The 10 Best Dividend Trackers

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What are the best dividend trackers to use right now? 

The best dividend trackers help you to identify stocks to invest in, manage your dividend portfolio, and make sound decisions on how to best use your personal capital.

We’ve explored a selection of investment tools popular among many investors, to find the best dividend trackers available for desktop and mobile devices.

These dividend trackers are an effective way to save money, analyze stock performance reviews, and make sure your dividend stock profiles deliver a return on your investment.


The 10 Best Dividend Trackers

Our ranked list of the best dividend trackers was created by thoroughly checking the tools and features from the best tracking services on the market.

Here’s our list of the 10 best dividend trackers:


10. TheRich

Best Dividend Trackers - The Rich

Best For: Investor Community

TheRich is an easy-to-use dividend tracker which features a vibrant community of dividend investors, making it a great platform for people who are new to dividend investing.

While TheRich is a little rudimentary-looking, there are some good tools available to help you check your dividend portfolio and keep a close eye on the stock market.

You can use their main tool to track dividends across a wide range of indicators, from accumulation/distribution to super trends and technical ratings.

There’s also the option to check out the habits of dividend aristocrats such as Warren Buffet and George Soros, listing the investments of the super-rich so you can find some inspiration to help pay for the most expensive watches you can buy.

TheRich platform comes with a handy dividend calendar, so you can keep an eye on any upcoming dividend payments across multiple investment accounts.

There are also tools to help you fine-tune your dividend earnings, including backtesting, which helps to show how your dividend investments would have performed over time.

To use this feature, simply select the test period you wish to track and the currency for your dividend stocks, then choose the assets you want to test.

TheRich is a good dividend tracker for newer investors who want the security of a welcoming community of fellow investors willing to offer advice, which is free to use on both web and mobile versions.


9. Mint

Best Dividend Trackers - Mint

Best For: Budgeting

Mint offers its users more than just dividend tracking, bringing a range of features on board to help you to manage your cash flow, pay bills, and keep an eye on your credit score.

While Mint’s core purpose revolves around budgeting, it works fine for dividend tracking, with the added advantage of being able to tie your investment decisions to your daily finances.

Since one of the habits of successful entrepreneurs is to plan thoroughly, Mint’s all-in-one approach to dividend tracking and personal finance makes it a great way to see exactly where your money goes.

It’s a sage and secure platform, including multifactor authentication and 256-bit encryption, so you can be confident your data won’t be leaked.

As well as using Mint to track your dividends, it’s quick and easy to link your 401(k) and IRA accounts to the service and keeps your investment portfolio in one place.

Mint’s dividend tracker lacks some of the features you’ll find in other dividend tracker software, and it’s not going to help you to figure out which dividends you should be avoiding.

That said, it’s a solid free portfolio tracker tool for more casual investors who want to integrate dividend payments into their overall budget.


8. DivTracker

Best Dividend Trackers - Divtracker

Best For: iOS Users

DivTracker is a free dividend tracking app available for iOS devices, allowing you to get up-to-date information through dividend alerts wherever you are.

As well as using DivTracker for your dividend income accounts, you can use it to check your dividend payouts, maintain your portfolios, and keep track of annual and monthly dividends.

You can see the dates and amounts for any upcoming dividends, linking all your dividends through the app’s dividend calendar to monitor all dividend payments coming your way.

There’s a news feed feature to keep you informed of the latest stock market news, so you can update your investment goals in line with the latest information.

In order to track an unlimited number of stocks, you’ll need to upgrade to the DivTracker Pro version, which will set you back just $9.99 for a year, which also removes ads.

If you’d rather not commit to using DivTracker for a full year, there’s a monthly subscription package that includes the same features for $2.99, so you won’t need Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth to afford it.

While you have to own an Apple device to use DivTracker, if you’re in that brand’s ecosystem it’s a great dividend tracker for multiple accounts, which comes highly rated in the Apple Store.

With a clean user interface utilizing clear graphs and diagrams, DivTracker is a user-friendly way to monitor your dividend performance, check on future payments, and keep all your stock holdings in one place.


7. Simply Safe Dividends

Best Dividend Trackers - Simply Safe Dividend

Best For: Serious Dividend Investors

Simply Safe Dividends is a dividend tracker geared towards the serious dividend investor, with a comprehensive selection of data points and tools you can use to really dig into your dividend portfolio.

