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Teyana Taylor is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and rap artist.

She received Video Director of the Year at the BET Awards and the BET Hip Hop Awards. She has written records for high-profile artists, including Usher, Chris Brown, and Omarion.

Some of the movies in which Taylor has been featured are ‘Stomp the Yard: Homecoming,’ ‘Madea’s Big Happy Family,’ and ‘Coming 2 America’.

In addition to her successes, she collaborated with Adidas to design their Harlem GLC edition sneakers.

Here’s our collection of the best Teyana Taylor quotes:


50 Teyana Taylor Quotes About Life & Music

1. “I’m very selective about who I choose to be on my records.” – Teyana Taylor

2. “When I do appearances and stuff and I just wanna see the new pictures, I Google myself.” – Teyana Taylor

3. “I went from a girl to a woman, to a mom, to a wife.” – Teyana Taylor

4. “Studio B is about bad bitch behavior. Don’t play with me. I’m a bad bitch and I ain’t got time for the games. My patience is real short.” – Teyana Taylor

5. “As far as Hillary goes, I love it! She’s the first woman! If she did become president, I think that’s really great, you know, the fact that she can stand up and say “I wanna run for president.” A lot of people don’t have the heart to do that.” – Teyana Taylor

6. “Harlem is a stage. It’s like its own planet, from the way we dress to the swag in the way we walk and talk.” – Teyana Taylor

7. “Racism is something that is taught. That is not anything that anyone is born with. You have to be taught that, the same way that there are a lot of bad cops but there are also a lot of good cops. We’re all old enough to understand good from bad and love from hate.” – Teyana Taylor

8. “I am really heavy into songwriting.” – Teyana Taylor

9. “I follow my heart.” – Teyana Taylor


10th of 50 Teyana Taylor Quotes

10. “I’m a MySpace person.” – Teyana Taylor


11. “I always wanted to be an artist that really felt what I was singing, which is the reason why I work off of emotion. If it’s not something I’m going through at the time, then it has to be something that I went through before.” – Teyana Taylor

12. “Sometimes you might have a beat and you hear a person on it before you’ve even started writing it. That’s just how I work.” – Teyana Taylor

13. “I wanted to capture literally every single emotion. I wanted to explore and have fun with the subjects. I didn’t want people to feel like, ‘Oh, she’s happily married so she can’t relate.’ At the end of the day, I’m still a female first, and there’s no female in this world that hasn’t been through every single emotion.” – Teyana Taylor

14. “It’s crazy how God works. It’s emotional of course, and you get the feels, but it’s nothing like feeling your feelings, [hearing] that phone call, and then hearing her opening up the song singing. It’s such a dope blend.” – Teyana Taylor

15. “I always want to work with people that I can grow with.” – Teyana Taylor

16. “I am the princess of G.O.O.D. Music, the first lady of G.O.O.D. Music, the baby of G.O.O.D. Music. I’m kinda the spoiled brat right now. I could get whatever I want.” – Teyana Taylor

17. “I realized that I started to see the success that I worked for when I started to trust myself before I trusted other people” – Teyana Taylor

18. “There’s not one set thing you learn. You learn as you go.” – Teyana Taylor

19. “I have a right to voice my opinion, but you know – when you can’t really make choices, it really don’t matter.” – Teyana Taylor


20th of 50 Teyana Taylor Quotes

20. “I have a purity ring.” – Teyana Taylor


21. “Studio U is when you’re in a space of unconditionally fighting for love at any cost. That’s a studio room we’ve all been through before.” – Teyana Taylor

22. “I have a lot of Jordans, a lot of Nikes, a lot of Blazers.” – Teyana Taylor

23. “Sometimes, when you’re not in the happiest relationship, you forget who you are. So that’s where Studio B hits.” – Teyana Taylor

24. “In relationship, you gotta have friendship because if you don’t, even if things may seem perfect in the beginning, times like this when you are married and you have a kid, you have to still be able to have that spunk, that sass, that fun, and that friendship. Because yeah, jumping into something so quickly can very much turn sour very very fast.” – Teyana Taylor

