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The 40 Most Expensive Cars in the World (2023 Update)

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The Most Expensive Cars in the World

Which are the most expensive cars ever sold?

There’s something to be said about the presence and power expensive cars demand. We’ve put together this collection of the 40 most expensive cars in the world. Drive one of these bad boys and you’ll turn a lot of heads!

If you could only choose one of those luxury cars to have for a day, which one would you choose?


The 40 Most Expensive Cars in the World

The list of cars and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as Wikipedia, Beautiful Life & Motor1.

These are the 40 most expensive cars in the world:


40. Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

Most Expensive Cars - Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

Price: $2.2 million

It’s no surprise to see Ferrari opening the list, as they’ve always made some of the world’s most expensive cars.

In fact, this time, it’s the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, a beefed-up version of its predecessor, released to celebrate Ferrari’s 70th year in business.

If you like the LaFerrari, then you’re going to love this open-top hypercar, as it’s more or less the same car but on steroids!

According to the producer, all units of the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta were already pre-sold to an exclusive list of customers via invitation.


39. Aston Martin Vulcan

Most Expensive Cars - Aston Martin Vulcan

Price: $2.3 million

The Aston Martin Vulcan is one of the rarest hypercars to be built. A grand total of 24 were built, and the car was produced for track-only driving. It has been reported, however, that some of the cars were converted for street use later on.

The Vulcan is powered by a naturally aspirated 7.0-liter V-12 engine, making 800 horsepower.

You could have purchased an Aston Martin Vulcan for $2.3 million USD when the car was originally advertised.


38. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Price: $2.4 million

Many automotive connoisseurs say that Bugatti doesn’t produce cars but rather high-performance works of art and embodiments of luxury and exclusivity.

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport marvelously combines useful modifications with gorgeous looks. When you look under the hood, you will find an 8.0L quad-turbocharged W-16 that provides 1,184 horsepower.

In 2010, this vehicle broke the production speed record as it reached 267.856 mph.


37. Pagani Utopia

Price: $2.5 million

Pagani Utopia is a rare case of opposing modern trends. This car has a rear-wheel drive layout with an available manual transmission, which is not that popular nowadays, so if it’s your thing and you can afford such an expensive car, that may be your dream vehicle!

Contrary to the all-present appreciation for electric motors, the producer of Pagani Utopia is proud of its all-new 6.0L V-12 Mercedes-AMG-sourced engine producing 851 horsepower.

What’s more, it has a patented Carbo-Titanium core and lightweight bodywork to clock in at 2,822 pounds, providing an excellent power-to-weight ratio.


36. Pininfarina Battista

Price: $2.5 million

The namesake of this car, the company’s founder Battista Farina, can surely be proud of its performance (and price!).

It was first presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019. It’s entirely electric and offers 1,827 horsepower. If you think that the regular supercar’s 0-60 is not enough for you, you may like that the Battista claims it can make it in less than 2 seconds.

The manufacturer plans to produce 150 units of this car and sell each of them for $2.5 million.


35. Koenigsegg Agera RS

Price: $2.5 million

The manufacturer claims it is the world’s fastest production car, and they put a lot of effort into tuning up every minuscule detail for the best performance.

Koenigsegg Agera RS beat the competition and its predecessors by reaching an incredible top speed of 277.87 mph. In each of the 27 examples released, you can find a 5.0L V-8 engine providing 1,341 horsepower.


34. Ferrari F60 America

Most Expensive Cars - Ferrari F60 America

Price: $2.6 million

The Ferrari F60 America is one of the slightly older cars on this list. At the core, this is an open-topped version of the F12 Berlinetta; which Ferrari produced to commemorate its 60th year in North America.

Other than being an open-top car, there are several minor cosmetic changes which differ to the regular F12 Berlinetta. The nose, doors, and wings have a slightly different styling. The paint color is that of North America Racing Team livery, and the interior has also been redone to match the name.

The original price of the F60 America was $2.6 million USD.


33. Lamborghini Countach

Price: $2.6 million

The name Countach is iconic in the automotive universe, and Lamborghini charges as much as $2.6 million for their new Aventador-based model. It was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original model.

It was unveiled in 2021 and made a great impression with its stunning body and original framework. It’s a hybrid car, packed with electrification, showing that gas may no longer be necessary.

Lamborghini plans to sell 112 units of this model over time.


32. La Ferrari FXX K

Most Expensive Cars - Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K

Price: $2.7 million

Designed by Marco Fainello, Flavio Manzoni and architect Evan Rodriguez, the FXX K is based on the road-legal LaFerrari.

The FXX K is Ferrari’s research and development vehicle, the K refers to the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) which is used to maximize performance.

A total of 40 cars were produced between 2015 – 2017 and are being held and maintained by Ferrari, available for their owners to use on track days.

Top speed… 217 mph!


31. Mercedes-AMG One

Most Expensive Cars - Mercedes AMG One

Price: $2.7 million

To celebrate their 50th birthday, the guys at Mercedes Benz AMG decided to make one hell of a hybrid sports car.

Unveiled at the 2017 International Motor Show in Germany, the AMG One sold out of all 275 units and will not be manufactured anymore to preserve exclusivity.

Selling out so quickly might have something to do with Lewis Hamilton helping to develop the car or its 1.6-liter turbocharged 90-degree V6 engine that produces a top speed of 217 mph!


30. Aston Martin Victor

Price: $3 million

The thirtieth place on our list of the most expensive cars in the world belongs to Aston Martin Victor. It is often considered to be one of one and not likely to ever be repeated.

It was created on the basis of a prototype Aston Martin One-77, once left out. As the name of the prototype suggested, there could be only 77 units of this car, so it needed to be transferred into a throwback model.

What’s more, other models this vehicle is borrowing elements from are, for example, Aston Martin Vulcan and Valkyrie. Its name commemorates Victor Gauntlett, who helped the company survive huge challenges in the 1980s.


29. Hennessey Venom F5 Roadster

Price: $3 million

It’s the same car we all know as Hennessey Venom F5 but without the roof. Despite such detail, this model has the same twin-turbocharged 6.6-liter V8 as the coupe, producing the same 1,817 horsepower and 1,193 pound-feet of torque.

Hennessey Performance Engineering is known for providing impressive performance. This American manufacturer has already transformed many production cars in incredible ways, surpassing performance figures in a really impressive way,

It can reach a top speed of 300 mph, but it’s on the list of the most expensive cars for a reason – be ready to spend at least 3$ million!


28. Koenigsegg Jesko

Most Expensive Cars - Koenigsegg Jesko

Price: $3 million

The Koenigsegg Jesko is a limited-production mid-engine sports car, first introduced at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. The name Jesko pays tribute to the company founder’s father, Jesko von Koenigsegg.

Built as a high-performance track racing car, the Jesko has a 5.0-Litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, pushing 1,281hp (normal gasoline) and 1,603hp (E85).

The Jesko has a price tag of $3 million USD, making it one of the most expensive cars in the world.


27. Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio

Most Expensive Cars - Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio

Price: $3 million

In the twenty-seventh place, there is the Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio.

