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Brad Paisley is an American country music singer and songwriter. He is most famously recognized for his astounding record for having 10 consecutive singles that reached the number 1 spot on the most respected country music ranking list, the ‘U.S. Billboard Country Airplay’ chart.

Throughout his career, Paisley has successfully amassed a string of accolades, among which are having sold more than 11 million albums worldwide and won numerous music awards, including ‘Grammy Awards’ and ‘American Music Awards’.

Paisley’s massive success in the music industry began right away from his debut album ‘Who Needs Pictures’. Ever since then, he has released 11 studio albums, notably with all of his albums receiving Gold certification or higher by the ‘Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)’.

Here’s a collection of the most incredible Brad Paisley quotes:


50 Incredible Brad Paisley Quotes About Life & Music

1. “If there’s a song where there’s a possibility of guitar stuff that would be fun to listen to, go for it. Don’t worry about what anybody thinks.” – Brad Paisley

2. “That there’s no more important decision in life than who you marry.” – Brad Paisley

3. “When every memory has been made and the pages start to fade. And every prayer you ever prayed is heaven-bound. When you think the ride is over, you’re back at the beginning. Love is never-ending.” – Brad Paisley

4. “She’s a yellow pair of running shoes, a holey pair of jeans. She looks great in cheap sunglasses, she looks great in anything. She’s, “I want a piece of chocolate cake; take me to a movie.” She’s a, “I can’t find a thing to wear.” Now and then she’s moody. She’s a Saturn with a sunroof With her brown hair blowing. She’s a warm conversation I wouldn’t miss for nothing. She’s a fighter when she’s mad and she’s a lover when she’s lovin’.” – Brad Paisley

5. “Someday I’m gonna be famous. Do I have talent, well, no. These days you really don’t need it.” – Brad Paisley

6. “When they say you’re the best, I always remember that the majority of the audience probably thinks someone else should have gotten the award.” – Brad Paisley

7. “I don’t stare at a sheet of paper and try to think of a good word to use. I try to see where the story should go.” – Brad Paisley

8. “This is real, this is your life in a song…this is country music.” – Brad Paisley

9. “I’m a last-minute shopper. I end up at the mall or somewhere on Christmas Eve. It’s a shame.” – Brad Paisley


10th of 50 Brad Paisley Quotes

10. “If I get an idea for a song, I have a melody for it. I’m a musician first. I’m not limited by the fretboard.” – Brad Paisley


11. “Country music has become the music that best represents the reality of American life.” – Brad Paisley

12. “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.” – Brad Paisley

13. “Anytime you do something from the heart, people just know it.” – Brad Paisley

14. “Deep down, I’m just a West Virginia hillbilly.” – Brad Paisley

15. “When a single mom goes out on a date with somebody new. It always winds up feeling more like a job interview.” – Brad Paisley

16. “You look out there and there’s people that, their day is changed because of your contribution to it.” – Brad Paisley

17. “Today she met me at the door, said I would have to choose, if I picked up that fishing rod today, she’d be packing all her things and she’d be gone by noon….well I’m gonna miss her when I get home tonight.” – Brad Paisley

18. “Can’t wait to date a supermodel, can’t wait to sue my Dad. Can’t wait to wreck a Ferrari, on the way to rehab.” – Brad Paisley

19. “I’m sure there are a few things in my CD collection that might surprise people. I like classical music, the blues, and I’m a big fan of alternative rock” – Brad Paisley


20th of 50 Brad Paisley Quotes

20. “Even in your darkest moments, you’ll think of something that’ll crack you up.” – Brad Paisley


21. “I hope I’m at least half the dad that he didn’t have to be.” – Brad Paisley

22. “I get to cry to Barbara Walters when things don’t go my way. I’ll get community service no matter which laws I break.” – Brad Paisley

23. “Rock Band never got anybody a date. Never.” – Brad Paisley

24. “Yea there ain’t nothing not affected when two hearts get connected. All that is will be or ever was; every single choice we make; every breath we get to take is all because two people fell in love.” – Brad Paisley

25. “I’m aware of the fact that a lot of talented people out there will never get this chance.” – Brad Paisley

26. “If you fall in love with somebody, then you’re not even worried about your bills. Love can take your mind off of anything.” – Brad Paisley

27. “I have a to-do list and I have a farm I care for, and things I like to do for fun – going to movies and all that stuff. It’s a painfully normal life!” – Brad Paisley

28. “I changed my mindset and figured, Why not try to be really entertaining instrumentally?” – Brad Paisley

29. “I imagine there’s a market for total depression. I grew up on George Jones and that really dark stuff.” – Brad Paisley


30th of 50 Brad Paisley Quotes

30. “It comes down to building your own world out here on the road. It’s who you surround yourself with. My band and crew are really positive guys.” – Brad Paisley


31. “Even on the most serious ballads, I’ll throw in a tongue-in-cheek remark.” – Brad Paisley

32. “I can’t see this world unless I go/ outside my southern comfort zone.” – Brad Paisley

33. “Alison Krauss is definitely my favorite singer that’s ever lived. I’ve never heard anyone like her.” – Brad Paisley

34. “She’s not perfect, but she tries so hard for me. And I thank God, that she isn’t, cause how boring that would be.” – Brad Paisley

35. “In the past, I tried to be more of a typical session guitarist. I wasn’t so concerned with impressing anybody.” – Brad Paisley

36. “I like to look at the songs like they’re little movies.” – Brad Paisley

37. “Unless you’re a true prodigy, you’re going to have to practice for a while being bad before you get any good. And it will seem like a waste of time. I remember that feeling well. But don’t worry about wasting time, because it’ll be so worth it. It’s my experience that in the end, life lessons and guitar lessons begin to blur in all sorts of interesting ways.” – Brad Paisley

38. “You can’t kill it with goodbye; It always finds a place to hide inside your heart for your whole life. Love is never-ending.” – Brad Paisley

39. “I really worked to try and be creative enough on the guitar parts so those who aren’t real educated would know that there was some difficulty in doing it” – Brad Paisley


40th of 50 Brad Paisley Quotes

40. “I try to write like the writers I admire – I rip them off in form. It comes from George Strait and Merle Haggard records, and country music, in general, is really good at that, the twisted phrase… So I’m always looking for that angle in my own work.” – Brad Paisley


41. “If you’re really on top, you probably didn’t do that great, ’cause you have to water it down a bit for it to get that mass appeal” – Brad Paisley

42. “There ain’t a woman in the world that wants to hear the word yes when she asks if you think that she looks chubby in that dress. And if she cooks all day you better eat it with a smile; it doesn’t matter if it tastes just like bad gravy on a Goodyear tire.” – Brad Paisley

43. “Jackass millionaires, hey, hey, Hollywood, here we come.” – Brad Paisley

44. “I go to eat dinner with my folks when I’m home. I think that’s the trick.” – Brad Paisley

45. “As a guitar player, it’s harder for me to impress somebody than it is to write a song that they like.” – Brad Paisley

46. “I can fall in and out of love, have marriages that barely last a month. When they go down the drain, I’ll blame it on the fame.” – Brad Paisley

47. “I love any and all situations where you celebrate creativity.” – Brad Paisley

48. “The nice thing about the world that I’ve been able to inhabit for the last couple of years is that I’m given a lot of freedom. Not all artists really get that.” – Brad Paisley

49. “Well one thing’s for sure.. all you really need is love.” – Brad Paisley

50. “Willie Nelson, out there 200 days a year, calls his band family. And it is.” – Brad Paisley



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