Ed Jovanovski Net Worth

$53 Million

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What is Ed Jovanovski’s net worth?

Net Worth:$53 Million
Born:June 26, 1976
Height:1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)
Country of Origin:Canada
Source of Wealth:Professional Hockey Player
Last Updated:March 8, 2023


Edward Jovanovski is a former Canadian professional hockey player.

Ed is most known for two seasons playing in the OHL for the Windsor Spitfires, initially drafted by the Florida Panthers in 1994.

In 1995, he signed a $5.7 million contract with the Panthers and was subsequently traded to the Vancouver Canucks in 1999.

He made this his home team until 2006 before he signed an enticing offer of $32.5 million as a contract with the Phoenix Coyotes.

Ed finished his professional NHL career by returning to the Panthers in 2011, with a four-year contract of $16.5 Million.

As of March 2023, Ed Jovanovski’s net worth is estimated to be $53 Million.


Ed Jovanovski Facts

  • In 1995, he achieved a gold medal at the  World Junior Championships.
  • In 1996, he was selected to the All-Rookie Team
  • Won the Runner-up Calder Memorial Trophy 1996
  • Selected in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2008 to the All-Star National Hockey League Game
  • From 2001-2003, he obtained the Babe Pratt Trophy for Best Defenceman 
  • In 2002, he won a gold medal at the Winter Olympics
  • Ed won the gold medal at the World Championships.in 2004
  • In 2005 and 2008, he won silver medals in the World Championships


Early Life 

Ed Jovanovski was born in Windsor, Ontario on June 26, 1976 to parents, Kostadin and Lilja Jovanovski. He is of Macedonian descent, with his immigrant parents only coming to Canada in 1973.

His father was a semi-professional soccer player in the former Yugoslavian region, which spurred Ed’s love of sports.

Initially playing soccer, he didn’t touch a puck until 11 years of age, when his older brother (Denny) had joined a hockey team.



Ed’s career began as a Major Junior, playing in the 1990 Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament.

His performance got him drafted to the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) with the Windsor Spitfires, where he scored 50 points in 62 games as a defenceman. It was here that he was named to the OHL and Second All-Star Teams.

In the off-season, Ed was selected as a first draft pick to the Florida Panthers in the 1994 NHL rookie season. He would not see any game time until 1995 due to a labor dispute with the players.

Ed would continue to play for the Panthers until 1999 when he was drafted to the Vancouver Canucks, where he had an outstanding performance as a defenceman. It was here that he earned most of his accolades.

His largest contract came in 2006 with the Phoenix Coyotes as an unrestricted free agent, which signed Jovanovski for 5 years. He chose to serve as the captain of the team in the first month of the 2011-2012 season.

 Ed returned to the Florida Panthers on July 1st, 2011 for three years. He suffered a debilitating injury and subsequent surgeries, which impacted his gameplay. On Dec 28th, 2015 Ed officially announced his retirement.


Ed Jovanovski’s Career Earnings

Jovanoski opened strong as he was the first draft pick of the Florida Panthers.

His continued performance let him increase his earnings exponentially throughout his entire career. His min and max salary can be found below.

Here’s an estimated overview of Ed Jovanovski’s annual income:

  • Ed Jovanovski’s Salary In 2006-2007 -$7.0 Million
  • Ed Jovanovski’s Salary In 2007-2008 -$7.0 Million
  • Ed Jovanovski’s Salary In 2008-2009 -$6.5 Million
  • Ed Jovanovski’s Salary In 2009-2010 -$6.0 Million
  • Ed Jovanovski’s Salary In 2010-2011 -$6.0 Million
  • Ed Jovanovski’s Salary In 2011-2012 -$4.0 Million
  • Ed Jovanovski’s Salary In 2012-2013 -$2.487 Million
  • Ed Jovanovski’s Salary In 2013-2014 -$4.25 Million
  • Ed Jovanovski’s Salary In 2014-2015 -$1.33 Million
  • Ed Jovanovski’s Salary In 2015-2016 -$1.33 Million

Information for later years are not made public as Ed retired from hockey after his injury in the 2015-2016 season.


Ed Jovanovski’s Net Worth Annually

Ed Jovanovski is one of the richest hockey players in the world. His passion for hockey, journalism and humble beginnings have inspired him to achieve greatness.

Although the hockey star is private about his finances, his current net worth is $53 million.

His finances have grown year over year due to intelligent financial decisions, guided by his career and investments. 

Jovanovski’s retirement has impacted his net worth negatively, as his investments have held their value, primarily his real estate holdings.


Personal Life

When Ed started with the Florida Panthers, he had purchased a condo in Boca Raton, Florida.

It was there that he met his wife, Kirstin, during one of his summer stays in the state. They welcomed a baby daughter into the world on August 25th, 1998.

The couple had their second daughter, Kyra, on April 24, 2001. Kyra was one of two twins, but her sister, unfortunately, passed away before birth.

