The 10 Most Expensive CryptoPunk NFTs

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What are the most expensive CryptoPunk NFTs?

The most expensive CryptoPunk NFTs have propelled the market for blockchain-certified digital artwork into the spotlight, amassing total sales of over $100 million and counting.

Created in 2017 by Larva Labs, these non-fungible tokens depict a range of characters, from zombies and humans to apes and aliens, each with a range of attributes that make them unique.

With 10,000 CryptoPunk NFTs available in total, competition for ownership of the rarest punks is fierce, resulting in some of the most expensive NFTs ever sold, outperforming their close competitor, Bored Ape Yacht Club.

We’ve compiled this list of the 10 most expensive Crypto Punk non-fungible tokens, breaking down their sales history, unique attributes, and the prices which helped change the history of digital collectibles forever.


The Most Expensive CryptoPunk NFTs

Our lists are created by researching and rounding up information from the most reputable web sources.

Here’s our list of the 10 most expensive CryptoPunk NFTs:


10. CryptoPunk 3831 – $2.08 Million 

Most Expensive CryptoPunk NFTs - CryptoPunk 3831

Our first entry on this list of wallet-destroying CryptoPunk NFTs is CryptoPunk 3831.

This punk sold for $2.08 million on June 30th, 2021, from ENS username taneleertivan.e to an anonymous buyer.

CryptoPunk 3831 is one of 88 zombie punks featured in the collection and is one of 4051 punks featuring three attributes.

These attributes are vampire hair, big purple shades, and the popular (and timely) medical mask.

535 punks also feature the big shades, while 175 wear a medical mask, and only 147 punks have the vampire haircut.

To put this in perspective, there are 10,000 CryptoPunks in total, which gives you an idea of just how rare some of these attributes are.

At the time of writing, the anonymous owner has spent a total of over $7,6 million on just seven CryptoPunks, which is approximately 1.83K Ethereum.


9. CryptoPunk 7252 – $2.53 Million 

Most Expensive CryptoPunk NFTs - CryptoPunk 7252

Making its first of two appearances on this list is CryptoPunk 7252, which sold for $2.53 million – or 1000 ETH – on August 4th, 2021.

It’s another zombie punk from the collection, this time wearing a gold earring in one ear (a fairly common trait shared by 2459 other punks) and a chinstrap (an attribute shared by only 282 punks).

It also sports a crazy haircut dyed bright red, a trait which another 414 punks also share.

CryptoPunk 7252 was sold to an anonymous investor by the account username thebeautyandthe, who owns 36 punks in total, many acquired without any Ethereum changing hands.

The anonymous buyer has spent a total of $6.76 million on CryptoPunks to date, including CryptoPunk 8620 for £1.02 million.

CryptoPunk 7252’s desirability will be evident later on in this list, with the $2.53 million purchase proving to be a wise investment for the anonymous owner.


8. CryptoPunk 8888 – $2.87 Million

Most Expensive CryptoPunk NFTs - CryptoPunk 8888

Next up is CryptoPunk 8888, one of 3840 female punks featured in the collection of 10,000.

With just two attributes to its name, this punk wears an eye mask (a trait shared by another 293 punks) and has a red mohawk on her head, an attribute found in only 147 other punks in the collection, resulting in a cyberpunk NFT look.

CryptoPunk 8888 sold for an impressive $2.87 million in late August 2021, only the second sale in its existence.

Initially sold for $48,356 on February 27th, 2021, the latest sale represents a significant jump in value for this non-fungible token.

The current unnamed owner has a total of just three punks in their CryptoPunk collection, including 8888, with little account activity suggesting they are on the hunt for more punks.

NFT Valuations places the value of CryptoPunk 8888 at just 124.04 ETH, or $518,548, a fraction of its most recent sale price.


7. CryptoPunk 2140 – $3.76 Million

Most Expensive CryptoPunk NFTs - CryptoPunk 2140

CryptoPunk 2140 has been sold three times since it was first created in 2017, with the most recent sale for $3.76 million occurring on July 30th, 2021.

