you’ll be greeted with a short introduction on the area, and some of the best articles DM have written within it. Another wonderful blog with some great case studies to learn from.


7) Successful Blogging

Founded by Sue Anne Dunlevie – Successful Blogging is a blog I’ve had the pleasure of featuring on recently. Sue writes great advice for people looking to start their own blog, and has recently written an awesome post for our site on the advantages of becoming a solopreneur.


8) Cognitive SEO

Founded by Razvan Gavrilas – Cognitive SEO has a wonderful blog sharing numerous case studies, majorly focusing on search engine optimization and Google recovery stories, as well as insights to Social Media. And this is on top of their ultimate paid blogging tool that might be worth considering.


9) Copy Blogger

Founded by Brian Clark – Copy Blogger again made an appearance in our list of the top blogs for entrepreneurs. The site has been teaching others about content marketing since 2006 and is definitely one of the go-to blogs for marketing advice.


10) Matt Cutts

Founded by Matt Cutts – Matt is the head of the Google Web-spam team, and if you’re not following his advice then you’re not following Google’s. Which means that you are asking for trouble when it comes to search engine rankings.


11) ProBlogger

Founded by Darren Rowse – ProBlogger is one of the top blogs for bloggers, featuring everything you need to know on starting a blog and successful making a living from it.

Darren Rowse has been blogging for over a decade and his expertise simply can’t go unnoticed.


12) Social Triggers

Founded by Derek Halpern – The first article I stumbled onto on Social Triggers was Titled “Why bloggers fail”, and has kept me coming back to the blog ever since. Social Triggers is not just a blog for bloggers, it’s majorly for all entrepreneurs in general.


13) Blogtrepreneur

Founded by Matthew and Adam Toren – Blogtrepreneur was featured on last months list of top blogs for entrepreneurs, but had to be included on this list as well.

I’ve also had the pleasure of featuring on Blogtrepreneur this month, and it’s a top site to follow for any aspiring bloggers or entrepreneurs.


14) Blog Tyrant

Founded by Ramsay Taplin – Blog Tyrant is another incredible blog for anyone who’s looking to start their own blog and find out more about growing their blog’s audience.


15) Fabulous Blogging

Founded by Julie DeNeen – Fabulous Blogging has a great number of how-to guides and tutorials for blogging beginners.


16) SEO Book

Founded by Aaron Wall – SEO Book has all the latest advice on optimizing your websites for search engines. Their latest article talks about the new Google Mobilepocalypse update that’s put more emphasis on the mobile friendliness of websites.


17) Smart Passive Income

Founded by Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income gives you a reason to stick around as soon as you hit the homepage. The slogan “Let’s see what works” should be your cue to sign up to the newsletter right away.

Pat tests everything to do with online business and that’s all you need to know. When we publishes his findings make sure your there to gain some great knowledge from it.


18) Shout Me Loud

Founded by Harsh Agarwal – Shout Me Loud has over 600,000 subscribers. It’s an excellent site for any looking to make a business out of their blog.


19) Make A Living Writing

Founded by Carol Tice – Make A Living Writing is perfect for freelance bloggers as Carol shares her own personal experiences of content writing, and how you can get the best price for your work.


20) Jeff Bullas

Founded by Jeff Bullas – Jeff’s blog hands out excellent advice on social media marketing, content marketing and digital marketing. Jeff receives over 4 million page views per year and is a great blog for bloggers to follow.


21) Moz

Founded by Rand Fishkin – Moz has grown into a huge company, and their company blog has great content on SEO and link building strategies.


22) Boost Blog Traffic

Founded by Jon Morrow – The title pretty much gives it away. Boost Blog Traffic helps you do exactly that – build your blog to a substantial number of visitors per month.


23) Search Engine Journal

Founded by Loren Baker – Search Engine Journal has been going since 2003, and publishes all the top news on SEO, content marketing, social media and the like.


24) Matthew Woodward

Founded by Matthew Woodward – His blog is award winning in the field of internet marketing. Matthew has some great tutorials on building an online income and growing your blog audience.


25) Blogger Tips Tricks

Founded by Ankit Kumar Singla – Blogger Tips Tricks covers a few different aspects of blogging that newbies can learn a lot more about creating a successful blog and beginning to earn money from it.


26) WP Beginner

Founded by Syed Balkhi – WP Beginner is specifically tailored to helping out new WordPress users with any queries they may have on getting their site up and running. A perfect blog since most blogs today are hosted with WordPress.


