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Edward Snowden Net Worth

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Edward Snowden Net Worth

What is Edward Snowden’s net worth? 

Net Worth:$500 Thousand
Born:June 21, 1983
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Former Computer Intelligence Consultant
Last Updated:2021


Edward Snowden is a former computer intelligence consultant.

Snowden is best known for leaking classified information from the NSA in 2013. He was an employee for the Central Intelligence Agency.

He has revealed many global surveillance programs which have been run by the NSA and the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance. There is no news to know that Snowden is one of the most intelligent people alive. 

As of 2022, Edward Snowden’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $500 thousand. 


Early Life 

Edward Joseph Snowden was born on the 21st of June, 1983, in North Carolina.

His grandfather was a rear admiral in the U.S. Coast Guard. He was with the FBI and was the Pentagon in 2001. 

His father was an officer in the Coast Guard, and his mother is a clerk at the U.S District Court for the District of Maryland. His sister was a lawyer at the Federal Judicial Center.

In 2001, his parents divorced. Snowden scored above 145 on two IQ tests. 



Snowden received a job at the Central Intelligence Agency in 2006.

He then was stationed with a diplomatic cover in Geneva. Snowden discovered the surveillance system. 

He went on to work for another company called Booz Allen Hamilton, where he worked three months. He started to look more into the top-secret files of the “NSA” while he was working at Booz Allen. 

After he was done collecting the secret documents, he suffered from epilepsy. He arranged a meeting with a journalist from The Guardian.

In 2013, the information was presented to the whole world. 

The secret information was gathered through PRISM, which is a program made by the NSA. The world was shocked, and NSA went bitter as he kept addressing the media from Hong Kong. 

He later moved out of Hong Kong and went to Russia. He got stranded due to his passport issues. The Russian government allowed him to stay in the country. 

During this time, Americans considered him to be a hero and came up with a petition to free him of all the charges. He continued to stay in Russia until Barack Obama asked the agencies to look into the case. In 2013, he claimed that he didn’t have the NSA documents with him anymore. 

As of 2022, Edward Snowden’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $500 thousand. 



Here are some of the best highlights of Edward Snowden’s career: 

  • Leaked highly classified information (2013)
  • Freedom of the Press Foundation (2016) 


Favorite Quotes from Edward Snowden 

“America is a fundamentally good country. We have good people with good values who want to do the right thing. But the structures of power that exist are working to their own ends to extend their capability at the expense of the freedom of all publics.” – Edward Snowden

“I acted on my belief that the NSA’s mass surveillance programs would not withstand a constitutional challenge, and that the American public deserved a chance to see these issues determined by open courts. Today, a secret program authorized by a secret court was, when exposed to the light of day, found to violate Americans’ rights. It is the first of many.” – Edward Snowden

“In the end, the Obama administration is not afraid of whistleblowers like me, Bradley Manning, or Thomas Drake. We are stateless, imprisoned, or powerless. No, the Obama administration is afraid of you. It is afraid of an informed, angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised – and it should be.” – Edward Snowden

“Bathtub falls, and police officers kill more Americans than terrorism, yet we’ve been asked to sacrifice our most sacred rights for fear of falling victim to it.” – Edward Snowden

“Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience. Therefore individual citizens have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring.” – Edward Snowden

“The government has granted itself power it is not entitled to. There is no public oversight. The result is people like myself have the latitude to go further than they are allowed to.” – Edward Snowden


3 Powerful Lessons from Edward Snowden 

Now that you know all about Edward Snowden’s net worth and how he achieved success; let’s take a look at some of the best lessons we can learn from him: 


1. Injustice

Every person remembers some moment in their life where they witnessed some injustice, big or small, and looked away because the consequences of intervening seemed too intimidating.


2. You’re Being Watched 

Even if you’re not doing anything wrong, you are being watched and recorded.


3. Our Society 

We’re losing our way as a society. If we don’t stand up, if we don’t say what we think those rights should be, and if we don’t protect them, we will very soon find out that we do not have them.



Edward Snowden is a computer security consultant. Snowden is best known for copying and leaking highly classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013.

During his time, he was a Central Intelligence Agency. He is super intelligent and all the information was revealed globally, which was run by the NSA. 

As of 2022, Edward Snowden’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $500 thousand. 

What do you think about Edward Snowden’s net worth? Leave a comment below. 

Emmy Wallin is a writer for Wealthy Gorilla. She is a young Swedish girl from Uppsala, who is currently traveling around the world. Emmy has a big passion for helping others and motivating people. Emmy has been studying celebrities careers, biographies, lifestyles, and net worths for over 3 years. She is the face behind the net worth profiles here on Wealthy Gorilla.

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