The first sale to user Pranksy was for $731,604, followed by another sale to an account with the ENS name grunar.eth, for $1.18 million (or 750 ETH).

CryptoPunk 2140 is one of only 24 ape punks, making its key characteristic one of the rarest in the collection.

It has just two attributes, a feature shared with 3560 other punks: the knitted cap and small shades.

Knitted caps are worn by 419 other punks, while the small shades are a feature found on 378 CryptoPunk NFTs.

The current owner, user ENS name gary.veefriends, owns 59 punks out of the collection, which totals a spend of $8.54 million (or 2.05K Ethereum).


6. CryptoPunk 2338 – $4.37 Million

Most Expensive CryptoPunk NFTs - CryptoPunk 2338

The zombie punk returns with CryptoPunk 2238, another of the 88 undead characters featured in this set of NFTs.

With just a single attribute, CryptoPunk 2388 sports a thin Mohawk on its head, an attribute found on another 441 punks in the collection.

CryptoPunk 2388 sold for $4.37 million on August 6th, 2021, having previously been sold for just $458 in November of 2017.

The current owner has no ENS name listed in their account information and has spent a total of $6.24 million (or 1.5K ETH) buying these NFT punks.

The previous owner – also anonymous – currently owns four punks and is selling CryptoPunk 4612 for 890 Ethereum, or $3.7 million.


5. CryptoPunk 7252 – $5.33 Million


It’s time to revisit CryptoPunk 7252, which first appeared as the 9th most expensive CryptoPunk NFTs spot on this list of the most expensive CryptoPunk NFTs..

This red-haired crypto zombie punk with a chin strap and earring more than doubled in value in less than a month, jumping from $2.53 million on August 4th, 2021, to $5.33 million on the 24th of the same month.

This impressive leap in NFT prices pushed CryptoPunk 7252 into the international spotlight, at the time becoming the fourth most valuable CryptoPunk on the market.

At the time of this sale of CryptoPunk 7252, this collection of NFTs had pulled in over £100 million in just 24 hours.

As CryptoPunk 7252 isn’t currently listed for sale, there are no new offers, so it remains to be seen if this NFT will continue to soar in value when it next becomes available.


4. CryptoPunk 5217 – $5.59 Million

Most Expensive CryptoPunk NFTs - CryptoPunk 5217

The second CryptoPunk from the collection to break the $5 million barrier is CryptoPunk 5217.

Selling for $5.59 million, CryptoPunk 5217 is another of only 24 ape punks to fetch an astronomical price at auction, also featuring just 2 attributes.

This punk wears a knitted cap; an attribute featured on 419 other punks, and a gold chain, which only 169 other CryptoPunks wear.

CryptoPunk 5217 was purchased on July 30th, 2021, then immediately transferred to another anonymous account.

According to Rarity Tools, CryptoPunk 5217 is ranked at #34 in this category of NFTs and has an overall rarity score of 929.26.

Larva Labs account holder with the username manhoos.eth has placed a bid on CryptoPunk 5217, although it’s unlikely the current owner is likely to accept.

The bid is for just 0.10 Ethereum, which in fiat currency is approximately $410.


3. CryptoPunk 7804 – $7.56 Million

Most Expensive CryptoPunk NFTs - CryptoPunk 7804

The sale of CryptoPunk 7804 in March 2021 set a new record for the industry, with the $7.56 million price tag smashing the highest prices set by other NFTs.

The sale marked a further consolidation of blockchain technology and digital art collections, with some commentators referring to CryptoPunk 7804 as the “digital Mona Lisa.”

This super rare CryptoPunk NFT is one of nine alien CryptoPunks in the collection and features three attributes to its character.

Its forward-facing cap is worn by another 254 CryptoPunks, while 378 also share the small shades trait.

Finally, a pipe poking out of CryptoPunk 7804’s mouth is shared by another 378 punks, giving this NFT a dapper look.

CryptoPunk 7804 didn’t last long at the top of the NFT sales charts, with Beeple’s digital art collage Everydays selling for an eye-watering $69.3 million shortly after.

Dylan Field, CEO of Figma, is the man behind the purchase of CryptoPunk 7804, and it was Field who made the comparison between the NFT and the Mona Lisa painting.

