40 Light-Hearted Neil Lane Quotes

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Which are your favorite Neil Lane quotes?

Neil Lane is an American jewelry designer. He is most popularly recognized for being the designer of engagement rings for the international hit reality TV show ‘The Bachelor’, thus earning Lane the nickname ‘The Ring Prince’.

Lane notably created beautiful pieces of jewelry for big names celebrities including ‘Renee Zellweger’, ‘Jennifer Hudson’, and ‘Reese Witherspoon‘ and for prestigious awards such as the ‘Golden Globes’ and ‘Oscars’.

Lane notably partnered with the international diamond manufacturing corporation ‘DeBeers LVMH’ to launch a store on Rodeo Drive and the jewelry company ‘Kay Jewelers’ for his bridal collection named ‘Neil Lane Bridal’. His masterpieces got recognized in several top magazines like ‘US Weekly’, ‘Vogue’, and ‘People’.

Here’s our collection of the best Neil Lane quotes:


40 Light-Hearted Neil Lane Quotes

1. “We had a great first meeting where I described to them what I thought America should do (laughs). I thought America was ready for pretty. I also suggested they should sell cushion-cut diamonds.” – Neil Lane

2. “I probably walked around the block 30 times until I went back to shop and the same routine – but this time I bought the brooch. And I trembled with it. It was my first visceral, experience with jewelry.” – Neil Lane

3. “I grew up in a house with antiques. My father would say, “Be careful, that’s expensive!” So I had this concept that older objects were more valuable.” – Neil Lane

4. “I might have been 20 or 22, drawing and painting in Paris – studying art in the museums.” – Neil Lane

5. “I never really liked diamonds per se, that really wasn’t my thing. Actually, I didn’t even like engagement rings – it’s kind of crazy. They were annoying to me! My expertise was in 19th-century gold. But I really started looking and studying these Edwardian and Art Deco engagement rings and began to love them.” – Neil Lane

6. “Maybe taking my design elements into china patterns or a silver vase or linens. Or maybe… a wedding dress!” – Neil Lane

7. “I do believe love always works out, and that’s part of my thematic thing at the wedding as well.” – Neil Lane

8. “I went to see the Mona Lisa. I took the ferry from Dover to Calais and then that long schlep into Paris. My first night I went to the Louvre.” – Neil Lane

9. “I didn’t watch TV. I didn’t know what ‘The Bachelor’ was and I didn’t understand why I would do something like that. I was in my own world.” – Neil Lane


10th of 40 Neil Lane Quotes

10. “There’s definitely not a set process, but usually the focus is on the whole red carpet look, whether it’s classic and minimal with just a few simple but gorgeous diamond pieces to finish the look or a bold statement that really centers on that “wow” piece of jewelry that brings the entire look to life.” – Neil Lane


11. “I walked past The Winged Victory and ran down the hall asking, Where’s the Mona Lisa? And when I found it and saw its actual size, I thought, That’s it? – Neil Lane

12. “Versatility is one of the great things about jewelry — you can add a little sparkle to your look with any piece. For example, you can choose classic teardrop earrings for a simple, sophisticated touch of glamour that’s not too overpowering but still makes a statement.” – Neil Lane

13. “The earrings that Zoe Saldana wore to last year’s Oscars were specifically for her, too. We went back and forth a lot working on the length until we got it perfect.” – Neil Lane

14. “Barbra Streisand and Goldie Hawn were my first clients at that little counter.” – Neil Lane

15. “I came to California in the late 1980s, I had a little counter at a vintage mall called Antiquarius in Beverly Hills and I didn’t really know where I was within Los Angeles or even in relation to Hollywood.” – Neil Lane

16. “Because I loved the flea market! As a teenager in Brooklyn, I was fascinated by what people threw out.” – Neil Lane

17. “I created an Art Nouveau style ring – hand chased with a vintage diamond. Yellow gold is a beautiful thing.” – Neil Lane

18. “Young celebrities started coming. They liked what I had, they also asked me to change and create things.” – Neil Lane

