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Which are your favorite Robert Pattinson quotes?

Robert Pattinson is a British actor. He is best known for his role in the ‘Twilight’ franchise, alongside ‘Kristen Stewart‘. He was featured in the Forbes Celebrity 100 list.

Pattinson has appeared in many movies including ‘The Summer House’, ‘Little Ashes’, ‘Remember Me, Queen of the Desert’, ‘The Childhood of a Leader’, ‘The Lost City of Z’, ‘Good Times’, ‘Damsel’, ‘High Life’, and ‘The Lighthouse’.

Here’s a collection of the most famous Robert Pattinson quotes:


50 Famous Robert Pattinson Quotes About Life

1. “It’s fun to deal with the terror and the huge highs and lows of things. We’re still getting massive surprises, anytime there’s any Twilight-related event or anything.” – Robert Pattinson

2. “On one occasion I got this really bizarre horoscope thing from someone. It was a full-on zodiac reading, charting, and intersecting all this stuff. It was over 20 pages long and said we’re destined to be together. That was totally bizarre. I don’t really believe in that stuff anyway, although I do believe in Karma because it’s already bitten me on the ass so many times.” – Robert Pattinson

3. “I’m curious to see what happens in England because in all this madness I think I can always go home to England and it’ll all turn off.” – Robert Pattinson

4. “My whole head is like I’ve had a facelift.” – Robert Pattinson

5. “Music means freedom to me. But in acting you can pretend to be someone else and I like that.” – Robert Pattinson

6. “I don’t want people to hate me. I basically do whatever I want. But one of the aspects of what I want is, I want people to like me!” – Robert Pattinson

7. “I was only given this life because I’m strong enough to live it.” – Robert Pattinson

8. “Your ideas dry up sometimes, and you get lazy sometimes ’cause you’re around the same people. That was the good thing about having different directors. You had to stay on your toes.” – Robert Pattinson

9. “Girls, you know it’s all just a game to them, relationships. Just go around stomping on everyone… I mean, look at this poor guy in the background with his collar up. You know he’s just gonna get ruined by women.” – Robert Pattinson


10th of 50 Robert Pattinson Quotes

10. “I aspire to be Jack Nicholson. I love his every single mannerism. I used to try and be him in virtually everything I did, I don’t know why. I watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest when I was about 13, and I dressed like him. I tried to do his accent. I did everything like him. I think it kind of stuck with me.” – Robert Pattinson


11. “Sometimes I think, ‘To hell with acting’ and then I realize I could be working at a shoe shop. Acting is much cooler.” – Robert Pattinson

12. “I’d love to be able to fit in a box. Like one of those people who fit into small boxes. I’d love it.” – Robert Pattinson

13. “I’m, like, a compulsive eater. I’m going to be so fat when I’m older, it’s ridiculous.” – Robert Pattinson

14. “I used to wear my mom’s Wayfarers. When the people of Ray-Ban noticed that, they sent me a box full of sunglasses, two and a half years ago. Now they’re all gone. They’ve disappeared during trips, many were also stolen from me, the rest I lost again and again. Now I have only one pair left.” – Robert Pattinson

15. “I didn’t want to get stuck in pretty, public school roles, or I knew I’d end up as some sort of caricature.” – Robert Pattinson

16. “I’m really afraid of getting hit by cars, like terrified of it. I’m terrified of crossing streets. I’m also very accident-prone…I think people aim for me.” – Robert Pattinson

17. “I get a lot more abuse in England. That’s just a general English attitude. I did the same thing to famous people. It’s just your instinct.” – Robert Pattinson

18. “People who are the most normal are probably the most crazy.” – Robert Pattinson

19. “It’s not necessarily that satisfying getting monetary success, but sometimes it keeps the door open to make what you want to make.” – Robert Pattinson


20th of 50 Robert Pattinson Quotes

20. “I don’t even know if Stephenie [Meyer] could tell you why she was so fixated on [Twilight] very, very contained story about these very obsessive characters. It’s just an anomaly.” – Robert Pattinson


21. “I don’t really understand it even now, It does have an angle which is attached to something quite primal in girls. I guess people want it to define them, like ‘I’m a Twilight fan.’ That’s crazy to me. I think people really just like being part of a crowd. There’s something just tremendously exciting about hyping yourself up to that level.” – Robert Pattinson

22. “If I had known that this movie would bring so much craziness, I don’t know if I would have said ‘yes’ to the Twilight Saga. I never asked to be a poster-boy.” – Robert Pattinson

23. “People would be in hysterics if they saw that. It’s like, wow, he’s a superhuman moron… So he wears lipstick, has a little bouffant, and does little circus acts as well. Oh, he’s so sexy.” – Robert Pattinson

24. “Now listen, guuuyyysss! Come on, guys. Let’s all, come on, let’s be simple about this.” – Robert Pattinson

25. “You can put a dog in a scene and everyone’s going to be better, I guarantee it. And if they’re not better, just shoot the dog.” – Robert Pattinson

