15 Different Types of Mindsets People Have

10. The Business Mindset

The Business Mindset - Different Types of Mindsets People Have

Many of you reading this article are interested in entrepreneurship, or already own your own business. The business mindset is one in which you love serving others.

You love to provide a service to people, and help change the world, whilst also be working for yourself and making your own path.

The advantages of the business mindset:

  • You possess the qualities needed to help others
  • You’re able to solve difficult problems
  • You can achieve financial freedom and independence

The disadvantages of the business mindset:

  • You might be focused too much on money, and not on passion
  • There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with being an entrepreneur

Do you possess the business mindset?


9. The Dreamer Mindset

The Dreamer Mindset - Different Types of Mindsets People Have

The dreamer mindset is the one I love the most. People who possess this mindset have the ability to dream big and think big. They love to believe that anything is possible, and they have the ability to come up with incredible visions for their future.

Though, the mindset of a dreamer does have its flaws.

The advantages of the dreamer mindset:

  • You possess the ability to think big
  • You know what you want from your future
  • You realize just how much you can achieve from your life

The disadvantages of the dreamer mindset:

  • Dreaming is only good if you take action on those dreams

Do you possess the dreamer mindset?


8. The Follower Mindset

The Follower Mindset - Different Types of Mindsets People Have

The follower mindset is a way of thinking that easily allows others to decide what’s in store for your future. With the follower mindset, you don’t have complete control over your life, but you’re allowed to believe you do.

By telling you this, I mean that people who ‘follow’ are those who go with the normal way of doing things. They don’t like to question things.

Therefore they go to school like they’re supposed to. They get a job like they’re supposed to. They start a family like they’re supposed to.

Does this sound familiar to you?

The advantages of the follower mindset:

  • There’s less risk being a follower, and you’ll feel ‘safe

The disadvantages of the follower mindset:

  • You will be going after what others want, not necessarily what you want
  • You might never truly achieve happiness
  • You’ll potentially only ever do or achieve things that 90% of others also achieve

Do you possess the follower mindset?


7. The Greed Mindset

The Greed Mindset - Different Types of Mindsets People Have

We’re guilty of always wanting more. It often doesn’t how much money we have, we still want more. It’s a vicious cycle.

In the past, the wealthy have been associated with being greedy. A common misconception. Nothing good comes from being greedy; and when we want more, we never fully achieve happiness despite how much we have to be thankful for in our lives.

The advantages of the greed mindset:

  • It may motivate you towards becoming a successful and wealthy individual

The disadvantages of the greed mindset:

  • Your greed may be the death of you
  • You will always want more, and never fully be satisfied
  • You’re not focused on helping others, one of the prime purpose’s in life
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Do you possess the greed mindset?


6. The Gratitude Mindset

The Gratitude Mindset - Different Types of Mindsets People Have

We put the greed mindset before the gratitude mindset in this article on purpose. A lot of people forget to be grateful for everything they have in life. For having a roof over their head, a paying job, a family, a good supply of food and water.

We often forget to be thankful for what we have, because the majority of people within our country of origin have exactly the same as us. The people we speak with and spend time with on a daily basis; all have access to the same basic resources we have.

If you can be grateful for what you have, you won’t take anything for granted in this life, and you’ll be happier in the long run.

The advantages of the gratitude mindset:

  • You appreciate the things you have a lot more
  • It keeps you humble, no matter how much success you achieve in life
  • It’s a lot easier for you to be a happy individual
  • You’ll make the most of the precious time you have

The disadvantages of the gratitude mindset:

  • There are no real disadvantages of being grateful

Do you possess the gratitude mindset?

Written by Dan Western

Dan Western is the founder of Wealthy Gorilla. Dan is a young ambitious guy who has been researching self-development for the past two years and is now off travelling the world. His mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and be the person to whom they say; "Because of you, I never gave up." Join Wealthy Gorilla on Facebook.


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  1. Thanks dan, this article is good enough to give someone a mindf*** about who they are. Such a great mindset reception guide for anyone.

  2. Before going to tell anything, I just want to say that mindset is nothing but the set of assumptions or set of attitudes possessed by someone. The growth of mindset generates incitement and efficiency in the globe of business. Here, you have grouped 15 different categories of people having different mindsets. I think the mindset is a huge determinant of success. Because if you think more, then only you can do more, else lesser amount of success will be at your side. So, in this specific regard, I would like to say that, if someone thinks that he can avoid failure at all costs, that means he is much confident of his skills and this kind of mindset is usually required when someone is thriving for success.

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