50 Incredible Bradley Martyn Quotes

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Which are your favorite Bradley Martyn quotes?

Bradley Martyn is an American social media fitness Influencer. Martyn has a YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers. He also is the owner of the ‘Zoo Culture’ gym, Creator of the lifestyle, and fitness apparel brand BMFIT Gear.

At first, he began his online fitness program in January of 2006, and in late 2014 he started his own YouTube channel. He has featured in a few films such as ‘Boo! A Madea Halloween’, ‘Boo 2! A Madea Halloween’, and ‘Coded Court’.

We’ve put together this collection of the best Bradley Martyn quotes:


50 Incredible Bradley Martyn Quotes

1. “I gained my popularity first on Instagram so I have to show some loyalty there too.” – Bradley Martyn

2. “If somebody wants to get my attention just be you and be real. You don’t have to do anything crazy.” – Bradley Martyn

3. “I think pressure is part of the thing that makes us who we are.” – Bradley Martyn

4. “I have never focused on my physique for any reason outside of being better in the gym. I don’t really have a life outside of that anyways lol.” – Bradley Martyn

5. “I like to spend time at Zoo Culture and hang out there even when I’m not training. We have people visiting Zoo Culture from afar every day so I like to try and be there to interact with people that follow and support me.” – Bradley Martyn

6. “I jumped out of a 4-foot pool for my first viral video. I’ve since squatted on a hoverboard and done a bunch of other ridiculous or impressive things that went viral since then.” – Bradley Martyn

7. “I have two female pit bulls that I adopted. One is named Bam and she’s the oldest. The other is named Haze. I try and take them everywhere with me. They are my family and have brought even more enjoyment and happiness to my life than I initially thought.” – Bradley Martyn

8. “I opened my gym Zoo Culture in May 2017 and I didn’t do it to make more money. I just wanted a place to film for youtube and workout. It was always a dream of mine so I did it. It is now doing well.” – Bradley Martyn

9. “I think about competing in the new Classic Physique division from time to time, but right now I’m still focused on building my brands: BMFIT, Zoo Culture, Origin Supplements, and Culture Cast.” – Bradley Martyn


10th of 50 Bradley Martyn Quotes 

10. “Being bigger gets you more attention, but that’s not always a good thing.” – Bradley Martyn


11. “I will usually take my time getting up and spend time with my dogs in the morning. I will answer emails, texts, tweets, etc. and get ready for my day.” – Bradley Martyn

12. “I believe I was one of the first fitness people to start doing this on social media.” – Bradley Martyn

13. “I didn’t build muscle or “get huge” for any reason other than I love lifting weights and I wanted to be better at it.” – Bradley Martyn

14. “I started then but it took several years before things really started to pick up.” – Bradley Martyn

15. “I implement a lot of vegetarian meals into my diet for health, but I am not a vegetarian, vegan, or anything like that.” – Bradley Martyn

16. “I am blessed and doing better than I had ever expected. I never focused on my income though. I’ve simply just done things that I wanted to do.” – Bradley Martyn

17. “It’s about the action and the work involved in building a business out of something that you’re passionate for. This is how I approach everything.” – Bradley Martyn

18. “I want to focus my happiness on how I make my money…instead of how much money I make.” – Bradley Martyn

19. “You need a personality. You won’t get girls simply by having muscles.” – Bradley Martyn


20th of 50 Bradley Martyn Quotes 

20. “I’ve never been much of a morning person unless I have somewhere to be.” – Bradley Martyn


21. “I love dogs and I hope that everybody gets the same experience with their pets as I do with mine.” – Bradley Martyn

22. “I don’t remember the exact years but I was on Instagram since the beginning. I was actively using IG when people were simply using it as an app to filter photos and post them on Facebook.” – Bradley Martyn

23. “I started Origin Supplements and Culture Cast (podcast) because they sounded like fun. We work hard over here and strive to make everything we do successful, but ultimately it’s not about the money.” – Bradley Martyn

