Brie Bella Net Worth

$12 Million

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What is Brie Bella’s net worth? 

Net Worth:$12 Million
Born:November 21, 1983
Height:1.67 m (5 ft 6 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Wrestler
Last Updated:August 2, 2022


Brie Bella is an American professional wrestler who has frequently appeared in wrestling tournaments and championships alongside her sister, Nikki Bella.

Also known for her marriage to fellow wrestling star Daniel Bryan, Bella has appeared in many WWE movies and launched numerous business ventures.

As of February 2023, Brie Bella’s net worth is estimated to be $12 Million.


Brie Bella Facts

  • Brie Bella’s early career included a variety of roles as a model and actress, and in 2008 she even took part in bikini contests alongside her sister.
  • Brie’s training as a wrestler was helped by her husband-to-be Daniel Bryan, long before the pair began dating.
  • She was born sixteen minutes before Nikki Bella, making her the youngest of the twins.
  • While Brie and Nikki Bella are identical twins, Brie has two beauty marks on her chest and jokes that she has a banana head compared to Nikki’s apple head.
  • Some of the 2016 television show Total Bellas was filmed in the home of John Cena, where Brie helped her partner Bryan deal with depression.


Early Life 

Born Brianna Garcia-Colace on November 21st, 1983, Brie Bella was raised in San Diego, California, sixteen minutes after her twin sister, Nikki Bella, to parents Jon Garcia and Kathy Colace.

Growing up in Scottsdale, Arizona, Brie was a star athlete at school and initially interested in soccer, before working on a career as a model and actress.

After graduating from Chaparral High School in 2002, Brie relocated to Los Angeles and found work as a server at the Mondrian Hotel.



Brie Bella got her first break in entertainment appearing on the reality TV show, Meet My Folks, gaining widespread attention along with her sister after winning the Budweiser World Cup Twins.

Along with Nikki Bella, Brie was signed to the World Wrestling Entertainment and assigned to the Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa, Florida.

Their rising stardom saw Brie and her sister gain many fans while working with some of the richest wrestlers in the world after they joined the WWE development league.

For example, in 2009 a storyline included Brie in a rivalry between John Morrison and The Miz, along with Carlito and Primo.

The Bella Twins found further success after returning to the WWE in 2013, with Brie becoming involved with Daniel Bryan, her future husband, the following year.

Her professional wrestling career has also seen Brie and Nikki team up with Ronda Rousey, defeating the Riott Squad in 2018.


Brie Bella’s Career Earnings

While the exact figures aren’t known about Brie Bella’s career earnings, her ongoing relationship with the WWE combined with income from other activities ensures a consistent salary.

Salary estimates for Brie Bella start at $350,000 per year, but her brand endorsements and other deals could mean this is as high as $1 million.

Through the official Brie Bella Instagram account, she continues to increase her fan base around the world, with over 8.5 million followers and counting.


Brie Bella’s Net Worth Annually

Brie Bella’s net worth has continued to increase throughout her career, in line with her growing popularity and brand value with the WWE.

In the last decade, she has diversified her media presence, including featuring in movies and television shows, as well as launching her podcast.

With a memoir and other business ventures highlighted on her official Brie Bella TikTok account, Brie Bella’s net worth is unlikely to drop any time soon.


Personal Life

Brie Bella announced her engagement to fellow professional wrestler Daniel Bryan, real name Bryan Danielson, in 2013, with the couple marrying the following year.

Both known for being vegetarians, they have two children together, with Brie announcing her second child on the same day her twin sister also made public her pregnancy.

She is also a huge fan of one of the richest NFL teams in the world, supporting the Philadelphia Eagles along with her sister.


Awards & Achievements

With her career both in the independent circuit and with the WWE, Brie Bella has enjoyed lots of success in the ring.

Here are some highlights from Brie Bella’s career:

  • 2013: along with her sister Nikki Bella, Brie is awarded Diva of the Year by the WWE.
  • 2014: Brie picks up another award alongside her sister, winning the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Worst Feud of the Year.
  • 2015: Brie is ranked number twelve in the top 50 female wrestlers in the Pro Wrestling 50.
  • 2015: She wins the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Worst Feud of the Year for the second time, with the team PCB vs. Team B.A.D. vs. Team Bella lineup.
  • 2016: Teen Choice Awards names Brie and Nikki Bella their Choice Female Athlete.


