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22 Greatest Brendan Schaub Quotes

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22 Greatest Brendan Schaub Quotes

Brendan Schaub is an American stand-up comedian, podcast host, and former professional mixed martial artist. Schaub made his MMA debut in June 2008 defeating ‘Jay Lester’ in ROF. In April 2009 he won the ‘Ring of Fire Heavyweight Championship’.

After signing with UFC in 2009 he fought for the company until 2014. In 2015, he released his first career comedy special titled ‘You’d Be Surprised’ in 2019.

Here’s a collection of the greatest Brendan Schaub quotes:


22 Greatest Brendan Schaub Quotes

1. “I beat some of the best of the best, and I’ve lost to some of the best of the best.” – Brendan Schaub

2. “I was born and raised in Denver, went to school there, went to college there, and I’ve been on the same team for seven years, and I kind of found myself going through the motions a little bit.” – Brendan Schaub

3. “I’ve seen where the NFL guys get all over the ‘Madden’ creators for their ratings and how they don’t look good. One of my buddies plays in the NFL and he was so excited to be in ‘Madden,’ but then we got the game, and he was a 58.” – Brendan Schaub

4. “I always wondered, like, you know how you go to the family barbecue, and your uncle is that funny guy that you laugh at because he’s family? That’s how I felt with ‘Fighter and the Kid.’ People would laugh at my stuff, but it was always tough for me to tell. I just needed to see if there was something going on.” – Brendan Schaub

5. “I think for a lot of guys when they get taken down it’s like the end of the world and they freak out about it but training with the team I have here, I have been in a lot of bad positions before and I’m no slouch on the ground either, so if it goes down there, I’m comfortable and can win the fight down there or get back to my feet and end it there.” – Brendan Schaub

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6. “I’m too busy with entertainment to think about anything else. No one knows this sport better than I do. I’ve been a fan of this sport since UFC 1 in Denver. I’ve followed this sport, I’ve been obsessed with this sport, I’ve trained with the best of the best, and I’ve fought the best of the best.” – Brendan Schaub

7. “In comedy, when you bomb, especially at The Comedy Store in front of a sold-out house? I think it would have been way worse if I bombed there than losing a UFC fight.” – Brendan Schaub

8. “His middle name’s Pax. When he’s older, if he wants to go by Paxton, Pax, Tiger, he has that choice. So, he has no choice not to be average with a name like that. It could go horribly wrong – he could be a DJ in the Midwest with the name Tiger – we’ll see.” – Brendan Schaub

9. “I surround myself with guys who are pretty successful, good people, and I think the two biggest influences in my life lately have been Tim Tebow and Ryron Gracie.” – Brendan Schaub


10th of 22 Brendan Schaub Quotes 

10. “I’m putting the whole ‘Ultimate Fighter’ thing behind me. I did well on the show and made a name for myself.” – Brendan Schaub


11. “In a line of horses, I’m the zebra. I’m not doing it, man. Don’t get it twisted – there is no show on UFC Fight Pass bigger than Fighter and The Kid.” – Brendan Schaub

12. “Getting knocked out in your underwear in the Octagon is pretty embarrassing, but people are like, ‘The guy he’s fighting is really, really good, and he is a UFC fighter, so he can still beat up 99 percent of the world,’ so it’s not that embarrassing.” – Brendan Schaub

13. “I made a good living in the UFC. This isn’t a negative thing. I’ll always love the UFC. I still do ‘UFC Now,’ and I love breaking down the fights, and I never miss anything, and if they need anything, they know who to call.” – Brendan Schaub

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14. “I’m near the beach, and I’m definitely a beach bum. For me, going to training and then going to the beach is kind of an escape for me to get away from everything and relax. It’s really done wonders for me.” – Brendan Schaub

15. “If you want to prove your worth and prove you’re one of the best in the world, you need to be fighting in the UFC.” – Brendan Schaub

16. “People are looking for a way to tear down anyone who is successful in any arena. That’s the way fans are.” – Brendan Schaub

17. “At Grudge, we just push each other. Whether it’s sparring five rounds or rolling and doing drills, I do most of my cardio at practice. As far as running outside or riding a bike? That’s not fighting, so I only do things that are going to help me in the Octagon.” – Brendan Schaub

18. “I guess I am not supportive of certain issues that link up with UFC. So, you won’t see ‘Big Brown’ on ‘UFC Now’ anymore.” – Brendan Schaub

19. “I was in ‘UFC Undisputed 2,’ but I was only a bonus character, so not everyone got to play as me.” – Brendan Schaub


20th of 22 Brendan Schaub Quotes 

20. “If you want to fight in the UFC, you’ve got to realize that you are just an elephant in the circus. As soon as you ask for more peanuts, you have to go find a different circus.” – Brendan Schaub


21. “Just pushing myself for more rounds at a higher pace in training. Your focus should be grounded in what you do, and that’s fighting. I’m getting my cardio that way.” – Brendan Schaub

22. “There’s kind of an unspoken rule where if you’re unpleased with what’s going on in the UFC, especially if you don’t have a name, man, you do not want to do interviews and come out.” – Brendan Schaub

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