19. “What’s doing very well is rose gold and we mix it with white gold and it’s very, very pretty. It’s evocative of a past.” – Neil Lane


20th of 40 Neil Lane Quotes

20. “The ring that Jennifer Hudson wore when she won her Oscar, I’d created specifically for her. The brown and pastel-colored diamonds went perfectly with the beautiful Roberto Cavalli gown [she wore].” – Neil Lane


21. “I’ve taken Hollywood glamour that I spent 20 years on — working with some of the most famous, beautiful, glamorous people in the world — and I’ve been able now to bring this aesthetic to America.” – Neil Lane

22. “Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, with Arie, the ring he gave to Becca didn’t work. So we had to find another ring for Lauren.” – Neil Lane

23. “I made so many engagement rings – people liked my aesthetic and I began to get noticed.” – Neil Lane

24. “When Jenna Dewan received a cushion cut for her engagement to Channing Tatum it got a lot of attention. The next year, the cushion collection was the best seller. Then we started introducing my aesthetic: pear shapes, marquise shapes, and it was fantastic.” – Neil Lane

25. “The Miley Cyrus ring got a lot of attention – that was yellow gold.” – Neil Lane

26. “I believed intuitively that bridal would be for me a very, very important part of my life, so it was a kismet moment with Kay Jewelers.” – Neil Lane

27. “Eventually, Hollywood started appreciating antique and vintage styles and young celebrities were looking for something different. I started making rings for their engagements.” – Neil Lane

28. “I would study the detail – tiny little diamonds, curves, mill grain, unusual stones, and I was fascinated.” – Neil Lane

29. “One day, wandering the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore I found myself in front of a store. In the window was a demon-like brooch with a big pearl in its belly and a big diamond in its mouth covered in red and green enamel. I couldn’t take my eyes off it! The shop was closed, but I kept knocking on the door until they finally let me in and showed me the brooch. It was priced at $4,000 – an incredible sum at the time: I only had $10,000 to last me for my entire trip. I tried to negotiate with them and they threw me out.” – Neil Lane


30th of 40 Neil Lane Quotes

30. “Adding some sparkle to your fingers is an easy way to complete a look and you can have fun stacking multiple rings if you like. That’s definitely a hot trend right now.” – Neil Lane


31. “I work closely with the stars and stylists as the overall look is decided, though. For example, Naomi Watts came into the store the week before last year’s Oscars. We looked at different jewels and designs, and then her [fashion] stylist and I worked together on choosing jewelry for the final look.” – Neil Lane

32. “But I was becoming fascinated by enameled jewelry and color and started buying little bits of art nouveau jewelry – not expensive.” – Neil Lane

33. “It’s all about the love and affection and sharing that people have. And sometimes it doesn’t work out, with all the pretty finery and the lavish or exotic weddings. It just doesn’t. But for a moment in time, there is a real unity between people, there’s a real magnificent energy that comes out of these people that I’m working with. I focus on that.” – Neil Lane

34. “Shapes inform me, they teach me. A lot of the cuts today are based on the yield, but they didn’t have that technology 100 years ago, so some of the diamonds are much more lumpy and imperfect – they have character.” – Neil Lane

35. “So when you find an Asscher cut from the 1920s, there is much diamond material above the girdle and when you look into it you can see eternity. I just fall in love with these old diamonds.” – Neil Lane

36. “I don’t like to make claims … but I don’t think we’re going to see yellow gold take over again.” – Neil Lane

37. “Shape, shape, shape. I’m a very visual person.” – Neil Lane

38. “What shifted was, I was finding these things in the street – you know I never worked for anyone – and I discovered the Sunday 26th Street Flea Market.” – Neil Lane

39. “I didn’t even have a table – I’d put my items on a cloth and I’d make $300 at 17 years old. Then I’d go home and paint and draw. With this money I went to Paris.” – Neil Lane

40. “I worked with athlete Amy Purdy to design a yellow gold ring with a cognac diamond surrounded by filigree and beadwork.” – Neil Lane



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