In May of 2006, twins Cole and Coco were born in Florida.


Awards & Achievements

Ed Jovanovski has a plethora of awards and achievements that he has enjoyed throughout his career.

He began his journey after seeing his brother join a local team, and was quickly picked up by the OHL after seeing his performance as a defenceman.

Here are some notable awards from Ed Jovanovski’s career:

  • Drafted to the OHL All-Rookie Team in 1994
  • Was accepted into the OHL Second All-Star Team in 1994
  • Received a position on the OHL First All-Star Team in 1995
  • In 1996, joined the NHL All-Rookie Team
  • Runner up for the NHL Calder Memorial Trophy in 1996
  • In 2001, attended the NHL All-Star Game
  • Took part in the NHL All-Star Game 2002
  • In 2003, was a part of the NHL All-Star Game
  • Participated in the NHL All-Star Game 2007
  • In 2008, took part of the NHL All-Star Game
  • Won the Vancouver Canucks Babe Pratt Trophy for leading defenceman 2001-2003

Jovanovski came to play and was not ready to take it slow. His debut performance shocked the world after the first draft as to what Ed could achieve during his meteoric rise in his professional career.


How Does Ed Jovanovski Spend His Money?

Ed’s salary and retained earnings had kept him busy. Like most other wealthy individuals, he prefers to invest his money in real estate.

In 2011, Ed had paid a whopping $5.21 million for his 15,792 sq foot house from the advice he procured from Norman Fosback.

Fosback is a prominent investment analyst who guided Ed’s real estate investment decisions.



Other than his awards, Ed has had multiple highlights and accolades throughout his career that have made him a overall successful hockey player.

Although he was the star defenceman in many professional teams, he also brought his myriad experience to the rink by being a captain, friend, and motivator to his colleagues.

Here are some of the best highlights of Ed Jovanovski’s career: 

  • Participated in the CHL All-rookie and CHL All-Star Team 
  • In 2003 won the NHL Playoffs Most Goals by Defenceman award
  • he won the u20 WJC Gold Medal in 1995
  • From 2012-2014 nominated as the Captain of the Florida Panthers

Ed is one of the world’s most highly decorated hockey players and has achieved this success as a defenseman.

He rivals other successful hockey players such as Stan Mikita, Wayne Gretzky, and Wyatt Russell


Favorite Ed Jovanovski Quotes

A player dedicated to his craft, Jovanovski has frequently provided words of wisdom that can be translated from the rink to everyday life.

There are many things that can be learned from Ed’s struggle, and it is demonstrated both through his actions and his words.

Here are our favorite quotes from Ed Jovanovski:

  • At the end of the day what happened was we didn’t perform, so the easiest guy to get rid of is probably Crow right now. He can’t take full responsibility for it, but Dave felt a change needed to be made and is doing what he felt is best for the team.” – Ed Jovanovski
  • Hopefully, I can go a little bit harder next game and get back in stride. My experience can help a little bit — I’m a small piece of the puzzle and just trying to contribute. ” – Ed Jovanovski
  • I approached the day like I was going to be in the lineup. I’m not 100 per cent, but I want to be in the playoffs” – Ed Jovanovski
  • We were hovering near the bottom and it was nice to rebound and get some big ones. We needed to get more pucks to the net instead of making that one extra pass. Establish a shot first and that will open things up.” – Ed Jovanovski
  • There are a lot of great players and at the end of the day, you hope you are there” – Ed Jovanovski


3 Amazing Lessons From Ed Jovanovski

Ed Jovanovski is the epitome of success and determination. From his humble beginnings, he grew into a family man that was unwilling to give up or give in.

He can safely say that his retirement is enjoyed in the company of those he loved most dearly.

Here are some of the best success lessons to learn from Ed Jovanovski:


1. His Unwavering Determination

Demonstrated by his persistence through his surgery, hip injury, and his forward-thinking attitude, he was able to lead the Florida Panthers to victory.

Jovanovski can teach us all a thing or two about pushing through pain, contentment, and laziness.


2. Keep A Cool Head

Ed Jovanovski has had his share of obstacles throughout his life. From losing a child in utero, court proceedings, and being the son of immigrants who barely spoke the language, Jovanovski’s net worth is astonishing when remembering his humble beginnings.


3. Never Get Complacent

Perhaps it was his dedication to the sport or his determined ambition, but Jovanovski never strayed from his path. He was dedicated to becoming a professional NHL player, no matter the consequences or nay-sayers. 



Ed Jovanovski is a great individual with all-rookie team honors. His net worth has increased year over year, especially after his championship-winning tournament.

Once Jovanovski signed on to the Vancouver Canucks, he had already begun his massive climb towards being the team’s best defencemen.

Out of all the gold medals that he holds, he is most thankful to his beautiful wife and four children.

As of March 2023, Ed Jovanovski’s net worth is estimated to be $53 Million.

What do you think about Ed Jovanovski’s net worth? Leave a comment below.

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