The 10 Most Expensive Hublot Watches in the world

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What are the most expensive Hublot watches in the world?

Hublot might be relatively new to the luxury watch game, having been founded in 1980 by Italian Carlo Crocco, but they’ve earned a reputation that competes with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Using the most expensive precious metals, durable titanium elements, and impressive tourbillon complications, Hublot watches have been sought after by watch collectors for decades.

Read on to discover what makes the most expensive Hublot watches available earn their impressive price tags.


The Most Expensive Hublot Watches in the World

We’ve covered the components used, the number of models produced, and the rich and famous celebrities who can afford to buy these expensive Hublot watches.

Here’s our list of the 10 most expensive Hublot watches in the world:


10. Tourbillon Solo Bang – $170,000

Most Expensive Hublot Watches - Tourbillion Solo Bang


Hublot’s Tourbillon Solo Bang is a sturdy-looking exclusive watch with an outdoors vibe, which is water-resistant up to a hundred meters.

Constructed from a stainless steel body, it comes with a durable black rubber strap as well as deployant buckles to help it withstand shocks.

In addition to the stainless steel model, you can also buy the Tourbillion Solo Bang in rose gold, as well as all-black ceramic.

Whether you go for the sleek and minimalist stainless steel version or the vibrantly colored rose gold, you’ll get the manually operated tourbillon mechanism, which is located at the six o’clock position.

This gorgeous winding mechanism is surrounded by ceramic bezels, with sapphire crystal glass used to encase the hands and tourbillion mechanism.

At $170,000, Hublot’s Tourbillion Solo Bang costs around the same price as some of the most expensive motorbikes you can buy, with the same level of attention to detail in its engineering.


9. Classic Pink Gold and Diamonds – $180,000

Most Expensive Hublot Watches - Hublot Pink Gold and Diamonds

If you’re looking for a high-priced Hublot watch with a little more bling for your buck, the Hublot classic Pink Gold and Diamonds watch could be the timepiece for you.

As the name implies, this expensive watch is made using some of the most expensive precious metals in the world, with 18-karat rose gold surrounding the watch face, encrusted with dozens of sparkling diamonds.

As is standard on many other Hublot watches, the classic Pink Gold and Diamonds watch features a self-winding quartz movement for guaranteed accuracy and longevity.

While the black leather strap might be off-putting for some, it brings additional security for the wearer and offers a nice degree of contrast to the gold and diamonds which cover the bezel.

With a 33mm case, it’s certainly on the small side for a men’s watch, and in addition to the precious metals, it’s held together with titanium screws and has a power reserve of around 42 hours.

It’s a versatile watch that collectors can show off their panache, and one that connoisseurs of expensive and rare gemstones are sure to appreciate.


8. MP-02 Key of Time Model – $185,000

Most Expensive Hublot Watches - MP-02 Key of Time Model

Hublot first introduced watch lovers to their Masterpiece Collection in 2011 with the MP-01, following this gorgeous timepiece up with the MP-02 Key Of Time model in the same year.

The MP-02 Key Of Time Hublot watch delivers time-measuring modulations across three settings and was produced in only 50 units.

The first setting allows you to slow down the speed of the watch’s hands and divide time by four, with the conventional hour represented as a quarter of an hour on the display.

To view “real” time, you can select the second setting, which retains the standard time of one hour, while the third position accelerates the hand speed by multiplying it by four.

It’s a visually stunning watch that sports a subtle green on black color, with a case and bezel made from titanium and a thick rubber strap to make it extra secure on the wrist.

It also features an impressive ten-day power reserve that gives it a degree of longevity not found on other expensive Hublot watches, as well as a vertical flying tourbillon cage housed underneath the six o’clock position.


7. King Power Model Limited Edition Tourbillon Wristwatch – $191,723

Most Expensive Hublot Watches - King Power Model Limited Edition Tourbillon Wristwatch

The Hublot King Power Model Limited Edition Tourbillon Wristwatch is one of the chunkier timepieces from this luxury watch brand, with a distinct industrial appearance.

Hublot is known for its incredible diversity of designs, and the King Power Model delivers a multi-layered facade of exceptional complexity.

It features a retrograde date counter and GMT counter, with a gorgeous matt black skeletonized dial that reveals the intricate inner workings of the watch.

With pleasingly chunky bezel lugs featuring eight black H-shaped PVD titanium screws, the open-worked hands come in a satin finish and raised indexes.

The centerpiece of the King Power Model Limited Edition watch is the tourbillon, which is showcased inside a large aperture that is offset from the center, positioned between five and six o’clock.

It’s another unique design from Hublot and demonstrates their ongoing commitment to a range of styles, with their first square watch announced in the spring of 2022.


6. Big Date Power Reserve Indicator – $200,000

Most Expensive Hublot Watches - Big Date Power Reserve Indicator

Hublot’s Tourbillon limited edition Big Date Power Reserve Indicator watch is another robust entry into their collection of expensive watches.

Costing $200,000, its all-back appearance gives it a streamlined aesthetic, offset with large titanium lugs which are dotted around the bezel and strap attachments.

The case for the Big Date Power Reserve Indicator is made entirely from platinum, with the bezel built from hard-wearing black ceramic.

The power reserve indicator itself is positioned just beneath the noon position, while the power reserve itself lasts for up to five days.

The strap is made from the thick and long-lasting rubber found on other Hublot watches, which buyers are free to swap out for a strap of their choice if they’re keen to modify the watch to reflect their taste.


5. Big Bang King – $250,000

Most Expensive Hublot Watches in the World - Big Bang King

As with the Big Date Power Reserve Indicator, the Hublot Big Bang King is mostly made from black materials to give it a cool, sleek appearance.

