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David Portnoy is an American sports media figure and internet entrepreneur who is the founder of digital sports conglomerate ‘Barstool Sports’.

Portnoy is best known for his popular Twitter account, where he posts comedic sports content for his followers. In addition to his success, He launched a pizza review series called ‘One Bite with Davey Pageviews’.

Here’s a collection of the most motivational Dave Portnoy quotes:


50 Motivational Dave Portnoy Quotes

1. “There are almost no other websites that have the type of readership we do.” – Dave Portnoy

2. “It’s strange: There are feminists who like Barstool and then feminists who hate Barstool.” – Dave Portnoy

3. “We’re a comedy site and have made fun of every single race, religion, creed, and gender. We’ve made fun of it equally.” – Dave Portnoy

4. “We’re a comedy brand that pokes fun at everybody.” – Dave Portnoy

5. “I make the decisions nobody else has the stomach to make.” – Dave Portnoy

6. “We don’t back down from controversy – we fan the fires. People think we go out of our way to create it, but we don’t.” – Dave Portnoy

7. “I feel like I see more and more Neapolitan style, that I call ‘fancy pizza’ – that’s not my cup of tea; I think it all tastes the same.” – Dave Portnoy

8. “We’re sick of other people saying what other people should laugh at.” – Dave Portnoy

9. “There is always a line that can’t be crossed. Anything that is said or written from a place of hate will never be acceptable behavior at Barstool.” – Dave Portnoy


10th of 50 Dave Portnoy Quotes

10. “I like coal-fired. I’m definitely, generally, always a coal-fired guy. Crispy, don’t do a ton of sauce, but kind of a well-done, coal-fired pizza is my jam.” – Dave Portnoy


11. “Everything the NFL touches that maybe we should be involved in… we always get the message the NFL frowns upon working with Barstool Sports.” – Dave Portnoy

12. “I’d go toe-to-toe with anybody in the Boston media over our group, 18-35-year-old guys.” – Dave Portnoy

13. “The people at Barstool Sports are a bunch of average Joes, who like most guys love sports, gambling, golfing and chasing short skirts.” – Dave Portnoy

14. “If you’re ordering chain, you’re a person with poor taste. Everyone lives near a pizza place that’s better than a chain. They can’t stand up to a local pizzeria.” – Dave Portnoy

15. “The easiest thing to say is, ‘I’m sorry.’ We don’t do that.” – Dave Portnoy

16. “I’d say we represent the silent majority.” – Dave Portnoy

17. “If we sell a T-shirt, that probably means we thought it was a huge event that resonated with our crowd.” – Dave Portnoy

18. “I want to make a boatload of money and I want to poof and maybe make it on the senior tour, live on islands, get a bigger Nantucket house.” – Dave Portnoy

19. “I love Boston, but it’s a smaller city for the personalities and video and the other stuff we want to incorporate.” – Dave Portnoy


20th of 50 Dave Portnoy Quotes

20. “We make it very clear, we don’t want our fans to say over-the-line things. But if someone is saying, ‘I can’t wait for Dave Portnoy to go out of business,’ I don’t care if our fans say, ‘You’re the worst.” – Dave Portnoy


21. “I’m never going to be on ESPN, probably. I’ve burned too many bridges. That’s fine.” – Dave Portnoy

22. “I really don’t turn the other cheek. So when I feel like I’m being attacked, I don’t back down.” – Dave Portnoy

23. “People know I’m a Jake Paul guy. I respect people who take over the Internet, and this guy has got maybe more haters than I do, which I also love.” – Dave Portnoy

24. “We really want Barstool Sports to be a brand that means something. It doesn’t just have to be myself… you see the logo, that bar stool and the stars around it, and you know you’re getting a certain type of vibe, a certain type of brand.” – Dave Portnoy

25. “There’s so much PC police. There’s so much, ‘You can’t do this, you can’t do that.’ We’re the exact opposite.” – Dave Portnoy

26. “It was always our belief that if we brought out good stuff our fans will like it and we’ll go.” – Dave Portnoy

27. “Ad revenue is important, but we want to be self-sustaining.” – Dave Portnoy

28. “Our readers get what we do, and I don’t think about what it’s going to look like to the outside world. I don’t really care.” – Dave Portnoy

29. “This is exactly why Barstool Sports has to exist. We’re one of the few places – maybe the only place – on the Internet where we don’t let agendas dictate what we do.” – Dave Portnoy


30th of 50 Dave Portnoy Quotes

30. “Everybody is saying, ‘ESPN is not cool, no one is paying attention to ESPN, they’re all paying attention to the Barstools of the world.’ Why? Because we’re authentic.” – Dave Portnoy


31. “It’s like if you sign a guy you know is a punk and a jerk, you can’t complain like, ‘Hey, the punk jerk is acting like a punk jerk!” – Dave Portnoy

32. “I like seeing Roger Goodell squirm.” – Dave Portnoy

33. “We have a long history of our reputation speaking for itself.” – Dave Portnoy

34. “The fact that Manti Te’o thought for a long time that he was dating, like, a fake girl and then that she died and did the tribute and the girl never existed. I mean inherently that’s funny.” – Dave Portnoy

35. “We have this fanatical fan base that wants to see us succeed, and so they get it. They get that to get the free content and all of the things we’re doing – whether it be the blog, the podcasts, whatever – we need money. We need advertising. If you want us to go hire Michael Rapaport, well guess what, we need revenue to do that.” – Dave Portnoy

36. “I’ll speak to anybody, anytime, anyplace.” – Dave Portnoy

37. “All-Patriot fans despise Goodell.” – Dave Portnoy

38. “When have I ever said I don’t want to sell out? I’ve been the most honest, ‘I’m going to sell outright in your face’ when I get the chance.” – Dave Portnoy

39. “Everything related to the NFL, we’re banned from. Whether it be Media Day, whether it be even doing negotiations for TV shows, everybody’s afraid of the NFL in their relation to us because they know they don’t like us.” – Dave Portnoy


40th of 50 Dave Portnoy Quotes

40. “We don’t take ourselves very seriously and view working at Barstool Sports as a way to avoid becoming slaves to cubicle life.” – Dave Portnoy


41. “The motto is, control our destiny, do new things, where we talk directly with our consumers and aren’t dependent on ad revenue.” – Dave Portnoy

42. “I don’t know how anyone lives in Miami. Because no one goes to sleep.” – Dave Portnoy

43. “You can’t put Barstool in a box however hard you try.” – Dave Portnoy

44. “The first time I used ‘Viva La Stool,’ I was just bragging about something. People grabbed it, and it went viral organically.” – Dave Portnoy

45. “Everybody hates Goodell. He unifies all Patriots fans, all New England, everybody hates him equally. He’s really a hated guy.” – Dave Portnoy

46. “I always wanted to find something that I could wake up and not hate doing. Hating your job was probably my nightmare scenario.” – Dave Portnoy

47. “We have no union at Barstool Sports. Nobody is trying to make a union at Barstool Sports.” – Dave Portnoy

48. “I figured I should have a website because that’s what everybody was doing.” – Dave Portnoy

49. “Unless you’re getting a dollar slice, there’s no real money difference between a chain and your local pizzeria.” – Dave Portnoy

50. “You judge a pizza place on their cheese slice.” – Dave Portnoy



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