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50 Rachel Zoe Quotes About Life & Fashion

Zisilia Alvsa



50 Rachel Zoe Quotes About Life & Fashion

Which are your favorite Rachel Zoe quotes?

Rachel Zoe is an American fashion stylist, designer, and businesswoman. She is most famously known through her appearances on the reality TV series ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ which also gained her public recognition.

As a stylist, despite having no formal fashion training, she has successfully been working with A-list clients such as ‘Cameron Diaz‘, ‘Demi Moore‘, and ‘Anne Hathaway’.

Zoe has ventured into writing as well. She has notably published many books about fashion and style. In mainstream eyes, Zoe along with the help of her fellow celebrity friend ‘Nicole Richie’ became the pioneer of the ‘boho-chic’ look consisting of oversized jewelry, loose-fitting dresses, and shirts, paired with a slim frame.

We’ve put together this collection of the best Rachel Zoe quotes:


50 Rachel Zoe Quotes About Life & Fashion

1. “I think, as a working mom, I have to dress myself differently now. I used to wear every kind of precious clothes. Now I wear more black.” – Rachel Zoe

2. “I believe fantasy and dreaming can be made a reality. You don’t have to be rich. You don’t have to be a VIP.” – Rachel Zoe

3. “I just fell into the job as a fashion editor at a teen magazine. I was there for two years, and I left there as a senior fashion editor at the age of 25.” – Rachel Zoe

4. “I’m a Virgo and I’m more – I don’t want to say ‘negative’ – but I’m the girl who thinks no one’s coming to my birthday party, no one’s buying my clothes, no one’s reading my book, no one’s watching my show – that’s just how I think.” – Rachel Zoe

5. “I’ve always been obsessed with style and glamor and if I want anyone to get anything out of my book, it’s how we can all have them in our lives.” – Rachel Zoe

6. “My home has to feel airy and bright with natural light. I don’t switch on lamps until it is literally black outside.” – Rachel Zoe

7. “I think people should look cute all the time.” – Rachel Zoe

8. “As far as I can remember, every dime I ever had, went to something extravagant. I would rather spend more, buy fewer items and have them forever.” – Rachel Zoe

9. “As great as it is, ‘Vogue’ won’t change a designer’s business. But if an unknown brand is worn by a certain person in a tabloid, it will be the biggest designer within a week.” – Rachel Zoe

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10th of 50 Rachel Zoe Quotes

10. “People tell you everything changes when you have a kid, but what nobody says is you don’t mind.” – Rachel Zoe


11. “I’m someone that never likes to overpower the girls in hair and makeup.” – Rachel Zoe

12. “I always say that I don’t like it when people follow trends too much, just because it is on the runway. I think what you wear really does need to reflect what your own personal style is.” – Rachel Zoe

13. “The thing that I really look for in people is enthusiasm and excitement and, not to sound really sappy, that fire in their eyes.” – Rachel Zoe

14. “I think in spring, we don’t want to wear makeup, we don’t want to wear a ton of clothes, we just want everything to be easier.” – Rachel Zoe

15. “I wear things that kind of can look good for extended periods of time – fabrics that don’t wrinkle, things that don’t stain very easily.” – Rachel Zoe

16. “Celebrities are just like us and like any of your friends. I love working with people.” – Rachel Zoe

17. “I’m not a tough boss in that I don’t raise my voice, I don’t freak out, and I don’t have a temper most of the time.” – Rachel Zoe

18. “I am a child of the ’70s, so I love classic rock – Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, and I also love Coldplay.” – Rachel Zoe

19. “I don’t deal in pretentious kids’ parties.” – Rachel Zoe


20th of 50 Rachel Zoe Quotes

20. “I don’t come from a family of slackers, but I do come from a family of doers.” – Rachel Zoe


21. “My first job, I worked at ‘YM’ and I had an extremely tough boss who made me cry every single day. But what I took away from that was how I would never be.” – Rachel Zoe

22. “I think what you wear really does need to reflect what your own personal style is.” – Rachel Zoe

