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Omarion is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, and actor. He began his singing debut as the lead singer of the R&B band, ‘B2K’, which with their singles, such as ‘Bump, Bump, Bump’, ‘Uh Huh’, and ‘Girlfriend’ reached international success on the Billboard Hot 100.

He then began his solo career when the band disbanded in 2004. He has released three studio albums until now, all of which have gone Platinum.

Omarion has also expanded his creativity into acting. He has appeared in popular films, such as ‘Fat Albert’, and ‘Somebody Help Me’, and ‘The Proud Family Movie’. His most notable work as an actor was when he appeared in the movie ‘You Got Served’ which successfully earned him a couple of MTV Awards nominations and a Teen Choice Awards nomination.

We’ve put together this collection of the best Omarion quotes:


50 Omarion Quotes On Success, Careers & Music

1. “I think in order to really create something special, it has to be built on some foundation. And I think friendship is a good foundation you could always tap back on if you don’t agree. So for me, it’s not dating, it’s more so friendship.” – Omarion

2. “I don’t think it’s about topping your last; I think it’s truly about just doing your best. That’s what I continue to do throughout my career.” – Omarion

3. “When I became a father, I think that my understanding of what love was and my connection to that emotion shifted. I saw my children being born and recognizing what they call a miracle.” – Omarion

4. “I try to have five meals per day, with a few healthy snacks in between.” – Omarion

5. “Most of the time throughout my day I like to keep it light. Go to the mall or drop by a friend’s house, go talk with my family. And then after that, it’s studio. Studio is kind of a process. It’s like an all-day thing.” – Omarion

6. “When you become of age, you can sometimes feel like you have to force maturity. I’ve been lucky that I didn’t feel that I had to try. Growth is something that is going to come, you just need to sit back and let it happen naturally.” – Omarion

7. “Dancing has been my life and it has been a major part of what I am today.” – Omarion

8. “When you think about the industry, you think about people competing. You don’t think about people getting together like, ‘Let’s do a record. Why not?’ Especially R&B.” – Omarion

9. “Well let me just say, for a man, a lot of how your approach and you’re dealing with women comes from your mom.” – Omarion


10th of 50 Omarion Quotes

10. “That’s the mark of a really great actor when he can make you feel the emotion without having to search for it.” – Omarion


11. “Just like Michael Jackson in the Jackson 5 or Beyonce in Destiny’s Child or Justin Timberlake in ‘NSYNC. I just think there’s something unique and special about the breakout stars in groups. I think you’re able to kind of connect differently with the audience when you’re used to having that support.” – Omarion

12. “Cutting my hair, I feel like I’m going to another level. Cutting my hair was a step for me. Anybody that has had hair for so long, when you’re used to something, it’s like reforming your life.” – Omarion

13. “A lot of people want to collaborate with people because of their level and status, but really I want to create with Beyonce just because of her skill and because of the history we have together.” – Omarion

14. “I truly think that’s what music is about. It’s not about what you look like or what happened yesterday; it’s truly about how the music speaks to you.” – Omarion

15. “I’m so excited to be a judge on MTV’s ‘America’s Best Dance Crew.’ Dancing and performing is what I do and being a judge on this show will allow me to give creative feedback to the newest and hottest dancers on the rise.” – Omarion

16. “In ‘Reggaeton’ in particular, I get the opportunity to show my range as an actor. I have scenes where I cry and a love scene. I think people may be pleasantly surprised at what they see.” – Omarion

17. “When I say I need a queen, I need a woman of principle and poise.” – Omarion

18. “Flying private is cool, but the tour bus is like a home that you can decorate.” – Omarion

19. “I just want a lady who can be themselves, it’s not a cookie-cutter criteria that a woman should fall under.” – Omarion


20th of 50 Omarion Quotes

20. “I’m always chipping away at myself, fine-tuning the music that I want to do and the influence I want to have.” – Omarion


21. “I think meditation is good for the self. Having that moment with yourself and your mind is essential.” – Omarion