26. “This is crazier and louder than I was prepared for. With every week, the fervor and anticipation seem to grow. People know my name and ambush me in public and try to figure out what hotel I’m staying at and ask me to bite them and want to touch my hair.” – Robert Pattinson

27. “There are too many possibilities if you can’t die. If you’re playing a normal human being, there’s always that.” – Robert Pattinson

28. “I was at a small private school in London. I wasn’t very academic. My dad said to me, ‘OK, you might as well leave since you’re not working very hard’. When I told I him wanted to stay on for my A-levels, he said I’d have to pay my own fees, then he’d pay me back if I got good grades.” – Robert Pattinson

29. “You can make five massive hits in a row and still not get cast by the directors you want to work with, doing little movies. There are no guarantees. I’m trying to sign up and do movies that I’ll be proud of if it’s my last one. That’s how I think about it.” – Robert Pattinson


30th of 50 Robert Pattinson Quotes

30. “There’s a thing, in general, about doing any kind of series, especially when the characters remain the same, to go back and try to improve whatever you did in the last movie, which never happens.” – Robert Pattinson


31. “This thing with everyone knowing you, it’s weird, because people have this one-sided relationship where they look at your picture and feel they know you more than someone they actually know. I don’t really know myself that well.” – Robert Pattinson

32. “I will keep that a secret as it was so indecent I doubt she was in her normal state of mind when she made it.” – Robert Pattinson

33. “In this scene, I’m talking about how much I don’t like cookies… I’m sayin, Listen, guys. Have you read the book? We’re not supposed to be eating.” – Robert Pattinson

34. “I never really considered myself attractive, really. I was always kind of gangly in school.” – Robert Pattinson

35. “It’s insane. I’ve had girls throwing themselves at me since the hype started. Now the film’s out I can’t walk down the street without being pounced on. All my life I’ve hated crowds. Now I only have to step outdoors and I’m at the center of one. It’s very cool but it’s very uncomfortable too.” – Robert Pattinson

36. “You’re trying to play an archetype on one hand and a character on the other, so I felt insanely frustrated, right up until the last shot, and then it ended.” – Robert Pattinson

37. “I keep forgetting I’m speaking in an American accent sometimes. The dangerous thing is that you end up forgetting what your real accent is after a while! It’s really strange; I’ve never done a job in an American accent before.” – Robert Pattinson

38. “I haven’t really decided to be an actor yet! I started doing plays when I was about 15 or 16. I only did it because my dad saw a bunch of pretty girls in a restaurant and he asked them where they came from and they said drama group. He said, ‘Son, that is where you need to go.” – Robert Pattinson

39. “I actually quite like working with kids and I like working with animals, which everybody says you shouldn’t do. It makes you feel like you’re not acting, as soon as you have someone who’s providing stuff to react to.” – Robert Pattinson


40th of 50 Robert Pattinson Quotes

40. “I think someone follows me. They do the most random stuff. I get a photo taken through a burger drive-through window and it’s like, ‘What?’. They always seem like they’re six feet away. I don’t understand. I’m walking around and I don’t see anybody.” – Robert Pattinson


41. “People ask me if I’m afraid of getting typecast, but you can’t be afraid of that. It’s really not up to you. I’m getting other parts that aren’t vampires.” – Robert Pattinson

42. “If I could get any semblance of, not really anonymity, but control over my public image, that would be nice. But no, I think it’s impossible [to maintain that], for one thing. I don’t think anyone can do that, apart from Denzel Washington. It’s a strange place that the film industry is at, where you can just play superhero after superhero.” – Robert Pattinson

43. “I think the most stressful thing in movies is when the weather is really random.” – Robert Pattinson

44. “I can’t see any advantage to fame. I’m happy with the life I have now. I’ve got the same two friends I’ve had since I was 12, and I can’t see that changing.” – Robert Pattinson

45. “I don’t know, just scripts randomly appeal to me. I’m not looking specifically at any genre.” – Robert Pattinson

46. “I remember, with the third [Twilight] movie, when we went to Munich and the entire Olympic stadium was filled with fans. We walked in there and did nothing.” – Robert Pattinson

47. “I really like Blade. I wish people would make hard R-rated fantasy movies again. It’s completely irrelevant, but people should do that more. I haven’t seen that many vampire things.” – Robert Pattinson

48. “We didn’t have packed lunches at my school. I was a lunch monitor as well – I used to take everyone’s chips!” – Robert Pattinson

49. “I hate people who cry around me. I’m not friends with them anymore. Especially girls. Cuz girls are crying all the time. It’s like, Shut up.” – Robert Pattinson

50. “It’s always been strange to me that someone can say they’re a vampire fan. I’m not a non-fan, but it’s such an unusual thing to be a fan of. That’s like saying, “I love zombie movies! I just love ’em! They’re my favorite!” That’s more of a psychological problem than being an actual fan.” – Robert Pattinson



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