Introduced as a concept car in 2013, the Pininfarina Sergio was unveiled at the 2013 Geneva motor show.

It was a tribute to the former chairman of the company and Sergio Pininfarina, the legendary automotive designer who died just a year before.

The design was based on the Ferrari 458 Spider. Only six were made, and all were sold to a group of high-net-worth individuals who just love the most expensive cars like these.


26. Aston Martin Valkyrie

Most Expensive Cars - Aston Martin Valkyrie

Price: $3.2 million

The twenty-sixth place on our list of the most expensive cars belongs to Aston Martin Valkyrie (also known as AM-RB 001 and Nebula). It is a really impressive vehicle with a Cosworth-sourced 6.5-liter V12 producing 1,160 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque. Such an engine allows it to reach a top speed of over 200 miles per hour.

Aston Martin produced this expensive car in collaboration with Red Bull Racing Advanced Technologies and several other partners. They released only 150 units of the standard Aston Martin Valkyrie, and a limited 25-run AMR model is about to be released later.

The main aim of producing this car was to create a track-oriented model that is completely usable and enjoyable as a road car. Its biggest competitors are the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 and the Mercedes-AMG ONE.


25. Bugatti Veyron by Mansory Vivere

Most Expensive Cars - Bugatti Veyron Vivere

Price: $3.4 million

What a beauty!

The limited edition Bugatti Veyron Mansory Vivere is just gorgeous.

The car was modeled on the Grand Sports Vitesse Roadster and has an 8.0 L W16 engine that produces 1,200 hp.

It’s one of the fastest cars in the world and the original version was named the Car of the Decade 2000-2009.

Reaching a top speed of 253 mph, it holds firm at number 25 on our list of most expensive cars.


24. W Motors Lykan Hypersport

Most Expensive Cars - Lykan Hypersport

Price: $3.4 million

Wow… just Wow! Look at it!

Words can’t even describe how nice this is.

It’s the product of W Motors, a Lebanese motor company that collaborated with both Lebanese and Italian engineers.

The HyperSport was the first car in the world to have headlights encrusted with diamonds (15cts).

Buyers also had the choice of rubies, yellow diamonds, and sapphires. Hence, it’s no wonder that it’s considered to be one of the most expensive cars in the world!

The twin-turbo mid-rear mounted 3.8-liter engine produces 780 horsepower and 708 pound-feet of torque.

All that power means the car can reach speeds of up to 240 mph!


23. McLaren Solus

Price: $3.5 million

It’s not that easy to get a chance to drive a Formula 1 car. However, the McLaren Solus can provide a very similar experience if you are able to purchase one of the most expensive cars!

It has a single-seat cockpit with a six-point harness and a steering wheel that allows you to have full control under your fingertips. With its 829 horsepower and top speed reaching over 200 mph, you can really feel like a Formula 1 driver.

To make the experience even more immersive, each McLauren Solus buyer receives a custom-made helmet and HANS device, emphasizing the fact that it’s not a street cruiser.


22. Pagani Huayra BC

Most Expensive Cars - Pagani Huayra BC

Price: $3.5 million

One of the most expensive cars ever designed, the Pagani Huayra BC roadster is truly an epic automotive accomplishment.

Inspired by the Zonda R and featuring sideways opening doors, Pagani has also increased the power, revised the chassis and brakes, and included a new 7-speed transverse gearbox.

It gets its name from one of Pagani’s original investors, Benny Caiola, who was also the first Pagani customer and friend of the founder.

With a 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 engine, it’s easy to see how this supercar is able to get up to speeds of 261 mph, as well as its spot on the most expensive car list!


21. Aspark Owl

Price: $3.56 million

Some of the most expensive cars stick to internal combustion engines, but Aspark (despite being quite a newcomer to the automotive world) ignores such conventions.

The Aspark Owl is probably one of the most advanced electric cars ever made. It has four electric motors working in unison to provide 2,012 horsepower and reach 60 mph in less than just 1.7 seconds.

Apart from providing an outstanding driving experience, this car impresses automotive industry fans with its low-slung roof with elegant lines.


20. McLaren P1 LM

Most Expensive Cars - Mclaren P1 LM

Price: $3.6 million

The McLaren P1 LM is more or less a street-legal version of the iconic McLaren P1 GTR. Lanzante, a British firm, bought the original track-only P1 and converted it for sale.

Six LMs were made in total. Five were sold to private buyers, and the sixth, codenamed ‘XP1 LM,’ the prototype P1 LM, is now being used for development and testing purposes.

The P1 LM features a larger twin-turbocharged V8 engine than the P1 and P1 GTR and reaches a limited top speed of 214 mph!


19. Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport

Most Expensive Cars - Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport

Price: $3.6 million

The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport is a limited-run production car, limited to 60.

It was first shown to the world in March 2020 and is essentially a handling-focused version of the regular Chiron. The Chiron Pur Sport is much lighter than the original (50kg), more aerodynamic, and features both front and rear anti-roll bars.

The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport is listed at $3.3 million USD, making it the 19th most expensive car in the world.


18. Lamborghini Sian

Most Expensive Cars - Lamborghini Sian

Price: $3.6 million

The Lamborghini Sian is a limited production run of 63 cars, which have now all been sold. Lamborghini has put together the Sian as a limited edition hybrid supercar, which is a 6.5-liter V12 engine and extra electric motor.

This is the very first hybrid car that Lamborghini has sold, and every car will be individually customized according to the preferences of the owner.

The original sale price of the Sian was $3.6 million USD, making it the eighteenth most expensive car on our list.


17. Koenigsegg CC850

Price: $3.7 million

The Koenigsegg CC850 appeared as a surprise for the brand’s 20th anniversary, and it was welcomed very well. It took the twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V8 from the Jesko, reaching 1,385 horsepower and 1,022 pound-feet of torque.

One of the most characteristic features of this amazing car is its unique Engage Shift System (ESS) with a nine-speed automatic allowing it to switch to a six-speed manual. Apart from that, it has a foot-operated clutch and a gated shifter layout.

Such great features must make the Koenigsegg CC850 one of the most expensive cars – its price starts at $3.7 million.


16. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Most Expensive Cars - Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Price: $4.5 million

Veneno means venom or poison in Spanish, and this car certainly gives off a deadly presence.

Based on the Aventador, the Veneno was created to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary and was introduced at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

It can reach 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, and its price tag makes it one of the most expensive cars in the world!


15. Bugatti Bolide

Price: $4.7 million

With concept cars, designers can get very creative. Sometimes those ideas turn out to be a complete failure, but in the case of the Bolide experimental hypercar concept released by Bugatti, hyper sports car fans went crazy. And it just had to be built!

Its 1,824-horsepower engine has more power than the one in the Chiron Super Sport 300+ and more extreme bodywork, which is said to allow for lapping tracks like the Nurburgring in record time.

The sleek design of this expensive vehicle is enriched with many elements providing downforce so that the tires can be firmly planted as the Bolide roars down the track.


14. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Most Expensive Cars - Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Price: $4.8 million

Intended to be limited to only three units, the CCXR Trevita cost so much to manufacture that Koenigsegg decided to make the car even more exclusive and limit the number to just two. And such rare vehicles just had to reach prices high enough to place them among the most expensive cars!

Some of this car’s features include a diamond weave carbon fiber finish, a unique double carbon rear wing, an Inconel exhaust system, carbon ceramic brakes with ABS, and a tire monitoring system.

The car featured above is from Floyd Mayweather’s own personal collection.

It has a top speed of 254 mph!


13. Bugatti Mistral

Price: $5 million

As electric motors become more and more popular in the automotive world, a long line of retired platforms is left behind.

The Bugatti Mistral may be the last car with a W-16 monster engine providing 1,577 horsepower. It has similar features to the Chiron coupe, but it has no roof, and its front end has been significantly reworked.

Bugatti ambitiously claims that the Mistral is the fastest open-top production car in the world, with its top speed reaching 261 mph. There are plans to build only 99 examples of this vehicle for the price of around $5.0 million in the USA, and each of them has already been accounted for.


12. Pagani Huayra Imola

Most Expensive Cars - Pagani Huayra Imola

Price: $5.4 million

The seventh most expensive car in the world is the Pagani Huayra Imola, which is limited to just five production cars. It was announced back in September 2019, and since then Pagani have released more technical details.

The twin-turbo 6.0-liter V12 engine developed by Mercedes-AMG specifically for Pagani now pumps out an astounding 827 horsepower and 811 pound-feet, making the Imola more powerful than the Huayra BC.

The Imola is listed for a price tag of €5 million ($5.41 million USD).


11. Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+

Most Expensive Cars - Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+

Price: $5.7 million

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ was limited to 30 production vehicles, and this expensive car signifies more than just another excellent display of Bugatti craftsmanship. 

Bugatti actually became the first manufacturer to cross the 300 mph mark on a track in Germany. The car that managed it was an upgraded version of the Bugatti Chiron, reaching 304.77 mph.

Hence Bugatti decided to produce and sell a limited number of these upgraded Chiron models, which incorporate a tuned version of the original car’s quad-turbo 8.0-litre W16 engine, producing 1,578bhp.

All 30 models of the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ have now been sold, and the prices started from €3.5 million ($4 million USD), reaching even $5.7 million, making it the eleventh most expensive car on the list.


10. Bugatti Divo

Most Expensive Cars - Bugatti Divo

Price: $6 million

The Bugatti Divo is a mid-engine sports car developed with a track-focused approach and manufactured by Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.

It was named after French racing driver Albert Divo, who won the Targa Florio race twice in the 1920s for Bugatti.

According to the manufacturer, Bugatti Divo is the most agile and dynamic car they’ve ever created.

Limited to just 40 units, the car was pre-sold before the public debut to Chiron owners through special invitation by the dealers. It sold out on its first day of availability, even though it was one of the most expensive cars available.

Top speed – a reduced 236 mph!


9. Pagani Huayra Codalunga

Price: $7.4 million

Pagani Huayra Codalunga is a clear answer to customers’ demands. Namely, two Pagani collectors stated a desire to purchase an exclusive car with the iconic long-tail shape from classic cars that appeared in 1960s races. And the producer stepped up to deliver!

This is how the Pagani Huayra Codalunga was created. It is no wonder they are present on the most expensive car lists, as there are only five examples of them, so their rarity boosts up the price to a large extent.

Also, what certainly contributes to its value is the gorgeous exterior and steampunk-style interior. It is also important to mention what’s under the hood! This amazing car has a twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 producing 829 horsepower and 809 pound-feet of torque, coming along with the seven-speed sequential transmission, providing a true racing experience.


8. Mercedes Benz Maybach Exelero

Most Expensive Cars - Mercedes Maybach Exelero

Price: $8 million

In eighth place on our list of most expensive cars in the world is the Maybach Exelero from Mercedes Benz.

Despite its peculiar looks, it’s one hell of a high-performance four-seater sports car with a V12 twin-turbo engine.

It was commissioned by a German subsidiary of Goodyear, Fulda, to test their new Carat Exelero tire range.

The Exelero appeared in one of Jay-Z‘s music videos and was purchased by rapper Birdman, according to Top Gear.

It has an impressive top speed of 213 mph.


7. Bugatti Centodieci

Most Expensive Cars - Bugatti Centodieci

Price: $9 million

It’s clear to see a lot of thought has gone into Bugatti’s Centodieci model. The car pays homage to the Bugatti EB110 and is a celebration of the Bugatti marque’s 110th birthday.

The Centodieci weighs 20kg less than the Chiron, and has an 8,000cc quad-turbocharged W16 engine, rated at 1,578hp. Production of the Centodieci will be limited to 10 units priced at 8 million euros ($9 million USD) each.


6. Bugatti Chiron Profilée

Price: $10.8 million

At first look, the Profilée model may not differ much from a regular Chiron, but it is really a one-of-a-kind vehicle. It was initially constructed as a test for a limited edition of Profilée cars, but this Chiron ended up as the only example.

Similar to the whole Chiron range, this car has a 1,476-horsepower quad-turbocharged W16 engine. What’s more, it has unique bodywork and a custom spoiler which makes it stand out from the rest of the models and boosts up its price tag.


5. Rolls Royce Sweptail

Most Expensive Cars - Rolls Royce Sweptail

Price: $13 Million

The fifth place on our list of the most expensive cars in the world is what can only be described as one stunning piece of handcrafted magic.

A powerhouse of automotive design and engineering, the Rolls-Royce Sweptail is a one-off luxury piece made in the United Kingdom by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, one of the most famous producers of the most exclusive cars.

Commissioned in 2013 for a super-yacht and aircraft specialist, whose identity Rolls-Royce does not divulge.

The Sweptail made its debut as the most expensive new car in the world at the yearly Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este event in 2017.

It surpassed all its rivals and remains one of the most expensive cars in the world.

4. SP Automotive Chaos

Price: $14.4 million

There is a newcomer in the automotive industry making a great entrance. A designer from Greece called Spyros Panopoulos has created two ultra cars with the use of some of the most advanced materials available.

The base model for this ultra car is the 2,048-horsepower SP Automotive Chaos Earth Version, worth $6.3 million. Thanks to the Zero Gravity variant, the quad-turbo V-10 engine boosts up to 3,065 horsepower, reaching 62 mph in just 1.55 seconds and a quarter-mile in less than 7.5 seconds. And that’s one of the reasons its price reaches $14.4 million.


3. Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta

Most Expensive Cars - Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta

Price: $17 Million

The Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta is the second most expensive car in the world. It adds on to the already incredible legacy of the Pagani Zonda, and features a rather unique look. The rear wheels are partially covered by carbon fiber, the wind-shield is smaller than usual, and the car itself is roofless.

The Barchetta peaks at 789bhp with a top speed of 221mph. It is the fastest, and most powerful Zonda model ever produced.

It’s safe to say this car is a thing of beauty.