22. “There’s a whole bunch of other young parents that are just like me. I need to be a great example.” – Omarion

23. “If I’m going to get it in with the sugar if I’m going to have some cake. I always make sure I put in a hard workout after that for sure.” – Omarion

24. “I’m a perfectionist and I’ve always been interested in growing and I think that has given me the mental fortitude to continue.” – Omarion

25. “My music has been inspired by true events in my life.” – Omarion

26. “I was a backup dancer at one point for a group that was on RCA.” – Omarion

27. “I’m very mild-tempered. I like to think about what I do before I do it.” – Omarion

28. “Thirty minutes on stage for me is literally a full day’s work. So I make sure I eat right and I make sure I keep my energy high.” – Omarion

29. “Nowadays, independence is so promoted, it would be crazy for me to say I’d want a traditional woman who wants to stay at home.” – Omarion


30th of 50 Omarion Quotes

30. “I work out at least three to five days a week, mostly running and heavy weights.” – Omarion


31. “Yes, I’m really inspired by people like Jay-Z and 50-Cent to develop more business savvy.” – Omarion

32. “Back in the day it was like, I got a great record from a great producer and writer and it’s a hit single, so let’s sing it. But it’s different when you’re really living out your lyrics.” – Omarion

33. “You have to go through the ups and downs to really be able to root yourself and focus on what’s important.” – Omarion

34. “I like the biblical way of being in a relationship which is head shipment, I’m not saying that a man should run over a woman, but a man should have his role and a woman have her role.” – Omarion

35. “A lot of the times, at least for men, we have a radar so to speak, and I rate a girl’s personality, who she is, how outgoing she is, on the type of fun we’re going to have. There are some girls where you can take them to things that are cool like the pier, and they’ll actually enjoy that more than going to an expensive restaurant.” – Omarion

36. “All That’ was fire but I don’t really remember a lot of episodes.” – Omarion

37. “The first lyric on ‘Sex Playlist’ is ‘I can’t believe I got her all alone.’ I’m already putting myself in a situation of vulnerability because I’m excited that I’m actually about to share a moment with a woman I’ve been dreaming to share a moment with.” – Omarion

38. “Anyone knows that my music isn’t just centered around sex. It’s thought-evoking and feeling-evoking.” – Omarion

39. “If you listen to ‘Electric,’ ‘Entourage,’ and ‘Been With A Star,’ all those records are records that I dug into the crates for to help me create that feeling of old funk. No one makes records like that anymore.” – Omarion


40th of 50 Omarion Quotes

40. “Girls will probably – if she’s a lady – never do the No. 2 around you. If they’re not a lady, she might poo. You might ask her, ‘What’s that smell?’ And she’ll be like ‘I don’t know!’ But it really might be her. Because it happens.” – Omarion


41. “I personally feel like certain topics and certain issues aren’t really being conveyed the right way in music nowadays. It’s all very direct and to the point without leaving anything to the imagination.” – Omarion

42. “My mom is fully supportive of me, and she’s just like every other mother.” – Omarion

43. “If you can do a lot of pull-ups, you don’t just appear to be strong. You are strong.” – Omarion

44. “Unfortunately when you are a child prodigy there’s very few that have made the transition into manhood. That’s why I thank God for a full beard.” – Omarion

45. “Hygiene is important. You gotta smell good. So ladies, please spray some perfume. Hair gotta be done. You gotta look nice.” – Omarion

46. “I’ve never done a lot of collaborations. Truthfully, artists, most of the time are so busy, they never get a chance to get in the studio and be personal with a record.” – Omarion

47. “You just have to know yourself well enough to know what’s important. And when you do that, things just don’t get in your way. You don’t allow them to.” – Omarion

48. “Air Forces 1s just got that vibe when you’re walking in them, it’s like, this is a shoe shoe.” – Omarion

49. “When it comes to R&B singers, people think of soft men and technically I am not a soft man, not your typically R&B cat, so with a song like ‘Ice Box’ I wanted to be the voice for others.” – Omarion

50. “I just want to inspire people to be different.” – Omarion



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