24. “I’m a big believer in peri-workout nutrition, so I have supplements I use for pre and intra-workout. I will occasionally have a protein shake post-workout if I don’t have time to eat, but usually, I will eat a big meal after my workout. I’m a big fan of teriyaki bowls. I’ll get chicken or beef and have it with jasmine or basmati rice.” – Bradley Martyn

25. “Arnold is the G.O.A.T. and he probably said and did a lot of things to capture people’s attention back when Pumping Iron was created and released. Maybe that was his experience but it hasn’t been mine lol!” – Bradley Martyn

26. “When IG first came out there were people coaching/training others via email, but very few people had actually used social media for advertising of these types of services.” – Bradley Martyn

27. “I will get on set workout splits for specific goals when I need to, but lately I’ve been so busy with the business side of things and content creation that training has been a time of enjoyment and personal time for me.” – Bradley Martyn

28. “Those videos going viral was what really set my account up for growth.” – Bradley Martyn

29. “I started promoting my personal training and online coaching services as soon as Instagram came out.” – Bradley Martyn


30th of 50 Bradley Martyn Quotes 

30. “I train 5-6 days a week. Sometimes I’ll train every day if my body is feeling rested. Those of you that follow me know that Every Day is Arm Day!” – Bradley Martyn


31. “If I had to get rid of all but one then I would probably keep youtube just because I have the most fun creating content with their platform.” – Bradley Martyn

32. “I like creating content for youtube the best.” – Bradley Martyn

33. “Can it help you get girls? Maybe if the girl you are interested in likes your muscles.” – Bradley Martyn

34. “Things really started to take off when IG started allowing videos to be posted on their platform.” – Bradley Martyn

35. “It’s really simple. Eat enough calories to grow and make sure that you’re in a caloric surplus.” – Bradley Martyn

36. “Being bigger might intimidate some people, but it also might make some people want to cause problems with you because they are looking for something to prove.” – Bradley Martyn

37. “I was born in San Francisco and started lifting around 14/15 years of age.” – Bradley Martyn

38. “I enjoy interacting with those that follow me so I’m uploading my life online with most of the things I do every day.” – Bradley Martyn

39. “I get a lot of crazy DM’s on the daily. I typically ignore the crazy stuff no matter how “hot” the girl is.” – Bradley Martyn


40th of 50 Bradley Martyn Quotes 

40. “We built our studio inside Zoo Culture so that ends up being a part of my day most of the week. I’m pretty simple, I typically only travel for work and I don’t have much of a personal life that people don’t see online. I typically end my day at home playing video games.” – Bradley Martyn


41. “Honestly though, I didn’t build muscle or “get huge” for any reason other than I love lifting weights and I wanted to be better at it.” – Bradley Martyn

42. “No matter the obstacle that you go through in your life there is one thing you can be sure of… It is designed to make you better.” – Bradley Martyn

43. “I love the interaction that Twitter allows.” – Bradley Martyn

44. “I don’t need to focus on money to make me happy.” – Bradley Martyn

45. “Eat enough calories to grow and make sure that you’re in a caloric surplus. Once you do that then find the macro ration of protein, carbs, and fats that works for you to meet your caloric goal. There isn’t a specific food that will make you huge if it’s not consumed in the right quantity.” – Bradley Martyn

46. “I used to compete in Men’s Physique when the division first came out.” – Bradley Martyn

47. “Once you do that then find the macro ration of protein, carbs, and fats that works for you to meet your caloric goal.” – Bradley Martyn

48. “I am on Facebook but it is definitely lower on the list than the others. I’ll admit I haven’t followed too much about what’s going on outside of some of the meme’s, posts, and links that I see on the various forms of social media.” – Bradley Martyn

49. “I wouldn’t say that I like anyone better than the other.” – Bradley Martyn

50. “I’m 6 foot 3 inches tall.” – Bradley Martyn



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