The website’s home page shows you a wealth of financial information, from current balance, annual income, and dividend yield, to a complete list of your dividend holdings and shares.

You can connect your brokerage account and type in your holdings to track dividend income, and even check your dividend safety scores.

There’s a scoring system that you can use to track the potential for a given company to cut its dividend, and Simply Safe Dividends gives you this score for around 1,000 stocks, sending you a notification if the company is expected to raise or lower its dividends.

The list of additional tools is extensive and includes importing and analyzing portfolios, adding watch lists to a spreadsheet, checking up on recession performance, and investigating historical financial data.

All these useful and insightful features, however, come at a price: Simply Safe Dividends will set you back $399 per year, although there’s a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can try before fully committing to the investment app.

If you’re the kind of person who takes Warren Buffet’s success lessons seriously and doesn’t mind paying for a professional dividend tracker which can bring you a secure financial future, Simply Safe Dividends is a solid option.


6. Track Your Dividends

Best Dividend Trackers - Track Your Dividend

Best For: Free Tracking

Track Your Dividends is a free dividend tracker which allows you to track the performance, payments, and diversification of your dividend stocks.

There is a range of tools to help you track your dividend stocks, monitor your portfolio, check up on your future payments, and much more.

You can also access a dividend calculator to check up on your returns and make sure your dividend management is up-to-date.

Track Your Dividends also offers a Future Value Projections tool, which you can use to give you an idea of what your dividend income will look like down the line.

This assessment is based on the dividend growth rate of stocks you hold in your portfolio, applied to the current dividend yield.

Track Your Dividends is perhaps the best dividend tracking software for free, with multiple portfolios, diversification tools, dividend tracking, and alerts for upcoming dividend payments.

There’s also a Pro version, which includes all the features in the free version, and adds analytics tools to help you navigate the turbulent nature of stocks, dividend safety scores and unlimited bank feeds.

Upgrading to the Pro version of Track Your Dividends will set you back $9.99 a month, with a seven-day free trial available, so you can try before you commit.


5. Finbox

Best Dividend Trackers - Finbox

Best For: Frequent Traders

Finbox provides a comprehensive toolbox for investors, which works as a dividends tracker while also offering users a range of features to work through the investment process.

You can track your dividend portfolio, check financial models, follow stocks on over 1000 metrics, and choose the companies with the greatest investment potential.

This makes Finbox a great all-around investment advisor tool, accessing up to ten years of historical financial data, checking pre-built valuation models, and creating unlimited watch lists.

It’s a more thorough system than other dividend income trackers, and since it licenses data from S&P Market Intelligence, it’s also one of the most accurate and up-to-date.

There’s even a Google Sheets add-on feature, making is even easier to keep on top of your dividend income and transform Finbox into a dividend screener.

The free version allows users to access waitlisted metrics across unlimited watch lists, along with whitelisted screen filters, the creation of charts and portfolios, and financial models.

The basic premium version, at $20 per month, opens up premium metrics and stock filters, as well as the ability to export your data from online tools.

It’s a reasonable price to pay for the services and could set you on the path to achieving Larry Silverstein’s net worth.

Upgrade to the full package at $66 per month, and the full range of metrics and screen filters become available, making this a solid recommendation for frequent traders with considerable experience working with dividend-paying stocks.


4. Robinhood

Best Dividend Trackers - Robinhood

Best For: New Investors

Robinhood is perhaps the best-known dividend tracker app on the market, with a clean, user-friendly interface that allows you to invest in stocks and set up and track retirement accounts.

This dedicated dividend tracker offers real-time progress of your investments, issuing alerts each time you receive a dividend while also allowing you to view your dividend history and check up on future payments.

It’s also a commission-free service, giving you a potentially higher dividend balance while making it a great option for new investors who don’t want to commit to lengthy subscriptions.

You can set up your Robinhood account to purchase dividends automatically, making it an effective way to transform your personal capital into passive income.

Perhaps the main feature missing from Robinhood is an automatic dividend reinvestment program (DRIP), but this is counterbalanced by the inclusion of the ability to instantly buy stocks with new funds.

Robinhood’s potential to include cryptocurrencies makes it a solid all-around option for investors who are looking to diversify their investments into new digital currencies.


3. Sharesight

Best Dividend Trackers - Sharesight

Best For: International Traders

Sharesight is a stock portfolio tracker which also allows users to track dividend stocks, allowing you to track your dividends across a twenty-year span.

