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Which are your favorite Lisa Marie Presley quotes?

Lisa Marie Presley is an American singer-songwriter. She is best known for being the daughter and only child of ‘Elvis Presley’.

In 2003, she released her debut album ‘To Whom It May Concern’. Besides her solo work, she has featured with a number of high-profile musicians such as ‘Kylie Minogue‘, ‘Michael Buble’, and ‘Coldplay’. She also has appeared in music videos for songs by ‘Michael Jackson’ and other musicians.

Here’s a collection of the most inspiring Lisa Marie Presley quotes:


50 Truly Inspiring Lisa Marie Presley Quotes

1. “The period of time just before you awaken is the time I have my most creative thoughts and discover the best solutions.” – Lisa Marie Presley

2. “I’m a hypochondriac. Yesterday it was brain damage from the vodka the night before. Today, heart attack – my arm and chest started hurting at the same time.” – Lisa Marie Presley

3. “I remember him watching me through the crack of a door singing with a hairbrush. I was in front of his mirror. I think he wanted me to sing. He would get me on the table and make me sing sometimes or play the piano. He was very encouraging on that front.” – Lisa Marie Presley

4. “I have loved music so much from when I was little, and I don’t know whether it was because I saw my dad doing it and then I got the idea; I don’t know what came first… But I always had a hairbrush in the mirror singing. I was always with him backstage; I would go out and be pulled in for the last song.” – Lisa Marie Presley

5. “I like helping children. I have a big thing with children. You can correspond with the child, send something to them as a gift. You know it’s actually getting there and you are doing something to help.” – Lisa Marie Presley

6. “I like Jailhouse Rock and Love Me Tender. The black-and-white films. With music, I tend more toward the ’70s stuff because I was at the shows for those, so they bring back memories.” – Lisa Marie Presley

7. “I knew that because of who I am, and the situation I’m in, that I’d attract more critics than your average person, and that was a little intimidating, but I wanted to get out there and pay my dues.” – Lisa Marie Presley

8. “I’m not eager to jump into marriage again. I’m in the corner right now, wearing my dunce cap. That area is obviously a nightmare.” – Lisa Marie Presley

9. “I’m one of those people that, if I hear about something happening, I go crazy. I want to go help.” – Lisa Marie Presley


10th of 50 Lisa Marie Presley Quotes

10. “I think I’ve failed every test I’ve ever taken. If there was a failure I would have been it.” – Lisa Marie Presley


11. “I want to write, I want to sing. I want to do the same thing for others, have my music, hopefully, do that for others one day, not realizing what I sort of had to climb. I had an idea a little bit, but I think that I underestimated the whole thing.” – Lisa Marie Presley

12. “Anytime I was in Memphis with my dad and at the house, I was happy. That was, like, a given. It was what I lived for. And I still feel the same excitement and warmth.” – Lisa Marie Presley

13. “People that were in my life for a long time turned sinister and tried to control me, and all kinds of weird stuff happened. But there was no conscience involved; that threw me more than anything.” – Lisa Marie Presley

14. “I was always writing music anyway. I just sort of fell into it. Writing for me is a therapeutic process.” – Lisa Marie Presley

15. “Being Elvis Presley’s daughter is a whole lot of pressure. It’s been a constant burden in my life.” – Lisa Marie Presley

16. “I was very protective of my father and I didn’t like these people who hung around outside all day. They creeped me out.” – Lisa Marie Presley

17. “Mostly singing was cathartic, writing was cathartic, therapeutic. I don’t think I had a goal, particularly, to sing or put it out there for anybody.” – Lisa Marie Presley

18. “I have always been a singer/songwriter, and I was pushed in places I didn’t want to do, like pop or top forty. I don’t belong there.” – Lisa Marie Presley

19. “It’s hard for me to be happy because I’m always worried about something going awry or what could happen to screw it up. It’s hard for me to sit and look around, going, ‘Ah, I’m really happy.’ I’m not that kind of person.” – Lisa Marie Presley


20th of 50 Lisa Marie Presley Quotes

20. “I take a situation, analyse it, break it down, put it in the form I want it to be in, and then I toss it away. Let somebody else go deal with it.” – Lisa Marie Presley


21. “I would describe my aesthetic as definitely personal and harmonious with an eclectic yet bohemian sensibility.” – Lisa Marie Presley

22. “I think having kids just makes you want to do things to help people. You have children, and you see how fragile and innocent and helpless they are when they first start out. If they are going to be a victim of whatever they are surrounded by, I just do everything I can to try to make whatever change I can.” – Lisa Marie Presley

23. “I think people think I’m harder and more arrogant and cocky than I am – because I know how to put on a front, but it’s nothing like who I am inside.” – Lisa Marie Presley

