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Judd Apatow Net Worth

Judd Apatow earned a fortune from his love of comedy and drama, becoming one of the wealthiest comedians in the world through his production company.



Judd Apatow Net Worth

What is Judd Apatow’s net worth?

Net Worth:$160 Million
Born:December 6, 1967
Height:1.74 m (5 ft 9 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:TV/Film Director
Last Updated:March 8, 2023


Judd Apatow is not only a renowned comedian, but is also the founder of Apatow Productions, a production company through which he’s created well-known television series such as Girls, Love, as well as Freaks and Geeks.

Judd has also produced legendary films, including Pineapple Express, The Cable Guy featuring Jim Carey, and The Big Sick, receiving many awards for his genius work over the years.

As of February 2024, Judd Apatow’s net worth is estimated to be $160 Million.


Judd Apatow Facts

  • Judd did not receive credit for the script he wrote for the hit film, The Cable Guy, in 1996.
  • He started his work alongside Seth Rogan in 1998 when Seth was only 16 years old.
  • In 2007, Judd directed his second film called Knocked Up, with Seth Rogan.
  • Judd branched out with new actors when Trainwreck was released, starring Amy Schumer in 2015.
  • Apatow also directed The King of Staten Island in 2020, which starred Marisa Tomei, Bill Burr, and his eldest daughter Maude Apatow.


Early Life 

Judd Mann Apatow was born December 6, 1967, in New York City, United States of America.

He has two other siblings and was born to Maury Apatow, who is a real estate developer. His father is Bob Shad, the founder of the Mainstream Records music label.

Judd’s parents got divorced when he was 12 years old, and he found himself staying with his father and on occasion visiting his mother. It was his mother who introduced him to the comedy world after he went to visit her at her job in a comedy club.

During his teenage years, Judd started working as a dishwasher at the Long Island Comedy Club. He attended Syosset High School and discovered his passion for playing jazz. His love for comedy was ignited while hosting his school’s radio station.

He had the great idea of calling comedians who inspired him, to interview for his school’s radio station.

At 15 years old, Judd was motivated to become a comedian after interviewing big-time comedians Steven Wright, John Candy, and Jerry Seinfeld.

He worked as a stand-up comedian from when he was 17 years old, continuing throughout his high school years. Judd graduated in 1985 and decided to attend the University of Southern California. It was there that he enrolled in the screenwriting program.

Unfortunately, he ended up dropping out of university during his second year after forming a bond with a well-known actor Adam Sandler. He ended up moving in with the famous actor, which helped create a path to a seriously successful career in comedy.



Judd met a manager named Garry Shandling, which led to him being hired as a writer for the 1991 Grammy Awards.

During the 1990s, Judd was involved with major television shows such as Freaks and Geeks, The Ben Stiller Show, and The Larry Sanders Show.

Judd made his debut as a director when releasing the hit film, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, in 2005. The film starred Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd, and Steve Carell. This was the movie that gave him a name in the film industry and put him on the map.

Not only was Judd climbing the Hollywood ladder at a rapid rate, but with the release of his first film, he had created a whole new comedic genre.

Judd decided to partner up with world-renowned Seth Rogan and created the masterpiece Knocked Up. After his two big hit films, comedians everywhere were fighting to be a part of Judd’s exclusive production company.

Apatow’s company became internationally well-known due to it having elite talents such as Seth Rogan, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, and Will Ferrell on his team.

This led to the release of two comedic films, Funny People, which was released in 2009 and, This is 40, released in 2012. These films were, unfortunately, not as successful as his previous work.

He decided to become more involved in television series and created hilarious shows such as Girls, Bridesmaids, and Love.

Judd tried out new actors and released a raunchy comedy called Trainwreck which starred Amy Schumer, in 2015.


Judd Apatow’s Career Earnings

It is notoriously difficult for comedians to make money in Hollywood, as the competition is fierce and public opinion is hard to keep up with.

Judd was lucky enough to team up with the who’s who of comedy and his films and television shows took off spectacularly.

Here’s an estimated overview of Judd Apatow’s annual income:

  • Judd Apatow’s Salary In – $5 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Salary In – $6.8 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Salary In – $7 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Salary In – $7.9 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Salary In – $8.2 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Salary In – $8.6 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Salary In – $9.5 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Salary In – $10 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Salary In – $11.5 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Salary In – $12 million

With the success of his recent documentary about the world-famous comedian, George Carlin, Judd has opened another avenue for his creative talents.

