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Mannie Fresh is an American DJ, record producer, and rapper. He is most famously recognized for his productions with the renowned label ‘Cash Money Records’ as well as being half of the hip-hop duo known as the ‘Big Tymers’ alongside fellow popular rapper ‘Birdman‘.

Throughout his career with ‘Cash Money Records’, Fresh successfully produced all or most of the songs on 17 multi-platinum, platinum, or gold-certified albums before leaving the label.

Fresh then left to join another major record label ‘Def Jam South’ before finally running his own label called ‘Chubby Boy Records’. He notably has produced two solo studio albums, ‘The Mind of Mannie Fresh’ and ‘Return of the Ballin’, which featured fellow big-name artists such as ‘Rick Ross‘ and ‘Lil Jon‘.

We’ve put together this collection of the best Mannie Fresh quotes:


50 Greatest Mannie Fresh Quotes

1. “For those from my era, my age, that 2Pac vs. Biggie war will go on forever about who is the greatest. But I was more of a Biggie dude.” – Mannie Fresh

2. “There’s been enough building of fences with labels trying to categorize artists, limiting artists’ ability to be themselves.” – Mannie Fresh

3. “I can see how paperwork and foolishness can destroy something.” – Mannie Fresh

4. “The thing about Big Tymers was if they said they had it, they had it.” – Mannie Fresh

5. “Kanye inspires me through his work ethic and his approach.” – Mannie Fresh

6. “I don’t bash Cash Money, Birdman, or none of them.” – Mannie Fresh

7. “The name Hot Boys was based on a time in New Orleans where if you were really doing something or if the police were looking for you, people would be like, He hot. That boy hot.” – Mannie Fresh

8. “I have some songs on ‘Tha Carter V,’ but if I hear a song five times, I don’t like it no more.” – Mannie Fresh

9. “When a movie based on a book comes out, people always say that the book is always better than the movie. So I’m always interested in reading the book, too.” – Mannie Fresh


10th of 50 Mannie Fresh Quotes

10. “There will never be another Biggie ever again.” – Mannie Fresh


11. “New Orleans just embraces people who love music.” – Mannie Fresh

12. “The Cash Money sound pretty much changed the era. It kind of put the business into rap. It was like, ‘Get your money, dude. This is a billion-dollar business.” – Mannie Fresh

13. “I’ve always found some way to kind of incorporate second-line music in what I did.” – Mannie Fresh

14. “To have Run-DMC acknowledge you, something like that, you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m that dude.’ To have Jay-Z do a verse, you that dude. To have Jay-Z shout you out in an intro, you’re that dude. Like, it doesn’t get any greater than that. Nobody can take that from you.” – Mannie Fresh

15. “What made ‘400 Degreez’ great is that Juvenile already had those raps. He already knew them. It was something that he knew every one of those raps.” – Mannie Fresh

16. “I always felt like the trumpet or trombone player was always the coolest dude in the room.” – Mannie Fresh

17. “Hey, you gotta love a gangsta girl. Even the suburban and preppy girls wanna be gangsta girls. That’s the whole gimmick to it. Everybody wants to be a gangsta girl.” – Mannie Fresh

18. “I’m saying nobody’s got the guts to be a J. Cole. Nobody’s got the guts to be a Kendrick Lamar. We need more of them… Everybody wants to go the easy route.” – Mannie Fresh

19. “Chopper City in the Ghetto’ – a lot of it was B.G.’s real story.” – Mannie Fresh


20th of 50 Mannie Fresh Quotes

20. “With a lot of young entrepreneurs, it always start rotten, but then something good happens – but do you keep it good?” – Mannie Fresh


21. “The cool thing about G.O.O.D. Music is it’s a bunch of great ideas, and I’m one of those ideas.” – Mannie Fresh

22. “Bling Bling’ was originally a Big Tymers song.” – Mannie Fresh

23. “Flow Tribe is a great bunch of New Orleans guys who have that funkiness to them.” – Mannie Fresh

