The 10 Most Expensive Starbucks Drinks in the World

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What are the most expensive Starbucks drinks in the world?

Most people need a solid dose of caffeine in order to wake up in the morning, and many folks head to their favorite coffee shops to get their fixes before work.

However, while most of us spend, at most, $5 on our daily cups of coffee, there are some truly expensive drinks that definitely aren’t your average morning pick-me-ups.


The Most Expensive Starbucks Drinks In The World

These Starbucks drinks aren’t featured on any official menus and instead come mainly from the social media expensive Starbucks drink challenge, where folks try to one-up the current record holder by creating the most expensive drinks ever made.

Here’s our list of the 10 most expensive Starbucks drinks in the world:


10. Venti Latte + 70 Shots – $55.75

Kicking off our list, we have a drink that required the buyer to bring their own bucket in order to contain it.

Costing a whopping $55.75, this drink contained caramel syrup, two pumps of vanilla syrup, and 70 shots of espresso.

Now, one shot of espresso alone typically contains 64mg of caffeine.

That means this drink contained a palpitation-inducing 4480 mg of caffeine, definitely not a great way to start your day.

While this expensive Starbucks drink definitely cost a lot of money, the man who ordered it ended up not having to pay due to having a free birthday drink through his rewards card.

No word on if he actually finished the entire drink. We certainly couldn’t imagine consuming that much caffeine and still staying upright.


9. Sexagintuple Frap 2.0 – $60.58

Ordered by a Florida woman named Sameera, this Caramel Crunch Sexagintuple Frappuccino required its own jug in order to be contained.

Although Starbucks technically limits the size in which beverages can be made, stating that anything larger than a Trenta cannot be served, Sameera called ahead to her local Starbucks and arrived near closing to prevent burdening the staff.

When it came time to ring up this monster Starbucks drink, the grand total was $60.58, but Sameera was able to bring this down to $57.75 by using her rewards card.

However, she ultimately ended up getting the drink for free, since she had a coupon for a free drink.

You’d think that Starbucks would limit what their free coupons cover, but we suppose drinks like these are few and far between.

Now, if only there were coupons like this for the most expensive coffees in the world, then we’d be set!


8. 77 Shot Venti Mocha Cookie Frappuccino – $71.35

This Venti Mocha Cookie Frappuccino isn’t for your standard morning commute, and at $71.35 it is definitely a very expensive Starbucks drink.

With loads of white mocha, caramel, hazelnut, and vanilla syrup, topped off with 77 espresso shots, this drink is as full of sugar as it is caffeine.

Although your usual Mocha Cookie Frap is a mix of Frappuccino roast coffee, frappe chips, ice, and milk, artfully put together, this drink was mixed in a cooler and didn’t end up looking very appealing.

However, its lackluster appearance didn’t seem to faze Jarrod, the customer who ordered it, and he even got it all for free by using a Starbucks birthday reward coupon.

Getting a $70 drink for free is definitely something to celebrate, even if finishing the whole thing is likely to land you in the hospital with heart palpitations.


7. 99 Shot Grande Latte – $83.75

Purchased by William Lewis Jr. in an attempt to order the most expensive Starbucks drink ever, this 99 espresso shot Grande Latte is definitely not something you’d want to drink by yourself.

Containing 6,336mg of caffeine and 20 pumps of vanilla syrup, this expensive Starbucks drink was served in an oversized coffee cup, making it look slightly more appealing than other drinks on this list.

Despite its expensive price tag, Lewis didn’t get this drink free with coupons, and instead paid the full price and shared the drink with his friends.

We certainly hope his friends were appreciative. It’s not every day that you get to sample one of the most expensive drinks ever made!

While this $80 drink is nowhere near as expensive as some of the most expensive ice creams in the world, it did hold the record as the most expensive Starbucks drink ever created, at least until the next drink on our list came around.


6. 100 Shot Caramel Frappuchino – $86.55

As the drinks on this list continue to get more and more expensive, we come to this impressive beverage ordered by a customer named Renee.

Although many of us have enjoyed a normal Caramel Frappuccino at one time or another, we couldn’t imagine sipping one with 100 shots of espresso!

That’s roughly 6,400mg of caffeine; the equivalent of 74 Monster Energy drinks or 67 average cups of coffee!

Served in a giant glass, this drink is a mix of milk, caramel syrup, and whipped cream that seems like it could give you diabetes with just one sip.

If the sugar content doesn’t do you in, the sheer unbelievable amount of caffeine surely would.

While we definitely don’t recommend trying to order something like this for yourself, if you’re like Renee and have a free drink reward saved up, you might as well go big or go home.

Just, be sure to share it with friends and don’t try to drink it all yourself, because you will not end up having a good time!


5. 120 Shot Americano – $92.55

If 100 espresso shots seemed like a lot, add 20 more to that for 7,680mg of caffeine, enough to potentially kill you if you drank it by yourself!

Although not as expensive as some of the most expensive alcoholic drinks in the world, spending $92 on a single drink is still impressive.

Ordered by Kiersten Vorv and Shaine Choen, this heart-stopping drink was served in a large Starbucks glass and it didn’t contain any extra frills like vanilla bean or hazelnut syrup.

Most impressive of all was the fact that these two girls sat down and finished this drink right there at their local Starbucks using two extra-long straws.