His use of interviews to bring out the story of Carlin’s incredible life was perfectly done, with audiences getting to know the real George Carlin by the end.


Judd Apatow’s Net Worth Annually

Judd could never have imagined that his career would be as successful as it turned out, given the difficulties he initially faced.

However, with loads of talent and the ability to hook up with the right people at the right time, Judd was able to earn millions from his craft.

Here’s a breakdown of Judd Apatow’s annual net worth:

  • Judd Apatow’s Net Worth In 2013 – $87 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Net Worth In 2014 – $90 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Net Worth In 2015 – $95 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Net Worth In 2016 – $100 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Net Worth In 2017 – $106 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Net Worth In 2018 – $118 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Net Worth In 2019 – $129 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Net Worth In 2020 – $139 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Net Worth In 2021 – $155 million
  • Judd Apatow’s Net Worth In 2022 – $160 million

Judd is immensely wealthy, with a lifestyle and career that is the envy of his fans and critics alike.

He’s taken his skills to new heights by branching out into documentaries and it will be interesting to see how he moves on from here.


Personal Life

Judd Apatow was in the process of filming The Cable Guy in 1995 when he first met Leslie Mann.

The two hit off and two years later, in 1997, the couple got married. They have two daughters, Iris and Maude, who have been cast in various roles for their dad’s films.

The Apatow family have a mansion in Los Angeles and are currently all living under one roof.

You can follow Judd’s official Instagram account to see what he’s getting up to next.


Awards & Achievements

Judd is one of the most popular and awarded comedians in Hollywood with a host of accolades to his name.

As early as 1993, he was acknowledged by Ben Stiller for his role in making a success of Ben’s show.

Here are some of the more memorable moments from Judd Apatow’s career:

  • Judd received the Herb Sargent Award from the Writers Guild East for Comedy Excellence in 2012.
  • He was presented with an Emmy Award for his work on The Ben Stiller Show in 1993.
  • In 2013 he was awarded the Visionary Filmmaker Award at the San Diego Film Festival.
  • Judd was given the Generation Award at the comedy festival in 2016
  • He earned the Critics Choice Louis XIII Genius Award from the Broadcast Film Critics Association in 2013.

Apatow is not only well-liked by his peers, but is a firm critic’s favorite for his insightful and entertaining productions.

His acting abilities are also legendary, with his voice being used in one of their episodes where he played himself.


How Does Judd Apatow Spend His Money?

Judd is a well-known philanthropist who works with NGO organizations across the globe on a variety of projects.

He also appreciates the value of having a solid property portfolio, with one of his $4.47 million properties in Los Angeles being sold in 2010 for $6.49 million.

Judd then purchased another home in 2005, located in Beverly Hills, for $1.65 million. He also bought Marty Adelstein’s home in Brentwood for $18.25 million.

Apatow is also the owner of a condo in Hawaii valued at $4.9 million, which he purchased in 2009.

Other properties in his portfolio include a beach house in California for $10.82 million, an empty lot in Santa Monica for $8.6 million, and a penthouse in Santa Monica for $14.5 million.



Judd Apatow has always known that he wanted to be in show business, but it took an interview with the famous comedy actor Jerry Seinfeld to cement the idea.

Taking his love of acting and his talent for comedy, Judd launched himself onto the comedy scene with enthusiasm.

Here are some of the best highlights of Judd Apatow’s career: 

  • In 1982 Judd interviewed the famous Jerry Seinfeld at the age of 15 which set the path to his now successful career.
  • Judd made his debut as a director after releasing The 40-Year-Old Virgin in 2005.
  • In 1999 he produced the show Freaks and Geeks.
  • His work with Seth Rogan has gone on to make his career with the release of Pineapple Express in 2008 and Knocked Up in 2007.
  • From 2010 onwards, Judd started his highly successful career as a director of various television series.

Judd’s friendship and later business relationship with Seth Rogan resulted in a string of successful shows. Recently, Judd co-produced a romantic comedy called Bros in 2022 to much acclaim.


Favorite Judd Apatow Quotes

Judd is acutely aware of his relationship with the audience during his shows, and it is important to him that they get the joke.

