The 10 Most Expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

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Have you ever wondered what the most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are? 

Well, you’re not alone. That’s exactly what we asked ourselves before we wrote this article. 

So, we’ve put together 10 of the most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! cards known to man.

You’ll find everything from first editions to stainless steel one-offs. 

Let’s get started.

Here’s a list of the 10 most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. 


The 10 Most Expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

The list of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as One37pmWikipedia

These are the 10 most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! cards:


10. First Edition Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Most Expensive Yu Gi Oh! Cards - First Edition Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Estimated Value: $5,600

Kicking off the list is the First Edition Blue-Eyes White Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh! card. 

It was officially released on March 6, 1999, and was among the very first cards issued in Japan. 

Many Yu-Gi-Oh! fans love the card because of its strength in the game.

It can be fused with two more cards to create Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon – one of the most powerful cards of all time. 

On top of that, Blue-Eyes White Dragon made notable appearances in Manga and the original anime.

A card in pristine condition has been known to sell for $5,600.

But, it could easily fetch more than that in the future, as demand continues to outweigh supply. 


9. Skuna, The Leonine Rakan

Most Expensive Yu Gi Oh! Cards - Skuna, The Leonine Rakan

Estimated Value: $6,000

Skuna, The Leonine Rakan is an ultra-rare Yu-Gi-Oh! card.

It was presented as a prize to the winners of the 2009 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships. 

The two-headed monster card is thought to be one of only six in existence, thus carrying a hefty price tag to match. 

It’s rumored that a couple of Skuna cards have sold for around $6,000 in the past.

And, as with the previous card on the list, it’s more than likely that the value of this card will continue to climb.

So, if you do manage to find yourself in possession of one of these, it might be worthwhile snapping it up!


8. Special Edition Cyber Stein

Most Expensive Yu Gi Oh! Cards - Special Edition Cyber Stein

Estimated Value: $7,000

The Special Edition Cyber Stein Yu-Gi-Oh! card was released from December 2004 to July 2005. 

The card drew inspiration from Frankenstein’s monster and was awarded to the winners of the Shonen Jump Championship.

Only 18 special edition cards were given out, to begin with, but more were released at events around the world.

It’s thought that there are approximately 126 Special Edition Cyber Stein cards in circulation, with one or two of them selling for around $7,000!

FYI: The Special Edition Cyber Stein card is one of only two Shonen Jump Championship cards banned from all tournaments! 


7. Armament of the Lethal Lords

Most Expensive Yu Gi Oh! Cards - Armament of the Lethal Lords

Estimated Value: $8,000

Armament of the Lethal Lords was given out as the prize card at the 2006 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships. 

The ultra-rare card gathered attention from fans when a seller asked for more than $1 million for it on eBay. 

After the initial hype blew over, the card’s actual value appeared to settle around $8,000. 

Still, that’s not a small amount of money by any measure, but certainly a long way off the original asking price. 

Also, it’s only suitable for collectors as it cannot be used in any official duels and tournaments. 


6. Iron Knight of Revolution

Most Expensive Yu Gi Oh! Cards - Iron Knight of Revolution

Estimated Value: $12,999

Iron Knight of Revolution was given out to the second, third, and fourth place winners of the 2017 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships. 

Of the three cards given out, only one has ever been sold, fetching a healthy $12,999. 

The card is scarce, as prize winners would rather hold on to them to memorialize all their hard work.

So, it’s likely that the Iron Knight of Revolutions estimated value will continue to increase as time goes on. 

And, like the previous card on the list, it’s illegal to use in battles and tournaments so you’d be buying it for collector’s purposes only. 


5. Amatsu-Okami of the Divine Peaks

Most Expensive Yu Gi Oh! Cards - Amatsu-Okami of the Divine Peaks

Estimated Value: $18,800

The tenth most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! card is Amatsu-Okami of the Divine Peaks. 

These cards were given out to the very best players at the 2018 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships. 

Although not quite as rare as some of the other tournament prize cards, when one was listed for sale, it reportedly went for $18,800. 

The most recent versions of the cards were listed on eBay between $233 and $534. 

It’s obvious which versions are more desirable! 


4. Dark Magician Girl

Most Expensive Yu Gi Oh! Cards - Dark Magician Girl

Estimated Value: $50,000

It’s thought that around one-hundred of these rare cards were given out as prizes in a Japan-exclusive lottery. 

The card features the female version of the series’ iconic Dark Magician and is one of the most elusive cards ever made.

Even though it’s not the most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! card on the list, an official listing can still sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

But, you’ll need to grab it while you can, as it’s highly sought after. 


3. Tyler The Great Warrior

Most Expensive Yu Gi Oh! Cards - Tyler The Great Warrior

Estimated Value: $150,000

Now, this is a Yu-Gi-Oh! card that has a story to tell. 

It was specially made for Tyler Gressle’s Make-A-Wish Foundation wish. 

Tyler was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer in 2002.

He wished for a custom made Yu-Gi-Oh! card and that’s exactly what he got. 

They granted his wish, and Tyler The Great Warrior was born. 

Due to the fantastic story behind the card, plus its one-of-one status, Tyler has reportedly been offered upwards of $150,000 for his custom Yu-Gi-Oh! card. 

But, due to its sentimental value and the fact that it was custom made for him, it’s unlikely it’ll be up for sale any time soon. 


2. Signed Japanese Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Most Expensive Yu Gi Oh! Cards - Signed Japanese Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Estimated Value: $421,000

The signed Japanese Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon was awarded to the winner of the 2001 Asian Championships tournament. 

It was presented to players in a package that was hand-signed by Yu-Gi-Oh! creator, Kazuki Takahashi. 

After its owner jokingly offered the card for sale on Twitter for around $934 million, a shop in Akihabara, Tokyo legitimately offered it for sale for $421,000!

Yet, despite the speculation, there’s no evidence that the card was purchased, let alone for that figure. 

But, that’s not to say it’s not worth that amount, as it’s a one-of-a-kind prize card after all.  


1. Tournament Black Luster Soldier

Most Expensive Yu Gi Oh! Cards - Tournament Black Luster Soldier

Estimated Value: $2 Million

The most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! card on the planet is the Tournament Black Luster Soldier. 

It’s what you might call the “OG” of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

The one-of-a-kind stainless-steel card was the first exclusive prize awarded at the opening Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament in 1999.

The Tournament Black Luster Soldier has been listed for sale in the past, but the most significant transaction was for $2 million in 2013. 

Its uniqueness alone is what makes this card so valuable.

So, until another card with kudos like this comes along, the Tournament Black Luster Soldier will remain the most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! card in the world! 



We hope you enjoyed our list of the 10 most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. 

How about that! Who’d of thought a small piece of stainless steel could be worth so much, right?! 

Well, it’s all relative. To some, they’re worthless, while others are willing to pay whatever it takes to get the rarest Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in the world. 

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Here’s a quick recap of the 10 most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! cards:

  1. Tournament Black Luster Soldier
  2. Signed Japanese Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
  3. Tyler The Great Warrior
  4. Dark Magician Girl
  5. Amatsu-Okami of the Devine Peaks
  6. Armament of the Lethal Lords
  7. Iron Knight of Revolution
  8. Special Edition Cyber Stein
  9. Skuna, The Leonine Rakan
  10. First Edition Blue-Eyes White Dragon

What’s your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! card? Leave a comment below.

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