Although this is the second most expensive car on this list, it still has a ridiculous price tag of $17 million USD.


2. Bugatti La Voiture Noire

Most Expensive Cars - Bugatti La Voiture Noire

Price: $18.7 million

The Bugatti La Voiture Noire is the second vehicle on the list of the most expensive cars in the world right now.

It’s a part of Bugatti’s plans to build two custom cars every year. Only one Noire will be built, and it’s pretty sexy… we think. Although Bugatti La Voiture Noire was first mentioned in 2019, the manufacturer said they needed another 2 and a half years to finish building the car.

Boasting a top speed of 261 mph, and 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds, that’s one hell of a rush.

Bugatti has stated that an Anonymous buyer has purchased the Bugatti La Voiture Noire at the $18.7 million price tag, which is after tax. Pre-tax, Bugatti La Voiture Noire is worth around $12.4 million USD.


1. Rolls-Royce Boat Tail

Price: $28 million (est.)

And here it comes – the first place on our list of the most expensive cars in the world! In 2023, so far, it belongs to Rolls-Royce Boat Tail. This vehicle proves that you can successfully mix quantity and quality. It is a great successor to the gorgeous Sweptail from 2017, which was sold for $12.8 million, as previously mentioned.

Rolls Royce Boat Tails have been designed as coach-built models, and they feature elements of both J-Class yachts and the original 1932 Boat Tail, so they look similar to the classic cars. They have super-powered engines capable of 563 horsepower.

Moreover, Rolls Royce Boat Tail is truly luxurious – it has an amazing two-tone exterior, stunning custom finishes inside, and a “hosting suite” where you can find a built-in sun umbrella and a champagne fridge.

Rolls-Royce doesn’t officially put a sticker price on one-off builds such as this model, but it is estimated it costs an impressive $28.0 million.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the most expensive cars in the world.

We enjoyed putting this list together and looking to buy one or two of these ourselves!

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Here’s a quick recap of the 40 most expensive cars in the world:

  1. Rolls-Royce Boat Tail: $28 million
  2. Bugatti La Voiture Noire: $18.7 million
  3. Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta: $17 million
  4. SP Automotive Chaos: $14.4 million
  5. Rolls Royce Sweptail: $13 Million
  6. Bugatti Chiron Profilée: $10.8 million
  7. Bugatti Centodieci: $9 million
  8. Mercedes Benz Maybach Exelero: $8 million
  9. Pagani Huayra Codalunga: $7.4 million
  10. Bugatti Divo: $6 million
  11. Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+: $5.7 million
  12. Pagani Huayra Imola: $5.4 million
  13. Bugatti Mistral: $5 million
  14. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita: $4.8 million
  15. Bugatti Bolide: $4.7 million
  16. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster: $4.5 million
  17. Koenigsegg CC850: $3.7 million
  18. Lamborghini Sian: $3.6 million
  19. Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport: $3.6 million
  20. McLaren P1 LM: $3.6 million
  21. Aspark Owl: $3.56 million
  22. Pagani Huayra BC: $3.5 million
  23. McLaren Solus: $3.5 million
  24. W Motors Lykan Hypersport: $3.4 million
  25. Bugatti Veyron by Mansory Vivere: $3.4 million
  26. Aston Martin Valkyrie: $3.2 million
  27. Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio: $3 million
  28. Koenigsegg Jesko: $3 million
  29. Hennessey Venom F5 Roadster: $3 million
  30. Aston Martin Victor: $3 million
  31. Mercedes AMG One: $2.7 million
  32. La Ferrari FXX K: $2.7 million
  33. Lamborghini Countach: $2.6 million
  34. Ferrari F60 America: $2.6 million
  35. Koenigsegg Agera RS: $2.5 million
  36. Pininfarina Battista: $2.5 million
  37. Pagani Utopia: $2.5 million
  38. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: $2.4 million
  39. Aston Martin Vulcan: $2.3 million
  40. Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta: $2.2 million

The Most Expensive Cars in the World – FAQ

What is the number 1 among the most expensive cars in the world in 2023?

In 2023, the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail beats all the other most expensive cars, with its impressive price being estimated at $28 million.

What was the world’s most expensive car sold at an auction?

The most expensive cars sold at auctions are even more costly than those sold regularly. In May 2022, the one-off 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe was sold for a whooping sum of $143 million at a special auction organized in the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

Who are the top owners of the most expensive cars?

It’s no surprise that the richest celebrities and businesspeople buy the most expensive cars in the world. Some of the top owners of the most expensive cars are Ralph Lauren, Jay-Z, Cristiano Ronaldo, and 50 Cent.

Which of these most expensive supercars did you expect to appear on this list? Leave a comment below.

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    I like how if you search top 20 most exspencive shoes they i very double the top car on this list lmao

  8. LeonardSchenck

    Mar 30, 2020 at 4:53 pm

    My all time favorite car is the FERRARI

  9. Zennat Sana

    Apr 8, 2020 at 6:04 am

    Now thats my dream car. The look and design attracts me a lot.

  10. SeYun Choo

    Apr 9, 2020 at 10:49 am

    20 McLaren P1
    Ferrari Mcferrari Aperta

  11. Balaji

    Apr 18, 2020 at 8:41 am

    Nice!! My fav car is Rolls-Royce Sweptail…:)

  12. Burger Man

    Apr 20, 2020 at 3:12 pm

    My fav is the lamborghini veneno…


    May 4, 2020 at 7:46 pm

    I had a dream of touching the steering wheel of car number five

  14. Mercy

    May 31, 2020 at 12:04 pm

    Rolls-Royce Sweptail. Hugely gorgeous.

  15. boteJeff

    Jun 1, 2020 at 2:57 pm

    Exelero is out of this world. It`s a Masterpiece, Fabulous, phenomenal, Germanious and Exelorous.
    If it was a painting, it would be a MayXelero. Eish, what a car…

  16. will mason

    Jun 10, 2020 at 12:33 pm

    the mclaren p1 is the nicest looking car of them all

  17. Edgar Smiley Jr

    Nov 10, 2020 at 6:41 pm

    Nice cars, can I post the cars on my social media site?

  18. Yabesh

    Dec 12, 2020 at 6:27 am

    I liked “Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta” the most 👍

  19. Finn

    May 20, 2021 at 1:19 pm

    Koenigsegg Jesko looks amazing and the Mclaren P1 lm also thank you so much for showing these cars

  20. Rolson Smith

    Sep 12, 2021 at 11:59 am

    Where is Lamborghini veneno roadster, $8.5 millions?

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The 10 Most Expensive Countries to Live in Worldwide

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The Most Expensive Countries to Live in

Which are the most expensive countries to live in worldwide? Hold tight, as you’re about to find out.

If you’ve dreamed about moving abroad and starting life afresh in a new country, then read through this list before you do, as you might be shocked to find out just how expensive some of these lesser-known countries are. 

We’ve put together this list based on accommodation and living expenses for a single person living in the capital city of each country, and according to population. 