He also wants to try new material with each project and isn’t afraid to try something different, even if it doesn’t quite work out the way he wants it to.

Here are our favorite quotes from Judd Apatow:

  • “For me, until I know that the audience gets what I’m trying to communicate, I’m not done.” – Judd Apatow
  • “Eventually, the nerds and the geeks will have their day.” – Judd Apatow
  • “Well, every movie is an experiment. And the only way you can grow at what you’re doing is to take chances. You can’t try to stick with what worked last time.” – Judd Apatow
  • “I think that everything I do tends to root for the underdog.” – Judd Apatow
  • “I put on a big show when I write something I think is funny.” – Judd Apatow


3 Amazing Lessons From Judd Apatow

For all his joking around, Judd is a workaholic who is never satisfied until his work is done exactly right.

Now that you know all about Judd Apatow’s net worth, here are some of the best success lessons to learn from Judd Apatow:


1. When You Do Something, Do It To The Best Of Your Abilities

Judd was very critical of his work and would not release just any film until he was happy with it. Except for a hiccup or two, Judd has gone on to release masterpieces that will be remembered for years to come.


2. Be Proud Of Who You Are

Judd was around lots of big-time stars, but this never made him question his position or feel inferior.

He has always been confident in his abilities, which made him one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.


3. Experimentation Is Part Of The Process

In everything, experimenting is always key when taking one idea and creating a whole new twist on it altogether.

Judd believes in experimenting when filming, so that he can capture things never caught on film before.



Judd has created and directed masterpieces throughout his career and will go down in film history for his unique comedic tactics.

He always knows how to put on a funny show or produce a new joke when he’s working with the elite of Hollywood and that makes him a sought-after commodity.

As of February 2024, Judd Apatow’s net worth is estimated to be $160 Million.

What do you think about Judd Apatow’s net worth? Leave a comment below. 

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Sebastian Maniscalco Net Worth

Emmy Wallin



Sebastian Maniscalco Net Worth

What is Sebastian Maniscalco’s net worth? 

Net Worth:$35 Million
Born:July 8, 1973
Height:1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Comedian
Last Updated:Feb 22, 2024


As of February 2024, Sebastian Maniscalco’s net worth is roughly $35 Million.

Sebastian Maniscalco is an American comedian and actor from Illinois.

Maniscalco was born in the Chicago area in Arlington Heights.

He began his career in 1998 when he began performing at open mics. 

Since then, he has released five comedy specials and he has also had supporting roles in the movies ‘The Irishman’ and ‘Green Book’. 


Early Life 

Sebastian Maniscalco was born on the 8th of July, 1973, in Illinois.

His father, Salvatore Maniscalco immigrated to the United States with his family when he was 15 years old. His mother, Rose, was a secretary. 

In 1995, Maniscalco graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in communication studies. In 1998, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a comedian. 



Although he grew up in Illinois, Sebastian Maniscalco moved to Los Angeles in 1998, where he began performing at open-mic nights in bars. 

From 1998 to 2005, he also worked as a waiter at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills while he established himself as a comedian. 

He landed his first minor role in 2004 as a dance club manager in the series Complete Savages, which premiered on ABC. 

Citing Jerry Seinfeld and Brian Regan as inspirations, Maniscalco began performing at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood in 2005. 


Landing His Own Specials

Once he’d earned enough attention, Sebastian Maniscalco was given a half-hour spot on Comedy Central Presents, which helped him build a larger audience. 

His first special, Sebastian Live, was released in 2009, and he followed with What’s Wrong with People in 2012, which was released on DVD and aired on Showtime. 

In 2014, his special, Aren’t You Embarrassed, was released after being taped in Chicago, which was followed by Why Would You Do That in 2016. 

Beginning in 2019, Maniscalco teamed up with Netflix to release two more specials directly through their platform. 

These specials were Stay Hungry, which debuted in 2019, and Is It Me, which was released in 2022 for streaming. 

Thanks to specials like these, Sebastian Maniscalco has become known as one of the funniest stand-up comedians of all time with his nostalgia-type humor.  


Working With Others

Along with his comedy specials, Sebastian Maniscalco has also worked with many other legends in the comedy arena. 

