The 10 Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World

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What are the most expensive iPhone cases in the world?

Using the best precious metals and gems, these high-priced phone cases are handcrafted by some of the world’s best artisans.

This article breaks down what makes the most expensive phone cases command their high price, from the Tower Flower case to the Alexander Amosu gold and diamond showstopper.


The Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World

We’ve covered all aspects of these expensive phone cases, including the brands responsible, and the designs that make them so desirable.

Here’s our list of the 10 most expensive iPhone cases in the world:


10. The Tower Flower Case – $1,495

Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World - The Tower Flower Case

One of the most popular websites for finding unique luxury phone cases is Etsy, where individual creatives upload their exceptional designs to sell to an exclusive clientele.

The Tower Flower case is a great example of what Etsy has to offer, and comes with a handmade design using some of the best materials available.

The design features the iconic Eiffel Tower, which dominates the skyline of Paris and is a byword for romance.

Along with the Eiffel Tower, this exceptional phone case also features scattered stones and flowers to brighten up its appearance and give it a sparkling effect.

At $1,495, it costs as much as a five-star weekend in Paris and is comparable to some of the most expensive perfumes you can buy.

The Eiffel Tower design itself is made from gold, making this expensive phone case a desirable addition to anyone’s collection of pricey accessories.


9. Alter Ego Aurora Titanium iPhone Case – $3,299

Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World - Alter Ego Aurora Titanium iPhone Case

If you prefer your luxury phone cases to be on the more robust and durable end of the spectrum, the Alter Ego Aurora Titanium iPhone case is a solid choice.

Created by, the Alter Ego Aurora Titanium iPhone case is a painted case using high-quality paints to give it the appearance of the Northern Lights.

This excellent if expensive phone case also comes with a silicone liner, which helps give extra protection to your phone from the case itself.

This makes your phone safe from any bumps or falls, making the Alter Ego Aurora Titanium iPhone case practical as well as gorgeous to look at.

With an individually flame-torched coating, a mechanically textured surface finish, and a CNC machined aerospace graded titanium case, it’s a professionally made iPhone case.

Costing $3,299, the Alter Ego Aurora Titanium iPhone case is a limited edition product, with only 500 pieces available worldwide.


8. The Case-Mate Case – $4,271

Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World - The Case-Mate Case

The Case-Mate brand offers customers an extensive collection of phone cases and other accessories, coming in at a wide range of prices from more affordable cases to luxury cases such as this Case-Mate case.

A stylish premium case constructed from pure, hard plastic, the Case-Mate lux case for iPhone also features a silicone lining for extra phone protection.

At $4,271 for a case, you won’t need to have Kim Kardashian’s net worth to afford one, but this is still a statement piece for people with plenty of money to spare.

It’s made with a soundproof design which allows your audio to come through from the phone clearly, and Case-Mate also allows customers to customize the design according to their tastes.

You can decorate this expensive phone case with patterns, designs, and images, making it a bespoke expensive case that will be completely unique.

If you can’t afford the high price tag of the Case-Mate case, there are plenty of more affordable options available through their website, so you can spruce up your iPhone on a budget.


7. Brikk Titanium Case – $4,430

Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World - Brikk Titanium Case

Another expensive luxury phone case that is constructed from titanium is the Brikk Titanium case, which comes with the brand name embossed on the top portion of the case.

Titanium is a strong and durable metal found on some of the most expensive motorbikes in the world, so you know your phone is going to survive most falls and bangs when housed in this case. 

This is a relatively reserved phone case when compared to some of the alternatives, delivering a classy and smart appearance along with the protection afforded by the titanium build.

You can buy the Brikk Titanium phone case in various colors, with carbon, gold, platinum, grey stealth, and black to choose from.

It’s sleek, cool, and offers protection for your entire phone, and comes as part of a limited edition release centered around the theme of “Altruistic Precision”.

If you want to protect your phone in style with the Brikk Titanium case, it’ll set you back an impressive $4,430.


6. Gresso Titanium Edition – $4,500

Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World - Gresso Titanium Edition

Gresso has been manufacturing luxury smartphones since 1999, as well as a range of titanium framed sunglasses and other luxury accessories.

Gresso’s Azimuth dual-SIM phone made the news when it was released in 2014, featuring keys made from 18-karat white gold to justify its high price of $2,000.

Their Titanium Edition smartphone case offers a masterclass in class and style, its titanium outer shell making this expensive phone case robust and durable.

A handmade case with a price of $4,500, the Gresso Titanium Edition case rear is made from the finest Italian leather to enhance its high-end appeal.

There’s also the Gresso logo embossed on the case in gold, as well as a corresponding sequence number reflecting its limited-edition status.

You can choose from either grey or black when buying a Gresso Titanium Edition case, making this expensive luxury accessory a little more understated than some of its high-priced rivals.


5. Lux iPhone X Ingot 250 – $70,000

Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World - Lux iPhone X Ingot 250

The Lux iPhone X Ingot 250 is another expensive phone case from Brikk, with a price tag significantly higher than their Titanium Case, costing $70,000.

This high asking price is due to the 250 grams of 22k genuine gold, which covers the entire surface of the iPhone case.

According to Brikk, each gold ingot used for the Lux iPhone X Ingot 250 is hand-made and assembled by their craftsmen in the Los Angeles-based art laboratory.

As you might expect from 22-karat gold, it’s a soft case that is prone to scratching, leading some to wonder if there’s an additional case available to protect this expensive cover.