Here’s a list of the 10 most expensive countries to live in worldwide…


The 10 Most Expensive Countries to Live in Worldwide

The list of countries and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as World Population Review & Nomad List.

These are the 10 most expensive countries to live in worldwide:


10. Barbados – $2,061

Most Expensive Countries - Barbados

Kicking off our list of the 10 most expensive countries to live in worldwide, is Barbados. 

Barbados is a sovereign island nation in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies, which is the Caribbean region of North America. 

It covers approximately 349km² and is 23 kilometres wide and 34 kilometres long, with a total population of 285,719 people. 

Barbados is the fourth-most densely populated country in the Americas and, it’s capital city, Bridgetown, has approximately 110,000 people living in it. 

To rent a one-bedroom studio apartment in Bridgetown, you’re looking at spending around $500 a month, or $100 a night in an Airbnb. 

A basic meal out will cost you no less than $13. A beer is around $6.50 and coffee is approximately $5.00 depending on where you go. 


9. Japan – $2,612

Most Expensive Countries - Japan

The ninth most expensive country to live in worldwide is Japan. 

Japan is an archipelago island nation in South-East Asia, made up of 6,852 islands, with a current total population of 126.8 million people. 

Of the 6,582 islands, the four largest islands account for the majority of inhabitants, as roughly 97% Japans population live on the four islands. 

Japan has many major cities, like Osaka, Yokohoma, Nagoya and Sapporo, which are all populated by more than 2 million people. 

However, Tokyo, Japans Capital City and the largest city in Japan, has an approximate population of 37 million people. 

To rent a one-bedroom studio apartment in Tokyo, you’re looking at spending in the region of $1,370 a month, or $111 a night in an Airbnb. 

Eating out varies in price, but as an average for one person, you should be looking at spending around $15.00 for a basic meal and around $6.00 for a beer.

Coffee is also pretty reasonable, considering how expensive Tokyo is, at $2.81 a cup. 


8. Norway – $2,659

Most Expensive Countries - Norway

Located in Northern Europe, Norway is a Scandinavian country with a total population of 5.3 million people. 

Norway shares its borders with Sweden, Russia and Finland, and has a total landmass of 385,203 km².

It’s only the 171st most densely populated country on earth, with roughly 14 people for every square kilometre. 

Rent is expensive in Norway’s capital, so renting a one-bedroom studio apartment in Oslo, will set you back around $1,193 a month, or $85 a night in an Airbnb. 

You won’t have much change left from $15 when buying a meal out, and a beer will set you back around $9.11.


7. The Bahamas – $2,704

Most Expensive Countries - The Bahamas

The next most expensive country in the world to live in is The Bahamas. 

Made up of over 700 islands, the Bahamas has an approximate population of 389,482 million people living across its 13,943km² landmass. 

The largest city in the Bahamas is Nassau, with a total population of 255,000. 

If you’re thinking about visiting the Bahamas, then you should budget approximately $950 a month for a one-bedroom studio apartment in the city, or $149 a night for an Airbnb. 

You’ll need to take at least $50-$100 with you when you go out for a meal and some drinks, as a basic meal costs around $15-$20 and a beer will cost you around $2.50. 

Coffee is a little on the expensive side, at around $5 each. 


6. Luxembourg – $2,751

Most Expensive Countries - Luxembourg

One of the smallest countries on our list, Luxembourg, is also one of the smallest sovereign nations on the planet, and it won’t leave you with a lot of wiggle room when it comes to your monthly expenses. 

Luxembourg is a landlocked country, located in western Europe, and has an estimated population of 620,319 people. 

Its population is small compared to other countries on the list, however, it has roughly 207 people per square kilometre, making it the 67th most densely populated country on earth. 

When you arrive in Luxembourg City, you can expect to pay around $1,322 per month for a one-bedroom studio apartment, or $80 a night in an Airbnb. 

Luxembourg seems like it’s slightly more expensive than the Bahamas when it comes to luxuries like beer and coffee, as one beer will cost you around $9 and coffee will set you back $6. 

Eating a basic meal out will cost between $17-$25 for one person depending on what you order. 


5. Iceland – $2,802

Most Expensive Countries - Iceland

Coming in at number five on our list of the most expensive countries in the world is Iceland. 

Iceland is located between the North and Atlantic Oceans and has a total surface area of 103,001 square kilometres. 

However, Iceland’s population of 339,949 people, remains relatively low in comparison to others on our list as its harsh geographical landscape proves difficult to live in for many, at times. 

As a result, Iceland has the lowest population density of any European country, at just 3 people per kilometre. 

Staying in Iceland will cost you approximately $1,236 a month for a one-bedroom studio apartment in the capital city of Reykjavik, or $128 a night in an Airbnb.  

Whilst you’re there, eating out will cost you around $12 for a basic meal, $8 for a beer and $2.15 for a cup of coffee. 


4. Denmark – $3,312

Most Expensive Countries - Denmark

The southernmost Nordic country in Northern Europe, Denmark, is the fourth most expensive country to live in worldwide. 

Denmark, bordered by Germany, Sweden and Norway has a total current population of 5.7 million people. 

The Scandinavian countries capital city is Copenhagen, which has an urban population of 1.2 million people, and a metropolitan population of 1.99 million.  

Known as one of the happiest places to live on earth, Copenhagen is also a very expensive city to live in.

For a one-bedroom studio apartment, you’re looking at $1,917 a month, or $96 a night in an Airbnb. 

Eating out will cost you approximately $18 per person and beers and coffee are anyway between $5.50-$6.50 a pop!


3. Switzerland – $3,162

Most Expensive Countries - Switzerland

Switzerland is the third most expensive country to live in worldwide. 

With more than 8.6 million people living across, 41,285 square kilometres, Switzerland is the 95th most populated country in the world, and the 135th largest country in terms of the total landmass. 

Switzerland has a number of beautiful cities to live in, like it’s capital, Bern, and it’s the largest city, Zurich. 

Bern has approximately 133,000 people living there and accommodation for a month in Bern, for one person, will cost in the region of $1,366, or $86 a night in an Airbnb. 

A meal out will cost you approximately $15-$20, with an additional beer costing around $6.00 and coffee costing around $5.00 a cup. 


2. Cayman Islands – $3,387

Most Expensive Countries - Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is the second most populated British overseas territory in the world, just behind Bermuda.

It is located in the western end of the Caribbean sea and has a total current population of approximately 63,000 people. 

It’s made up of a number of islands like Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. 

The Cayman Islands are well known for housing offshore companies, and it’s believed that there are over 100,000 companies registered in the Cayman Islands. 

If you’re considering doing business in George Town, the capital city of the Cayman Islands, then a one-bedroom studio apartment will cost you around $1,924 a month or $83 a night in an Airbnb. 

Food and drink on the island are where you might spend a lot of your money.

A basic meal out will cost you at least $20-$30, with beer costing around $8.00 and coffee costing around $7 a cup. 


1. Bermuda – $5,011 

Most Expensive Countries - Bermuda

At over $5,000 a month for accommodation and living expenses, Bermuda is the most expensive place to live in worldwide.

