Elton Brand Net Worth

$70 Million

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What is Elton Brand’s net worth?

Net Worth:$70 Million
Born:March 11, 1979
Height:2.06 m (6 ft 9 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional NBA Player
Last Updated:March 8, 2023


Elton Brand is a retired professional basketball player best known for his success with the Los Angeles Clippers and Philadelphia 76ers.

One of the top power forwards in the NBA, he has earned the accolade of NBA All-Star twice over the course of his career.

As of March 2023, Elton Brand’s net worth is estimated to be $70 Million.


Elton Brand Facts

  • Elton Brand is famous for his exceptionally large wingspan, which makes him a great shot-blocker.
  • He is one of the founding members and president of Gibraltar Films, working on film investment, acquisition, and production of motion pictures.
  • Their first production, Werner Herzog’s Rescue Dawn, was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2006, with Brand in attendance.
  • Brand chose to attend Duke University, where many other high school stars, including Shane Battier, also attended.
  • He first represented the US in 1998, winning a gold medal at the Goodwill Games in New York.


Early Life 

Elton Tyron Brand was born March 11, 1979, in Cortlandt Manor, New York, where he attended Peekskill high school as a teenager.

During his high school years, he averaged 40 points and 20 rebounds per game, making him a talent to watch.

In his senior year, he was selected as New York State Mr. Basketball, leading Peekskill to two state championships before attending Duke University.



After taking the college basketball world by storm, Brand was selected as the first overall pick by the Chicago Bulls in the 1999 NBA Draft.

Soon after, Brand was awarded co-rookie of the year along with Steve Francis of the Houston Rockets before joining the likes of Paul George at the Los Angeles Clippers.

Owned by Steve Ballmer, one of the richest people in the world, the Clippers saw Brand become the first Clipper to make the All-Star team in eight years.

Brand continued to play for some of the richest NBA teams in the world, moving to the Philadelphia 76ers in 2008 and remaining there until 2012.

After playing for the Dallas Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks between 2012 and 2015, Brand retired briefly from basketball, only to return to the Philadelphia 76ers for a brief spell.

He retired again in 2016, this time transitioning to player development consultant with the Philadelphia 76ers and bringing his knowledge to a new generation of players.


Elton Brand’s Career Earnings

Elton Brand’s career has seen him take home impressive salaries from various leading teams at the NBA.

From his early years with the Chicago Bulls through to this long-term stay with the L.A. Clippers, he’s consistently drawn salaries of several million dollars per year.

Here’s an estimated overview of Elton Brand’s career earnings:

  • Elton Brand’s Salary In 2007 – $15.3 million
  • Elton Brand’s Salary In 2008 – $13.7 million
  • Elton Brand’s Salary In 2009 – $14.8 million
  • Elton Brand’s Salary In 2010 – $15.9 million
  • Elton Brand’s Salary In 2011 – $13.7 million
  • Elton Brand’s Salary In 2012 – $18 million
  • Elton Brand’s Salary In 2013 – $8 million
  • Elton Brand’s Salary In 2014 – $4 million
  • Elton Brand’s Salary In 2015 – $1.7 million
  • Elton Brand’s Salary In 2022 – $17 million

While Brand is retired from professional basketball, he continues to take home impressive career earnings through sponsorships and other business ventures. 


Elton Brand’s Net Worth Annually

With a net worth comparable to many of the richest NBA players in the world, Elton Brand has seen his wealth continue to increase over the years.

His total salary during his career between 1999 and 2016 reached $165 million, significantly boosting his net worth and investment capacity.

This growth has continued with his work as a player development consultant for the Philadelphia 76ers and promotion to general manager in 2020.


Personal Life

In 2006, Elton Brand married his longtime girlfriend Sahara Simmons in a wedding ceremony held in North Carolina.

He’s committed to sharing his wealth with those less fortunate than himself, establishing the Elton Brand Foundation in 2000 to provide resources to Chicago, Peekskill, and Durham.

Through his official Facebook account, Elton Brand keeps fans up to date on his latest activities and shares his thoughts on current basketball players.


Awards & Achievements

Over the course of his impressive career, Elton Brand has picked up numerous awards and accolades for his services to basketball.

These include helping his world-class teams win major championship games and personal accolades for his individual achievements.

