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Top 30 Best Fitness Blogs to Be Following in 2018

Top 30 Best Fitness Blogs to Be Following in 2015

Our top blog lists are always a big hit on Wealthy Gorilla, so here we are again in 2017 with updated lists to give you!

As a big lover of fitness and working out, I follow a lot of great fitness blogs;

So, you know the drill. Just like we’ve done previously with the best blogs for entrepreneurs, bloggers and motivation, we’ve compiled a list of all the top fitness blogs to be following in 2017.

If you haven’t already checked out the other lists I’ve just mentioned above, I’ll leave a link to each of them at the bottom of this article so you can check them out later. For now, however, let’s get into some of the greatest fitness content on the web.

In this list I’ve named the 30 best fitness blogs, in my own opinion of course, and given the name of their founder and a little bit about them. The list also covers a complete range of styles such as bodybuilding, weight training, female fitness, running, calisthenics, you name it.


Top 30 Best Fitness Blogs 2018

Before I start dropping names, I’ve decided to leave a few of the major blog names out of the top 30 to allow room for the slightly lesser known sites to get a well deserved shout out.

But, just in case you haven’t already heard of these big names, here’s what I left out:


1. Muscle & Brawn

Founded by Steve Shaw – Muscle & Brawn contains a lot of excellent advice on power-lifting and bodybuilding. If this is your desired area of fitness, definitely check out M&B. Steve gives solid, real advice.


2. Scooby’s Workshop

Founded by Scooby Werkstatt – Scooby’s an old school bodybuilder, and provides exactly that; solid, old school bodybuilding advice. Just a quick look at his bio shows that his body has only improved with age. He’s now 54 years old and looking better than when he was 23!


3. Brandon Carter

Founded by Brandon Carter – This is a blog I’ve been following for quite a long time. Brandon is a fitness model and let’s be honest guys, why wouldn’t you want a body like this? Brandon shares his best advice on here that he puts into action himself in his daily life.


4. Nerd Fitness

Founded by Steve Kambs – Nerd Fitness has been an authoritative fitness blog for several years now, and Steve has begun to write about working out and building muscle whilst you’re travelling the world, which is particularly interesting to myself. I’m hoping to jump on a Skype call with him later in the year.


5. Fit Bottomed Girls

Founded by Jennifer Walters & Erin Whitehead – Fit Bottomed Girls is a great fitness website specifically targeted at females, and has a couple of sister sites as well that you shouldn’t definitely take a look at!

Written by Dan Western

Dan Western is the founder of Wealthy Gorilla. Dan is a young ambitious guy who has been researching self-development for the past two years and is now off travelling the world. His mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and be the person to whom they say; "Because of you, I never gave up." Join Wealthy Gorilla on Facebook.


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  1. Hi Dan, great list! I’ve been looking for a recent list of fitness bloggers for ages so I was happy to (finally) find this page. I recently started my own fitness blog called Sometimes I Train, hopefully I’ll make the 2016 edition!

    Cheers, Andrew

  2. Hi Dan. Great list! 🙂

    Please visit:

    It’s a great place for skinny guys to get motivated and to follow a full plan step by step.

  3. My friend is an athletes and I think it can be helpful for him. I will definitely share this post with him. More ever, thanks for sharing. It will helpful for him in future.

  4. I have plump body. I make the decision to go to the gym and set a reasonable diet. thanks for sharing. I will refer.

  5. A very interesting article. I m also working on my fitness and i know it’s not hard. But by having good trainer
    everything can be possible. So really impressive article

  6. Very Nice article and you really wrote many things about fitness which every should know.

    thank for sharing

  7. This is a great list! I personally noticed a big difference in my level of motivation and knowledge about fitness and exercise through online blog. This made me want to look for more of what’s out there! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you for this detailed list! I will use it to expand my knowledge on Fitness as well CrossFit.

  9. Dan,
    Thanks for compiling this list. Always enjoy reading about fitness in my lunch break at work. Obviously some i’ve already heard of, but some that are new to me too.

  10. For fitness enthusiasts this is well worth reading. Enjoying the yoga blog articles. Started trying hot yoga, felt great after the 60 minute beginners workout!

  11. another great one for fitness, workouts and marathon training is I have personally gotten some great tips on gear, injury recovery and staying motivated without a doubt.

  12. Amazing list Dan, your effort have saved lots of time of user in searching best blog piece. Appreciate your effort in drafting it. I’m glad to see all blogs are being updated.

  13. tip # 4 its is so amazing I am totally agreed with this . Steve kambs can you please describe me more about this ? please

  14. it’s amazing, when you’re hear and read about health and fitness. I’m very conscious about my health and I gonna start physical activities and avoiding junk foods. thanks for the information guys. 🙂

  15. Wow!! This is really an impressive and informative post.

    Thanks for sharing such a great list of fitness blogs. Already read some, excited to check out the others.

    You have clearly outlined each and every points. Enjoyed reading it.

  16. All are very good article but “12 Minute Athlete” is the best one very effective . Thanks for sharing.

  17. I can vouch for Breaking Muscle. Great resource! It’s one of few sites that can grab my attention with genuinely interesting articles. They don’t create content just for the sake of it, like most sites these days. Rather, they seem to genuinely care about presenting high-quality and insightful material.

  18. This is by far the best fitness resource list I’ve read in 2016. Fitness hopefuls need guidance for connecting with the best minds in fitness and wellness. I think this is it! I can hardly wait to share this post with my personal training clients.

  19. Great List!

    I have a blog I just started geared towards skinny guys to get bigger and gain strength through powerlifitng!

  20. I am so interested reading sites about fitness & health. I have just started my weight loss journey and i find this post really helpful. Really an amazing and impressive lists of blog.
    Thanks for sharing these great list.

  21. Amazing read that is, as me myself on my current cutting cycle and trying to follow proper guidelines and your articles helped me a lot in my cycle.

  22. Thanks for this list. I personally like the Nerd fitness, Scooby’s workshop and Fit bottomed girls. These are some of the best fitness blogs. Keep sharing.

  23. I’ve been following Brandon Carter since 2015. He’s certified personal trainer, nutritionist and fitness model for Adidas, Nike, Puma, Men’s Health, and other major brands. I would like to thank as you have shared some major health blogger here.

  24. Nice to see that you have given some exposure to so called new comers Dan. Not often we can see that on top lists like this, so nice move! Although in a different sector I’m a blogger myself so pleased to see that someone like yourself is not leaving the new comers unnoticed.

  25. Thanks for this list. I personally like the Nerd fitness, Scooby’s workshop and Fit bottomed girls. These are some of the best fitness blogs. Keep sharing.this is awesome article. thanks for sharing

  26. Thanks a lot for all the inspiring resources!

    These peeps are doing some awesome work, I can definitely learn a lot from them and improve both my personal fitness and my blogging.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  27. The first one muscleandbrawn is excellent. Gym lovers will surely like this blog. only 4 different exercises with a daily plan . Hope to attend my gym like. Need to work hard,Uh..

  28. Awesome, Dan Such a really great list. it’s a perfect fitness blog. I love your post. I looking on your website what kind of information I’m searching. it’s helpful for me so thanks so much, Dan:)

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