This means you can monitor your dividend income over the timeframe of your choice, gaining insights into your overall returns as well as tracking any reinvested dividends you have.

Sharesight also includes a Future Income Report, highlighting any upcoming dividends, projecting actual amounts based on whatever holdings you currently have in each company.

The interface does a great job of conveying plenty of information concisely, so you can take advantage of their powerful analytics tools, track dividends easily, and compare them with performance benchmarking in a few simple steps.

You can even set up graphs and charts to help better visualize your stock dividend tracker to more easily identify trends and opportunities for future investments and compete with Travis Barker’s net worth.

Sharesight is a powerful tool for international traders, introducing global insights into tax information which is invaluable for people who live outside the U.S. or travel regularly.

No matter where you live, you can set your portfolio base currency, allowing you to track how different currencies may impact your foreign shares, as well as choosing the end of tax year to generate reports.

There are four different subscription plans available for Sharesight, with the free version allowing access to one portfolio of up to 10 holdings, and limited reporting, price alerts, and automatic dividends.

$15 per month will increase the number of holdings to twenty, with the addition of a chat support system, so you can get help from Sharesight’s team of experts.

Upgrade to the $24 per month option, and you get three portfolios with no limit on the number of holdings you can own, while the $31 per month package gives five portfolios, again with no limit on the number of holdings.


2. Personal Capital

Best Dividend Trackers - Personal Capital

Best For: Diverse Investments

Personal Capital is an investment app with some pedigree, boasting over two million users and a wide range of assets valued at over $500 billion.

With such a large selection of investments you can track through its system, Personal Capital is a good dividend tracker for people who want to have plenty of options for how they invest their money.

You can use the platform for stock retirement plans, tracking your overall net worth (and you don’t have to have Britney Spear’s net worth for this tool to be useful), setting up a budget matching your cash flow, and organizing your savings with their Retirement Planner.

There are additional tools available to track investments, such as the Investment Checkup tool, which can help you to figure out ways to improve how your money is invested.

Personal Capital is a free investment tool that uses projections for your investment potential, offering risk level information and effective dividend strategy lists.

There’s also a Fee Analyzer, helping you to track hidden fees in mutual funds as well as your retirement accounts, so you know what expenses your investments are costing.

Personal Capital can be linked with your Robinhood account if you have one, and if you’re lucky enough to have $100,000 to invest, they use a mix of automated and human guided-investment management to make sure it’s allocated to the best funds.



Best Dividend Trackers -

Best For: Overall Dividend Tracking is a dedicated dividend assistant which allows you to view your dividend growth and returns, as well as check ratings, allocations, and any applicable fees.

It features an extensive selection of tracking tools that you can use to select dividend-paying stocks from a wide selection of options and can synch your brokerage account to the platform for added insights. includes a dividend mutual fund and ETF information, providing details on your next dividend, income profile, risk/returns profile, and allocations and expenses.

The Ex-Dividend Date helps you to avoid confusion when monitoring dividend payments, although you need to be the owner of the stock before the date to receive payment. also features a Stock Screener tool, which analyzes and matches dividend-paying stocks with your personal investment goals.

The majority of the tools on the platform are available through the free version, but if you upgrade to Premium Tools, you’ll get more advanced features such as Dividend Payout Changes, to help you further dig into your investments.

For $149 per year, this premium version includes other services such as DARS Ratings & Recommendations, data downloads, and watchlist alerts.

It’s a great all-around dividend tracking system that suits newbies and experienced investors alike and is a great way to build assets and set yourself on the path to owning one of the world’s most expensive private jets.



Choosing the right dividend tracker tools can be a little overwhelming, and understanding how other dividend investors tackle their investments is a good way to pick the right tool for your needs.

We’ve explored ten of the very best dividend trackers on the market, from easy-to-use free trackers to detailed systems for the more experienced investors.

With subscription packages, tools, and features subject to change, it’s worth checking up on your tracker of choice, so you know exactly what to expect when committing money to your investment funds.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best dividend trackers:

  2. Personal Capital
  3. Sharesighr
  4. Robinhood
  5. Finbox
  6. Track Your Dividends
  7. Simply Safe Dividends
  8. DivTracker
  9. Mint
  10. TheRich

What’s the best dividend tracker, in your opinion? Leave a comment below.

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