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Willie Robertson is an American TV personality, author, businessman, and conservative political activist. He is the current CEO of the hunting-accessories company ‘Duck Commander’.

Robertson is best known for his appearances on the reality TV series Duck Dynasty on A&E. Other than that, Willie is an author and was ranked number one on the New York Times bestsellers list.

Here’s our collection of the best Willie Robertson quotes:


50 of the Best Willie Robertson Quotes

1. “I know a lot of famous people, done a lot of cool things. Tell you what separates me from the guys I know is knowing this (holding up Bible). The famous people I know that have so much money, it’s just stupid let me tell you what they want to know from me. It’s not hunting, it’s not TV, it’s what I gathered over my life from this.” – Willie Robertson

2. “I don’t watch a whole lot of reality shows, I’m not a big reality show guy, but I watched Billy’s show.” – Willie Robertson

3. “We’ve been in business together ever since we were children, so back in the day, there were so many references to your dad. Rather than wanting to sound totally hickified and go, Well, my daddy said, we would refer to him as Phil.” – Willie Robertson

4. “The Robertson family and bad ideas go together like biscuits and jam.” – Willie Robertson

5. “It also comes with everybody watching you. So I’m more aware, you know, there’s more things that I have to think about. Personally, just me. That just, I realize that I’m influencing a ton of people, a ton of children, a ton of, you know.” – Willie Robertson

6. “I hate that the world, you know, America’s so polarized now and so hopefully we can figure out a way to work together and, you know, figure some things out for our country.” – Willie Robertson

7. “I think it’s just the culture. There’s so many personalities down here in Louisiana, and … there’s just so many characters in this state.” – Willie Robertson

8. “The problems I have are no different than the problems my neighbor has up the street.” – Willie Robertson

9. “God created us to thrive on encouragement from others.” – Willie Robertson


10th of 50 Willie Robertson Quotes

10. “If modeling is one of those things that keeps presenting itself to me, I would love to do it and continue to get more involved.” – Willie Robertson


11. “Phil has the classic, mature beard. Jase’s is kind of red – it’s weird, like him! Jep grooms his the most: He’s got all these special lotions and perfumes that he puts on.” – Willie Robertson

12. “Whether it’s our food, hunting, outdoors or whatever we’re doing, I think as a state we’re passionate and it comes across and makes it a little more interesting to watch on TV.” – Willie Robertson

13. “I cut a rap song once. It was a few years ago for my old show ‘Buck Commander,’ and it was a song called ‘You’re Short.’ It was about my camera guy. We shot the video in Las Vegas, ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ style!” – Willie Robertson

14. “Remaining yourself, which I’ve heard a lot, you know. And how do you stay true? I mean your ‘self’ changes when this happens. So you do become different, you have to become more guarded, you just have to.” – Willie Robertson

15. “I want to always stay true to who I am and make sure in everything I do God is getting the glory.” – Willie Robertson

16. “I’ve seen this other side, to where they use all, everything they have is used to see how bad they can be.” – Willie Robertson

17. “I would recommend getting married young. That way you don’t have all the baggage.” – Willie Robertson

18. “I try to keep up with Troy and Jacob. We actually hunt together up in the middle part of the state, so we get together and share stories and boo-hoo to each other about how hard it is doing reality shows.” – Willie Robertson

19. “I would love to continue to model. It just depends on what opportunities I get, of course.” – Willie Robertson


20th of 50 Willie Robertson Quotes

20. “Money, fame, success temporary. Even life is temporary. Jesus that’s eternal.” – Willie Robertson


21. “Redneck law: Must have a gun. Must shoot it regularly.” – Willie Robertson

22. “You know pretty much the people who watch that network will have the propensity to buy outdoor products like duck calls and stuff like this. When this came along, we saw it as another opportunity to build our brand and to perhaps go into other areas and get way more national and international exposure for our brand, our calls, or whatever else we wanted to venture off into.” – Willie Robertson

23. “I haven’t been able to travel as much as I typically do because with filming the show we’ve been so locked down here, but the few trips I have been on is the same way.” – Willie Robertson

