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40 Iconic Twista Quotes

Zisilia Alvsa



40 Iconic Twista Quotes

Which are your favorite Twista quotes?

Twista is an American rapper. He is most famously known for being the title holder of ‘fastest English rapper in the world’ according to the most prestigious reference book, the ‘Guinness World Records’ due to his ability to pronounce 598 syllables in 55 seconds.

Throughout his career, Twista has successfully signed with many huge international recording companies, including ‘Big Beat’ and ‘Atlantic Records’.

Twista is also well-known for his distinct chopper-style of rapping. He marked his breakthrough with the release of his third album, ‘Adrenaline Rush’ which gained him mass recognition.

Twista’s album ‘Kamikaze’ notably peaked in the widely celebrated music chart in the U.S., the ‘Billboard 200’ after his single ‘Slow Jamz’ notably reached #1 in the ‘Billboard Hot 100’.

Here’s a collection of the most iconic Twista quotes:


40 Iconic Twista Quotes

1. “In the club boxing with boulders call me Sly Stone.” – Twista

2. “I never put a title on it. I let other people call it what they wanted to call it, but to me, I always knew it was a faster cadence of rap than normal.” – Twista

3. “I was thinking that we could just make a sex tape. Plus I think yo face cute when it’s in HD.” – Twista

4. “You, you, you want the lavish crib and fancy cars. You want the face, on that Rolex shining like the stars.” – Twista

5. “Girls that be thick off in they thigh, I wanna kick it in the Chi. They’re gonna be fucking with some Kelly and the Twist'” – Twista

6. “Career woman with some goals, fuck the broke-ass hoes baby girl cause you look so sexy.” – Twista

7. “I took those little bits and pieces that people would so-called ‘rap fast’ over and I would do whole songs and verses like that.” – Twista

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8. “I can make you a celebrity overnight…” – Twista

9. “I had found myself. ‘Po Pimp’ was one of the first demonstrations of me coming full circle to what and who Twista is and what he should sound like.” – Twista


10th of 40 Twista Quotes

10. “Now I be, in the club hollerin at hoes like “Hey now” Sippin Everglo, y’all want me to say now.” – Twista


11. “Me and my clique was – rolling thick on 24’s on a dirty lick.” – Twista

12. “Miss mobstress rolling with the hardest holding it down like a female Joe Pesci and I wanna make her a made woman and I hope she gonna let me, ’cause she looks so sexy.” – Twista

13. “Tonight she don’t want a drill section. She wanna feel it so she told me to take it slow .” – Twista

14. “It wasn’t a conscious thing to rap fast, it was a conscious thing to be different.” – Twista

15. “The last thing I’m paying attention to is how fast it is, the first thing I’m paying attention to is whether you’re talking about something and are you making sense.” – Twista

16. “I wanna kiss her on her body but I gotta make her holla while I’m giving her – the D.” – Twista

17. “I’m so used to mackin it pokin it back to back when I attacking it I wanna go n get inn. She blew the whistle like be still, hold it in now roll it .” – Twista

18. “Now come and kick it with the Twista, Black Caddy, Mack Daddy, With a hoe up in the back seat.” – Twista

19. “Do you want the Lambo? I give it to you like uhuhuhuhuh When I do it baby.” – Twista


20th of 40 Twista Quotes

20. “It’s the same thing. I think chopping is a title that, depending on where you’re from, will be used as [shorthand] for rapping fast.” – Twista


21. “Making love ’till the terminator come. Global warming is having a major effect.” – Twista

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22. “A lot of other artists from Chicago saw how I flourished [with that style] and they would be influenced by that. It just spread out.” – Twista

23. “It’s getting late lil mama we’ve been in the club too long. Let me take you out to my home, tell me what a nigga gotta do to get you out that thong.” – Twista

24. “Now hear the words that I flow when I spit I know shorties that be having dreams of going legit.” – Twista

25. “Throughout my career that would come out, and everybody would go crazy over that artist. So for a few months, I may get lost and would forget what I need to do. I’ll always get a full circle reminder, like, dude, you gotta be you. In the middle of my career, I would always get lost and refind myself. At this stage, I realized who I am and I’m comfortable in my own skin.” – Twista

26. “Come an fuck me reverse cowgirl.” – Twista

27. “My ladies that be steady sipping Cris’ always looking nice, put some ice on they belly or they wrist.” – Twista

28. “The dark is about to devour the Earth. So come and ride with the Silver Surfer.” – Twista

29. “It took all of us a certain amount of years to realize that what we were doing was not something to be owned. We’d recreated the template as far as what people could do when writing verses and cadences and style, in that respect, I started to be like, Okay, I’m a pioneer.” – Twista


30th of 40 Twista Quotes

30. “I’m a rock star like Mick Jagger and I got bars that I spit faster.” – Twista


31. “So don’t be trippin whenever you see me throw money. Hah…It’s just a little bit of show money.” – Twista

32. “I try to call it like Green, too fast Red, too slow. She want it in the middle so I gotta Yellow light.” – Twista

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33. “Working with another artist should be seen as an extension of creativity.” – Twista

34. “Here come the politics, I’m gonna be your weatherman.” – Twista

35. “It’s the X rated version of a box office hit I see you ready to strip for this,” – Twista

36. “I survived ’cause I am legend.” – Twista

37. “Well I can bring it down to 50, down to 40, down to 30 .” – Twista

38. “Give you ice like Kobe wife…” – Twista

39. “Finna hit it from the back. While I’m bumpin’ Ready for the World.” – Twista

40. “When it comes to Rockin the rhythm like Marvin and Luther I can tell you ain’t no messing with Kan-man and Twist.” – Twista



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Zisilia Alvsa is a writer for Wealthy Gorilla. Friends often call her Zii. She is a girl from Jakarta, Indonesia who currently lives in Bali. Zii loves photography and travelling.

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