Here are some of the notable awards and accolades from Elton Brand’s career:

  • 1999: Brand wins the Rookie of the Year award in his early years as a professional basketball player, along with Steve Francis.
  • 1999: Representing the USA at the FIBA Americas Championship, he helps the team win a gold medal.
  • 2002: Elton Brand is named the NBA All-Star for the first time, receiving the same accolade in 2006.
  • 2006: He is awarded the NBA Sportsmanship Award and receives the Joe Dumars Trophy.
  • 2006: At the FIBA World Championship Brand helps the US team win a bronze medal.

While Brand is no longer active as a player, his ongoing involvement in basketball could well see him inducted into sporting halls of fame and receive a lifetime achievement award.

Regardless, his lifetime achievements and awards stands as a testament to his exceptional skill and dedication.


How Does Elton Brand Spend His Money?

As you might expect from a sports star worth millions of dollars, Elton Brand has built an impressive real estate portfolio.

In 2008, it was reported he sold his home in the Hollywood Hills, featuring floating walls and suspended staircases, for an impressive $4.55 million.

He is also known for wearing some of the most expensive watches in the world, including a Hublot, a Chopard Imperiale, and a Platinum Rolex Day-Date.



Brand’s professional career has seen him play basketball with some of the best players of all time, working together in iconic teams.

In addition to his many accolades, he’s accumulated a vast fortune and used his profile to bring basketball to a wider audience.

Here are some of the best highlights of Elton Brand’s career: 

  • 1997: Elton Brand begins his college basketball career playing for the Duke University team, regarded as one of the most talented teams in NCAA history.
  • 1999: Brand goes pro, playing briefly for the Chicago Bulls before moving to the Los Angeles Clippers.
  • 2008: His move to the Philadelphia 76ers earns him an eye-watering $82 million contract.
  • 2016: After a brief spell of retirement, Brand returns to the game to once again play for the Philadelphia 76ers.
  • 2020: Brand’s contract as general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers is renewed. 

Brand’s contribution to the world of basketball is clearly reflected in this concise list of his career highlights.

As he continues to work with the Philadelphia 76ers, his legacy on basketball bringing new talent to the court is well and truly deserved.


Favorite Elton Brand Quotes

Elton Brand’s extensive experience playing for many of the leading basketball teams in America means he has plenty to say about the sport.

He’s shared his thoughts on everything from bouncing back from failure to crediting his team mates for their hard work and success.

Here are our favorite quotes from Elton Brand:

  • My ’99 squad, that was one of the best teams we had in a while over there. We could definitely take this year’s team. We’d get after those guys.” – Elton Brand
  • It’s disappointing, but we’ll bounce back. I’m very optimistic. As a team, we didn’t shoot well. Personally, I got great looks, but just didn’t knock them down.” – Elton Brand
  • Mike Miller brings a lot. He can shoot the ball, rebound well. The intangibles are there for Memphis with him coming off the bench.” – Elton Brand
  • After practice, you see him talking to him, going through drills, taking shots. Of course that’s his direct competition, but you see him wanting to help the young guy.” – Elton Brand
  • There’s some players out there who are very deserving, with more wins. And that plays into it. If we had some more wins, then I think my chances would be really high.” – Elton Brand


3 Amazing Lessons From Elton Brand

Now that you know all about Elton Brand’s net worth let’s see what valuable life lessons we can learn from his professional experiences.

His hard work ethic and approach to training can be applied in many other endeavors, helping everyone to accomplish their goals.

Here are some of the best success lessons to learn from Elton Brand:


1. Don’t Get Caught Up In Social Media

Elton Brand has always maintained a low profile on social media, with only a personal Facebook page currently active.

He famously said he only managed to stay on Twitter for 24 hours before the insults and nastiness forced him to close his account.


2. It’s Never Too Late To Become Victorious

As a professional basketball player, Elton Brand knows more than most about turning things around in the last few seconds.

Just as a team can win a game it looked like they were going to lose, so too can each of us transform failure into success with the right attitude.


3. Resilience Is A State Of Mind

It can be easy to find excuses when things don’t go how we’d like them to, but a resilient mindset makes these setbacks far less troubling.

Brand’s dedication to persevering in the face of adversity can inspire us to work on enhancing our capacity for resilience.



So there you have it, our complete guide to championship victories and the net worth of professional basketball player Elton Brand.

Since retiring from the sport, he continues to influence the future of basketball through his work as a general manager.

With his net worth liable to change in the future, we’ll update this article to ensure it covers all his latest ventures and details of his income.

As of March 2023, Elton Brand’s net worth is estimated to be $70 Million.

What do you think about Elton Brand’s net worth? Leave a comment below.

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