Despite the price of this drink being the reason that it landed on this list, we are even more impressed that these ladies were able to finish this expensive Starbucks drink without suffering any ill effects from the outstanding amount of caffeine.

No matter how many free drink coupons we have on hand, we couldn’t imagine giving this drink a try, and just thinking about it blows our minds.


4. Venti White Mocha Frappuccino – $101.50

Yet another drink contained in a large bucket that makes it look more like sludge than a luxury drink, this Venti White Mocha Frappuccino’s price, lands it in our number four spot.

Ordered by a man named Justin in Stratford, Connecticut, this White Mocha Frappuccino isn’t something you’ll find on any Starbucks menu or even any Starbucks secret menu.

To try and win the title of most expensive Starbucks drink, Justin has 112 espresso shots, 55 servings of Frappuccino roast coffee, 5 bananas, 70 pumps of white mocha, and a load of caramel syrup mixed together in his large blue bucket.

Definitely not something you’d sip while enjoying one of the most expensive cigars in the world.

The 112 shots of espresso alone cost $89.60, and his grand total ended up being 101.50.

While it ended up not being the most expensive Starbucks drink ever made, it definitely cost much more than most of us would ever dream of spending on one drink.

Fortunately, Justin ended up getting this one for free using his rewards points, and he even brought a bunch of friends to help him finish this incredibly expensive Starbucks drink.


3. Venti White Mocha Frappuccino – $102.04

Beating the previous drink by just $0.54, this Venti White Mocha Frappuccino is an expensive drink that the customer had made in a large metal milk bucket.

Purchased by a man known only as Thomas, this expensive Starbucks drink contained 102 shots of espresso, 54 servings of frappuccino roast, 70 pumps of white mocha, 4 pumps of caramel syrup, 5 bananas, and 5.5 tablespoons of protein powder.

If that wasn’t enough, this drink was also topped off with a hefty handful of frappuccino chips and liquid caramel, with extra ice mixed in for good measure.

Although Thomas doesn’t win the distinction of having the most expensive Starbucks drink in the world, he does hold the record for ordering the most expensive cold Starbucks drink.

Better yet, he earned this title without even having to spend a penny, since Thomas was yet another customer on this list who used a birthday rewards drink coupon to cover the cost of this expensive drink.

While we definitely commend Thomas for his dedication, we think we’ll stick with standard iced coffee the next time we head into Starbucks.


2. Grande Americano – $102.15

Elton Castee was once one of the biggest earners on Vine with 1.2 million followers.

Today, his YouTube channel enjoys 3.6 million subscribers, and his $102 Starbucks coffee video has racked up 1.6 million views.

While he may not have Warren Buffett’s net worth, Elton was still able to create the second most expensive Starbucks drink in the world, and it was truly a sight to behold.

Before he could even order, he needed to go to Target to find a cup large enough to contain the enormous amount of coffee he was planning on ordering.

Ultimately, he ended up settling on a small white opaque trash bin, which he took into the nearby Starbucks.

With 102 espresso shots and some caramel drizzle, this Americano rang up to $102.15, and despite having four people to split it with, the group was unable to even put a dent in this gigantic drink.

Despite trying to share the drink with random folks on the street, only half of this giant coffee was drunk, with the remaining half going to waste.

Although Elton tried valiantly to create the most expensive Starbucks drink, for all his hard work, he was only able to secure the number two spot.


1. Super Venti Flat White – $148.99

Remember William Lewis Jr. from our number seven spot? Well, he took it personally when his record was broken and set out to set a record that has yet to be broken.

Jumping back into the most expensive Starbucks drink challenge, Lewis Jr. showed up at his local Starbucks with a giant coffee mug in hand, ready to shatter his previous record and the records of everyone who had since one-upped him.

Obviously, Lewis Jr. more than succeeded by ordering a Super Venti Flat White with a shocking 170 espresso shots.

To put this into perspective, a typical Venti Flat White only has three shots of espresso.

He even ordered this drink with coconut milk to give it a better taste, also taking into consideration that the coconut milk would boost the price slightly higher.

While his previous drink contained roughly 6,336mg of caffeine, the Super Venti Flat White contained nearly 11,000mg.

That is insane, considering that even 1,000mg can cause jitteriness, rapid heart rate, and increased anxiety in sensitive people.

Fortunately, Lewis Jr. did share this drink with his friends, so he didn’t have to try and tackle it all on his own.

Maybe next time he should order some of the most expensive pizzas in the world to complement his expensive taste in coffee.



We hope you enjoyed our list of the most expensive Starbucks drink orders to ever be created.

While we certainly love our coffee and couldn’t imagine getting to work without it, our usual coffee drinks pale in comparison to some of the monsters listed above.

Would you ever try to break the most expensive Starbucks drink record? Better start saving those reward points!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 most expensive Starbucks drinks in the world :

  1. Super Venti Flat White – $148.99
  2. Grande Americano – $102.15
  3. Venti White Mocha Frappuccino – $102.04
  4. Venti White Mocha Frappuccino – $101.50
  5. 120 Shot Americano – $92.55
  6. 100 Shot Caramel Frappuchino – $86.55
  7. 99 Shot Grande Latte – $83.75
  8. 77 Shot Venti Mocha Cookie Frappuccino – $71.35
  9. Sexagintuple Frap 2.0 – $60.58
  10. Venti Latte + 70 Shots – $55.75

Which one of the most expensive Starbucks drinks is your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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