27) Income Diary

Founded by Michael Dunlop – Income Diary was one of the first top blogs for bloggers that I started following. Mainly because Michael is from England as well and also started when he was young.


28) Entrepreneurs Journey

Founded by Yaro Starak – Entrepreneurs Journey is another awesome blog that I’ve had the pleasure of mentioning before. I love Yaro’s story of how he started with his own trading card site, and it’s definitely worth following him for some great advice.


29) Chris Brogan

Founded by Chris Brogan – Chris Brogan is a best selling author, and offers plenty of marketing and lead generation advice for businesses, much of which is linked to website creation and blogging.


30) DIY Themes

Founded by Chris Pearson – DIY Themes is a WordPress theme design company. However, they have some high quality articles on WordPress SEO and email marketing that you can’t afford to miss out on.


31) Seth Godin

Founded by Seth Godin – we mentioned it previously as being an outstanding resource for entrepreneurs, but the same goes for bloggers! Seth’s blog is well known world wide and you can’t help but pick up some great wisdom from him.


32) Niche Hacks

Founded by Stuart Walker – Niche Hacks is the last, but not least valuable, blog on the list of top blogs for bloggers. Niche Hacks has a tonne of blogging how-tos and the great thing is that discussing and excelling in different niches is the focus point of the website.


33) Firepole Marketing

Founded by Danny Iny – Firepole Marketing has some very informative articles that are guaranteed to enlighten many bloggers and help them out in important areas.


34) John Paul Aguiar

Founded by John Paul Aguiar – The message behind his blog is simple – how to make money blogging. A site that will naturally attract anyone who wants to make a living through their blog.


35) Search Engine Land

Founded by Danny Sullivan – when it comes to search engine news, Search Engine Land is the site to follow. SEL keeps you up t date with all the latest Google, Bing and other closely related news.


36) Smart Marketerz

Founded by Erik Emanuelli – Smart Marketerz is a top blog that writes about making money online and building a successful website. Erik owns several different successful niche websites and shows you how you can do the same.


37) TINT

Founded by Tim Sae Koo – TINT is a company that specializes in a social platform product, which I’ll let you find out more about on their website. Yet, they also have a company blog with some great info published. Check it out when you get a minute.


38) Razor Social

Founded by Ian Cleary – Razor Social helps readers become more effective with their social media efforts, and was listed as one of Social Media Examiner’s top 10 blogs in 2013 and 2014.


39) Site Point

Founded by Mark Harbottle & Matt Mickiewicz – Site Point focuses on the design side of blogging more than anything else. Most of the other blogs on this list are all about improving your traffic, whereas Site Point helps you learn more about what goes into designing your own website.


40) SEO Chat

Founded by Darrin Ward – SEO Chat is another great blog/forum focusing on all things SEO. Yet again another great blog to follow.



That concludes the list of the top blogs for bloggers to flow in 2019. It’s likely that we’ve missed out several other great blogs from the list that might just well deserve to be on here.

Do you have any others to add to the list?

Leave a comment below, and I’ll consider adding them on the end!

Dan Western
Dan Western
Dan Western is the founder of Wealthy Gorilla. Dan has been running Wealthy Gorilla and studying self-development, personal finance, and investment for the last 7 years. To this day, Wealthy Gorilla has become one of the fastest growing wealth infotainment sites in the world; with over 300 million views worldwide. Dan doesn't use personal social media anymore, so you won't be able to find him on Instagram, or Twitter.


  1. Dan I am humbled dude! Thanks for including me! I follow and learn from so many of these bloggers, as they are gold mines of useful, inspired information. If I were a newbie or struggling veteran blogger, i’d book mark every blog on this list, read ’em and comment on them for 3 months…..then, success would be inevitable as I followed their advice and created like a champ.


  2. Look out for my blog…it’s rising and I hope to be among so many talented bloggers, writers and philosophers of sphere.

    Patrick Slevin
    Follow me on twitter @patrickjslevin. Will follow you back.

  3. What a collection. All of them are highly successful and promoting blogging perfectly. I am regular follower or Shoutmeloud and Quicksprout. Learning many things day by day.

  4. I am already familiar with Backlinko and Blogger Tips Tricks, they really provide authentic information. But I think I found lots of valuable resource here. Thank you for sharing, I really appreciate.

  5. Great list indeed! They are an inspiration to all of us. I am a big fan of Harsh, Darren, and Neil. Thanks for sharing!


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