In 2006, he joined Vince Vaughn in the film Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days & 30 Nights — Hollywood to the Heartland

He has also appeared on Best Night Ever, The Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and The Jay Leno Show

Maniscalco moved into films in 2017, appearing in The House and The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature, his first voice-over role. 

The same year, he started co-hosting the podcast The Pete and Sebastian Show alongside Pete Correale, a fellow comedian. 

As of January 2017, the pair have also appeared on Raw Dog Comedy Channel 99 on SiriusXM radio. 

The following year, he appeared in Cruise, Tag, and Green Book, all of which were comedic films, though he didn’t have leading roles. 


Maniscalco’s Recent Work

In 2019, Sebastian Maniscalco appeared in Martin Scorsese’s gangster film The Irishman, where he played “Crazy” Joe Gallo. 

That year, he also hosted the MTV Video Music Awards, which was his first time hosting an awards show.  

He then appeared in 13 episodes of Well Done with Sebastian Maniscalco in 2021, which premiered on Discovery+.

Maniscalco was busy in 2023, and that year, he appeared in three films and served as the executive producer of Bookie

Along with starring in the biographical drama Spinning Gold, he voiced Forman Spike in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

To wrap up the year, he wrote and appeared in About My Father, a comedy film based on his own relationship with his father. 

In 2024, Maniscalco is set to join Ryan Reynolds in the animated fantasy IF, voicing a magician mouse imaginary friend. 


Sebastian Maniscalco Net Worth

As of February 2024, Sebastian Maniscalco’s net worth is $35 Million.



Here are the best highlights of Sebastian Maniscalco’s career: 

  • Sebastian: Live (Comedy show, 2008) 
  • The House (Movie, 2017) 
  • TAG (Movie, 2018) 
  • Green Book (Movie, 2018) 
  • The Irishman (Movie, 2019) 


Favorite Quotes From Sebastian Maniscalco 

“One of my biggest pet peeves is when a guy’s wearing flip-flop sandals, which I don’t understand. Men’s feet are disgusting to begin with, but now they’re on display when I try to go out for a nice steak at a restaurant, and I have to sit there and look at some guy’s hoof? I don’t get it. I don’t understand it.” – Sebastian Maniscalco

“Although my values and my morals are old-school, you have to kind of key into the landscape of social media and how the world is progressing. I’d be a fool to sit there and go, ‘Yeah, let’s use the telephone to telemarket myself’… Social media is something that I definitely have to tap into, to another demographic.” – Sebastian Maniscalco

“The business of being told to earn a dollar, that no one is going to give you anything – that was kind of my mantra throughout my childhood, and now it’s in my adult life. I find that people really tend to relate to the immigrant father, whether he be Italian, Greek, Spanish or whatever.” – Sebastian Maniscalco

“I started working full time as a comedian in 2005, shortly after we did the Vince Vaughn ‘Wild West Comedy Show.’ I worked at the Four Seasons hotel from 1998 to 2005, so about seven years, just trying to put some food on the table and pay the rent while I went out to the open mics and got my feet wet with stand-up comedy.” – Sebastian Maniscalco

“It took me a good eight to ten years to really formulate what I was doing on stage and start to get really personal with comedy. I always really had timing naturally, it was just about trying to figure out how that timing was going to work onstage.” – Sebastian Maniscalco

View our larger collection of the best Sebastian Maniscalco quotes!


1 Life Lesson From Sebastian Maniscalco 

Now that you know all about Sebastian Maniscalco’s net worth, and how he achieved success; let’s take a look at one of his best lesson that we can learn from him:


1. Take Your Time

When Maniscalco began his comedian career it took him 8-10 years to really formulate that he was going onstage and to start doing real comedy. Good things take time. 


Frequently Asked Questions


How much is Sebastian Maniscalco worth?

Sebastian Maniscalco’s net worth is estimated to be $35 Million.

How old is Sebastian Maniscalco?

Sebastian Maniscalco was born on July 8, 1973, and is currently 50 years old.

How tall is Sebastian Maniscalco?

Sebastian Maniscalco’s height is 1.80 m, which is equal to 5 ft 11 in.


Sebastian Maniscalco is one of the biggest names in the comedy industry.

He has starred in movies such as ‘Green Book’, ‘The Irishman’, ‘TAG’, ‘Sebastian: Live’, and ‘Cruise’. 