Similar to the Cayman Islands, Bermuda is another British territory located in the North Atlantic. 

Bermuda has a total population of approximately 65,000 people living across a total landmass of 20.5 square miles. 

Its capital city, Hamilton, is also Bermudas only incorporated city and has a current population of just over 1,000 people. 

When looking for accommodation in the city, you’re going to need some deep pockets, as a one-bedroom studio apartment will cost you around $2,675 a month, or $212 a night in an Airbnb. 

If you’re a drinker, then get prepared to spend some cash, as one glass of beer will cost you a minimum of $10, and dinner will be around $20-$30 per person. 

Bermuda is the most expensive country to live in worldwide. 



We hope you enjoyed our list of the 10 most expensive countries to live in worldwide.

Well, there you have it, those were some super expensive countries to live in.

Living in those countries might make you think twice about drinking alcohol, on a regular occasion, and make you sharpen the purse strings a bit more.

However, it’s all relative and depends on your disposable income and expenses.

So, if you’re still planning on moving to, or even visiting one of these countries long term, then at least you know what to expect. 

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 most expensive countries to live in worldwide:

  1. Bermuda – $5,011
  2. Cayman Islands – $3,387
  3. Switzerland – $3,162
  4. Denmark – $3,312
  5. Iceland – $2,802
  6. Luxembourg – $2,751
  7. The Bahamas – $2,704
  8. Japan – $2,612
  9. Norway – $2,291
  10. Barbados – $2,061

What’s your favourite most expensive country? Leave a comment below.

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The 20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings In the World

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The Most Expensive Engagement Rings in the World

Marriage is something to be celebrated and cherished, so what better way to symbolise your love for someone, than an expensive piece of jewellery!

Now, saying that, there’s expensive and then there’s EXPENSIVE!! You’re about to see the $10 MILLION end of expensive!

Here’s a list of the 20 most expensive Engagement Rings in the world…


The 20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings In the World

The list of engagement rings and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as Elite Readers, Hello Magazine & Brides.

These are the 20 most expensive engagement rings in the world:


20. Cardi B – $500,000

The first most expensive engagement ring on the list is owned by American rapper, Cardi B

The 8-carat pear-shaped engagement ring cost Cardi’s fiance a whopping $500,000!

If you think dropping $500,000 of an engagement ring is a big deal, then keep reading as you they continue to get even more expensive!


19. Kate Middleton – $500,000 

The Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring consists of a 12-carat sapphire that’s surrounded by diamonds.

The ring actually has a lot more sentimental value than any normal engagement ring, as it was formerly worn by her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. 

Princess Diana was loved and adored by many, so to be fortunate enough to wear her ring is a massive privilege. 


18. Lady Gaga – $500,000

Next up, we have the engagement ring of Lady Gaga.

If you know anything at all about the performer, you’ll know that she’s pretty flamboyant and likes to do things big!
So, it’s no surprise that her engagement ring cost so much money. The ring is a unique heart-shaped solitaire diamond of roughly 6 carats, made by Lorraine Schwartz. 

And to give it a more personal touch, the ring also includes the couple’s initials engraved on the inside of the platinum band.


17. Iggy Azalea – $500,000

If you’re into your hip-hop, then you’ll know who Iggy Azalea is. 

The rapper/singer-songwriter has a number of hits like “Fancy, Work & Black Widow. 

All those hits gained her a lot of attention, and one particular NBA star, Nick Young, like her so much that he ended up proposing to her.

He chose a 10.43-carat diamond ring that features an 8.15 carat fancy yellow cushion-cut centre stone.

The stone is surrounded by white diamonds and the whole ring is set in 18-Karat white gold.


16. Gabrielle Union – $1 Million

In sixteenth place, we have the engagement ring given to Gabrielle Union. 

NBA star Dwyane wade proposed to her with an 8.5-carat cushion-cut diamond in a platinum solitaire setting, made by Jason Arasheben. 

It’s simple, minimal and elegant design allows the focus to be directly drawn to the main focal point – the cushion cut diamond!



15. Angelina Jolie – $1 Million

When Brad Pitt proposed to Angelina Jolie back in 2012, he did it with some style. 

The ring features an emerald-cut centre diamond of approximately 6 carats and tapered baguette diamonds surrounding the entire ring. 

It totally carat weight is approximately 16 carats which are all set in 18k yellow gold.

To make it even more sentimental, Brad designed the ring with the expertise of jeweller Robert Procop. 


14. Jennifer Aniston – $1 Million 

Jennifer Aniston‘s most recent engagement ring, from fiance Justin Theroux, is a classic solitaire cushion-shaped rose-cut diamond set in 18 Karat yellow gold.

It weighs in around 10 karats and was designed by Jennifer’s friend, Jennifer Meyer. 

It’s probably one of the most eye-catching engagement rings you’ll ever see, as you can’t help but notice the massive solitaire diamond!


13. Kate Upton – $1.5 Million 

The thirteenth most expensive engagement ring in the world is owned by model and actress, Kate Upton. 

The $1.5 million engagement ring, is pretty gigantic, and it’s almost as big as her finances, Justin Verlander‘s, World Series ring!

It’s certainly a bit of a show stopper that’s for sure. 


12. Blake Lively – $2.5 Million 

Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds, dazzled his bride to be with this $2.5 million engagement ring. 

Its made by Lorraine Schwartz and features a 12-carat oval-cut solitaire diamond, set in 18 karat rose gold.

The ring is right on point when it comes to trend and also features small micro pavé diamonds in the band. 



11. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – $2.6 Million 

Greek billionaire, Aristotle Onassis proposed to Jacqueline Kennedy with this sensational $2.6 million engagement ring. 

The ring was made by Harry Winston and features a 40.42-carat marquise-cut diamond. 

It’s truly out of this world and well deserved of its place amongst the most expensive engagement rings in the world. 


10. Melania Trump – Million 

Breaking into the top ten is Melania Trump’s $3 million 25-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring.

The Graff diamonds ring is very simplistic and oozes a sense of class. 

After some initial speculation into the actual her husband paid for the ring, I’m sure by now she’s super happy with it!


9. Jennifer Lopez – $4.5 Million

When Marc Anthony proposed to Jennifer Lopez in 2004, he sure did it with some style!

The singer, songwriter and actress received a rare blue 8.5-carat diamond ring from Marc, which was valued at approximately $4.5 million!

Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last, however, the engagement likely either held or increased its value, due to the association with the legendary performer. 


8. Grace Kelly – $4.6 Million

Back in 1995, Prince Rainier III of Monaco proposed to Grace Kelley with a mahoosive 10.47 emerald-cut diamond ring, by Cartier.

The ring has received a lot of attention over the years, and rightly so, it’s an incredible piece of jewellery with a unique history. 

If you’re in the market for an engagement ring and you have around $5 million to spend, then use this one as a reference point and you won’t go wrong!


7. Paris Hilton – $4.7 Million

Next up we have Paris Hilton‘s engagement ring giving to her by her ex-finance, Paris Latsis. 