24. “Most guys say it gets itchy, but once you grow it out into a big man beard, the itching is gone.” – Willie Robertson

25. “It’s a lot of the same, whatever city or town you’re in, you’re just so much more recognized. Of course, we stick out so much – you’re not just on TV but you have a really distinct look- so it’s kind of hard to hide in the crowd.” – Willie Robertson

26. “You gotta remember – if I’m not in a scene, I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what happened. So It’s fun to watch whatever dad was doing that day, and I’ll get tickled myself and laugh.” – Willie Robertson

27. “I think Dad didn’t really treat us like children; he treated us more like little adults. We were good kids.” – Willie Robertson

28. “You don’t set off in life to be mediocre. At least, I don’t.” – Willie Robertson

29. “We were pretty well known in our circle of the outdoors so when we would show up to an outdoors show, pretty much everyone would know who we were.” – Willie Robertson


30th of 50 Willie Robertson Quotes

30. “I think things we don’t even think about that folks around the country just look at and go Wow, I guess that’s one way to do it. That’s one way to think about life.” – Willie Robertson


31. “I think we were a little blown away by how much it reached out. But we were prepared, and got our companies prepared.” – Willie Robertson

32. “I think my father had a lot of anti-establishment in him. He came through the 60s.” – Willie Robertson

33. “My advice is: Don’t take yourself too seriously, laugh a lot, enjoy your time with family, and appreciate the unique talents of others.” – Willie Robertson

34. “Tourism said they’re getting tons of calls from people wanting to come into the area and check out what else there is to do in West Monroe while they’re here because they want to see the Duck Dynasty place. It’s been great.” – Willie Robertson

35. “I’m a lot more recognized in West Monroe, Louisiana, I can tell you that for sure.” – Willie Robertson

36. “I think, for us, it’s just about our brand. The Outdoor Channel at the time made sense because of our brand; we wanted to promote our brand so we could help sell products. That’s a real targeted audience.” – Willie Robertson

37. “I’ve been working on it like crazy. It opens April 15 in Vegas. We’ll be out there and we’ve got a lot of people coming. We couldn’t be more tickled to show our lives on the musical stage. I think it’s going to be good. I think people will like what they see.” – Willie Robertson

38. “Si’s beard is really awkward. One side is longer than the other, and it’s about three different colors. I don’t think he washes it. It’s nasty.” – Willie Robertson

39. “Parenting is a constant struggle between making your kids life better and ruining your own.” – Willie Robertson


40th of 50 Willie Robertson Quotes

40. “When you’re out there in the woods hunting like we are all the time, we found that facial hair helps you to stay a lot warmer.” – Willie Robertson


41. “You have to be willing to fail, and all the while work your tail off to succeed.” – Willie Robertson

42. “we spent more time together these past five months than we probably have in years since we were kids since we were together every day filming the show.” – Willie Robertson

43. “My life and my whole eternity belongs to God. All this stuff is temporary.” – Willie Robertson

44. “The original purpose of the beards was to help with the wind when it’s blowing in your face.” – Willie Robertson

45. “Trust in God, love your neighbor, say you’re sorry, forgive, and work hard.” – Willie Robertson

46. “I think that’s the only way you can ever be truly successful in this world. You have to acknowledge that it is from above. And you have to have the confidence that even if you lose it all, things will be okay.” – Willie Robertson

47. “Making duck calls is the hardest thing that we make, so there’s skill involved, and they’re all handmade.” – Willie Robertson

48. “The hardest thing, for us, is to run your company while you’re actually doing the show. I haven’t figured out how to do all that exactly yet, because once the show started airing, and then we’re still filming, and it just gets crazier and crazier.” – Willie Robertson

49. “The way the culture is – it’s why I’d never live in another state – it’s so unique. You’d have to live here to get it.” – Willie Robertson

50. “Sometimes in the heart of the summer, I look at people with their faces shaved and think it’d be nice, but once you get used to it, it’s not as hot.” – Willie Robertson



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