Raúl González Blanco Net Worth

$100 Million

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What is Raúl González Blanco’s net worth?

Net Worth:$100 Million
Born:June 27, 1977
Height:1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Country of Origin:Spain
Source of Wealth:Professional Soccer Player
Last Updated:August 2, 2022


Raúl González Blanco is a Spanish football club manager and former professional soccer player widely considered to be among the greatest soccer players of all time.

He has played for Real Madrid in addition to two German teams and the Spanish national team at several FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro championships.

As of November 2022, Raúl González Blanco’s net worth is estimated to be $100 Million.


Raúl González Blanco Facts

  • Raúl González Blanco spent much of his career playing for Real Madrid, becoming their third-highest goalscorer with a total of 323 goals.
  • He was made captain of Real Madrid in 2003, retaining this role until leaving the club in 2010.
  • During his time with the Qatari club Al Sadd in 2012, he helped them win both the league and the Emir of Qatar Cup.
  • While he failed to win any championships with the Spanish national team, he took over the captaincy in 2002 and held the position until 2006.
  • Raúl González Blanco earned the nickname El Ferrari by Fernando Hierro for his technical skill and versatility on the pitch.


Early Life 

Raúl González Blanco was born 27 June, 1977, in Madrid, Spain, and was raised by his parents in the San Cristobal de Los Angeles area of the city.

He began playing football at the age of 10 and playing in local youth teams in and around Madrid.

After playing for his local club, San Cristobal, for three years, Raúl González Blanco moved to the youth setup for Atletico Madrid.

In 1992, Raúl González Blanco moved again, playing for the youth academy of Real Madrid and leading to his first contract as a professional soccer player.



Raúl González Blanco’s professional career with Real Madrid began in 1994, with the upcoming star scoring sixteen goals in his first nine games, leading to his promotion to the first team.

He remained with the team for many years, becoming ranked on the all-time list of La Liga goalscorers, behind Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Hugo Sanchez.

In 2010, he was transferred to the German club Schalke 04, scoring many goals both in the regular German league and the UEFA Europa League.

He then moved to Al Sadd, the Qatari team, playing in the Qatar Stars League beginning in 2012 before moving again to the New York Cosmos club in 2014.

On the international stage, he has represented Spain several times, beginning with the 1995 FIFA under-20s World Cup and two UEFA Euro championships.

His style of play has earned Blanco praise from many successful soccer players, with Rio Ferdinand praising his clever movement and ability to exploit gaps. 

His brand sponsorships include working with the makers of the most expensive sneakers in the world, with his Adidas endorsement earning him a large paycheck.

He has also appeared in commercials for other major brands, including alongside David Beckham, to promote the soft drink manufacturer Pepsi.


Raúl González Blanco’s Career Earnings

As one of the highest-ranked soccer players of his generation, Raúl González Blanco has received large transfer fees and salaries over the course of his career.

At the peak of his career, he could command salaries running into several million dollars each year, with enormous fees for his club transfers.

These earnings have been significantly supplemented through his many brand endorsement deals, each of which is worth millions of dollars each year.


Raúl González Blanco’s Net Worth Annually

Raúl González Blanco’s high salary and revenue through brand sponsorships have meant his net worth has continued to climb throughout his career.

This income and other assets have made him one of the richest soccer players in the world, reflecting the value he has brought to his teams.

He continues to manage football teams and invest in business ventures, so we can expect his net worth to increase in the future.


Personal Life

In 1999, Raúl González Blanco married Mamen Sanz, with whom he has four sons and a daughter, with two sons also working as professional footballers.

His daughter Maria joined the profession in 2022 after being signed by Real Madrid’s under-15 football team.

Raúl González Blanco has a solid presence on social media, notably through his official Instagram account, where he posts a broad selection of photographs for his fans.


Awards & Achievements

Raúl González Blanco has experienced a hugely successful career as a professional football player on the national and international stages.

This includes many awards and trophies for his team wins and celebrating his contributions to the sport.

Here are some highlights from Raúl González Blanco’s career:

  • 1995: While playing with Real Madrid, Raúl González Blanco is awarded the La Liga Breakthrough Player honor.
  • 1007: He picks up La Liga’s Best Spanish Player award for the first time, repeating the accomplishment four more times over the course of his career.
  • 1999: Raúl González Blanco is named the UEFA Champions League top goalscorer.
  • 2000: He earns another top goalscorer accolade, this time during the UEFA Euro 2000 championship.
  • 2001: FIFA name Raúl González Blanco the World Player of the Year.