Featuring ceramic bezels and case, with a black dial and sapphire crystal hands, the Big Bang King is among the most expensive “sports” watches you can buy.

Costing a cool $250,000, it’s on par with some of the most expensive engagement rings you can buy, without the need for expensive gold and diamonds to bump up the price.

Water-resistant up to 100 meters, the Hublot Big Bang King comes with a self-winding manual movement along with its impressive 120-hour power reserve.

It’s held on the wrist with Hublot’s signature rubber strap, which features a series of notched ridges around its length and helps keep it secure.

If you don’t have a quarter of a million dollars to spare, Hublot offers customers more affordable versions of the Big Bang King, which start from around $60,000.


4. Big Bang Tourbillon Limited Edition – $290,000

xpensive Hublot Watches in the World - King Power Model Limited Edition Tourbillon

Hublot’s Big Bang watch collection is among the most sought-after by horologists around the world, and their Big Bang Tourbillon Limited Edition is perhaps the most prized watch of them all.

Costing a staggering $290,ooo, the Big Bang Tourbillon Limited Edition is a diamond tourbillon limited edition watch with only eighteen models in existence, which means its price is likely to rise over time.

The watch’s bezel is set with a chronograph function which users can control by pushing a button positioned over the crown.

There are 212 diamonds engraved throughout the watch’s case, with an additional forty-eight baguette diamonds included for extra bling.

Flip the watch over and the inner workings of this exceptionally complicated watch are revealed, while the tourbillon itself can be viewed through the aperture at the six o’clock position.

Hublot even released an exclusive purple version of the Big Bang Tourbillon Limited Edition in 2022, which is limited to 50 editions.


3. Masterpiece MP-02 – $305,000

Most Expensive Hublot Watches - Hublot Masterpiece MP-02 Upgraded


Hublot’s Masterpiece MP-02 watch is an upgraded variation on the previously mentioned Key Of Time watch, featuring the same ability to present time in three settings.

You can set this to standard time, as well as slow and fast time, which might seem like a superfluous feature, but it does demonstrate Hublot’s mastery of engineering.

It’s made from black titanium, with a truly unique arrangement of the hour and minute hands, which seem to criss-cross over one another in the style of a spider’s web.

This theme is continued in the white details on the watch face, which span out in a web-like pattern to each number.

It’s one of Hublot’s more futuristic watches, with the combination of the black rubber strap and titanium body lending it the appearance of something out of a science fiction movie.

At $305,000, the Hublot Masterpiece MP 02 watch is a sporty luxury watch that only the richest athletes in the world can afford to buy.


2. Black Caviar Bang – $1 Million

Most Expensive Hublot Watches - Black Caviar Bang


Hublot’s Black Caviar Bang luxury watch is one of their most ostentatious designs, which like many of their best watches features a visible tourbillon at the six o’clock position.

While it’s modeled on some of the other watches in their Big Bang collection, its overall appearance is unique on account of its 18-karat white gold case.

There’s an impressive level of detail here, with 544 black baguette-cut diamonds lining the watch’s case, which have a combined weight of 34.5 karats.

Telling the time can be a little tricky, as this watch face doesn’t feature any numbers, but a watch like this isn’t about practicality; it’s about showing off your vast wealth with its array of black diamonds.

The Black Caviar Bang watch caused a stir at the Grand Prix de Geneve in 2009, where it was recognized as the best watch of the year, further elevating its price.

If you want to own one of these watches, expect to pay in the region of $1 million, so if you don’t have Elon Musk’s net worth it may well be out of your price range.


1. The Hublot – $5 Million

Most Expensive Hublot Watches in the World - The Hublot

A significant jump in price from the Black Caviar Bang is the concisely-named Hublot watch, The Hublot, which at $5 million is one of the most expensive watches you can buy, comparable to the best watches from Jacob & Co and Vacheron Constantin.

Sometimes referred to as the “Hublot $5 million”, this is Hublot’s flagship luxury watch, crafted almost entirely from the most expensive diamonds available.

There are 1,200 diamonds in total on the Hublot, with six of them weighing in at over 3-karats, and the weight of all diamonds combined is an impressive 140-karats.

The effect is a watch that truly sparkles, and the production of the Hublot involved seventeen people working for over fourteen months to complete and involved a master cutter from New York City in the process

Given the high price, it’s perhaps not surprising that iconic superstar Beyonce Knowles was among the first customers, having picked one of these watches up for her husband Jay-Z.

With its time and labor-intensive production, the $5 million Hublot watch isn’t available to buy from dealers and has to be ordered custom directly through the manufacturer’s website.



This wraps up our guide to the most expensive Hublot watches you can buy, from the iconic Tourbillion Solo Bang to the $5 million diamond-encrusted Hublot.

Be sure to check back on this article in the future, as we’ll update it to include any new high-priced Hublot watches the manufacturer brings to the market, as well as any current watches which increase their value due to scarcity.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 most expensive Hublot watches in the world:

  1. The Hublot – $5 Million
  2. Black Caviar Bang – $1 Million
  3. Masterpiece MP-02 – $305,000
  4. Big Bang Tourbillon Limited Edition – $290,000
  5. Big Bang King – $250,000
  6. Big Date Power Reserve Indicator – $200,000
  7. King Power Model Limited Edition Tourbillon Wristwatch – $191,723
  8. MP-02 Key of Time Model – $185,000
  9. Classic Pink Gold and Diamonds – $180,000
  10. Tourbillon Solo Bang – $170,000

Which one of the most expensive Hublot watches is your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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