23. “I do love being on television and in peoples’ homes. I’m not an actor, so there is a connection that’s real.” – Rachel Zoe

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24. “We’ve had Audrey Hepburn, we’ve had Twiggy, we’ve had Veruschka, we’ve had Kate Moss. I’m trying to figure out why I am to blame for skinniness.” – Rachel Zoe

25. “I love Fall Fashion Week because it means lots of layering, long sweaters, and vintage coats.” – Rachel Zoe

26. “Hair is a huge part of who I am and what I obsess over – I’ve had long hair my entire life.” – Rachel Zoe

27. “I keep saying I’m going to cut back on styling, but it’s hard to give up.” – Rachel Zoe

28. “All those things they say about a baby changing your perspective – it does!” – Rachel Zoe

29. “I would say that I definitely play a different role with my style; I like to mix it up a bit according to wherever I am. I dress differently in New York, L.A., Paris and London.” – Rachel Zoe


30th of 50 Rachel Zoe Quotes

30. “I think, in spring, we don’t want to wear makeup, we don’t want to wear a ton of clothes, we just want everything to be easier.” – Rachel Zoe


31. “I am definitely a perfectionist, and I do like things a certain way. But as I have got older, I would say that I am a little bit less of a control freak.” – Rachel Zoe

32. “It’s hard for me to take care of myself, let’s put it that way. I am my last priority.” – Rachel Zoe

33. “I’m not trying to set the world on fire; I just want to make really beautiful clothes that women want to wear, can afford, and can really see themselves in.” – Rachel Zoe

34. “It’s a constant challenge trying to find a balance between styling, designing and being a mom.” – Rachel Zoe

35. “Every other day there’s something – I’m dealing drugs, I’m starving people. I have never done a drug in my life.” – Rachel Zoe

36. “My dad is an unbelievable entrepreneur who balanced his life as a father and a president of two very successful companies.” – Rachel Zoe

37. “I did not have a van, or wear Birkenstocks and tie-dyes.” – Rachel Zoe

38. “I have lost my short-term memory – I’m just getting blonder by the day.” – Rachel Zoe

39. “Everyone wants to be a stylist. If you know that’s your calling, then you need to intern as much a humanly possible. You need to go to fashion school if you can.” – Rachel Zoe

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40th of 50 Rachel Zoe Quotes

40. “I think that sexiness should be in the subtleties.” – Rachel Zoe


41. “Truthfully, I’ve never seen myself as being too thin. Sometimes I’ll look at photos and be like, ‘Oh, that’s not a good look.’ But generally speaking, I’m not too thin.” – Rachel Zoe

42. “I don’t think that people should wear dresses two sizes too small. I just think that sexiness is better left to the imagination. It’s just more tasteful.” – Rachel Zoe

43. “On one hand I am this weird androgynous tomboy where I’m strangely low maintenance and have a five-minute makeup regimen. On the other I’m obsessed with all things beauty, from skincare to makeup.” – Rachel Zoe

44. “If my client calls me and says, ‘I’m going to a friend’s premiere,’ I’ll say, ‘Come over and let’s do something cute.’ And I won’t bill them for that.” – Rachel Zoe

45. “Fall 2013 was inspired by the 1970s equestrian lifestyle. I wanted to incorporate the moody and romantic – intricate baroque detailing and classic menswear elements – with something tougher and edgier in a nod to London’s rock n’ roll underground.” – Rachel Zoe

46. “No one wants to stay in the tabloids. But it’s actually not a terrible place to start.” – Rachel Zoe

47. “I always carry a Tom Ford lipstick and Tachta face blotters to get me through the day.” – Rachel Zoe

48. “Girls, to me, growing up were very, very petty and didn’t want me to succeed and didn’t want the best for me.” – Rachel Zoe

49. “I try to compartmentalize as much as possible, and I have the most amazing team in the world. They really set up my time in a way that is completely efficient all the time.” – Rachel Zoe

50. “When you look like you stepped out of a catalog, that’s never good. People shouldn’t succumb to trend, they should interpret trend.” – Rachel Zoe



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