The 20 Most Expensive Headphones In the World

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Audiophile? You’re going to enjoy this if you are. 

Would you pay $120,000 for a pair of headphones? I guess it’s all relative, but still… $120,000!!

Anyway, here’s a list of the 20 most expensive headphones in the world.



The 20 Most Expensive Headphones In the World

The list of headphones and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as What Hi-Fi & Headphone Review.

These are the 20 most expensive headphones in the world:

20. Audio-Technica ATH-W5000

Audio Technica ATH-W5000 | Dynamic Headphones (Japan Import)
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01/31/2023 09:59 pm GMT

Cost: $1,200

Kicking off the list at $1,200 are the Audio-Technica ATH-W5000’s.

For $1,200 bucks, you get a pair of high-quality headphones, with the exception of audio quality and stylish aesthetics.

Its price comes from the magnesium-alloy frame and 8N-OFC (oxygen-free copper) voice coils.

To most, these are just fancy words and acronyms, but to those in the know, they’re a solid pair of headphones!


19. JH Audio JH16 Pro

Cost: $1,295

For an extra $95 than the previous headphones on our list, you can buy yourself a pair of these JH Audio JH16 Pros.

After customising the headphones, using ear moulds, you’ll end up with some really nice, comfortable and portable headphones.

Each one includes 8 internal drivers and feels like it’s been specifically designed for you. 


18. Hifiman HE 6

Cost: $1,299

Next up, we have a pair of over-ear headphones by Hifiman.

The Hifiman HE 6’s look like a basic pair of headphones from a distance, or to the untrained eye.

However, they’re far from it, as they feature an open-back design and use a planar magnetic structure – which makes the headphones radiate natural sound.


17. Beyerdynamic T1

beyerdynamic T1 High-end Tesla Headphones (3rd Generation)
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02/01/2023 06:34 am GMT

Cost: $1,395

The Beyerdynamic T1s aren’t the most glamorous looking headphones on the market, however, they do pack one hell of a punch when it comes to what they’re designed for – sound!

They use Tesla-based technology and traditional drivers to deliver their distinctive sound, and retail for $1,395. 

If you’re looking for an upgrade or wanting to buy your first set of quality headphones but don’t want to break the bank, this could be the pair for you!


16. Sennheiser HD800

Cost: $1,500

The first pair of Sennheisers on the list and the most affordable are the HD800’s.

One of the most famous brands for audio equipment in the world, Sennheiser have done themselves proud with these.

With stylish good looks and some state of the art transducers, the HD800s are exactly how you’d expect them to be – crisp, dynamic and loud!


15. Audeze LCD-X

Audeze LCD-X Over Ear Open Back Headphone with New Suspension Headband and Travel case
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01/31/2023 08:39 pm GMT

Cost: $1,699

In the fifteenth position, we have the Audeze LCD-X’s.

With their quality design and reputation, Audeze has produced yet another pair of exceptional premium headphones.

The LCD-X’s feature an open-back design, with a suspension headband, travel case and planar magnetic drivers.

These will make you want to relax and listen to your favourite music, podcast or audiobook all day long!


14. Grado PS1000e

Cost: $2,030

Next, on our list of most expensive headphones in the world, we have a pair from Grado – the PS1000es!

Grado claims these to be the finest headphones they’ve ever made, and that’s not surprising as they’ve paid attention to all the minor details – selecting each component by hand.

Made from hand-crafted mahogany, this pair of $,2030 headphones could be well worth the investment and last you a lifetime!


13. Meze Audio Empyrean

Cost: $2,999

Originally, only producing affordable headphones, Meze, a Romanian company, decided to branch out and offer a more upmarket product.

The Empyreans look pretty cool in comparison to a lot of other headphones within this price range, however, they set themselves apart by their incredible audio quality, remarkable affordability and overall comfort.

They might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying they’re a good all-around pair of headphones for the price.


12. Shure KSE1500

Cost: $3,245

The Shure KSE 1500’s are some pretty snazzy looking in-ear headphones, somewhat futuristic!

These headphones use electrostatic drivers, which provide a more complete and authentic sound.

Depending on which way you look at it, one downside could be that you have to use a dedicated amplifier.

However, don’t let that put you off as you’ll get some truly amazing value from the sound they produce.


11. HiFiMan HE1000 V2

HIFIMAN HE1000 V2 Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphone
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01/31/2023 10:44 pm GMT

Cost: $3,380

How cool do these look?!

Again, similar to the previous headphones, they’re pretty futuristic looking, but use some of the most modern engineering features and parts.

They’re planar magnetic headphones and with a super-thin 0.01mm driver.

As well as all the other technical details, they also offer incredible comfort – using polyester ear cups with an ergonomic design.


10. Audeze LCD-4

Cost: $4,000

The second pair of Audeze headphones on the list are the LCD-4s – the big brother of the LCD-3s.

If you have the money to spend and are familiar with the quality of Audeze, then these might be for you.

In comparison to the LCD-3’s, you’re getting a much thinner nano-grade diaphragm, double Fluxor magnetic arrays, a refreshed design and new headband.

If you’re unsure which ones to go for, start with the LCD-3-s and upgrade later on.

9. Stax SR-009

STAX SR-009 Open Back Electrostatic Earspeakers from Japan
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Cost: $4,450

Kicking off the top ten are these beauties from Stax.