But if you’re buying a gold phone case, durability and resilience aren’t the top priority; this is all about showing off your wealth in as ostentatious a style as possible.

The Lux iPhone X Ingot 250 is finished with the weight of gold used to construct it etched on the back, along with a gold embossed Apple logo.

Brikk also manufactures a cheaper variation of their high-priced iPhone X Ingot 250, the XS Max model, which is available for around $2,000.


4. Goldgenie Donald Trump Case – $151,000

Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World - Goldgenie Donald Trump Case
Image credit: Gold Genie

Goldgenie, a luxury fashion and accessory store based in Sharjah, a city near Dubai, designed the Donald Trump case in 2016 for their super-wealthy clientele.

At $151,000, it’s the kind of accessory only someone with Donald Trump’s net worth would consider buying, matching the high net worth individuals who shop at Goldgenie.

Built from 24-karat gold, the Goldgenie Donald Trump case features the former president’s smiling face embossed on the back of the case, and was designed based on a request from one of Goldgenie’s loyal customers.

In addition to the 24-karat gold, the Goldgenie Donald Trump case also features studded diamonds lining around the edge of the case, as well as forming the Apple logo above Trump’s face.

If you want one of these for yourself, you’re out of luck; as the engraving on the back of the case indicates, this is a limited edition of 1/1, verifying its unique one-of-a-kind status.

Goldgenie’s managing director, Frank Fernando, confirmed in an interview with CNN Money that the client who ordered this luxury case was a Chinese woman, and claims to have received an additional nine orders for the case since its design was revealed to the public.


3. Buccellati iPhone Case – $208,000

Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World - Buccellati iPhone Case

Buccellati is an Italian luxury accessory and watches manufacturer that was founded in 2011 by two master goldsmiths, Mario and Gianmaria Buccellati.

They decided to branch out into expensive phone cases with the release of their case for iPhones, which takes the gold casing of Goldgenie’s Donald Trump case and ups the ante with the inclusion of beautiful diamonds.

The yellowish gold used for the Buccellati iPhone Case is enhanced with white gold sunbursts, while the diamonds run up and down the length of the case arranged in star-like shapes.

There’s also the Buccellati logo, in case you wanted to show off the brand of this slim, stylish, and very expensive iPhone case.

It costs $208,000 to own one of the Buccellati iPhone cases, with most of this high price due to the gold hardware and real diamonds.

If you’re a completist and aren’t happy with just the Buccellati iPhone Case, you can also pick up their matching iPad case for a cool $485,000.

One of the most luxurious brands in the world, Buccellati recently celebrated one hundred years in the business and recently opened its debut flagship store in Dubai.


2. Anita Mai Tan Dragon and Spider – $880,000

Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World - Anita Mai Tan Dragon and Spider

A far cry from the reserved minimalism of the gold-plated phone cases is the Anita Mai tan Dragon and Spider case, which is one of the most expensive phone cases in the world.

It’s made from authentic 18-karat gold, in addition to 23-karat diamonds which are embossed throughout its surface.

There are two versions of the Anita Mai Tan phone case to choose from, one in the shape of a dragon, and the other as a spider case.

The dragon and spider cases are the same price, but there’s a difference in the number of diamonds you’ll get depending on which one you opt for.

While the dragon version uses 2200 diamonds, the spider case takes things further and uses an impressive 2800 black and colorless diamonds.

With a whopping price tag of $880,000, the Anita Mai Tan Dragon and Spider case is as expensive as some of the most expensive phones you can buy, although the dragon and spider designs can make it tricky to fit the phone in your pocket once it’s in the case.


1. Alexander Amosu – $2.7 Million

Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World - Alexander Amosu

British-Nigerian luxury designer and entrepreneur Alexander Amosu is no stranger to exceptionally high-priced luxury goods, having set a new Guinness World Record by creating the world’s most expensive suit.

He’s also dabbled with luxury phones, releasing a diamond-encrusted BlackBerry Curve 8900, along with expensive phones for Apple, Samsung, and Motorola.

He continues the theme of using the most expensive precious metals you can find with his phone case, which outdoes the Anita Mai Tan Dragon and Spider cases by featuring an astounding 6,000 diamonds.

This Phone case also includes a gold embossed Alexander Amosu logo, just to make it clear what a high-class and sought-after case this really is.

Unsurprisingly, only a handful of these phone cases were produced, and it’s only available for the iPhone 6, so if you’re using an iPhone XS you won’t be able to house it in one of these.

With an astronomical price of $2.7 million, this is by far the most expensive iPhone case you can buy.



That concludes this list of the best – and most expensive – phone cases in the world.

We hope it can offer you some inspiration for brightening up your phone, or choosing a luxury gift.

Make sure you revisit this article in the future to see the latest expensive cases, as we’ll update this as and when prices change.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 most expensive iPhone cases in the world:

  1. Alexander Amosu – $2.7 Million
  2. Anita Mai Tan Dragon and Spider – $880,000
  3. Buccellati iPhone Case – $208,000
  4. Goldgenie Donald Trump Case – $151,000
  5. Lux iPhone X Ingot 250 – $70,000
  6. Gresso Titanium Edition – $4,500
  7. Brikk Titanium Case – $4,430
  8. The Case-Mate Case – $4,271
  9. Alter Ego Aurora Titanium iPhone Case – $3,299
  10. The Tower Flower Case – $1,495

Which one of the most expensive iPhone cases is your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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