As of February 2024, Sebastian Maniscalco’s net worth is $35 Million.

What do you think about Sebastian Maniscalco’s net worth? Leave a comment below.

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Stephen Colbert Net Worth



Stephen Colbert Net Worth

What is Stephen Colbert’s net worth?

Net Worth:$75 Million
Born:May 13, 1964
Height:1.81 m (5 ft 11 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Actor/Comedian
Last Updated:Feb 22, 2024


As of February 2024, Stephen Colbert’s net worth is approximately $75 Million. 

Stephen Colbert is an American comedian, writer, producer, actor, and television host from Washington D.C.

Colbert is best known for hosting the satirical Comedy Central program ‘The Colbert Report’ from 2005 to 2014 and the CBS talk program ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’. 


Early Life

Stephen Colbert was born on the 13th of May, 1964, in Washington D.C.

Colbert is the son of Lorna and James William Colbert Jr.

He was the youngest of eleven siblings, James, Edward, Mary, William, Margo, Thomas, Jay, Elizabeth, Paul, Peter, and Stephen. 

In 1974, when he was 10, his father and two brothers were killed in an air crash.

His mother relocated the family to Charleston, where he attended the Episcopal Porter-Gaud School.



Stephen Colbert began his career at Second City where he was initially an understudy for Steve Carell with the school’s touring company. 

While performing with Second City, Colbert met Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello, whom he would collaborate with frequently later in his career.

When Sedaris and Dinello left to create a series of HBO Downtown Productions, Colbert moved to New York to work with them. 

This led to the series Exit 57, which debuted in 1995 on Comedy Central and ran until 1996 when it was canceled. 


The Daily Show

After leaving Exit 57, Stephen Colbert wrote for and starred on The Dana Carvey Show alongside Louis C.K. and Steve Carell. 

He then briefly worked on Saturday Night Live and as a scriptwriter consultant for VH1 and MTV, before being cast on Good Morning America

While he was hired to film humorous segments for the show, only two he proposed ever aired, but it did open a lot of doors for him. 

Soon after, his agent referred him to the producer of The Daily Show, where he was hired on a trial basis in 1997. 

Originally a correspondent, Colbert was referred to as “the new guy” during his first two years on the show, when Craig Kilborn was the host. 

However, when Jon Stewart took over in 1999, Colbert started taking on a persona, playing a parody of conservative pundits like Bill O’Reilly.  

Thanks to the popularity of his character, other correspondents started adopting a similar style, which helped give the show a new tone. 

During the 2000 and 2004 U.S. elections, Colbert was part of The Daily Show’s award-winning coverage, and he reported from the floor of both party’s conventions. 

Colbert also hosted the show in 2002 for a week, and in 2004, he won an Emmy as one of the show’s writers. 


The Colbert Report & The Late Show

In 2005, Stephen Colbert was given his own show, The Colbert Report, which parodied political talk shows like Hannity and The O’Reilly Factor

The series started out strong, averaging 1.2 million viewers during its first week, prompting Comedy Central to sign a long-term contract with Colbert. 

During his time hosting the show, he expanded on his on-screen persona, claiming to have attended Dartmouth and was raised in South Carolina. 

The Colbert Report ran until 2014 and during the final episode, many previous guests were brought back, including Patrick Stewart and Cookie Monster. 

Shortly after the end of The Colbert Report, CBS announced that Colbert would take over for David Letterman on The Late Show

He took up the mantle on September 8, 2015, with his first guest George Clooney kicking off the show’s new era. 

As the host, Colbert took the show in a more political direction, playing off of the format that had made The Colbert Report successful. 

During this tenure, he also hosted the 2017 Emmy Awards and most recently signed a deal with CBS Studios with his Spartina Production company. 

Through this deal, Colbert helped produce Tooning Out the News and Fairview in 2022 and is the executive producer of The God’s Honest Truth.


Stephen Colbert Net Worth

As of February 2024, Stephen Colbert’s net worth is $75 Million. 



