50 Julia Garner Quotes About Acting & Life

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Which are your favorite Julia Garner quotes?

Julia Garner is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Ruth Langmore in the Netflix crime drama series Ozark. She has received two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress.

She began her acting career in the shorts The Dreamer and One Thousand Cranes. She has been featured in many movies including ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’, ‘The Assistant’, and also had roles in the TV series ‘The Americans’, ‘Maniac’, and ‘Dirty John’.

We’ve put together this collection of the best Julia Garner quotes:


50 Julia Garner Quotes About Acting & Life

1. “I didn’t grow up, really, in the film business, even though my parents are both artists. I grew up in New York City. They would never put me into acting. I just kind of wanted it, and I told them that.” – Julia Garner

2. “I remember the first time being so lost in the moment that when they said, ‘OK, cut!’ I didn’t remember what I’d done. I like that weird out-of-body experience.” – Julia Garner

3. “I hate rodents. I cannot stand rodents. I couldn’t even watch ‘Ratatouille,’ which is an animated film.” – Julia Garner

4. “I remember my mom being very scared the first few auditions. My parents are very supportive, but they’re also very realistic, which is great.” – Julia Garner

5. “I’m the worst liar – I can’t lie for my life. And I don’t lie at all, because I’m the worst liar – but as a kid, I thought I was a great liar, so I would lie all the time, but everybody knew I was lying.” – Julia Garner

6. “I’m not like my characters at all, but everything that I’m feeling on screen, all of my emotions that the character is going through, those are all my feelings, those are all my emotions. I just am kind of blending it in with the character, but the feelings are mine.” – Julia Garner

7. “Netflix started with the DVDs that they would send to you, and I remember watching Taxi Driver for the first time on my laptop in bed.” – Julia Garner

8. “I wanted the job so bad that I actually prepared with a Missouri accent. And when I got to the audition, I could hear the other actors reading their lines, and was like, “None of them have the accent, I’m screwed”. But I couldn’t remember my lines when I wasn’t doing the accent. So, I just had to do the accent—and it worked.” – Julia Garner

9. “For my senior year, I’m homeschooled. It’s working well with the acting. Juggling school with the acting is hard, but you know, what can you do?” – Julia Garner


10th of 50 Julia Garner quotes

10. “I’m from Manhattan. I’m some Jewish girl from the Upper West Side.” – Julia Garner


11. “You have to come home knowing that you tried everything you could.” – Julia Garner

12. “I do weird parts – there’s always something wrong with my character, or they are in a really weird situation.” – Julia Garner

13. “I think the hardest thing about doing an accent, especially with a Missouri accent, is making sure that you’re not mumbling with the words so your diction is clear.” – Julia Garner

14. “I think Matthew Rhys is great. I think he’s a phenomenal actor.” – Julia Garner

15. “There was one point where they thought I was legally letter-blind.” – Julia Garner

16. “Sometimes, when I am being extremely hard on myself, I have to step back and remember the place that I was in, that I couldn’t read.” – Julia Garner

17. “I go wherever the good story is.” – Julia Garner

18. “If you really love something, just continue doing it.” – Julia Garner

19. “I started acting because I had such confidence issues because I wasn’t literate and couldn’t articulate myself in the way I wanted to.” – Julia Garner


20th of 50 Julia Garner quotes

20. “The thing I liked most about acting, is that I was saying someone else’s words, but it was my emotions. I could just say it through someone else.” – Julia Garner


21. “The best way to put it is, it’s very surprising that I’m doing this profession because so much of it is language.” – Julia Garner

22. “I think that the most important thing for me is, how is the character that I would be reading for? Is it interesting? Is there stuff to do? Are there things that you can do with the character? How can you play it out? Just those kinds of things that are very important for an actor. Also, a good director and good dialogue.” – Julia Garner

23. “You have to add some sort of dimension to each of your characters because everyone has their own layers.” – Julia Garner

24. “I’m very good in letting things go; there’s always new things, and I’m a big believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’ kind of thing.” – Julia Garner

25. “There were no secrets in my house. I always knew what was going on.” – Julia Garner

26. “People are intrigued but also scared about things that are uneasy.” – Julia Garner

27. “I love romantic comedies so much.” – Julia Garner

28. “Everybody’s so kind that when you do heavy scenes like that and, you know, you’re gonna set up for the next shot, even though the story and whatever’s happening in the situation with the characters, the energy of the people is not heavy amongst one another.” – Julia Garner

29. “The thing that I look for in a script – I’m not looking for anything next because you never know where life’s going to take you, so you can’t just expect, ‘I want to do this next.’ So I’m not expecting anything; I’m just hoping.” – Julia Garner


30th of 50 Julia Garner quotes

30. “I LOVE TO COOK and have been cooking a lot! I’ve found something I love other than acting!” – Julia Garner


31. “My husband is a musician, so yes, there is A LOT of music in our house. He has an amazing studio and it’s been really interesting to hear him start with one instrument, and then a few hours later, it’s pretty much a full song.” – Julia Garner

32. “I think also a big part in what makes it easier, doing these hard scenes, (is) we have such an amazing cast and crew.” – Julia Garner

33. “Yeah. I guess it’s like almost, in a way, wearing a wig. If you do something that’s different, you can just go home and be you. You don’t have to take the character with you.” – Julia Garner

34. “If a person feels like ‘They’re not acknowledging me’… That’s a very important feeling in life, even if it’s not romantic.” – Julia Garner

35. “Every part that I do has to be different from the last part that I did so I don’t become a stereotype.” – Julia Garner

36. “If you feel like you’re doing terrible in a scene, that usually means that you’re not listening because you’re too preoccupied with yourself… you’re not listening to your scene partner. If you listen, you’re naturally going to get that response that the camera’s going to pick up because you just react.” – Julia Garner

37. “You have to show up and be prepared and do the best job you can do.” – Julia Garner

38. “I just want to continue to learn as an actor and as a person.” – Julia Garner

39. “I write in a journal almost the same way that anybody would write in a journal, except I write as the character.” – Julia Garner


40th of 50 Julia Garner quotes

40. “When a child knows there’s a secret, they don’t know what it is, but they know it’s there, and they know they’re being lied to.” – Julia Garner


41. “In the end, the most important thing is the story, because if you have a good story, that means that good people want to be attached.” – Julia Garner

42. “I don’t want anyone to expect anything from any of my films; I just want them to see it and then tell me what they think.” – Julia Garner

43. “I started taking acting classes when I was 14. That’s when I knew I wanted to try it professionally. Before that, I watched movies, always, but I didn’t think it was a real job. I watched Turner Classic Movies with my parents. I’ve always loved the old classics.” – Julia Garner

44. “My first film festival and my first film that I’ve ever been in, ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene,’ that was at Sundance.” – Julia Garner

45. “You know, at the end of the day, everyone is just wants to do a good job.” – Julia Garner

46. “I loved old movies. And I like imitating people.” – Julia Garner

47. “It’s been nice working on home projects with my husband that we hadn’t had time to finish because of our work schedules. I’ve also been catching up with friends and family on the phone and FaceTime.” – Julia Garner

48. “It was definitely a challenge for me. I would never get in trouble or anything; teachers really liked me, but it was very hard.” – Julia Garner

49. “When Harry Met Sally’… is probably my favorite movie.” – Julia Garner

50. “I have a journal, and every character that I play, I write as the character: how I feel about things and how I’m going to play it.” – Julia Garner



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