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Why Travelling is a Healthy Form of Self-Medication

Wealthy Gorilla Staff



Why Travelling is A Healthy Form of Self-Medication

Every now and then, a change of scenery does the mind, body and spirit good.

When you feel down or stuck in a rut, travelling is the self-medication you need and are authorized to prescribe yourself.

You don’t need an excuse – other than your own self-care needs—to get up and go explore the world.


Your Life Demands That You Get Unstuck

We all get stuck. Life becomes stagnant with the same daily routines. Maybe your guilt-tripping yourself about this urge to run away.

Why do you view it as running away? You wonder what the itch to get away from it all means, when on the surface everything seems to be going just fine. That’s the problem: It’s just fine.

Life is meant to be lived and explored, and it’s too easy to get caught up in routine and doing the things you have to do. The itch that you long to scratch is wanderlust, and you’re not crazy or selfish to think about it. Travel!

Here’s why you need to answer the call to go:


1. Open Your Mind

Expand your horizons and stretch the limits of your imagination by travelling.

Living in another country, even for a little while, can boost creativity. Foreign experiences have been shown to increase personal depth, cognitive flexibility and influence the interconnected-ness of thought. The key is to engage and adapt in the new environment.

Famous thinkers, artists and writers discovered the creative benefits from travelling.

Ernest Hemingway found inspiration for his work while travelling in Spain and France, and in 1869, Mark Twain sailed around the Mediterranean, noting that travel is;

“fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

Such journeys open you to the importance of being mindful of your mind and body, from the smallest to the biggest changes.

Travel literally sparks your synapses to fire through tastes, smells, sounds, and exposure to language and cultural experience. Neural pathways are altered and revitalized by these experiences.

Experts also say that psychological research reveals you have the potential to strengthen a stronger sense of yourself through travel, when you engage with others from another background.


2. Stretch Your Limbs

Energy levels drop when you’re not getting out and about, and life feels even more stagnant. Studies say that leisure travel boosts cognitive and heart health, especially as you grow older.

You’re never too old to travel and gain new experiences. One nine-year study revealed that annual vacations reduced mortality risk factors from any cause, but especially from heart disease.

Travel has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack and death from coronary disease in particular groups, while the unique circumstances of travel keep the functions of the mind sharp.

Think of cognitive challenges presented when navigating new cities, let alone whole countries!


3. Let Your Spirit Soar

It’s hard to not experience travelling as a spiritual awakening when you see the world as you leap from a plane, climb a mountain or witness a random act of kindness in a new environment. Any street corner or conversation may enlighten you.

Sometimes, it’s a quest that you put yourself on. It’s in your intention, as you set out on your journey, no matter whether you’re going to ashram or not. Use the power of meditation. Record your inspirational experiences in a journal.

As you explore, take time to sit still and people watch. There are lessons in every corner of the world, in every laugh and wrinkle.


4. Appreciate Your Roots and Reconnect

Travelling deepens your connection to yourself and where you come from, by reminding you of how small yet incredible one life is in this world. When you stand on a mountain, the entire world stretches before you.

When you sit quietly on a street corner, in a neighborhood a city over or a sea over, you realize what every neighborhood and person has in common—their unique perspective of what home is in the day to day.

Suddenly, those boring routines become treasured moments that teach you important lessons.



Listen to the call of wanderlust within! It’s important to remain in tune with your mind and body, encouraging and inspiring your spirit to soar and grow. Travel is an amazing self-medication that adds spark to your life and promotes long term health.

Have you ever wanted to go travelling? Leave a comment below.

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