The $4.7 million 24-carat canary diamond ring ended up being auctioned off to help provide aid for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, as the couple decided to call off the wedding. 

At least some good came out of it. $4.7 million bucks can go a long way in times of need. 


6. Beyonce – $5 Million

Jay-Z proposed to Beyonce with an 18-carat emerald-cut flawless centre diamond, which is set on a split shank band.

The platinum band contains micro-pavé diamonds and was designed by Lorraine Schwartz. Since it’s creation, it’s also inspired a number of other celebrity engagement rings, some of which are featured on our list!

Overall, the ring is subtle, classy and striking all at the same time. 


5. Anna Kournikova – $5.4 Million

Former professional tennis player, Anna Kournikova received beautiful champagne and cognac 11-carat pear-shaped diamond, classicly mounted with diamond accents from her now-husband, Enrique Iglesias. 

It’s certainly difficult to miss, and I’m sure it helps start a lot of conversations, as it’s striking, to say the least. 

If you’re thinking of designing something for your partner, then perhaps using this one as your inspiration, might not be a bad idea, as it’s in the top five most expensive engagement rings in the world.

However, don’t forget the price, it’s $5.4 million!


4. Kim Kardashian – $8 Million

As always, only the best will do for Kim Kardashian. 

Kanye proposed to Kim with a beautiful 15 carat D colour, flawless cushion cut diamond, made by Lorraine Schwartz.

The diamond itself is set as a solitaire on a thin platinum band with micro-pavé diamonds. 

It really is a stunning example of bespoke jewellery and well worth its place amongst the most expensive engagement rings in the world.  


3. Elizabeth Taylor – $8.8 Million

In third place, we have Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring.

Elizabeth’s ring held the title for the largest and most expensive celebrity engagement ring of all time for several decades.

It’s a 33-carat Asscher cut Krupp Diamond, set in platinum which was given to her by Richard Burton. 

It’s one hell of a ring, that’s for sure!


2. Blue Diamond by Bvlgari – $9.5 Million

In second place, we have this stunning example of a truly unique engagement ring by Bvlgari. 

The 5.4 blue carat diamond ring was purchased by Graff diamonds and once held the title of the worlds most expensive engagement ring.

Getting close to $10 million, this ring is certainly only attainable to the super-wealthy for the super-wealthy. 


1. Mariah Carey – $10 Million 

Topping them all is Mariah Carey‘s $10 million engagement ring, given to her by her ex-finance, Australian businessman, James Packer. 

The emerald-cut diamond ring is a whopping 35-carats and has two delicate tapered baguette diamonds. The ring is set in solid platinum. 

Its single focus design insures the diamond truly shows off its splendour and magnificence!



We hope you enjoyed our list of the 20 most expensive engagement rings in the world. 

$10 million for one engagement ring! That’s insane, right? You’d better be sure they’re the one, otherwise, you’re $10 mill in the red!

Here’s a quick recap of the 20 most expensive engagement rings in the world:

  1. Mariah Carey – $10 Million 
  2. Blue Diamond by Bvlgari – $9.5 Million
  3. Elizabeth Taylor – $8.8 Million
  4. Kim Kardashian – $8 Million
  5. Anna Kournikova – $5.4 Million
  6. Beyonce – $5 Million
  7. Paris Hilton – $4.7 Million
  8. Grace Kelly – $4.6 Million
  9. Jennifer Lopez – $4.5 Million
  10. Melania Trump – $3 Million 
  11. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – $2.6 Million 
  12. Blake Lively – $2.5 Million 
  13. Kate Upton – $1.5 Million 
  14. Jennifer Aniston – $1 Million 
  15. Angelina Jolie – $1 Million
  16. Gabrielle Union – $1 Million
  17. Iggy Azalea – $500,000
  18. Lady Gaga – $500,000 
  19. Kate Middleton – $500,000 
  20. Cardi B – $500,000

Which ones are your favourite most expensive engagement rings in the world? Leave a comment below.

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The 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

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Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive hotel in the world is? 

Well, forget your typical $200 – $500 a night weekend getaways, as the ones on this list start at $28,000 a night! 

From luxury penthouse suites, overlooking breathtaking city vistas, to lavish underwater hotels, the pricy pads on this list have it all.

So, if money is no object for you and you’re looking for your next premium getaway, then here’s a list of the 10 most expensive hotels in the world. 


The 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

The list of hotels and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as  Travel Top List & Highsnobiety

These are the 10 most expensive hotels in the world:


10. The Royal Suite – Burj Al-Arab – $28,000

Most Expensive Hotels - Burj Al-Arab

Starting off the list of the most expensive hotels in the world is one of the most well-known hotels, the Burj Al-Arab. 

Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Burj was marketed as the worlds first ever seven-star hotel, and it goes without saying that it most definitely lives up to expectations. 

It’s the seventh-tallest hotel in the world and was designed by architect, Tom Wright, to resemble the sail of a ship.

The hotel stands on a man-made artificial island, that’s only accessible to the mainland by a private curving bridge. 

As well as all the lavish bells and whistles you’d expect to find inside a seven-star hotel, like an underwater restaurant that’s accessible by submarine; the Burj Al-Arab also has its very own private helipad, near the roof, approximately 210 metres above sea level. 

One night in the royal suite will cost you a minimum of $28,000. 

The 780 square-metre suite, set over two floors, is decorated in 22-karat gold and comes with a private dining area and butler, spa, private lounge and numerous staff to answer your every beck and call. 

Not bad for $28,000 a night! 


9. The Royal Suite – The Plaza –  $40,000

Most Expensive Hotels - The Plaza

Next up we have another “Royal Suite”, but this one’s in The Plaza, New York and will run you a cool $40,000 a night!

So, what do you get for that? Well, to start with you get to the suite using the buildings private lift, that only you can use. 

Next, you enter the 400 square-foot suite and are greeted with an exquisitely designed living room; equipped with the latest top of the line amenities and luxuries. 

The suite has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a lounge, a separate dining room, which seats up to 12 people, and a fitness room.

From the bedroom, you have a spectacular view of fifth avenue. So if you don’t feel like lounging around in bed all day, then you can make use of the 24-hour butler service the suite provides. 


8. The Hilltop Villa – $45,000

Most Expensive Hotels - The Hilltop Villa

The Hilltop Villa is tucked away in paradise, only accessible to the super-rich.

The hotel is located Laucala island in Fiji and costs an impressive $45,000 a night. 

But, for that, you’ll get a four-acre villa, split into three separate villas; that each offers the most beautiful views of the island. 

The first villa, “The Delana” comes with a master bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe, a library, a living room, your own large private pool with waterfall and hot tub and a solid wood soaking tub. 

The second villa, “The Dua”,  has similar specifications but sleeps two comfortably, with sliding doors separating all the rooms. 

And lastly, “The Rua” has a separate living area and large private pool and is the second biggest villa out of the three. 

If you’re looking to get away with friends or family, then The Hilltop Villa could be a perfect getaway as it sleeps up to eight people and has all the luxurious you need from a hotel. 