Reflecting on the purchase in an interview with Protocol, Field said, 

“I really thought, “this is the digital Mona Lisa.” CryptoPunk is the first project. And of all the CryptoPunks, this is clearly, to me, the best CryptoPunk. And everyone will want it when people want CryptoPunks.”

CryptoPunk 7804 isn’t currently listed for sale, but with a bid for $87.64 million being placed and withdrawn on 29th October 2021, it’s anyone’s guess just how high this NFT will climb in value in the future.


2. CryptoPunk 3100 – $7.67 Million

Most Expensive CryptoPunk NFTs - CryptoPunk 3100

CryptoPunk 3100 is the most minimal punk featured in this guide to the most expensive NFTs from Larva Labs so far.

With just a single attribute (a statistic shared by 333 of the 10,000 total punks), it is also one of only nine alien punks and sports a blue and white headband.

CryptoPunk 3100 was bought for $7.67 million in March 2021, having previously been sold for just $2,127 in July 2017.

The sale came at a time when traditional crypto assets experienced a drop in market sentiment as uncertainty was on the rise, while at the same time, the popularity of non-fungible tokens continued to climb.

The owner of CryptoPunk 3100 has high aspirations for his investment, stating in late November 2021 their intention to sell the asset for $91 million (or 35,000 ETH).

Around the time of the sale, another lot of nine rare CryptoPunks sold in an auction at Christie’s for $16.9 million, while one seven-day period racked up NFT sales totaling $115 million.

An investor has yet to take on CryptoPunk 3100 for the current owner’s hefty asking price, but such a sale would place this NFT well ahead of the current most expensive token from Larva Labs.


1. CryptoPunk 7523 – $11.75 Million

Most Expensive CryptoPunk NFTs - CryptoPunk 7523

The most expensive Crypto Punk NFT sold to date is CryptoPunk 7523, which sold for $11.75 million at Sotheby’s.

Unsurprisingly, this CryptoPunk is another ultra-rare set of alien punks with three attributes (a trait shared by 4501 punks).

Along with 419 other punks, CryptoPunk 7523 is wearing a knitted cap, while 175 punks also wear a medical mask.

CryptoPunk 7523’s final attribute, the gold earring, is shared by 2459 other punks in the collection.

On October 29th, 2021, an anonymous bid of 20.4K Ethereum – or $87.64 million – was made and withdrawn, hinting at a possible CryptoPunk price the rarest CryptoPunks might reach.

The involvement of Sotheby’s auction house was characterized as “another digital trailblazing move for the broker in an article from CNN, with the sale consolidating the respectability of NFTs as a legitimate medium.

CryptoPunk 7523 is the only alien punk wearing a face mask, which is the key attribute driving this punk to such a high value.

The NFT punk was purchased by Israeli entrepreneur Shalom Meckenzie, the largest shareholder of DraftKings, a popular digital sports company.

According to Forbes magazine, Mackenzie has a net worth of $1.6 billion, although it isn’t known what other NFTs Meckenzie owns in his NFT collection.



With the collective sales of CryptoPunk NFT prices running into the hundreds of millions, the current most expensive crypto punk NFT could be dwarfed in future sales.

In October 2021, rumors circulated the internet suggesting Punk #9998 was sold for 124,457.07 Ether, or a whopping $532,414 million.

While this sale turned out to be a false alarm, it’s a clear indication that these non-fungible tokens could be set to skyrocket in the future.

As their popularity – and rarity – draws in more high-profile investors, the most expensive crypto punk NFTs ever sold look set to remain sought-after prizes in the newly emerging metaverse.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 most expensive CryptoPunk NFTs:

  1. CryptoPunk 7523
  2. CryptoPunk 3100
  3. CryptoPunk 7804
  4. CryptoPunk 5217
  5. CryptoPunk 7252
  6. CryptoPunk 2338
  7. CryptoPunk 2140
  8. CryptoPunk 8888
  9. CryptoPunk 7252
  10. CryptoPunk 3831

What’s your favorite CryptoPunk NFT? Leave a comment below. 

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