24. “With time, everything changes. I know I’m not the same person who I used to be. I totally get that.” – Mannie Fresh

25. “Money makes everybody evil when you think about it.” – Mannie Fresh

26. “Cash Money really had no intentions of being a rap label because when it started, it really was based on bounce. It was one bounce song after another. I started to doing bounce songs for them, and they jumped off.” – Mannie Fresh

27. “The whole ‘400 Degreez’ album was inspired by what Outkast was doing, Organized Noize. That was what I was listening to around that time.” – Mannie Fresh

28. “I’ve got different drum machines that I use for different things, but I think the older ones are always the best when it comes down to getting that 808 bass.” – Mannie Fresh

29. “I did albums for Cash Money. I didn’t do singles – I did whole albums for Cash Money – and at the end of the day, I’m saying I wasn’t paid for albums, so it’s like you’re doing 10 songs, and somebody pays you for 1.” – Mannie Fresh


30th of 50 Mannie Fresh Quotes

30. “By the age of 17, Wayne was confident. He knew, ‘This is what I am. I’m an MC.’ You had Missy Elliott saying she loved Lil Wayne. Lyrically, he was getting better and better.” – Mannie Fresh


31. “We still have money issues. We will always have them as long as Cash Money is selling anything that has Mannie Fresh on it.” – Mannie Fresh

32. “It’s weird being a DJ and you have a playlist of your own songs that you could hold it down for an hour.” – Mannie Fresh

33. “I always say that I’m a hip-hop fan, and I’m definitely a Drake fan.” – Mannie Fresh

34. “All throughout Cash Money, I never abandoned the SP 1200. At the end of the day, I still use my SP 1200 ’cause I like the way the drums sound.” – Mannie Fresh

35. “Even before anybody liked the 808, Mannie Fresh was on the 808.” – Mannie Fresh

36. “The single ‘Tha Block Is Hot’ was a song that was true to life.” – Mannie Fresh

37. “We recorded ‘Chopper City in the Ghetto’ in a house that we was living in.” – Mannie Fresh

38. “B.I.G. was like the Alfred Hitchcock of rap. Like, this dude’s story form was so nuts.” – Mannie Fresh

39. “I think I have automobile skills and musical background.” – Mannie Fresh


40th of 50 Mannie Fresh Quotes

40. “That’s what I’m tryin’ to achieve. I want to be a heavyweight in this game, and I’m tryin’ to get the big money. By the same token, the title ‘Big Money Heavyweight’ applies to everybody in the world. That’s what everybody’s tryin’ to achieve.” – Mannie Fresh


41. “I thank God I’ve never burned no bridges with nobody, and when it’s time for me to call in my favors, they’re coming.” – Mannie Fresh

42. “Solja Rag’ was designed for Juvenile. It wasn’t one of them beats where I was gonna chop it and see who I was going give it to it was Juvenile all over it.” – Mannie Fresh

43. “The streets buy records, but they don’t really buy records in incredible numbers.” – Mannie Fresh

44. “I remember that my dad worked on cars from the ’70s and ’80s, and that’s where my love came from appreciating – even if it was a piece of crap – how much he loved American muscle.” – Mannie Fresh

45. “The reason that I like ‘Game of Thrones’ is because it’s based on all these royal families. And it’s cutthroat – just like hip-hop. It’s all about positioning and figuring out who’s going to last.” – Mannie Fresh

46. “To me, Def Jam put my career on hold. I was used to making 13-14 songs a year, and they trickled that down to nothing.” – Mannie Fresh

47. “I get most of my reading done whenever I’m in the airport waiting on a flight, have some time to kill, and I have a book with me.” – Mannie Fresh

48. “Music is all I know.” – Mannie Fresh

49. “When ‘And Then What’ was made, Jeezy already had a street appeal, but ‘And Then What’ put him on the national appeal.” – Mannie Fresh

50. “I’ve always had good connections with cars and always knew how to fix them, so I didn’t have trouble with breakdowns.” – Mannie Fresh



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