7. The Muraka Suite – The Conrad – $50,000

Most Expensive Hotels - The Conrad

Coming in at number seven on our list of the most expensive hotels in the world is The Muraka.

The suite is located in the Maldives at The Conrad and is marketed as the worlds first underwater hotel suite. 

The Muraka is two stories tall, with the bottom story being roughly 16 feet below the Indian Ocean. 

For $50,000 a night, you can expect to be automatically upgraded to Hilton Diamond Status upon arrival; enjoy a private chef, bar, gym, butler and infinity pool.

However, don’t get too ahead of yourself as there’s a four-night minimum stay requirement. 

So, if you really want to stay there then you’re looking to spend more in the region of $200,000!  


6. The Penthouse Suite – Hôtel Martinez – $53,000

Most Expensive Hotels - Hôtel Martinez

The Penthouse Suite, in the Hôtel Martinez, will set you back $53,000 a night. 

Hôtel Martinez is located in Cannes, France, which is one of the best-known resorts in the Côte D’Azur. 

For your $53,000 you can expect to enjoy a 1000 square foot suite on the uppermost floor of the hotel; with stunning panoramic views across the ocean from your own private wood-panelled panorama terrace.

You’ll also have king-sized beds in each of the four bedrooms, a separate living and dining room, marble bathrooms, a Turkish bath and a private jacuzzi on the terrace. 

If you’re into your art, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are several artefacts from Picasso and Matisse decorating the walls of the suite. 

If art’s not really your thing, then you can sit back and enjoy the view from the terrace!


5. Ty Warner Penthouse – Four Seasons – $60,000

Most Expensive Hotels - Four Seasons

Kicking off the top five countdown is the Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons Hotel, New York. 

The luxury hotel suite is named after the owner of the building, Ty Warner and will cost you around $60,000 a night. 

Located on the very top floor of the building, the 52nd to be exact; the $400 square-metre suite cost approximately $50 million dollars to complete. 

The suite comes with a 360-degree panoramic view of the city and contains four glass balconies that provide views of uptown, midtown and downtown New York. 

Now, you’ll only get one bedroom with this suite; but you’ll also get a spa, a rock crystal master bathroom, a panorama infinity tub, a private elevator and a dedicated guest relations manager and chauffeured rolls Royce at your disposal. 

If that’s not enough, then you can take advantage of the unlimited massages that are thrown in for good measure. 


4. The Mark Penthouse – The Mark Hotel – $75,000

Most Expensive Hotels - The Mark Hotel

The Mark hotels grand Penthouse is the largest hotel suite penthouse in the United States, covering a whopping 10,000 square feet. 

For you $75,000 a night, you can expect a spacious penthouse that’s spread out over the top two floors of the hotel.

You’ll get 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 4 fireplaces, 2 wet bars, 2 powder rooms and a large open plan living room. 

The living room also has its own party trick; as it can be transformed into a full-size ballroom with 26-foot ceilings.

Perhaps one of the nicest features of the penthouse suite is its 250-square-metre terrace, with panoramic views of Central Park.

So if you want to play the King/Queen of New York for a while, then book your self a few nights in this suite!


3. The Royal Penthouse – Hotel President Wilson – $80,000

Most Expensive Hotels - Hotel President Wilson

If you’re in Geneva, Switzerland and have $80,000 to spend a night, then this is the hotel for you.

The Royal Penthouse in the Hotel President Wilson occupies the entire 8th floor of the hotel. 

It offers a panoramic view of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, as well as 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and a jacuzzi bath overlooking the lake.

Besides the luxurious furnishings and views, you’ll also benefit from a 24/7 personal assistant, private chef and butler. 

If safety is a top concern for you when staying in a luxury hotel then rest assured that the Royal Penthouse is one of the safest places to be. 

It has bulletproof glass, 24/7 security, a security camera system throughout the suite and a fortified safe to store your valuables. 

You’ll also find a 1930 Brunswick billiard table, a Steinway grand piano and a Bang & Olufsen’s BeoVision 4-103 home cinema system. 

And, all this can be reached by your own private elevator! 


2. Empathy Suite – The Palms – $100,000

Most Expensive Hotels - The Palms

Breaking the $100,000 a night price tag; the Empathy Suite at The Palms, Las Vegas, is the second most expensive hotel in the world. 

The Empathy Suite was the result of a full redesign, by Damian Hurst, and a complete overhaul of the old Sky Villa suite.

For $100,000 you’ll get two master bedrooms, massage tables, a cantilevered jacuzzi that overlooks the Las Vegas strip, a salt relaxation room and a private tour of the properties art collection and amenities. 

This hotel suite is really for art lovers, as space includes six Damian Hurst originals and custom furniture that includes his motifs.

So, if you’re a Damian Hurst fan and you’ve got the spare cash, then treat yourself! 


1. Lover’s Deep – Luxury Submarine Hotel – $150,000

Most Expensive Hotels - Luxury Submarine Hotel

At $150,000 a night, the Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine Hotel is the most expensive hotel in the world. 

Now, it’s not the same type of experience you’d expect from some of the other hotels on the list, as it requires you to go underwater in a submarine.

However, if you want to combine a night away with an experience, then perhaps this is the hotel for you. 

The submarine/hotel is located in St Lucia and can be navigated around the Caribbean to suit its guests requirements.

You’ll get 5-star accommodation beneath the waves which includes, your own captain, private chef and butler, speed boat transfers to and from the submarine, and some additional optional add-ons, like helicopter transfers, beach landings and champagne-soaked breakfasts. 

The Lover’s Deep Submarine is fully equipped with the ultimate in luxury, and everything you’d want from an experience like this. 

Furthermore, you have the option to modify the voyage to suit your own preferences if you wish, so if you prefer a particular location to another, the captain will follow your commands. 

This would truly be an experience of a lifetime and one you’d never forget – staying in the most expensive hotel in the world!



We hope you enjoyed our list of the 10 most expensive hotels in the world.

How about that! A submarine hotel that costs $150,000 a night. I bet you didn’t see that one coming. I didn’t, that’s for sure. 

So, there you have it, the most expensive hotels in the world range from traditional brick and mortar buildings, in some of the most prestigious cities in the world, to underwater havens that cruise around the Caribbean at your beck and call. 

What an awesome world we live in!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 most expensive hotels in the world:

  1. Lovers Deep – Luxury Submarine Hotel – $150,000
  2. Empathy Suite – The Palms – $100,000
  3. The Royal Penthouse – Hotel President Wilson – $80,000
  4. The Mark Penthouse – The Mark Hotel – $75,000
  5. Ty Warner Penthouse – Four Seasons – $60,000
  6. The Penthouse Suite – Hôtel Martinez – $53,000
  7. The Muraka – The Conrad – $50,000
  8. The Hilltop Villa – $45,000
  9. The Royal Suite – The Plaza – $40,000
  10. The Royal Suite – Burj Al-Arab – $28,000

Which of these most expensive hotels would you love to stay in? Leave a comment below.

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