24. “I do like to write nasty songs. It’s a useful weapon to have, and it’s cathartic as well because I create art out of anger, something positive out of something negative.” – Lisa Marie Presley

25. “I live with the things that I love: art, furniture, and objects that I have collected throughout my travels.” – Lisa Marie Presley

26. “I’m more of a tomboy than anything and then you see your name on these Top 50 Most Beautiful People lists and you’re like, What?” – Lisa Marie Presley

27. “With a lot of hair and make-up then I’m possibly, remotely attractive. But it’s rare, I don’t think I’m ugly but I’m nothing particularly special. I’m not a yoga and health girl. I don’t exercise that much and I eat crap and smoke and bite my nails.” – Lisa Marie Presley

28. “I’m trying to have my own thing, and I don’t know if it’s even possible. I didn’t realize so many people actually think I’m trying to be like my dad. I read comments like ‘She’s no Elvis.’ I’m not trying to be. I never set out to be.” – Lisa Marie Presley

29. “You are always learning; there is a lot of grey; don’t take things for granted.” – Lisa Marie Presley


30th of 50 Lisa Marie Presley Quotes

30. “I never not wanted to be a singer. Since I was 3, I knew this was what I wanted to do. Well, I can’t say I wanted to do it, but I fantasized and thought about it all the time. I never thought it would actually happen.” – Lisa Marie Presley


31. “I’m not doing this to be a pop star. I’ve had plenty of money and attention. I’m doing it for credibility.” – Lisa Marie Presley

32. “Between all four children and my husband, I don’t get to do much. But when I am in England, I cook and I garden, and it’s much more calming and relaxed.” – Lisa Marie Presley

33. “I don’t do yoga. I bite the hella outta my nails. I smoke, I eat all the wrong food, I don’t exercise.” – Lisa Marie Presley

34. “I went through a huge transition in my life where everything and everyone I knew and trusted didn’t turn out to be that way.” – Lisa Marie Presley

35. “I was quite the spoiled brat. I have quite a temper, obviously inherited from my father, and I became very good at ordering everyone around. I was the princess; the staff were absolutely terrified of me.” – Lisa Marie Presley

36. “I’m just not interested in selling out to get on the charts and make people happy.” – Lisa Marie Presley

37. “When I’m doing interviews, I’m doing interviews, and when I am writing, I’m writing. I sit there with a musician and I write. It’s the same process since I started writing in my twenties. I like to come in and leave with a finished song.” – Lisa Marie Presley

38. “I’ve been chased through airports with a screaming baby because the photographers are ruthless, and they want the picture.” – Lisa Marie Presley

39. “I’m more prone to his ’70s material, which is what I was around for and watched a lot. I listen to a lot of that stuff. It probably influenced me quite a bit. I’m more drawn to the darker, sadder songs.” – Lisa Marie Presley


40th of 50 Lisa Marie Presley Quotes

40. “I have, in the past, been attracted to really strong and dominant men. But on the other side, I have been attracted to very androgynous men. I don’t typically fall for your average jock. I just like people that are a little atypical.” – Lisa Marie Presley


41. “I really went back through a lot of the dark corridors of my life in this. I wanted people to know who I am based on my music, not on what they read in the tabloids.” – Lisa Marie Presley

42. “If I’m alone too long I think too much, and I’m not interested in doing that. That won’t lead anywhere good, I’m sure. If I’m busy I tend to stay out of trouble. An idle mind is the devil’s playground.” – Lisa Marie Presley

43. “I have a lot of memories, but I don’t go into capitalizing on that. Something’s got to be my own. I’m not doing the record to sit here and broadcast my memories of my father.” – Lisa Marie Presley

44. “I grew up in the South with my father; blues and country, that’s always been my core. But I had it in me not to do what was expected. I wanted to find my own footing.” – Lisa Marie Presley

45. “How many people have a family grave in the backyard? I’m sure I’ll end up there, or I’ll shrink my head and put it in a glass box in the living room. I’ll get more tourists to Graceland that way.” – Lisa Marie Presley

46. “I always loved singing and writing poetry. I always loved music, and I’ve loved writing my whole life. When I put them together, it was probably in my early 20s where I put words to music for the first time.” – Lisa Marie Presley

47. “I dropped out of school in the 11th grade because there was no purpose in it for me. I’m not proud of this, and I’m not trying to promote it.” – Lisa Marie Presley

48. “I’ve been through so much in my life. I’ve seen so much. I know how fast things can change. I know someone can be here one minute and gone the next.” – Lisa Marie Presley

49. “I wanted to come through with my own voice and, hopefully, have it affect people. I want people to know that I’m not an Elvis impersonator.” – Lisa Marie Presley

50. “Something happens to people around fame and power and money – it can bring out the worst and best in people; it’s a monster you have to tame.” – Lisa Marie Presley



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