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Kylie Jenner Earns More in A Day than the Average American Does in 10 years



Kylie Jenner Earns More in a Day than the Average American Does in 10 Years

Recent statistics have revealed that the average American salary is $45,552 a year.

This does not seem so bad or depressing but it may come as a shocker to you that makeup mogul and reigning queen of Instagram; Kylie Jenner makes that same amount in just over 2 hours, or 2.38 hours to be precise.

When broken down, that is a staggering $19,007 per hour!

It’s no big news that the Kardashians and Jenners are very rich, but just to put that in perspective, Kylie is only 21 years and those statistics make the facts so real. The businesswoman reportedly made $166.5 million between June 2017 and June 2018.


Kylie Jenner’s $900 Million Empire

Jenner’s main source of fortune has always been her cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics. The company is one of the most successful makeup brands in history.

It was just over two years ago that Jenner captivated cosmetics fans around the world when she launched with a $29 lip set that consisted of a lip liner and matt liquid lipstick.

Since then, the company has sold over $630 million worth of different cosmetics products, generating sales of $330 in 2017 alone.

Currently, Kylie Cosmetics has an estimated worth of $900 million. And in an undeniable success story, Kylie Jenner owns 100% of the company.

But that’s not her only source of revenue, the reality TV darling has made millions from TV programs and product endorsements including Puma shoes and PacSun clothing. And did we even mention that she constantly earns millions by promoting other products via social media?


The Reality For Us Average-Salaried Peasants

Now, if we take an analytical look at this again. An average American earns $45,552 in a year which means he would have to work for about 10 years straight to get to Kylie Jenner’s daily figures.

So, if you’re a worker making the median salary, you’ll need to see out 3,655 years of work to earn what Jenner did in the past year.

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Well, at this point, enough is just enough. Now if you’ll give me a moment, I’m just going to sit in my royal chair and beseech the universe for why life can be so cruel.

Megan Turnbull is a political entrepreneur, commentator, and writer. She uses her wealth of experience to provide audiences with vantage views of both the political and non-political world, dishing out shrewd, tried and true information and guidance for a better business and a better world.



  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Sep 12, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    Eye-popping stuff Megan! Me and my wife were chatting about her the other day, noting how smart and prosperity conscious she must be to earn hundreds of millions of dollars. Good for her!


  2. Swati Ohri

    Sep 24, 2018 at 11:28 am

    amazing article, what I can feel after reading this is everything has potential, it’s just to take a step ahead and follow our instincts.

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