As he continues his soccer career as a club manager, we can expect him to lead more teams to victories in major championships and tournaments.


How Does Raúl González Blanco Spend His Money?

While many of the richest soccer players are keen to show off their wealth and expensive cars, Raúl González Blanco is known for downplaying his wealth.

With that said, as one of the richest athletes in the world, he is able to afford a life of luxury and invest in expensive real estate.

He continues to live in his hometown of Madrid, working as manager of Real Madrid Castilla and aiming to take over the Real Madrid first team.



Raúl González Blanco’s soccer player and manager career has led to many career successes and highlights worth noting.

This includes breaking records while playing for the Spain national team and being ranked in the FIFA 100 list of the greatest living players.

Here are some of the best highlights of Raúl González Blanco’s career: 

  • 1998: In his second year playing with Real Madrid, Raúl González Blanco helps them win the first of three UEFA Champions League trophies during his time with the club.
  • 2000: Raúl González Blanco plays with the Spanish national team at the UEFA Euro championship for the first time in his career.
  • 2010: His transfer to Schalke 04 leads to his status as the highest-scoring player in all UEFA competitions.
  • 2014: After a brief hiatus, he returns to professional football to play for New York Cosmos’s American team.
  • 2018: Raúl González Blanco transitions to club management with Real Madrid U15s as a youth coach.

As his managerial career develops, we can expect him to enjoy many more highlights in future years.


Favorite Raúl González Blanco Quotes

Over the course of his professional career, Raúl González Blanco has conducted many interviews and shared his thoughts on the sport and his personal values.

He has also discussed his life growing up in a working-class family and his desire to help children explore their talent on the pitch.

Here are our favorite quotes from Raúl González Blanco:

  • Passion has driven me in life, because I didn’t consider myself as the most talented player. Talent isn’t everything… you really have to have the passion.” – Raúl González Blanco
  • Leaving Real Madrid wasn’t easy for me, and nor was it easy for the club, but by the time I had made my decision and it had happened, it was already summer. In Germany, the club knew three months in advance and they could prepare my farewell.” – Raúl González Blanco
  • I had a really clear aim – to be a footballer and have a career. And I feel privileged to have realised my dreams. I would encourage boys and girls to work hard and fight for their own dreams.” – Raúl González Blanco
  • I’ve always tried to be a respectful person. I tried to live the values that I had learned at an early stage. I’ve certainly been passionate about what I do, but I try to respect others – football gave me that.” – Raúl González Blanco
  • Passion has driven me in life, because I didn’t consider myself as the most talented player. Talent isn’t everything… you really have to have the passion.” – Raúl González Blanco


3 Amazing Lessons From Raúl González Blanco

Now that you know all about Raúl González Blanco’s net worth, we’ll dive into some of the incredible life lessons his experiences as a professional soccer player has shown us.

Here are some of the best success lessons to learn from Raúl González Blanco:


1. To Be The Best Possible Player Combine Technique With Speed

Raúl González Blanco’s combination of speed, agility, technical prowess, and precision proves that the best soccer players require a combination of skills.

If you want to be the best you can be, practice your pursuits in all aspects.


2. Never Forget Your Loved Ones

One of Raúl González Blanco’s trademark behaviors on the pitch included kissing his wedding ring every time he scored a goal.

This simple but meaningful gesture demonstrates his recognition of the importance of respecting your loved ones.


3. Share Your Skills And Experiences With Others

Raúl González Blanco’s involvement with the Real Madrid youth team as a coach reminds us that we should strive to share our expertise with the next generation.



There you have it, our complete guide to Raúl González Blanco’s net worth, covering his early life and career as a professional soccer player and team manager.

His work with Real Madrid’s youth team and ongoing brand endorsements mean his net worth will continue to change during this new phase of his professional life.

We’ll update this article as and when his wealth and career change, so make sure you bookmark this page for future reference.

As of November 2022, Raúl González Blanco’s net worth is estimated to be $100 Million.

What do you think about Raúl González Blanco’s net worth? Leave a comment below.

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