The SR-009s might not look like the most sophisticated headphones on the market, however, they don’t need any extra bells or whistles to justify their price.

They have been carefully designed to include a super-thin diaphragm and a silver-coated, copper wire in the cable. This allows for much greater performance and higher sound quality.


8. Final Audio Design Sonorous X

Cost: $4,500

Final Audio have produced the Design Sonorous X’s to compete in the premium headphone market – and that they certainly do!

These cans are made from machined aluminium and stainless steel and are sure to turn a lot of heads!

In comparison to others on our list of expensive headphones, they might not produce the best sound quality, however, we still think they’re good value when all things are considered.


7. oBravo EAMT-1s

Cost: $4,780

Sometimes, you can get some really good in-ear headphones that’ll give a lot of the over-ear models a run for their money.

That’s exactly what the oBravo EAMT-1’s do!

They include a Hybrid Dynamic AMT driver and a coaxial design, which means they combine two types of drivers into a single unit.

Couple that with their ceramic handcrafted body, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination!


6. Abyss AB-1266

ABYSS AB-1266 Phi TC Reference Audiophile Headphone- Deluxe Edition
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Cost: $5,495

Unlike some of the other brands mentioned on our list, Abyss is less well known.

However, their AB-1266’s feature some really good design properties, like planar magnetic drivers, as well as an attractive aesthetic.

Needless to say, they might not be worth the price they’re asking, however, if you’re looking for something different to the rest, then the AB-1266’s could work well for you.


5. Ultrasone ED5 LTD Edition 5

Cost: $5,999

If you’re looking to invest a good chunk of change into some headphones and up your audio game, then the $5,999 mark well get you a good quality pair from Ultrasone.

For those who have tried the headphones, you’ll know that they produce a really good sound with a nice high end and stereo separation.

So, if you’re looking to splash close to $6,000 on headphones, then these would probably be your best bet.

P.S. You’ll also get a nice leather carrying case! – Well worth it!


4. V-Moda Crossfade M-100

Cost: $40,000

$40,000 can buy you a lot of things in this world, and for most people, headphones won’t be the first thing they think of.

Nevertheless, the V-Moda Crossfade M-100’s cost exactly that, and the majority of the price comes from the decorative shield’s you can choose to have on the sides.

They’re 3D-printed, in a precious metal of your choice, like silver, bronze, gold or platinum!

So yeah, if you’re wanting to show off, or looking to up your game in the headphone world then give these a try.


3. Sennheiser Orpheus/HE-1

Cost: $68,000

The third most expensive pair of headphones in the world are made by Sennheiser and cost a whopping $68,000!

Now, it should be mentioned that these aren’t your typical everyday headphones like some of the others mentioned on the list. They’re a series bit of kit and require their own valve amp in order to work properly.

The chassis is made of Carrara marble, which is a really nice design feature but also doubles as great damping, and the headphones are made from sculpted aluminium, microfibre and leather!


2. Onkyo H900M 20-carat Diamonds

Cost: $80,000

The day finally came when diamonds were used to enhance a pair of headphones! And, to be quiet honest, they look pretty darn good.

In the second position we have the first pair of headphones on the list to feature diamonds – the Onkyo H900Ms.

The H900Ms include diamonds on the ear cups and a ring of rubies. They fall short of being labelled as the worlds most expensive headphones by around $35,000.

However, that isn’t to say that the sound quality is any worse, as you’re pretty much buying $85,000 worth of diamonds, and most probably won’t be walking around the city in them anytime soon.


1. Focal Utopia by Tournaire

Cost: $120,000

Dominating the top spot of the most expensive headphones in the world are the Focal Utopia’s.

The Focal Utopias’s diamonds are mainly positioned on the outer ear cups and sides of the headband, alongside other precious gemstones and gold.

If you can see yourself wearing a pair of these, then you’ll have to get in contact with the company directly, as they’re not mass-produced and require pre-ordering!

But remember, you’re definitely not paying for the best sound quality in the world, you’re paying for the wow factor and exclusivity!



We hope you enjoyed our list of the 20 most expensive headphones in the world.

I still can’t believe you can actually spend $120,000 on a pair of headphones. But, as we’ve seen in some of our other most expensive articles, something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and I’m sure someone was willing to spend $120,000 on a pair of headphones!

Here’s a quick recap of the 20 most expensive headphones in the world:

  1. Focal Utopia by Tournaire – $120,000
  2. Onkyo H900M 20-carat diamonds – $80,000
  3. Sennheiser Orpheus/HE-1 – $68,000
  4. V-Moda Crossfade M-100 – $40,000
  5. Ultrasone ED5 LTD Edition 5 – $5,999
  6. Abyss AB-1266 Phi – $5,495
  7. oBravo EAMT-1s – $4,780
  8. Final Audio Design Sonorous X – $4,500
  9. Stax SR-009 – $4,450
  10. Audeze LCD-4 – $4,000
  11. HiFiMan HE1000 V2 – $3,380
  12. Shure KSE1500 – $3,245
  13. Meze Audio Empyrean – $2,999
  14. Grado PS1000e – $2,030
  15. Audeze LCD-X – $1,945
  16. Sennheiser HD800 – $1,500
  17. Beyerdynamic T1 – $1,395
  18. Hifiman HE 6 – $1,299
  19. JH Audio JH16 Pro – $1,295
  20. Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 – $1,200

What’s your favourite pair of the most expensive headphones? Leave a comment below.

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