How Does Brie Bella Spend Her Money?

While Brie Bella has some way to go before she’s earning as much as the richest athletes in the world, her net worth is still enough to afford her a life of luxury.

When her net worth is combined with that of her husband, they can afford a luxury house with features found in the most expensive houses in the world, including multiple bathrooms and a private swimming pool.

At the same time, Brie Bella eschews the expensive sportscars preferred by some celebrities and is known for driving a Honda Fit.



Brie Bella’s impressive career in professional wrestling has seen her fame increase over time, becoming one of the most iconic divas in the sport.

Here are some of the best highlights of Brie Bella’s career: 

  • 2007: Brie begins her journey in wrestling by joining Florida Championship Wrestling with the WWE, having been signed to developmental contracts that year.
  • 2008: The Bella Twins are officially formed, competing in a run of tag team matches while transforming into villainous characters.
  • 2011: For the first time in her career, Brie wins the Divas Champion title after successfully challenging and defeating Torres.
  • 2015: Despite suffering from a neck injury, Brie returns to the WWE to accept the Slammy Award for Diva of the Year.
  •  2020: Along with her sister Nikki Bella, Brie releases her first book. the memoir Incomparable.


Favorite Brie Bella Quotes

With her commitment to performing at the top of her game and refining her fitness regime, Brie Bella has lots to say about her profession.

Here are our favorite quotes from Brie Bella:

  • Ever since we were little – and this goes from when we were babies through high school – everyone always said, ‘The twins are so entertaining. Just sit down with them for five minutes, and you will see so much happen. They will fight, they will laugh, they will love each other, and then they will tell each other off.’” – Brie Bella
  • At around 20 years old, I started to educate myself on nutrition. I’m so grateful that I taught myself the importance of health and fitness in my early twenties. I created a lifestyle that I love, and because of that, I’ve never had to diet.” – Brie Bella
  • Blood is thicker than water, so the fact that I have my sister always with me, it’s like you always have someone who’s your best friend and always have someone who has your back. You can always trust your family, and I’m lucky to have that.” – Brie Bella
  • We always called ourselves Divas. I came in through Diva Search. I was a Divas Champion. I always felt like it had this negative feeling to it because a Diva is so much more high maintenance, and that’s the last thing we women wrestlers are.” – Brie Bella
  • Obviously, my husband’s very determined because he got himself back into that ring after being out of it for many years. And I’m the same: I’ve always been his backbone, and there’s nothing that you can stop Bryan and I at. We’re unstoppable.” – Brie Bella


3 Amazing Lessons From Brie Bella

Now that you know all about Brie Bella’s net worth, let’s examine what lessons on life and wrestling we can learn from her impressive career.

Here are some of the best success lessons to learn from Brie Bella:


1. Don’t Be Afraid To Take The Time To Find Your Stride

Brie’s early career as an entertainer and professional wrestler took some time to get started, with the star taking on many non-wrestling roles early in life.

If you’re pursuing a dream don’t be put off if you don’t find success straight away.


2. Make Sure You Have Varied Income Streams

While Brie Bella has earned a considerable sum of money as a professional wrestler, she’s been smart with her investments.

She has her own line of beauty products, a collection of baby accessories, and even her own wine called Bonita Bonita Wine.


3. She Your Tips On Success With Those Around You

With a popular podcast and YouTube channel, Brie Bella gives her fans plenty of advice on how to look great and succeed in life.

If you’re a success, share your insights into how you got there with those who might benefit from the advice.



That concludes this article exploring Brie Bella’s net worth, from her early years and amateur beginnings in wrestling to her rise to fame as a prominent diva.

Brie’s career continues to expand into different areas of the entertainment industry while she also makes sporadic appearances in the WWE.

We’ll update this article in the future to include any new information about Brie Bella’s net worth, so be sure to check back at a later date.

As of February 2023, Brie Bella’s net worth is estimated to be $12 Million.

What do you think about Brie Bella’s net worth? Leave a comment below. 

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