25. “I love Interscope, I love Star Trak.” – Teyana Taylor

26. “Any person that I’ve ever wanted to be on my records is perfect—I just heard them on there. Almost like how you can close your eyes, listen to a song, and you can damn near see your future. That’s how I work.” – Teyana Taylor

27. “You gotta remember who you are.” – Teyana Taylor

28. “I go by how the song makes me feel.” – Teyana Taylor

29. “The most important thing about marriage and motherhood is working on being a better you every single day you wake up.” – Teyana Taylor


30th of 50 Teyana Taylor Quotes

30. “Studio L is about strong sexual desires. The moving emotions that females go through.” – Teyana Taylor


31. “My husband [Iman Shumpert] plays a big part in the inspiration with the hi-top [haircut] and Grace Jones, but it was more so digging into the roots, our African roots. That was most important. That’s why I had the clay dreads and stuff. I wanted the core of it to be about strong black women.” – Teyana Taylor

32. “Working on being a better mom and wife very single day. Being a wife and a mom has taught me tremendous growth within myself. Trusting.” – Teyana Taylor

33. “Teyana Taylor is G.O.O.D. music’s ‘Spoiled Brat’ by Nadeska Alexis, www.mtv.com. April 16, 2012.” – Teyana Taylor

34. “I’m still learning every single day.” – Teyana Taylor

35. “To actually be a part of a brand that you look up to, and a legendary one at that is super dope.” – Teyana Taylor

36. “I’m ghetto chic, I’m where the hood and high fashion meet” – Teyana Taylor

37. “Studio M kind of breaks down a little bit of each room. It’s a mood for unconditionally fighting for love in a world where a bad bitch lives and lusts. I grabbed a little from each chapter and concluded it with Studio M.” – Teyana Taylor

38. “I wanted people to be able to listen to it in sections: Studio A is assembling the pieces of love. That’s family, unity of love.” – Teyana Taylor

39. “I have my own publishing company called I Am McLovin Publishing.” – Teyana Taylor


40th of 50 Teyana Taylor Quotes

40. “I’ve got to be comfortable when I’m on stage.” – Teyana Taylor


41. “I’m such a tomboy.” – Teyana Taylor

42. “My mom would play all these records, the greatest hits of the 90s, 80s, and 70s.” – Teyana Taylor

43. “Working with Omarion is pretty amazing. That’s like my brother. He’s really cool.” – Teyana Taylor

44. “I’m not really a Facebook fan because I don’t know how to use it! It’s so complicated! You gotta accept your friends one by one! It’s just like too much going on. I tried it though.” – Teyana Taylor

45. “Don’t take advice from single people. No shade to everybody in here that’s single, but I say that from one point, being the single girl that just knew it all. In the long run, I had to learn. I had to be able to give that chance.” – Teyana Taylor

46. “I always chose work, but in the back of your head, all your friends are out partying and you’re missing out.” – Teyana Taylor

47. “If I was president, I would definitely stop war, put more money toward health insurance and my community. Especially, last but not least, the most important one -education. I just think education comes before anything because in order for you to know about everything, you have to go to school, and you have to learn.” – Teyana Taylor

48. “You got to be able to love again. You got to give everybody a fair chance. Everybody deserves a fair chance. I’m talking about building that wall, coming out of a relationship, and feeling like, well, I’m going to hold back. You turn into your ex. When you find a person that’s worth letting your wall down, and you feel it in your stomach, just don’t fight it. Just let it happen.” – Teyana Taylor

49. “I think that staying in one spot and not having anything to do is what stressed everybody out. But me being quarantined and really just locking in, gave me time. I almost enjoyed working more than I do on a regular basis.” – Teyana Taylor

50. “Dancing is really a way of working out and it can actually be fun. In dancing, there might be a certain dance move that requires you to do a squat. Certain dance moves will require you to move your core. That’s what people don’t understand.” – Teyana Taylor



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