Here are some of the best highlights of Stephen Colbert’s career: 

  • Monsters vs Aliens (Movie, 2009) 
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Talk Show, 2015) 
  • Too Funny to Fail (Documentary, 2017) 


Favorite Quotes from Stephen Colbert 

“You are about to start the greatest improvisation of all. With no script. No idea what’s going to happen, often with people and places you have never seen before. And you are not in control. So say ‘yes.’ And if you’re lucky, you’ll find people who will say ‘yes’ back.” – Stephen Colbert

“After nearly 15 minutes of soul searching, I have heard the call. Nation, I will seek the office of the president of the United States. I am doing it!” – Stephen Colbert

“Make no mistake – they’re coming for our guns. And we freedom-loving gun lovers are totally defenseless! Other than, you know, the guns.” – Stephen Colbert

“Corporations have free speech, but they can’t speak like you and me. They don’t have mouths or hands.” – Stephen Colbert

“I just burst out laughing, and I think they were so surprised that I burst out laughing, that they did too.” – Stephen Colbert


3 Lessons from Stephen Colbert 

Now that you know all about Stephen Colbert’s net worth, and how he achieved success; let’s take a look at some of the best lessons we can learn from him:


1. Adaptability 

In the interview, Stewart probes Colbert about the transition to being a true late-night host.

As Stewart explains to his friend “I came up in standup where you learn to deliver it as yourself and as authentic as you can be to yourself is as good as you are going to be as a standup.”


2. Authenticity 

Many personalities share this struggle: the art of being real.

In Colbert’s case, he had always been a walking/talking character. He made his name by playing a role. All of a sudden, he had to own his persona – to play himself.


3. The Breakthrough 

It happens to most personalities – there is a bit, interview, event, or audience encounter that changes the game.

For Colbert, it was an expansive, heartfelt interview with Joe Biden. “Only I, my real self, could have received what Mr. Biden was willing to share with the audience.” Colbert said.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much is Stephen Colbert worth?

Stephen Colbert’s net worth is estimated to be $75 Million.

How old is Stephen Colbert?

Stephen Colbert was born on May 13, 1964, and is currently 59 years old.

How tall is Stephen Colbert?

Stephen Colbert’s height is 1.81 m, which is equal to 5 ft 11 in.


Stephen Colbert became famous with the ‘Dana Carvey’ Show and ‘Strangers with Candy’.

‘The Daily Show’ made him a household name and soon he had his parody show, ‘The Colbert Report’.

As of February 2024, Stephen Colbert’s net worth is $75 Million. 

What do you think about Stephen Colbert’s net worth? Leave a comment below. 

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Kevin James Net Worth



Kevin James Net Worth

What is Kevin James’ net worth?

Net Worth:$100 Million
Born:April 26, 1965
Height:1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Actor/Comedian
Last Updated:Feb 22, 2024


As of February 2024, Kevin James’ net worth $100 Million.

Kevin James is an American actor and comedian from Mineola.

James is mostly known for his roles as Doug Heffernan on the CBS sitcom ‘The King of Queens’.

He is also known for the movies such as ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’, ‘Grown Ups’, ‘Zookeeper’, ‘Pixels’ and ‘Sandy Wexler’.

The talented comedian has received several nominations and awards for his performance in his films.


Early Life

Kevin James was born in Mineola, New York on the 26th of April, 1965.

James is the second son of Janet and Joseph Valentine Knipfing.

His mother worked in a chiropractor’s office while his father owned an insurance agency.

James attended Ward Melville School in 1983, and he used to play football and also participated in wrestling matches.

He went to the State University of New York. However, he quit before graduation.



During his college years, Kevin James had ambitions to become a professional athlete and build on his success as a heavyweight wrestler.

Following a string of injuries, he decided to pursue his comedy career in the late 1980s, making his debut at Richie Minervini’s East Side Comedy Club.


Early Stand-Up & Late Night Television Appearances

James’s early comedy efforts on the stand-up circuit soon allowed him to join the ranks of some of the richest comedians in the world on late-night shows.

A popular comic, he appeared on the Jay Leno Tonight Show, rising through the ranks of comedians with many more talk show appearances.

He guest-starred on shows with Conan O’Brien, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and many more high-profile shows throughout the early 1990s.

Throughout this period of his career, James continued with stand-up shows, appearing on Just For Laughs and developing his unique style.


Notable Television Roles During The 1990s

In addition to his many late-night talk show appearances, Kevin James also performed in numerous comedy sitcoms throughout the 1990s.

After appearing in several episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond, he took on the lead role in The King of Queens, which ran from 1998 until 2007.

He earned acclaim for guest appearances in Cosby and Becker, while taking on serious roles in Martial Law, demonstrating his dramatic abilities.

With his reputation in the world of television secured, James took this experience and made the move to Hollywood with A-list comedy actors.


Breakthrough & Hollywood Comedy Performances

Kevin James first broke through into movies in 2002 with a voice role in Pinocchio, along with a small role in the Adam Sandler comedy 50 First Dates.

Following small roles in movies including Monster House and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, James landed his first starring role in 2009.

The film, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, proved to be popular among comedy fans, paving the way for a series of collaborations with Sandler over the following years.

He worked with Sandler, Chris Rock, and David Spade in Grown Ups and the 2013 sequel, smashing the box office and boosting his net worth.

James again worked with Sandler on the comedy Pixels, while also providing voice work for the film Hotel Transylvania and the 2015 sequel.

While critics lambasted many of these films, it didn’t prevent their success in box office revenue, and James was quick to capitalize on his raised profile.


The Return To Television In The 2010s

With a long list of hits under his belt theatrically, Kevin James was able to secure the lead role in two notable television series during the 2010s.

In 2016, he starred in 48 episodes of the hit comedy series Kevin Can Wait, marking his return to the CBS network known for The King of Queens.

James then worked on The Crew, another popular comedy show that ran for ten episodes and was broadcast on Netflix in 2021.

Netflix also produced Kevin James’s comedy special Sweat the Small Stuff, along with the 2007 TV film Elmo’s Christmas Countdown.


Kevin James Net Worth

As of February 2024, Kevin James’ net worth is $100 Million.



Here are some of the best highlights of Kevin James’ career:

  • 50 First Dates (Movie, 2004)
  • Hitch (Movie, 2005)
  • Primetime Emmy Award (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, 2006) – Nominated
  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop (Movie, 2009)
  • Grown Ups (Movie, 2010)
  • Zookeeper (Movie, 2011)
  • Pixels (Movie, 2015)
  • Sandy Wexler (Movie, 2017)


Favorite Quotes from Kevin James

“Nowadays, a lot of people steal. Some of the people steal feelings, break others people hearts and lives, some of the people steal physical stuff such as cars, bags, wallets, and houses but are those people the only types of offenders in the world?! The answer is no, they aren’t. There is another type that is growing day by day and this type is represented by hackers.” – Kevin James 

“Hackers are persons who are passionate and attracted by knowing everything in detail about the cybernetic systems, especially computer systems. Despite the conception that hackers are persons with evil intentions that want to run the world someday by their own conceptions, their passion for details and understanding them most of the hackers have a professional goal and they don’t use their knowledge to seek and exploit a weakness in a computer system.” – Kevin James 

“You know, when you’re a fat guy you don’t need a reason to sweat. Guys come up to me and go “Jeez… what have you been doing – jumping rope in the attic or something?”…”Umm, no… I peeled an orange about an hour ago, why?” – Kevin James 

“How big are muffins going to get before we all join hands across America? Have you seen them? They’re huge. “Yeah, I’ll take a coffee and… Oh, my God! Yeah, I’ll have the beanbag chair with raisins.” – Kevin James 

“I discovered I scream the same way whether I’m about to be devoured by a Great White or if a piece of seaweed touches my foot.” – Kevin James 

“I had many teachers that were great, positive role models, and taught me to be a good person and stand up and be a good man. A lot of the principals they taught me still affect how I act sometimes and it’s 30 years later.” – Kevin James 


Frequently Asked Questions


How much is Kevin James worth?

Kevin James’ net worth is estimated to be $100 Million.

How old is Kevin James?

Kevin James was born on April 26, 1965, and is currently 58 years old.

How tall is Kevin James?

Kevin James’ height is 1.73 m, which is equal to 5 ft 8 in.


Kevin James’ net worth has increased throughout his career as a phenomenal actor and comedian.

James has become a household name with his roles in ”Paul Blart: Mall Cop’, ‘Grown Ups’ and ‘The Dilemma’.

Kevin James has built a phenomenal high net worth throughout his career estimated to be $100 Million.

What do you think about Kevin James’ net worth? Leave a comment below.

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